Saturday, March 31, 2007

“MIND” and MEMORIES: When Nature’s “Assets” Become Warped into “Liabilities,” Part Ten

Three factors cause persons to attach to their false identities, to be driven to fight to defend their false personality / personalities, to descend into the depths of what some professionals term “an unhealthy psyche,” and then to suffer the effects of personality disorders. Those three factors are (1) stress, (2) extreme piety or spirituality, and (3) the linking of money / income with a persona.
FROM A SITE VISITOR: your mind/memory series is interesting, but I don’t get the exact connection with the direct path you claim to offer.

[Continued from yesterday]

F.: To clarify for the sake of the one who sent the above e-mail, consider: there’s a regular visitor to this site who had prostate cancer. If the passing of blood had not happened, he would have never known the problem so he would never have sought the solution. This series is identifying the root of the widespread problems of the planet in order that site visitors might (a) better understand the cause of their problems and also know that (b) the Advaita Teachings offer a solution.

While many would dismiss other persons as “insane” if they disagree with them, most behavior that appears to be insane is actually rooted in personality. So that is the problem. Then, knowing the problem, one might be willing to seek the solution, namely, Realization. For some, the direct path offered on this site or in the retreats being offered again will "work" for some persons; the traditional path might work for some seekers; and other, newer approaches might work for other seekers. The solution is found when the suitable "path" is followed to its end.

So, the problems of the planet are, for the most part, rooted in “personality conflict.” That is a term that is typically used to minimize the reasons that a "relationship" "failed," but the term can be used accurately in light of the statistics posted yesterday: while up to 5% of the planet’s population was shown by research to have mental illnesses, 99% have personality disorders. As evidence, one estimate is that 99% suffer from ...
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