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F.: [Continuing with excerpts from the eBook DANCING LIGHTLY, this from the chapter entitled “Your Original Nature and Lightness” 

If the lightness is not manifest, then persons will experience anxiety, depression or other conditions that will trigger emotional intoxication and self-defeating motion / action. Such sufferers at that point will be driven to shift beyond the no do-er witnessing and to revert to the do-er mode because they think that they must act, must do something - even something rash - to escape, to gain control, or to hand the reins of control over to someone else. 

Having been pulled away from abidance as their Original Nature by relative fears and desires, feeling as if they are being drawn below the surface of the ocean by one wave after another, seemingly certain that they are drowning and need rescuing, it is at that point that persons allow themselves to be locked into the types of attachment discussed earlier. 

If they speak of the condition to Me, this speck of conscious awareness will say: "You do not ever have to take a place to the rear of anyone; you do not have to delude yourself into thinking you are taking a place beside when you will actually be taking a place to the rear; you do not ever have to accept the role of being nothing more than the background music to someone else's song. You might play the game for a time, but you cannot last, living the lie that you will be living at that point." 

The talk here is only of freedom from things relative so that the independence of the Absolute can be felt and so that the prerequisites for peace – namely, freedom and independence - can manifest. To attach or not to attach - it's all the "stuff" of the relative; choosing is always confusing, so it will always pull one into the strum und drang of the relative existence by way of the unconscious influence of personality / personalities. 

Personalities, having been provided free rent inside the "mind," travel about as if on one's shoulders and back - riding along like additional heavy burdens (as if the challenges of the relative existence are not enough) and leaving them in a position where they can forever whisper their lies into your ears. Being bogged down in the relative and being weighed down by the agendas of those personas will insure that there will be no chance at all for a sense of lightness to remain consistently. 

From their positions on your shoulders and back, it is as if the whisperings of those personalities are forever encouraging you to turn left when the "path" is to the right; encouraging you to go right when independence and freedom and peace are to the left; encouraging you to go the way of chaos that is camouflaged with all sorts of attractive, enticing ribbons and bows. 

It is those fear-mongering and desire-driven personas (not any relative conditions which are always guaranteed to be temporary) that are the enemies of lightness. They will forever bring to the forefront the notions of choice - encouraging you to "decide whether to chose left or right; chose him or her; chose this course or that (even if all of the choices are senseless).” 

Their advice is most often: “Just choose something . . . anything . . . any port in this storm. But above all, do not just stand there and witness what is happening without taking drastic, panic-inspired action. Ignore the captain that is blowing the still and act.” 

In the process, the always-self-destructive voices of the self / selves will eliminate any chance to enjoy the ease and sanity of spontaneous living. The antidote to feeling the stress of needing to choose, needing to make attachments, needing to act, and needing, period? 

1. Understand this pointer offered to beginners by Maharaj: "All you need is a quiet mind” (until you finally reach the “no-mind” state of "zero concepts"; and 

2. understand this pointer offered to seekers that are farther along the "path": "There is no such thing as peace of mind; there is only peace if you are out of your mind." Leave the imaginary world of the mind and come home . . . come back to Your Original Nature, to the only "place" where stability exists; and 

3. return to the center of the "path" now in order to reach that calm state where You are abiding as Your Original Nature; and 

4. return to a state of non-action, which can only happen when there is freedom from the pull of personality-driven desires and freedom from the push of personality-driven fears; and 

5. immerse Your Self in the kind of spontaneity that can only happen when witnessing prevails. The deer make no choices. They move about slowly, they take only as much as is truly needed with no sense that "more" would provide them something that is "missing," and they merely witness humanity's surrounding strum und drang. 

They never "think" that they must attach to that insane, anxiety-provoking, depression-producing train of events. 

When abiding as one’s Original Nature, one moves through the relative existence in as spontaneous a fashion as do the deer and the fish and the birds and all things that abide naturally (which all living things do except for humans). 

