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FROM A SITE VISITOR: If I have no desires and others have no desires then the human race would soon come to an end, and it also seems there are things I should fear to protect myself.

F.: You have not understood the teachings that are at the core of the nisarga yoga. The questions to consider are these: is natural, spontaneous living happening, or is there thought to be some person with an identity that is being driven by the illusions of body-mind-personality identification?

Consider the naturally-living deer: a buck can naturally and spontaneously engage in a sex act with a doe. Nothing more is involved in that happening than an action that is rooted in one of the basic drives (those drives including the thirst drive, the hunger drive, and, in this example, the sex drive).

Yet your e-mail speaks of an “I” and “desires,” and therein lies the delusion that the yoga would eliminate. Once an imaginary “I” becomes involved in the desire, then co-dependency is triggered:

“The Lover” must have a counterpart “lover” to exist, and not only does a co-dependency manifest but duality manifests as well: “A” needs "B" to exist just as “The Spouse” needs “A Spouse” to exist. When a false “I” is driven by desires, let the games begin.

Unlike the sex act between a buck and a doe, when a “self” or “selves” are involved, all sorts of silly (but often relatively consequential) game-playing follows. Sex among humans lost in false identities and driven by personality brings along all sorts of conscious and unconscious motivators that can only manifest in the presence of an assumed personal identity—that is, in the presence of delusion and selfish motives.

Thus, the human sex act in those cases can become quite complicated and can involve reinforcement of an ego-state; finding temporary escape from worry or preoccupation; manipulating in order to acquire and / or maintain a certain lifestyle; exacting revenge; a desperate attempt to feel accepted or “loved”; a desire to control another; spousal beatings; murder, ad infinitum.

Animals and birds and fish propagate, but none engage is the self-centered game-playing or in the "mind" games or in the destructive behavior that personality generates. All of that is confined to the human species and always involves a false “self” or multiple false identities / multiple false "selves" and therefore always involves delusion. Is it any wonder that the top three reasons for divorce include sex? Of the pointer offered above, Maharaj said…

“…selfishness is always destructive. Between desire and fear anger arises, with anger hatred, with hatred passion for destruction. War is hatred in action, organised and equipped with all the instruments of death.”

Consider how many “relationship” problems are rooted in the desire and the self-centeredness that Maharaj mentioned. The self-centered “desire for respect” is at the core of all of the fighting that takes place on a “personal” level, on a national level, on international levels, on all levels.

Urges or instinctual drives are natural; desires are the stuff of personas and always lead to as much misery as pleasure; to anger; to “separation”; to the assumption of false identities; to co-dependency vs. freedom and independence; to fighting; to murder; to war, and to unnatural living.

As for fear being an asset to the degree that it can inspire you to “protect yourself,” your words again reveal the misunderstanding. Of course the deer that graze or lounge about in the yard at this house will move away if they are approached too closely by humans. That is natural.

What is unnatural are all of the fears that are generated by assumed personas that instill fear. Furthermore, fear among persons is driven more by what is imagined than by anything that is real, relatively speaking. Understand that there is no self that needs protecting, but imaginary selves do seem to need many things to exist.

Maharaj said, “Desire and fear, both are self-centered states,” meaning that among persons, fears are about protecting the false "self" or “selves.” Among all but humans, it is the instinctive drive for continuation of the manifestation of the consciousness that automatically and spontaneously causes a bird to fly away or the deer to walk or run away if approached by humans.

But among personas, it is most often the imaginary fears which accompany the assumption of ego-states as identities that drive unnatural living (as well as efforts to live supernaturally so that some “reward” will not be missed now and will not be missed eternally…so that certain personas might "live forever").

Therefore, the deer living in the nisarga fashion are not driven by desires or fears but function via the inner resource and the instincts in a most-natural fashion. Persons, however, are driven by selfishness and by ego-based, false-self-generated delusions to behave in a most unnatural (and often supernatural) manner.

Compare how seamlessly and smoothly the deer form “partnerships” or move to new “partnerships” with the way those same events transpire among humans and you might then understand (a) the point that Advaitins are making about desires and fears and (b) why those points are being offered. Please enter the silence of contemplation.


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