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FROM A SITE VISITOR: [Received 6 November 2009] I’m a college student writing to say thanks. Been searching for topics for oral presentations I have to make in a couple of classes – the search ended after reading the Christian’s essay that you re-published on your blog today. Now, the only thing left to decide is should I use his writing for the report in my Abnormal Psy class or in my Criminal Psy class. (P.S. Was that the whole article or is there more?)

F.: One, you’re welcome. Two, that’s 99% of the article. Three, being certified here to teach psychology classes at the university level, it can be seen where that piece of writing could be relevant in either of those courses. Certainly the thinking was abnormal, and certainly the piece contains the kind of rationalization and justification and distortion and reasoning fallacies that mark the criminal "mind." Let us know how the presentation goes. Best regards.

Now, to continue with yesterday’s discussion: why—with 6 billion+ persons on earth who are all claiming to be religious and godly—has “life on the planet” still deteriorated into one big crapfest of hate and prejudice and fighting and selfishness and abusive behavior and broken “relationships” and poverty and starvation and torture and war?

Can the observable behaviors across the globe that run contrary to anything remotely “godly” or “religiously righteous” be dismissed as mere hypocrisy, as is often the case? Sometimes, yes, but usually there is far more “at play” than insincerity and pretense. For all of their "good intentions," which shall not be judged here, persons are still unable to follow through consistently.

Most often, it can be seen that personality is driving the six billion+ persons who identify themselves as being “religious” and / or “spiritual,” driving them to engage in the chaos and disharmony and fighting and stealing and killing that marks the relative existence.

How can that be the case with so many billions involved in the regular worship of god(s), with so many seeking “god’s will in their lives,” with so many claiming that they are pious and devout, with so many seeking weekly to know "what their god would have them do"...but then doing the opposite?

The hypocritical behaviors are not the cause but are merely the observable manifestation of the real force behind such duplicity. The fact is that religious and spiritual groups put band-aids on gunshot wounds, never addressing the actual issue that is at the root of what is called “evil” in the relative existence.

It is Advaita that addresses that actual issue. The Advaitin will tell the man whose wife has just left (and who is therefore contemplating murder and / or suicide) that…

…“You are not ‘husband’; you are not really dying; you are not being attacked so you need not attack to defend what is nothing more than a false identity; you are not what you take yourself to be. One or many personas are driving your thoughts and words and actions, and you must end the assumption of all false identities if you would be happy and free.”

Religion, on the other hand, says the opposite. It was a religious man in a robe who said, “I now pronounce that you are husband.” The belief in that falsehood (in accepting that false role as a true identity) lasts at least until another man in a robe declares, “Legally, you are no longer husband”…no longer that culturally-assigned personality / persona / role.

Never mind “’til death do us part.” It is, as shown yesterday, the will of personality (that is, the will of false personas) and not the will of any god that trumps all. Thus, the majority of marriages across the planet will end prior to the “death” of a partner (though, in many cases, that ending will often result in “the death” of a partner as well).

[You may use the search tool above “Links and Resources” to search for “59%” to find more details regarding the increasing murder rate that accompanies the increasing divorce rate.]

What is the divorce / ego-state / personality / egotism link? Once “The Wife” upgrades her persona in her mind to “The Super Wife,” then the requirement for her very “existence” is no longer “A Husband” but is “A Super Husband.”

And the upgrade happens with “The Husband” as well, so as soon as "the other" is seen not to be “Super Spouse,” then of course personality will bring to an end that relationship, contrary to any promises made to a god and contrary to any agreement reached “in god’s presence.”

So notice the way that personality drives even those who take themselves to be “godly” to behave in ways that could hardly be considered saintly at all. A woman who is a Personality Type Two was active in both the Catholic church and in a twelve-step spiritual program.

No conversation with her was ever conducted without hearing talk about how “God is blessing her,” about how “all things are possible through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,” or about how one "should not fret, for God has a plan for you.”

She worked as an office manager and insurance clerk, so her job was to schedule appointments, contact insurance companies and find the deductible that she was to collect (usually $250 of $500) and then after the deductible had been met, collect the $25 co-pay for all future visits.

Now a Type Two adopts several personas, such as “The Helper,” “The Rescuer,” and “The Savior,” and they are driven by personality to help in an effort to receive the "love" that they never received during their childhood but that they think they must have now. They do not give altruistically but give with a very selfish motive to gain instead, and there is never enough love received to fill the sense of emptiness inside.

