Thursday, February 08, 2007


FROM A SITE VISITOR: Why realize if "none of this is real" and if “no consciousness of anything” will exist in the Absolute?

[The continuation and conclusion of yesterday’s post]
F.: Failing to Realize, persons will assume multiple personalities and will play “The Reformer” and/or “The Helper” and/or “The Achiever/Performer” and/or “The Romanticist” and/or “The Analyst” and/or “The Loyalist” and/or “The Adventurer” and/or “The Boss” and/or “The Peacemaker/Sloth.” Additionally, most persons will unconsciously assume the role of “The Child” and be dominated by another or will play the role of “The Parent” and will try to dominate others. Eventually, most persons assume scores of other roles that further trap them in the personas-fears-desires trap.

As their imagined fears and unmet desires drive them toward more and more dissatisfaction or outright misery, many persons will suffer from panic attacks. Other will retreat into a trance-like state of unconsciousness and walk about as if in a dream, joining the ranks of those marching about in their death-in-life, zombie-style fashion. For many, their fears or their desires will drive them to accept magical beliefs about powers in other worlds that can protect them or that can be coaxed with prayers or gifts to intervene and thus fulfill their desires or wishes and help them escape the anxiety they experience as a result of their fears. For some, the level of anxiety will become almost unbearable, so they will use nicotine or other drugs to try to calm themselves. For those, their health will falter prematurely and their energy levels will dissipate.

Many will become numb in order to play out the rest of the manifestation while avoiding any sensations. Others will experience an overwhelming sensation of being trapped. That sensation among some persons can become so strong that they reach a point where the most outrageous conduct follows (even as their friends and family proclaim that “such behavior is not at all like him or her” or report that they “can’t imagine where such actions might have come from”).

Not having Realized—and therefore not knowing what does and what does not cycle—they will become trapped in the chaos of “relationship cycles.” In each of those relationship cycles, they will become caught up in the game of shifting from stranger to acquaintance to friend to lover to spouse/partner to enemy to mortal enemy. Experiencing a sense of being trapped in their relationships, many a person has developed a secret desire or hope that his or her partner might leave or even die, thinking that might finally provide some degree of freedom. In many cases, some persons actually murder a partner in order to “be free,” some kill themselves to “be free,” and some do both. (Annually in the U.S., over 1200 murder-suicides, resulting in an average of seven killings per day, occur among “relationship partners.” Nearly half of all who are murdered each year are killed by a partner during a breakup.)

Whereas only Full Realization can free persons from all of the above, they instead do all possible to block awareness and to dissociate even further from the True Self and from their illusory "world." Suicide can be the means that they use to self-destruct if they are not able to be freed of all their false selves, of their self-contempt, and of their self-hatred.

So, to your question:

First, you are correct about the fact that nothing in this relative is as it appears and the illusion really is all much ado about nothing. Secondly, you are also correct that there will be no one in the Absolute state to realize anything. So, indeed, why Realize? In light of the experiences above that personas undergo in the relative existence as a result of corrupted consciousness, the counter question is: why not Realize, if the manifestation is to continue for a period anyway? Please enter the silence of contemplation.