Friday, March 10, 2006


F.: A stark contrast was seen yesterday in the natural behavior of a gnat (with a brain so small that it would fit on the head of a pin) and the supernatural and unnatural behavior of persons (with their large brains and their “minds” that they are so proud of). No gnat has ever behaved like a fool; persons can only behave like fools. With both a gnat and a human, the process began in the same manner with consciousness manifesting in a space, so why such disparity?

From that Absolute state even beyond non-beingness, the consciousness manifested and beingness happened. With the manifestation of that speck of consciousness and the space that evolved from the elements, physical needs began; yet it was not until the consciousness was warped via assignment of labels and personas that the illusion of personal needs came to be accepted as real. Only one species on the planet is subjected to the warping process with such unwavering regularity. Contributing to the ongoing delusion is the fact that, as a child, you were programmed to believe in the earliest dualities taught: the “good-bad” duality and its subsequent “reward-punishment” duality. A belief in dualities and the personas they generate make fools of all persons.

Pause to find what you think you need and see that the false belief that "personal needs are real" will always generate unfulfilled desires as well. Do you “need” another person? A woman said recently during a telephone conversation that she “wanted a man in her life.” She soon saw that her belief system is that she needs a man. In that mindset, it was suggested, it will be obvious to all who cross her path that she is “needy”; the point was made that—from that posture—she will only attract the ruthless types of users who prey on the needy. Reflecting on several recent “relationships,” she admitted that is exactly what she is experiencing, over and over. She was invited to determine how much of her “need” and desire was also rooted in the belief that she was not “good” enough to make it independently on her own, that she was programmed to think that she needs a man to met her needs, and that she cannot feel “good” enough unless she is showered regularly with constant statements of male praise that would reinforce the notion that she is “good.” Reviewing the childhood conditioning applied by a male parent allowed her to see how she was being driven by her early progamming and was making no choices at all "on her own."
Another call was taken from a man whose wife had left him years ago, but he still imagines that he needs something from her. A few questions soon revealed that he imagines that he "needs" to hear his former spouse express an apology for things said. He "needs" her to state what a mistake it was to leave him. He "needs" her to say she now sees that she had it so much better with him than with the next man she married. WHO thinks he needs all that? It is not HIM (not the True Self) but the fictitious role of "husband" who believes in those non-physical but actually personal "needs." For years he wanted her to believe that he was a “good” husband, and though she is gone, he still wants her to believe that he was a “good” husband. While together, that belief would have allowed his false identity of “husband” to continue. Now, though he is no longer “husband,” the role still wants affirmation. Are you seeing the correlation between (a) accepting an ego-state as an identity and (b) the resulting sense of "need" and want and desire that always accompanies that assumption and (c) the experiencing of the unhappiness that always results when haunted by a sense of unmet needs and unfulfilled desires that are based in the assumption of false identities? Are you seeing why the lives of persons become so complicated? Are you seeing why the lives of gnats are so much simpler? Are you seeing what each person must be rid of in order to live as freely and sanely and simply a gnat? Please enter the silence of contemplation. [To be continued tomorrow]