That allows persons to finally be free of trying to dream up the perfect scenario and all of the elements required in order for their otherwise-delayed-and-postponed happiness to manifest; then, they strive – other ruthlessly – to make every element of that scenario come about through guile and charm or charisma or through control and manipulation and exploitation and micromanaging and misusing and abusing and taking advantage of. 

Freedom is having one job that can meet the basic relative needs. Imprisonment is 

(1) making a second job out of just living through one’s constant religious or spiritual or "self-improvement" workaholism and / or 

(2) making a job out of using people to get what one thinks that he or she must have – or is entitled to – in order to “make their dreams come true” (as if that is even possible). The latter generates a war-mentality, a me-vs.-them-mentality, and war and peace can never coincide.

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

10 April 2014 


F.: [Continuing with excerpts from the eBook DANCING LIGHTLY, this from the chapter entitled “Attachments Prevent Lightness”]

A movie that is currently a popular rental in the U.S. (called a popular "hire" in some other countries) is entitled "Love and Other Drugs." 

The word "drugs" is used in the title to reference the part of the film's subject matter that deals with all of the emotion-based motion / actions that persons experience around fear-or-desire-driven attachments, including: making them far-too-hastily; avoiding them; fearing them; running away from them; running to them; and - time after time - forming them only to break them . . . or forming them and suffering the consequences instead of breaking them. 

The pace at which persons form attachments is astonishing as they can shift out of a formerly-peaceful state and enter at break-neck speed the mad race to find something external that they hope will make them happy or bring relief from whatever temporary obstacles they might be presently facing. 

Some see the error of the way that they fell into during a time of fear or desire, so those will quickly break off the attachment after seeing that it is going to take a heavy toll and is going to block their former sense of lightness; others will tolerate for an entire "lifetime" the misery of an attachment that they think is raising them to what they perceive to be the new heights of an elevated lifestyle or to the higher high provided by a drug or what they take to be a drug-induced "higher level of consciousness." 

[Nowadays, the number of persons touting the latter is increasing, not unlike those heady days in the 1970's when a variety of drugs were being credited with having "consciousness-elevating properties."] 

In "Love and Other Drugs," a relationship without attachment sailed merrily along; when one party began to attach, the relationship became rocky; when that party began to detach, the other party suddenly processed the fear of attachment and was ready to move forward. Such is the chaos that marks an existence that is caught up in the ever-changing flux of attaching and detaching as a result of personality-driven fear and desire. What is the answer? 

Maharaj: "Let go your attachment to the unreal and the real will swiftly and smoothly step into its own." 

For that to happen, there must first be an understanding of (a) the perverse functioning of the "mind" and (b) the relative consequences that will manifest in a "mind-driven-life"; also, there must be an understanding of (c) all of the false selves that rule from the "mind" where such emotionally-intoxicating mirages are stored and thought to be real. 

Time and again the teachings remind seekers that they must know the false selves before being able to know the Real Self. How can one renounce toll-taking attachments if 

(1) such attachments are not seen or if 

(2) the toll of such attachments is being denied or if 

(3) the toll is seen but justified by use of the many mechanisms that the excuse-making "mind" will employ - often unconsciously - to rationalize what amounts to senseless or even insane decisions? 

Maharaj: "You cannot renounce. You may leave your home and give trouble to your family, but attachments are in the mind and will not leave you until you know your mind in and out. First thing first: know yourself. All else will come with it." 

Know your self - your false selves which are the source of all fears and desires - and then know Your Self. [And if you never do any more than the former, even then healthy shifts – relatively speaking – will happen.] 

[Next, the eBook below entitled “Consciousness / Awareness” addresses the difference in the two which is to be understood if complete non-attachment is to happen.] 

