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An Advaita forum focusing on Realisation, enlightenment, non-duality, Real Love, peace, freedom, Your original nature, abiding naturally, the Oneness, the Nothingness, and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Here, there is nothing that is believed, so there is no one here who wants you to believe anything, either. Here, the invitation is to be free of all that you have been programmed, conditioned, acculturated, and domesticated to believe so that you can be free, period.

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FROM A SITE VISITOR: Been reading your archives and have a question--if non-duality means there can be no moral-immoral duality as you say, what is to prevent the realized from behaving in ways that are generally considered immoral in most cultures?

F.:Your very question implies duality and preconceptions: "What is to prevent the realized from behaving in ways that are generally considered immoral in most cultures?" you ask. Your preconception is that the Realized are do-ers and, as with the non-Realized masses, must be forced by society to do what is right.

Why did you not ask, "What is it that inspires the realized to behave in ways that are generally considered moral in most cultures?" In the end, of course, neither applies, but the examples show how duality perpetuates more duality and how all duality perpetuates ignorance and misunderstanding.

Understanding non-duality prevents belief in any dualistic pairings, but it does not prevent the ever-in-flux relative existence from continuing; further, nothing that is forever in flux can possibly be equated with That Which Is Eternally Unalterable and Unchangeable.

Nor does the non-dual understanding offer a license to behave in ways that are generally considered "immoral"; yet when Reality is overlaid on the relative after an understanding of Oneness, then - and only then - does Real Love manifest, and Real Love does prevent any thought or word or deed of intentional harm.

Next, there seems to be some desire on your part to cling to beliefs about what is moral and what is immoral. If that is the case, who is to be the final arbiter in determining what is moral or immoral?

Congressional elections will soon be conducted in the U.S. The candidates representing a newly-formed party that makes the currently-serving right-wingers look like left-wingers are presenting themselves as the arbiters of morality, claiming that

** laws must be written that make clear that abortion is immoral in all cases and that require women who become pregnant by rape or incest to "carry the child full-term to birth";

** that telling a lie is immoral, even if you were hiding Jews in your attic in WWII Amsterdam, so "if the Green Police and Nazi SS troops were to have asked you if you had any Jews in hiding, you would have to tell them the truth to preserve your immortal soul";

** that it is immoral to masturbate and that, if you are married, masturbation is adultery;

** that it is immoral to use condoms, even in regions where HIV and AIDS are decimating populations;

** that the Civil Rights Act in the U.S. which prohibited discrimination by race is immoral (and "unconstitutional") and that "a business owner should have the right to refuse service to anyone he / she chooses, even if the choice is based on race only"; and

** that the providing of universal health care for the population is immoral and outside the purview of the government.

While they claim their positions are the right and moral one, others would say that their positions are quite "immoral." Again, who would you accept as the final arbiter in such matters? Who would you agree should be able to determine what is moral and what is immoral and then have the final, unassailable word in regards to classifying thoughts and words and deeds as moral or immoral?

Christians claim that suicide is immoral; some Muslims claim that suicide - if the act also kills non-Muslim infidels (or even Muslims of a different sect) - would be an act approved by God and is therefore quite moral.

If you want to attach to the dualistic concepts of "moral vs. immoral," then the facts at this very moment in the U.S. and in other places on the planet show that what will follow will be even more of the relative calamities that Maharaj discussed. The present results of persons claiming they know what is moral and what is immoral are generating:

a sense of separation; the formation of right-wing and left-wing political parties that are polarizing populations; politics that generate culture wars rather than dealing with national and international challenges; religious wars; modern-day witch hunts; guilt; shame; judgmentalism; chaos, etc.

So what effects of the dualistic belief in moral vs. immoral would you cite as being "positive" (which would be another dualistic concept)? What proclamations such as "these actions are always moral and those actions are always immoral" would you want to set in stone? Moreover, how could anyone believe that any statements dealing with relative issues could be couched in strictly absolute terms and have any validity?

As noted earlier, knowledge is only required as long as ignorance remains. When ignorance is cast aside, no more knowledge is required. Similarly, when judgmental and fluctuating concepts about what is immoral end, wherefore a need for the concept of "morality"? The "ignorance vs. knowledge" duality ends with Realization, as do all "moral vs. immoral" beliefs as well.

Moreover, the nisarga (natural) tendency is to preserve the continuity. That is just the way the manifest consciousness works; thus, to speak of that which is "moral" is actually to speak of that which perpetuates the species naturally.

"Moral" has nothing to do with "the supernatural" or with "the spiritual" or with any of the dogma that tries to codify behavior and label any given act as moral or immoral, yet observe all of the (relatively) destructive acts that the belief in those dualities has generated that is most unnatural.

If you want to apply the nisarga test, the question to determine whether actions should happen are not is to ask, "Will this action perpetuate and develop the species or not?"

For example, will the species be enhanced if incestuous children increase in number, considering the potential for mental and physical defects? Will the species be served if, in areas subject to high incidences of HIV and AIDS infections, the people are taught that "the use of condoms will cast their souls into hell forever"?

Christopher Hitchens discussed the implied message being offered by the Christian people who think they know what is moral and what is immoral and who do not want condoms distributed in Africa. The implied message is, "AIDS is bad, but not as bad as condoms." Their real message is, "I'd rather you die than waste the seed through use of a condom."

The same nonsense is being generated in Indonesia where moral extremists want a law to be passed that declares only married adults can purchase condoms. So if you look at the facts, what is happening on the planet that - if impacted by persons who think they know what is moral and what is immoral - can be said, unequivocally, to be "beneficial to the perpetuation of the species as a whole"?

The facts show that the answer must be...nothing. And that is why the "moral vs. immoral" duality goes the way of all dualities among the Realized. All dualistic beliefs result in chaos. They never bring the order that is desired but actually perpetuate increased disorder and chaos because no absolutes can apply in the relative.

Only if Reality is overlaid on the relative - giving clarity to the summative statement that "I AM THAT; I AM" - can the "supposed two" be understood to be "not two."

In the end, that which is "moral" or "immoral" is not something that can be determined by what persons take to be "metaphysical and / or supernatural and / or religious and / or spiritual" criteria. In the realm of non-duality, the closest that anyone can logically come to defining what is "immoral" or "moral" must be based in the effect any given action has on the species overall, not on dogmatic or spiritual or dreamed up metaphysical rules and principles.

Meanwhile, it can be noted that the Realized Nisargan behaves spontaneously and naturally in all instances and that, in nature, there are no concepts at all, much less a concept about what is "moral vs. immoral."

Thus, the deer in this neighborhood do not gather together to debate "right vs. wrong" or "good vs. bad" or "moral vs. immoral." They do not codify what is moral and what is immoral and then dream up legal penalties to punish those who are determined to have acted in a supposedly immoral manner.

That only happens in the realm of the egocentric and egotistical non-Realized persons who dominate the planet. As for the deer, they just live and let live until the manifestation of consciousness ends. So it is among the Realized as well.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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