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THE ULTIMATE UNDERSTANDING: No "You" Existed Prior to Manifestation, Nor Will a "You" Exist Post-Manifestation, Part Three

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Here, there is nothing that is believed, so there is no one here who wants you to believe anything, either. Here, the invitation is to be free of all that you have been programmed, conditioned, acculturated, and domesticated to believe so that you can be free, period.

Furthermore, for those who have developed a preference for any non-nisargan yoga or who prefer Traditional Advaita Vedanta, Neo-Advaita, Neo-Vedanta, or Pseudo Advaita: here you will only find the use of the Direct Path Method of teaching along with the Nisarga (Natural) Yoga, all shared in simple, everyday English.

FROM A SITE VISITOR: No prior Me-ness? Surely there was something?

F.: In the undertaking for You to be free of all beliefs - including the belief in a "prior Me" - then You must reach the next level of understanding.

That means You must abandon belief in "a present Me" - understanding that what You are taking to be "a Me" is not that at all - in order to be free of belief in "a prior Me" and also belief in a "later Me" that will exist post-manifestation.

All sense of "personal" and / or "Personal" must be abandoned in order to reach the no-concept, no-identity state; thus, the next transition is this: to make the gradual move away from such talk as "I am present, she is present, he is present," You were invited to use "I am Presence" instead; now, even that must be transitioned because "am" is to be followed by nothing.

So, now the shift will be away from "It is not that I am present but that I am Presence" to ... "Presence Is." That can be witnessed by the unobstructed consciousness if all of the obstacles that were set into place by programming and conditioning and acculturation and domestication have been removed.

Understand that Me-ness is as conceptualized as Is-ness, Am-ness, and beingness. To attach to such concepts will be to block any chance to "see" the Absolute (and that which is beyond, neither of which can be expressed in words because Truth can be known - at least while the pure consciousness is manifested - but not stated).

This subject matter is covered in the "Advanced Seekers' Trilogy" of books but this is not told to novices or to "Spiritual Giants" or even to those at steps one through seven on the seven step "journey" from the "I" to the Absolute.

If you would abide as the Absolute, as that unmanifested Awareness, then you must understand the pointers offered in the second book in that series, a book intended to be read after reading FROM THE "I" TO THE ABSOLUTE: namely, "Consciousness / Awareness". It is explained there that ...

... "in" the Absolute realm, there is awareness but no aware-of-ness, but what I speak of here - if I am speaking of the final understanding - is even beyond the Absolute. That is why the third book in the "Advanced Seekers' Series" deals with the final "shift" From the Absolute to the Nothingness.

For now, understand this: prior to conception, which was a spontaneous act with no single cause, there was no You. At best all that can be said accurately is what Maharaj notes, that there was what he called a "you-are-not state." The elements were. Then the elements were eaten. Then cell transformations happened. Then an act of friction happened.

Nine months later there was the composite unity of elements, breath, and conscious-energy, but what could you take to exist as "You-ness" prior to the act of conception when the egg and sperm involved did not exist until shortly prior to the conception after plant food was consumed and plant cells transformed - spontaneously - into sperm and egg cells?

Furthermore, understand that in all of that, there was no "creation." Neither energy nor matter can be created. What was, was, but what was, was not "you" or "You" in any way. Understand that and then expand the point to include the "world" so that You understand that no world was created;

from that, know that there was no one or One who created a world ... or anything else. Just as the composite unity that would be called "you" came about spontaneously, so too did what is called "the world" arise spontaneously. More significantly, understand that both "you" and "the world" are illusions.

How it is that what is called "floyd" is so completely free of all of the "stuff" of this relative existence though enjoying the bliss of the Absolute having been overlaid upon the relative? Having understood the impersonal consciousness, then it was a tiny step farther to reach an understanding of the present state of impersonal Presence. (This pointer too is only for those at the highest state of readiness.)

Please enter the silence of contemplation. (To be continued)

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