Tuesday, December 25, 2007


F.: [Continued from yesterday] Maharaj said that someday science would advance far enough to confirm the validity of the philosophical teachings of Advaita. Yesterday, the expression “All there is, is Consciousness” was looked at from a scientific basis; today, it will be discussed from the philosophical.

Understand, Raja, this implication of the phrase: while persons (the non-Realized) are convinced that what they see is real, what is supposedly being seen is never what it appears to be. That applies to “a mirage,” to “a steel girder,” to “this world,” to “other persons you think you know,” and to “ice,” “rain,” “snow,” “sleet,” “rivers,” “streams,” “steam,” “vapor,” etc.

Though persons think that they are seeing all sorts of “different” things that are “unique” and “real,” the fact is that none of what is being observed is different at its core; nor is any of it unique; nor is any of it really as perceived. What is taken to be “everything” is really one thing, and any differences in appearance are due only to the variances in the rates of vibration of the energy/matter involved.

All of those inaccurate perceptions and misconceptions that come about as persons are erroneously convinced that things are exactly as they appear to be are really only a movement of consciousness (a play of consciousness, if you will).

Shortly after consciousness arises, the “world” arises. When the manifestation of any given speck of contaminated consciousness ends, so too does “the world” perceived by that speck (and so too do all of the “persons” who that contaminated speck thought inhabited that "world"). Furthermore, understand that you are not in the world. "The world" is in you (that is, in your "mind").

If you understand that the “world” and the “mind” are not separate entities, then you will also understand why some Advaitins invite you to (1) see that nothing among the non-Realized is “as perceived” and to (2) be rid of, once and for all, the fictionalized “mind” that is the seat of inaccurate perceptions.

R.: And our nature is also the same in fact we are that. If this is true, then why didn't we remained like that?

F.: Take your pick: (A) The cause of all is all or (B) just “luck,” if you consider the relative existence to be a delight or (C) just “rotten luck” if you don’t.

R.: Why we were born (per Brahman there is no Birth or Death) in this world?

F.: The misnomer “born” notwithstanding, the event you refer to happened because a male and a female (whom you would call “my parents”) engaged in an act of pleasure. There was not the slightest thought of “you” in that process. One or both were driven. The friction involved in their act allowed a natural process to begin, involving elements that took the form of a sperm cell and an egg cell. (So much for "special" or "Gift from God," yes?)

R.: Where were we before Brith?

F.: Where is the energy in a plant before the energy manifests and is consumed via plant-eating or (especially in the West) via the eating of animals that ate plants?

R.: What happens when we die physically & mentally?

F.: There is no death. Whatever comes together will eventually come apart. Elements return to the universal pool of elements; breath returns to the universal pool of air; energy returns to the universal pool of energy.

R.: Will we return to Brahman after death which is our true nature.

F.: Brahman is a concept. Direct Path Advaita deals with the no-concept, non-dual Reality. Again, the “return” is to the energy pool. Nisarga Yoga invites you to be rid of belief in (and preoccupation with) all concepts in order to live naturally and to be free.

R.: Or are we born only for sensual & mental enjoyments (as per ancient Romans)?

F.: Again, you were “born” because of the sensual and mental and emotional enjoyments of two humans. The pleasure of parents precedes the pain of children.

R.: If every person whether good or bad, jesus or lucifer,every one returns to absolute reality. Is it true? If so, then why we should bother how we live here.

F.: There is no “bother” among the Realized. It is that prospect, of living a relative existence without bother, that moves most seekers to complete the steps to Full Realization.

Furthermore, “Lucifer” is a concept brought forward from mythology, and that which was called “Jesus” was nothing more than a plant-food-body-cum-consciousness, just a speck of consciousness and nothing more. To paraphrase, “All he was, was Consciousness," and there is nothing "special" about that: a pig and a prophet, a thief and a guru, a worm and a hero are also nothing more than a plant-food-body-cum-consciousness.

As an example of the extent of the inaccurate perceiving mentioned earlier, consider that two billion people today will celebrate a birth that was not a birth and will praise a virgin who was not a virgin. And none of those celebrants will have a clue at all in regards to what their "hero" meant when that speck said, “When you speak of me, speak of me as I AM” and “Before Abraham was, I AM.”

In addition to “Jesus” and “The Christ,” they will assign additional titles to a speck of consciousness such as “Jesus my Lord” and “Jesus my Savior” without having a clue regarding what that speck was really talking about.

So it is in “the world” of all of the non-Realized who were fooled…and remain so. Having crossed the path of the Advaita "path," that need not be your fate. Please enter the silence of contemplation. (To be continued)


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