Monday, February 26, 2007


FROM A SITE VISITOR: Here’s what I’ve read or heard throughout my study of Advaita: “Everything is one. Any difference you think exists is just your wrong perception. All just cycles—no death, no life. Do not take the form you see to be what is real.” When I was in college, the more I studied, the clearer the lesson became. The more Advaita lessons I study, the less clear things are. Help! John

[Continued from yesterday. If you did not read the post on 25 February, please scroll downward to read the prior installment first]
Kirk’s unchanged expression conveyed to Chief that his very simple offering was being received as a very complex notion by Kirk. Chief tried to clarify by adding, “What is actually happening is that the conscious-energy force is in motion, thus allowing for the continued manifestation of consciousness in the space which you call ‘heron.’ What happens in the heron’s stomach will happen with no thought on the part of either the heron or the fish. That core element of consciousness-energy, universal to the fish cell and the heron cell and also moving through all so-called ‘living’ things, knows everything that must occur for all those happenings to take place spontaneously.

“Do you not see that there is a common element of energy that moves about this manifestation, moving via flora and fauna from one form to another, taking on the appearance to the naked eye of 'this type cell cluster here' or 'that type cell cluster there'? The energy of the sun arrives on this planet in a form not usable by humans or animals, but via photosynthesis, that energy is converted into a usable form; therefore, it is not the eating of the salad that sustains ‘life’ and consciousness. It is the 'consumption' of that energy that is manifested within the space of the plant that sustains what you call ‘your’ consciousness. Again, it is not really an ‘absorption’ or any ‘conversion.’ More accurately, It Is What It Is, and what is happening is happening, automatically. You Are That. The heron Is That. The fish Is That. It does not change, for It Is The Real. All else is an illusion, perceived as ‘varied forms’ to the eye. Yet the forms with their varied appearances are merely the spontaneous happenings that involve three basics: the elements, the air, and the energy-consciousness.

“You are actually that consciousness-energy that can manifest in forms or spaces with nervous systems. That energy moves from the space of the plant to a space called ‘Kirk’ via consumption of the plant. But isn’t it clear that beyond all the varied appearances in manifest form, that ‘beneath’ all that, is energy? And is it not clear that it is the energy which allows what most call ‘life’ to manifest via forms or spaces? And is it not also apparent that the conscious energy—which knows how to function as it functions automatically—is the common element? And do you not sense, therefore, that whatever is common to All is the Real, and do you not then perceive that all of the manifested forms that materialize and de-materialize cannot be the real part for they do not ‘last’? Were you not told that the cycle is ‘dust-to-dust and ashes-to-ashes’ with different forms ‘in between’?

"Understand that what you call ‘death’ is just the distillation of all that has been attached or ‘added’ since manifestation to the pure consciousness via the teaching of concepts. The distilling (or the cleansing or stripping away of all of that which is not essence-only) is an act of re-purifying consciousness. But you call it ‘death’ as if it were something to be detested. The dirtied ‘mind’—filled with its myths, lies, concepts, beliefs, emotions, ideas, and superstitions—hates the notion of such cleansing and purification. Programmed humans love their beliefs and concepts, defining themselves with those ideas. Don’t dare try to cleanse their ‘minds,’ for they’ll want to kill you. The last thing most want is to be freed of the garbage that is their ‘minds’ which they think is so valued. To challenge their beliefs is to attack them personally, so they think. Filth loves filth. Corruption loves corruption. The familiar is attracted to the familiar.

“But that energy is what You Are and is what I Am. ‘Born in sin?’ Surely they jest. It is at the moment that is called ‘birth’ that one is closest to the pure, to the Real, to the essence because that moment precedes the bastardization of the consciousness that will soon happen via programming. Short of Full Realization, not again until what they call ‘death’ will the consciousness be freed of all the crap and the impurities that this culture pumps into it. ‘Sin’ is the corrupting of the pure consciousness by the so-called ‘leaders’ in any society as they disseminate their self-serving lies. They are the leaders in the corruption process. Their ‘power’ is the power to corrupt. Even the people who have finally realized that all their politicians are liars still cling to their every word on the evening newscasts.

But back to the common element that is All. Modern physicists at first called that smallest building block ‘strings’ until some decided that an even more basic element exists which they call a ‘sparticle.’ Names and labels notwithstanding, there is only one single 'ingredient' to what we call ‘everything’ or ‘the diversity’ or ‘the entire universe.’ I call it ‘That,’ That which is the one and only whatever that is Real, typically Unmanifest, occasionally manifested, or not. ‘Everything’ is really one thing. The term ‘unicity’ is accurate.”

If “blown-away” had a face, it would look like Kirk Wildman at that moment.

So, John, possibly some clarity came from that explanation. If not, you’re invited to continue to submit your questions. Please enter the silence of contemplation.
TOMORROW: “Part One” of a short story written by Dennis Waite entitled, “What is Advaita?” Dennis has been a student of Advaita for over 20 years and maintains one of the most visited websites on the subject. He is the present Chief Moderator of the Advaitin group, has published several books, has been a guest columnist on this site in the past, and is sought regularly for satsanga.