Maharaj: "Awareness is primordial; it is the original state, beginningless, endless, uncaused, unsupported, without parts, without change. Consciousness is on contact, a reflection against a surface, a state of duality. There can be no consciousness without awareness, but there can be awareness without consciousness, as in deep sleep. Awareness is absolute, consciousness is relative to its content; consciousness is always of something. Consciousness is partial and changeful, awareness is total, changeless, calm and silent. And it is the common matrix of every experience." 

Questioner: "How does one go beyond consciousness into awareness?" 

Maharaj: "Since it is awareness that makes consciousness possible, there is awareness in every state of consciousness. Therefore the very consciousness of being conscious is already a movement in awareness. Interest in your stream of consciousness takes you to awareness. It is not a new state. It is at once recognised as the original, basic existence, which is life itself, and also love and joy."

Questioner: "Since reality is all the time with us, what does self-realisation consist of?" 

Maharaj: "Realisation is but the opposite of ignorance. To take the world as real and one’s Self as unreal is ignorance, the cause of sorrow. To know the Self as the only reality and all else as temporal and transient is freedom, peace and joy. It is all very simple. Instead of seeing things as imagined, learn to see them as they are." 

How to reach the non-dual understanding of simultaneously knowing that You Are All and that You Are Nothing, for to be free of the fears and desires of personality, that must be understood? You must know You Are All (a.k.a., Love) and know that You are nothing (a.k.a., Wisdom). 

Maharaj: "Being all, what am I to be afraid of? Water is not afraid of water, nor fire of fire. Also I am not afraid because I am nothing that can experience fear, or can be in danger. I have no shape, nor name. It is attachment to a name and shape that breeds fear. I am not attached. I am nothing, and nothing is afraid of no thing. On the contrary, everything is afraid of the Nothing, for when a thing touches Nothing, it becomes nothing. It is like a bottomless well, whatever falls into it, disappears." 

Freedom from attachment must happen to be free of peace-robbing fears and desires. Recall the pointer offered earlier: the light is omnipresent. The seeming darkness notwithstanding, there is more light surrounding the moon than is striking its surface. Allow the light to illuminate and to allow You to see how your fears and desires will lead you to race into attachments and entanglements that will always eventually take hostage both your freedom and peace. 

Again, one of Maharaj's key pointers in this regard: "There is no darkness in the midst of light. Self-forgetfulness is the darkness. When we are absorbed in other things, in the not-self, we forget the Self. There is nothing unnatural about it. But, why forget the Self through excess of attachment?" 

Heavy, lightness-stealing consequences always follow those who race excessively into attachments that at first appear to be lightness-providing opportunities. Caught up in the storm of fear and desire, the selves convince themselves that lies are truth; only the Self can differentiate between the true and the false. 

Why abandon the only tool available for relative constructiveness and allow one's selves to drive you to self-destructiveness? If you find that you were moving along the "path" and took a detour, return to the "path" so that, in the end, You can come home . . . and stay. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

9 April 2014 


[Continuing with excerpts from the eBook DANCING LIGHTLY]: 

F.: Next, the invitation is to review some of the key pointers so far and then sit with them in the silence, not seeking a samadhi state but entering instead into a state of focused awareness that will allow for additional understanding. 

** Just as "bliss" is totally misunderstood by most (leaving most desiring "more" even as they claim devotion to this philosophy or that philosophy which touts de-accumulation), the same happens with the search for happiness. 

** As long as the ever-in-motion consciousness inspires motion / doing / going / zooming and fluctuation, the stage will be set for emotional and / or feeling intoxication. 

** Freedom - the prerequisite for peace - comes only when one moves off that stage (located in The Theater of the Lie) and witnesses all that happens from the platform of awareness. 

** Since when is lightness not enough? A few fawn occasionally racing and kicking and jumping their way back and forth across the front yard notwithstanding, few of the trillions of species living naturally on this planet appear to be "blissful" or "exceptionally happy," but most of the time their existence does seem to be marked with a sense of lightness. 