Thus, when clients heard that they had to pay $500 and then protested or sobbed, the manager / clerk roles were overridden by “The Rescuer” role and she would say, “OK—I’ll help you out, but don’t tell my boss. Just come in and give me the $25 co-pay and I’ll ignore the $500 you are supposed to pay.”

The manager / clerk soon had quite a pool of admirers, receiving gift cards, flowers, fruit baskets, etc. The appearance was that she must have been doing some wonderful public relations work, but what she was really doing, in her persona-driven “mind,” was amassing a group of people who "really loved her, who really cared for her, because she was really helping them."

Because insurance payments can be delayed for months after services are rendered, the swindling continued for months before it was uncovered. Thousands of dollars were stolen from the company during the first months of the scam.

When she was fired and people were contacted and told that they owed money for services they received but had not paid for, the “love” they supposedly had for the clerk soon shifted to hate.

When the fraud became known, “The Rescuer” protested, “These people are poor and need help. You can afford it.” The contrition that might seemingly be expected to come from “The Religious One” or from “The Spiritual One” never manifested.

“The Helper / Rescuer / Savior” persona dug in her heels and fought for her right to embezzle money from the company, and all of her thoughts and words and actions and beliefs about what she was doing were determined solely by her primary personality type. All of her so-called "religious and spiritual work" was for naught.

All of the teachings in her church and in her spiritual group about honesty and about "Thou shalt not steal" were never considered for a second because she was being driven unconsciously by personality. Again, the evidence is in: personality trumps god.

If persons would live according to what they claim to be the “sacred” and “holy” teachings of their religious or spiritual group, and if they would live in the fashion that they are told is “the proper way” to live and behave, then all personality must be discarded;

otherwise, no “power” or belief in “A Power” or “The Higher Power” or “A Supreme Power” or god will ever exert the level of influence that is brought to bear by personality in determining what they actually think and say and in driving their actions. Their personality will always be more dominant than their "godliness."

All the effects of the lip service they give to their dogma and to their “support group’s principles” and to their spiritual beliefs and to their own holiness will be meaningless in the face of personality and the desires of their personas.

Such is the command of personality. Personality’s motives and desires will supersede the commands of “god” or “gods” and will override any supposed dedication to such dualities as “doing right” and “avoiding wrong.” Please enter into the silence of contemplation. (To be continued)

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Either (1) the ancient view is spot on: that the "ills of the planet" are rooted in evil people, in people not being religious enough or spiritual enough, and are caused solely by bad morality; or, (2) the "ills of the planet" are rooted in ignorance, stupidity and insanity and "being good" or "being moral" does not put an end to ignorance, does not eliminate stupidity, and does not treat insanity in any way.


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Dr. Robert Maurice Sapolsky is an American neuroendocrinologist; a professor of biology, neuroscience, and neurosurgery at Stanford University; a researcher; an author; and a Research Associate at the National Museums of Kenya.

There is much that a non-dualist or Advaitin or Nisargan can relate to by comparing and contrasting what Sapolsky reveals about the way certain troops of baboons live in Africa with the way that humans abide all around the globe.

This 152-page eBook catalogues the common, non-dual message shared by Sapolsky and Maharaj and reveals the ways that Sapolsky’s scientific research supports the non-dual pointers offered by Maharaj.


In “PART ONE” it will be seen that most persons on the planet are not seeking, and most will never seek, but for those who are seeking, most will face several obstacles:

In “PART TWO” of this book, it will be seen why many criticized Maharaj for “changing his message in his later talks.” It will be seen that the changes were not about changing the message per se as much as about changing his methodology as he experimented with one version of the Ultimate Medicine after another in order to try to find an effective means for addressing the Ultimate Sickness.

He tried a religious version of the Medicine, a Spiritual version of the Medicine, and finally settled on a version which addressed to Sickness at its core . . . at the mental and emotional level.


“Dangerous” is a term that can only apply during the relative existence, but of those who do commit suicide, for example, how many shoot themselves in the foot over and over until they “bleed out”? None. They shoot themselves in the head. Why? In order to try to stop the noise - to try to stop the chatter of a thousand monkeys – to stop the noisy mind which is the area that stores the ideas, notions, concepts, mind-stuff, etc. which drives them into the depths of insanity.

And what are those ideas, notions, concepts, etc. called, collectively? "Their beliefs." The irony? They are not their beliefs at all. They are the beliefs of “others” that were set in place via programming, conditioning, etc. and which persons then think are their own.

And what are those beliefs rooted in, and what reinforces those beliefs and convinces persons that they are sacred and worth fighting over and even sometimes worth dying for? Blind faith.

This 337-page eBook discusses those issues in detail.

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