Sunday, August 06, 2006

CONCEPTS: Begin to “Question Them All” by Questioning the Most Prolific, The Conclusion

[Continued from yesterday]

F.: Once the consciousness is corrupted and a “mind” forms, the human body goes on a rampage. As discussed in previous posts in this series, the rampage can be disguised by the ego-state of a woman playing “The Good Religious Person” or a man playing the role of “The Deeply-Spiritual One,” both of whom work at creating and maintaining their images but who always foster separation and engender arrogance in the end. Those ego-states have turned wife against husband, brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, nations against nations, Orthodox Jews against Reformist Jews, Christian Catholics against Christian Protestants, Muslim Shiites against Muslim Sunnis. For the last seven-hundred years, leaders of all three of those religions have been bent on changing the "others" to believe as they believe or on destroying each other if the changes are not made. Such is the result of dualistic thinking. The dual-minded person is unstable in all ways.

But the rampage might be driven by other ego-states such as “The Rejected Lover” persona, so in the U.S., 59% of all women killed and 41% of all men killed are killed during a “relationship breakup.” The rampage might take the form of a political group forcing its will upon a nation and fostering a dualistic notion of “them vs. us.” The rampage might take the form of ideological men forcing unimaginable suffering upon the women in their culture. The rampage might take the form of a jihad. The rampage might take the form of megalomaniacs invading other nations under false pretense with "the very best of motives." From one degree to the next, though, the rampage continues as the corruption of the consciousness spreads among persons across the globe. Once personas are assumed as identities, they will take over control of the body and destruction by various degrees will follow. Human “minds” will dream up the need for inquisitions, for holocausts, for wars, for bombs, for separation, and for rockets. Bodies, once infected with “minds,” will have no more choice about what they do than the virus-infected computer discussed earlier. It is as if an insane auto-pilot takes over and begins controlling bodies to do all the destructive things that the auto-pilot can will them to do.

Clearing away the virus of corrupted consciousness among persons, however, is far more complicated than cleaning up the virus on a computer. When the “mind” of a computer becomes contaminated, it’s a simple matter for a skilled technician to find the virus and erase that part of the contents and then move on. A technician does not have to understand the source of the virus to be rid of it, but persons must. Persons cannot simply erase the contents of the “mind” the way a technician can clear away all of the contents of a hard drive. Persons must see that they have been fools—not through any cause of their own but as a result of being lied to by persons who think they know the truth and who believe that they are telling the truth; however, the accelerant for your becoming a greater fool is blind faith; the antidote is objective questioning.

Only one solution is available for those who would no longer be fooled, and that is the Full Realization which results in the total rejection of every concept, every belief, every idea, every notion, every scheme, and every plan that controlling, magically-thinking, and ignorant humans have dreamed up. With so small a percentage at any given time being Realized, the remaining persons will always be driven by their corrupted consciousness…driven to defend their false roles, driven to attack those who do not think or feel or behave at they want them to, and driven to generate fighting, divorce, war, and all the other “separations” that happen when dualistic thinking dominates the masses. Separation is the mark of the relative existence of persons in the insane “world” that they perceive to be real and true. They, like you, are not really “in the world.” The world is “in them,” in their warped “minds,” but their distortion is so firmly entrenched that the masses will never be free of the insanity imposed upon their impressionable “minds” by those institutions and groups and individuals that teach the most mentally and emotionally-intoxicating concepts imaginable.

So rather than trying to change “the world,” it is suggested that you focus on why you are screaming for help after dealing with persons for thirty years who claim that they have all the answers. Focus on seeing what your belief in their dreamed-up concepts has cost you and on what you might do to be free of the corrupted consciousness that drives you through no choice of your own. Transition beyond the “thirty years of involvement with religion” which have, in the end, left you screaming for help. No matter what “benefits” you believe you have received, your commitment has obviously outlived its usefulness. Next, ask WHO thinks he is really that religious role that is being played. Ask WHO thinks he was receiving benefits. Then, see that there is no “one” to play a role or to receive anything. See that the peace you seek comes in giving it all up, not in accumulating more…more ideas, more teachings, more “holy” readings, more inspirational readings, more “holiness,” more disciplines, more practices, more dogma, or more spirituality.

Forget what “they” have to say and find what You already know. To truly be free, you must hang Christ, hang Krishna, hang religion, hang ideologies, hang “floyd,” hang gurus, hang your “disciplines and practices,” hang all “holy” texts and “divine” writings…hang it all. Then, find what You know—and have always known within—but have forgotten because of all the conceptual lies and beliefs that “they” gave you and which prevent you from questioning their teachings that are completely illogical and totally contradictory. Refusing to question the illogical and the contradictory can only make you irrational and foolish, and the refusal to question will block you from being in touch with reality and seeing the truth that cannot be found via priests or spiritualists or outer gurus or ideologists. Tap into the inner guru, see the lies, realize the truth, and then just…BE. Please enter the silence of contemplation.
[TOMORROW: The “End of Days” Fears and Insanity]