** The deer laze about, grazing here, dozing there, doing the work they must to survive but balancing that out by also pausing to lounge in the cool blue shade, relaxing, basking in the ecstasy of occasional sexual contact, just being and being natural. But persons believe they must have more than that? Really? 

** An ever-present urge for accumulating more and "getting" more is often set up in childhood. In cultures of accumulation and capitalism, the vocabulary early on reinforces getting: "Get a good education so you can get a good job and get a good house and get a good spouse" or "Get this or that augmented and get these clothes and that 'look' and then you'll get a good life because you'll get someone who will provide that." 

The programming trains persons as children to "get" and then sets them up to believe that the source of bliss or happiness is always external, not internal. Yet the lovely house or any other externals - which persons have "gotten" by whatever means - cannot be carried about 24 / 7 and used as a comfort blanket the way that a child drags about its favorite cover. That which is carried about 24 / 7 is internal, never external, and what is carried about 24 / 7 is what will determine whether a sense of lightness or a sense of heaviness is also being carried about. 

** Maharaj: "Nothing can make you happier than you are." How the masses hate that pointer. How quickly they react and how quickly they protest about how false that statement is, citing example after example of the things and people they have which "make them happy." What an unnatural and impossible task to be strapped with, to be the one responsible for making someone else happy and then assuring that she or he stays that way. 

A woman about to marry said, "I have promised my husband that I will never make the mistake I see in other marriages where one partner bores the other." The reply: "Ah, so you are going to become his own professional entertainer? You are the one who will assure that he will never be bored, even though you are never likely to find his deepest secret which would reveal what he would truly desire from you if he were totally honest? Interesting." Talk about co-dependency, yes? 

Program a child to believe (as 97% on the planet do ) that there are gods or a god who is all-powerful - but who can be made sad or glad, made happy or unhappy, made proud or disappointed by you - and as an adult, the belief will be accepted without question that, "Well of course all relationships with not-all-powerful persons can surely be co-dependent. If I have the power to make god glad or happy or proud, then surely I can make any person the same." 

Thus, the agreement becomes, "I'll make you happy, but you be sure to make me happy." As some Easterners suggest: "You might as well search for an eagle's nest on the bottom on the ocean floor as search for someone or something external to make you happy." 

If "A" is enjoying the lightness and "B" is enjoying the lightness, then "A-B" will enjoy the lightness of each other's companionship. If either or both are fixated in the heaviness, head out to the ocean floor. 

** The light - which can allow the false to be exposed as being false - is omnipresent. While the surface of the moon reflects the light of the sun and appears to be surrounded in darkness, the fact is that there is as much light surrounding the surface as there is striking the surface. Persons can close their eyes and not see the light, or they can cover their eyes with their hands and block the light, but the light is there nevertheless, ready to facilitate the seeing of Truth if the love of all things false (and all persons false) is set aside. 

** Maharaj: " ... To find the immutable and blissful, you must give up your hold on the mutable and painful. You are concerned with your own happiness and I am telling you that there is no such thing. Happiness is never your own; it is where the ‘I’ is not. I do not say it is beyond your reach; you have only to reach out beyond yourself, and You will find it." 

** To abide in full awareness of the facts surrounding the composite unity, and to transcend all notions that you or You are "something more" than the elements and air and temporarily manifested conscious energy, calls for the question: "WHO is happy? Earth elements? The air? A speck of energy? And WHO is sad? Earth elements? The air? A speck of energy?" 

** To transcend all sense of personal, individualized WHO-ness is to abide in the sweet respite of beingness, and when the incredible lightness of just being manifests, and when all is merely witnessed from the platform of Your Original Nature, what WHO could be taken seriously when it thinks it needs more to be anything, including happy? 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

8 April 2014 


F.: None of the popular social media are used here, but recently, a man discussed a couple of Facebook pictures that had been posted by his brother, showing the brother and his wife and their child together at Disneyland. In the first picture, the brother and his wife are following the Disney-employed professional photographer’s prompt and smiling in a way that says, “All is right in our world. Too bad you don’t have the same joy that we experience in our lives 24 / 7.” 

