Saturday, May 20, 2006


F.: Another part of the definition of “nonsense” suggests that it involves “giving supposed value to things of no importance.” Persons (the non-Realized) typically make mountains out of molehills and then end up living in the darkness and shadows of the valleys formed by those mountains. That "giving of supposed value to unimportant things" is another aspect that perpetuates the belief in nonsense among persons:

Just when it seemed that no person could reveal any nonsense not already heard during satsangs that were offered a few years back, a man came to the house and wanted to discuss the belief that he should possibly kill his daughter. He believed that his god might prefer that she be dead rather than being allowed to live and give birth to a baby “out of wedlock.” He based his belief in the fact that his “holy book” told of men who stoned non-virgins to death. He also quoted a passage from the Book of Revelation in that text:

"Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation…and I will kill her children with death.”

We determined that the value he was assigning both to the words in his “holy text” as well as to the concept of “virginity” might now be over-rated since, for 99% of the entire time that humans have walked the planet, all conception had been “outside wedlock” and since most pregnancies occurred during the “teen years.” If one pretends that the time in which humans have traversed the globe equals an hour, then the concept of "adultery" has only been around for a fraction of the final second of that hour.

Once it was determined that he need not follow literally the suggestions in his holy text that he should kill his daughter, then the next question was, “Well, should we force her to marry him, or should we take her to get an abortion?” When it was determined that neither of those had to happen, a third possibility was suggested: (1) a very natural happening had happened and (2) in seven months he might find that he enjoys holding his first grandchild in his arms.

Several months later he again returned in a state of panic, overwhelmed with guilt when the daughter miscarried and the family was arranging for a funeral for a still-born child. “Did I cause this by not wanting the child initially?” he asked. (Supernatural thinking convinces persons that they have far greater power and influence than they have. In this case, a man really believed that he could cause an abortion with his thoughts alone. Others trapped in supernatural thinking believe that their thoughts and prayers can change the weather, can result in the accumulation of wealth, or can initiate god-sanctioned wars.)

Programming and conditioning and enculturation give so much supposed importance to things of no value: virginity above life, golden robes, pointy hats, special buildings, special texts, words written by controlling and ignorant men, titles and roles, assumed identities, concepts, precepts, dogma, image, status, standards, absolute definitions of “right” and “wrong,” ad infinitum. And all that nonsense evolves from the programming which inspires belief in all of the concepts that shifted humankind away from living naturally—as do other life forms—and instead inspires persons to live in the very unnatural way that supernatural thinking inspires. (Only twisted, supernatural thinking could inspire a father to think that the unnatural act of killing his daughter, rather than protecting his daughter, would be the natural response to her actions which did not coincide with his dogmatic morals and supernatural beliefs.)

Such magical, supernatural thinking creates desires and fears, twisted thoughts, and imaginary needs...all of which can inspire perverted, unnatural behavior. Such supernatural thinking can create ego-states that are more concerned with their image in the community than with natural instincts; thus, cultures are now marred with far more unnatural behavior than with natural behavior. Such magical, supernatural thinking can inspire a person to force a daughter to marry someone she did not love. Such magical, supernatural thinking can make a person want to terminate a pregnancy at one point and then cry because the same pregnancy ended at another point. Is it any wonder that persons (the non-Realized) are so confused, driven as they are by the whims of their bogus “minds” and constantly being blown about by the winds of emotional intoxication?

The Realized poet William Shakespeare offered the pointer that “in nature, there’s no blemish but the mind.” The “mind” is the storehouse of nonsense, a blemish on what had once been the pure consciousness. Peace and sanity can only come when the nonsense—the “mind” and its content—are cast aside, when the blemish has been removed, and when the consciousness is re-purified by eliminating all concepts and ideas and beliefs. Please enter the silence of contemplation. [To be continued]
TOMORROW: SENSE OR FAITH: Freedom or Bondage for Humankind