Tuesday, March 14, 2006


F.: In yesterday’s post, it was mentioned that many products come with warning labels; unfortunately, no warnings come with the labels that are assumed by persons as false identities. Programming and conditioning should also come with warning labels, but the programmers and conditioners have their agendas—often hidden from themselves—so they will never offer any truth that might undo the effects of the lies that they taught as truth. Thus, the following are offered as the warnings that should come with the fraud of false personas, with the fraud of faulty programming, and with the fraud of flawed conditioning.
Warning: The acceptance of false personas as identities, and the unquestioning acceptance of programming and conditioning, will be hazardous to your health in the relative existence.
Precautions: All three frauds typically result in drowsiness, sleepwalking, distorted vision or blindness; they always lead to a lack of consciousness as well as to problems in perception which can become so severe that persons cannot differentiate true from false.
Other Side Effects: Include restlessness, discomfort, irritability, discontentment and delusional thinking. The effects are so severe that unless realization happens, the sufferer will end up not even knowing who he/she is.
Behavioral Alert Regarding Events and Fatalities Associated with the Belief in the Three Frauds: The belief in “ego” (in the “I”-ness) may result in murder (59% of all women killed and 41% of all men killed in urban areas are killed during a breakup as the personas of “lover” or “spouse” believe they are actually being threatened with death and think they must retaliate in order to preserve their false ego-states.)
Other Risks: Include the breaking of “relationships,” road rage, fighting, arguing and—in extreme cases—murder, genocide, and war.
ANTIDOTE TO THE THREE FRAUDS: The result of de-programming, de-conditioning, and realization include an understanding of the following: [quoted from the “Glossary of Terms” in the back of the book FROM THE I TO THE ABSOLUTE--A Seven-Step Journey to Reality @ http://floydhenderson.com/iamabsolute.htm ] :

If you Realize, you will be able to differentitate the true from the false and you will come to understand the following: “How this universe and all prior universes came to be; how consciousness manifests in space containing a nervous system; where You Were prior to consciousness and manifestation; what is relative and What Is Absolute; why no external power exists and why no truth can be found except within; why You Were never born and cannot die; what happens when consciousness is no longer manifested; how all cycles; how the enculturation process puts persons to sleep even as they are certain they are awake; the beginninglessness and the expanse of infinity; the limitlessness; bliss via desirelessness; the source of all suffering; freedom from the pursuit of meaning; Infinite Cause; the link between mind and fear; why "the mind" is a total illusion, and therefore why all perceived via "a mind" is false and is illusion; why you must be out of your mind to be sane; why all knowledge is nothing more than learned ignorance; why time and timelines are illusions; how illusions are taken to be real by persons; what the Oneness Truly Is; what you are not; and who/What You Truly Are…to name but a portion of what becomes known.” Please enter the silence of contemplation.
TOMORROW: “My wife ordered one of your books on Christians and I disagree with you completely. You say that most Christians don’t have a clue what Christ was talking about. What do you think you know that He was talking about that we don’t know?”