In the second picture, the parents are following the professional photographer’s prompt and kissing in a way that says, “All is right in our world. Too bad you don’t have the same deep and abiding love that we experience in our lives 24 / 7.” 

The fellow discussing the Disneyland photos is the brother of the man in the pictures. The fellow is age 35, never married, constantly being driven by lingering vestiges of their earlier sibling rivalry, and now constantly comparing his failures to his brother’s successes.

The fellow has struggled with levels of depression that have been near-fatal at times. Suffering is his ever-present companion, and the pictures only served to exacerbate his misery as he erroneously concluded, “They have it all . . . a perfect marriage, a great kid, true love - the whole package.” 

Indeed, from the description of the photos, that is the message that the pictures would convey to most. And that certainly was the plan. Such flattering images inspired the couple to spend the money required to buy the photos that would become another of the millions of illusions that are disseminated via social media, inspiring viewers not to buy the pictures, of course, but definitely inspiring viewers to buy the lie. 

The lie? Why? Because what the fellow did not know if that his sister-in-law had shared the week before with friends and relatives that she wants a divorce from the fellow's brother in the pictures. She is constantly bad-mouthing her husband to anyone who will listen and says that she is planning to “make him pay big-time one day” when she leaves with the child. 

Pictures. Images. Representations that depict external forms that portray not at all the true internal condition. Capturing and preserving on film moments in which adults are engaged in pure play-acting. Transmitting falsehoods on photo paper and via a social medium. Conveying misperceptions and phony messages, like most of the general impressions that persons present to the public, impressions of things not-real at all but that are shared as if they are totally real. 

Then others looking at those images of deceitful play-acting believe that those misrepresentations of reality are true and then buy into the bogus message being sent to viewers. 

And through the same process, persons constantly upgrade the image of a relative existence that is steeped in misery and, in the process, allow witnesses to bemoan the less-than-satisfying condition of their own empty relationships, troubled marriage, totally absent love-life, empty and unfulfilling existence, etc. 

Ah, the games persons (that is, the non-Realized masses trapped in their personas / personalities) play, pretending that their darkness is light, that their heaviness is a weightless fluffiness. 

And the husband in the pictures represents all of those who think there is no darkness when in fact he is surrounded by it. Occasionally, the rage inside explodes outward and takes aim at the wife who is seen to have morphed in his view from what was formerly taken to be a dream into what is now occasionally seen to be a nightmare (which is the same view she holds of him, by the way); 

but then one of his many personalities with its tendency to play “The Spin Doctor” is always soon triggered and then inspires him to retreat once again into the depths of his delusions, to ignore his relative issues and hers as well, and to then be ready once more to smile and to kiss not only for the next photographer who comes along but also for the viewing public at large. 

And that viewing public, in their misery-and-suffering-induced blindness, too often reach the regretful point where they are willing to buy anything being sold by those who have “the answer,” including established members of support groups who advise people to “just do what we do and you can have what we have”; 

including established members of religious or spiritual groups who advise people that what those groups have to teach will finally provide the long-sought-for-end to unhappiness; and including those Maharaj referenced, the established members “The Big Name Teachers” Club, who advise people that those teachers' latest catch phrase is going to move seekers to the next level (or even to "the highest level"). 

What is different here? What was different in the loft? There was nothing there being taught; there is nothing here being taught; instead, the invitation in both places was and is to be un-taught. Here, there is nothing to learn, only much to un-learn. Here, one will not be made larger into “A Spiritual Giant” but – as was the case with Maharaj - the goal for seekers is to first be reduced to “A Spiritual Pygmy” and eventually reduced to nothing personal at all. 

