Saturday, September 22, 2007

IDENTIFICATION: Something, or No thing? Part Five

[EXCERPTS from the soon-to-be-released book FROM THE ABSOLUTE TO THE NOTHINGNESS. The pointers in this book are only for the most advanced seekers. The reading of this book should follow a reading and an understanding of the pointers in FROM THE I TO THE ABSOLUTE and CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS]

FROM A SITE VISITOR: No identity at all? Everybody is SOMETHING, and whatever that SOMETHING is, is our identity.

F.: Egotism drives persons to want to “be something” and to "be somebody." Programming and conditioning and enculturation and domestication convince the non-Realized that they “are something”…that they are, in fact, “many things.” (Hence, "duality.") Desires drive persons to seek states of rapture; fear, combined with a desire for power and control and continuity, drives persons to seek “the divine.”

Ego always wants more; freedom from the bondage of ego results in giving value to less. Ego is about going and doing and zooming in order to collect more; freedom from the love of more allows the non-doingness (the beingness only) to manifest.

Thus, persons search for “the divine” and for an understanding of all that is "supernatural" when in fact there is nothing that is supernatural at all. That which is thought to be supernatural is contained entirely within the warped consciousness. Though the only style of living that makes sense in the relative is natural living, the fact is that persons either live unnaturally or think that they are living supernaturally as a result of their having been fooled.

The result of their having been fooled is an endless stream of desires and fears that create a constant sense of longing. A constant sense of longing generates a sense of emptiness…of not being full…of a lack of fulfillment. The desires and fears generate the adoption of one false self after another, so the non-Realized end up being "full of themselves"—meaning, mentally full of their false selves.

Since those selves are illusions without substance, the sensation of emptiness among persons seems ever-present throughout the manifestation. They think that they are experiencing that sensation when, in fact, there is no one to experience anything. That sensation saddles "emptiness" with a negative connotation among the non-Realized. Few of them will ever understand the joys of de-accumulation. Few of them will ever come to the understanding that it is only the emptiness that can be fulfilling during the manifestation.

Yesterday, after securing the lines on the boat and then leaving the harbor, this exchange was overheard as one man asked another: “What have you got lined up for the weekend?” The second answered, “Nothing. Not a GD thing. Isn’t that great?”

If an empty schedule for two days can be considered “great,” imagine how wonderful such emptiness could be 24-7 for the remainder of the manifestation.

Yet who that has been programmed to accumulate more could possibility prefer de-accumulation and less? The answer is, “Only those who have tasted even the slightest bit of that sweetness of less…of nothingness.”

A pointer that has been shared before will be repeated here since it is relevant to this discussion:

The Realized can taste what the Italians call il dolce di fare niente—“the sweetness of doing nothing.” The Fully Realized will shift to a level even beyond that and will understand something even simpler than “the sweetness of doing nothing,” namely, il dolce di Niente—“the sweetness of Nothing,” period.

It has been asked, “If nothingness is the real deal, then why are words gathered into books or posted on a site? Someone is doing that gathering and posting.” That comment indicates delusion. Consciousness speaks, but consciousness is without personal attributes or individuality or doership. Here, there is no person or being or consciousness choosing anything. All happens spontaneously. Words come automatically, without thought...without thinker.

Consciousness has neither body nor mind nor personality. It assumes no identity if pure or if re-purified. No matter how dedicated you are to finding an identity and "being somebody" and thereby "being fulfilled," the fact is that whatever you might claim your permanent identity to be, it cannot be any part of a non-permanent relative existence. You really aren't anybody.

Thus, whatever you would claim as your real identity must be void of self existence and void of SELF existence. Whatever you might think you are is actually...(continued in the book)
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Please enter the silence of contemplation. (To be continued)
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