What else is different here? What else was different in the loft? There was no indication there that you should be like Maharaj. There is no indication here that you should be like “floyd” or “Floyd”. But there is the invitation that you might give up being like you - like the false you’s – and abide without any of the personal identifications / personalities that generate fears and desires and restlessness and unhappiness. 

As for one thing revealed by the game-playing exposed in the two pictures discussed above is this: at its core, a life being acted out on the stage of the “Theater of the Lie” takes a toll on all except the most skilled and able deniers and, of course, narcissists and sociopaths. For all the rest, living a life of form rather than substance is a cancer, and the cancer within is another of the enemies of lightness. 

Now, to continue with excerpts now from the eBook “DANCING LIGHTLY,” this from the chapter entitled “The ‘Enemies’ Of Lightness” 

The Direct Path offered here is a direct path to  bliss. A "mind" will try to pull the sojourner off track; personality will try to entice seekers to take a detour, inspiring the adoption of "better-than" roles; and those who offer enticements like candy to a child will try to convince some that they - the enticers - are the source of happiness. What a setup for misery: 

Maharaj: "Don't you see that it is your very search for happiness that makes you feel miserable? Try the other way: indifferent to pain and pleasure, neither asking nor refusing, give all your attention to the level on which 'I am' is timelessly present. Soon you will realise that peace and happiness are in your very nature and it is only seeking them through some particular channels that disturbs. Avoid the disturbance, that is all. To seek ... there is no need; you would not seek what you already have" 


"Trust my words and remember them. I want your happiness, not mine." 

I want your happiness, not mine. A visitor here recently saw an arrogance-filled piece of e-mail which was being answered, only because there was still a slight chance of waking the miserable writer from his sleep. The visitor had been as involved in such arrogance at one time as well, so the question was asked, "Why do you do this? Why do you even mess with us? Be honest - aren't you really tired of dealing with us?" 

The reply: "Are you speaking of dealing with You, or with the not-you's? If it is the not-you's, what registers in far beyond being tired. At times it reaches a point of sadness; at other times, it grows to a point of disgust. 

But tired of dealing with You - with the Real You that the speck here is trying to speak too? Not likely. Not as long as the consciousness remains manifest. I stand on the shore of stability, right at the edge where the seas of insanity and ignorance and fear and desire are tossing the you's about and trying with all their force to sink those you's once and for all. And I speak from the shore to guide you home to Me - to You - but I will not shout. Nor will I try to literally force you from a storm that you delusionally believe is a calm sea. 

There will have to be a lull in the storm that you are caught in if you are to hear Me and change course and take the path to Me. So . . . tired of You? No. Tired of the fictional you's and the not-you's? You bet, but sadly, they are a part of the deal until the shiftings go and the stability comes. But once you have felt that stability, I must then ask, “Why would you ever abandon that? See that it is you alone that will let go the stability, but see that the Real You will not. Stay with the Real You and let the not-you's go, for it is on the cancer of instability that they feed and thrive.” 

Again, Maharaj: “Even your own happiness is so vulnerable and short-lived, at the mercy of a bank-crash or a stomach ulcer. It is just a moment of respite, a mere gap between two sorrows. Real happiness is not vulnerable, because it does not depend on circumstances.” 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

7 April 2014


F.: Some wrote to take exception with these pointers offered recently from the eBook entitled DANCING LIGHTLY

A global economic meltdown is not the enemy of lightness; "others" are not the enemy of lightness; fate is not the enemy of lightness; relative responsibilities involving work and child-rearing and treating physical illnesses are not the enemies of lightness; nothing external is the enemy of lightness: 

Maharaj: "You do and undo at every step. You want peace, love, and happiness but work hard to create pain, hatred and war" 


"Even your own happiness is so vulnerable and short-lived, at the mercy of a bank-crash or a stomach ulcer." 

To suggest that “a global economic meltdown is not the enemy of lightness” is not to minimize the relative effects of that event. Indeed, the words used in a speech on 20 August 1940, delivered by the British Prime Minister at the time (Winston Churchill) apply as well to the financial crisis of 2007. He said of the German Nazis who were wreaking havoc all across Europe, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” 

A few greedy and pathological financiers in the U.S. are the few, and the masses around the globe are the many whose financial misery can be traced to those few on Wall Street. Yet the use of their wealth - some of which has been distributed to the politicians who could take action but will not - is the very reason that they will continue to owe a debt that they will never repay.

So, yes, certainly the economic effects have registered here in the home from which this blog is being posted, and continue to be felt; but the pointer was intended to advance the opportunity to see that one’s happiness need not be as unsteady and shaky and erratic as the always unsteady and shaky and erratic happenings on this planet. 

Some, years ago, may have taken exception with Maharaj’s pointer that "Even your own happiness is so vulnerable and short-lived, at the mercy of a bank-crash or a stomach ulcer," but that does not mean that he was actually unfeeling or uncaring. 

What it shows is that a comment he made more than four decades ago is as relevant today as then, an indication of the ever-cycling, ever-altering ebbs and flows of the relative human existence, whether those fluctuations involve employment or lack thereof, involve relationships that swing from marital bliss to the misery of divorce, involve sickness and disease, or involve “life and death.” 

Yet his point was that one need not be at the mercy of such swings; however, most are at the mercy of swings and will remain so. Why? Maharaj said, “Nothing can make you happier than you are. All search for happiness is misery and leads to more misery.” 

Nor was it “cold-blooded” for Maharaj to share this: "I have no personal problems. But the world is full of living beings whose lives are squeezed between fear and craving."

And therein lies an optional perspective, and options are only available if Realized: was one required to be miserable as a result of a bank crash referenced by Maharaj in the 1970’s, and is one, likewise, required to be miserable as a result of a bank crash in 2007? Or might one address the source of fear and craving that drive misery and thereby avoid attaching to the high’s and low’s and chaotic swings of the relative existence? 

The reason Maharaj had "no personal problems" is because there was no person, no one, being driven by personality to have such problems. 

If Realized, one will still feel, but the feelings will be witnessed without attachment or destructive, emotional-intoxication-driven reactions. How can that be? Because the source of fear and craving – personality – will not be able to trigger the emoting (vs. merely feeling) that comes when ego-states / personalities are taken to be actual identities. 

A woman was reminded that indeed (a) happiness really is about one’s internal condition and that (b) it need not be permanently affected by the whims of the constant fluctuations of the relative externals that are always causing “moods” among the non-Realized masses to swing like a pendulum during the always-varying periods of extreme happiness vs. extreme unhappiness. 

Recently, that woman made contact here to confess that she “is miserable because she is trapped in a job she hates.” She is also frustrated by her on-going unsuccessful efforts to try to find a different job with an employer who is “less demanding” and “less suffocating” and who would be unlike the people she works for now who are at times “cruel and calloused” and “even downright sociopathic.” 

She revealed that she is coming home and crying every evening, and her fiancé tries to console her but is successful only for a brief period of time, and that pattern is now playing out on a daily basis. Quitting work is not a viable option financially as the two are barely paying their bills and both have cars that long ago needed replacing. 

That story reveals the same frustration and desperation that is marking the existence of millions of people, exacerbated by the greed-induced financial crisis of 2007–2008 (a.k.a., “the Global Financial Crisis of 2007”), considered by many economists to be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. 

Employment conditions are worsened (relatively speaking) by a job applicant glut that is leaving many employers in a position to say, “If you don’t like it, leave. I have a hundred people waiting in line to take your place.” 

Most employers are Personality Type 3’s or 8’s, and whereas 3’s are quite capable of showing the unstable and unpredictable Borderline Personality-driven tendencies toward love-hate, kindness-meanness, and charm-cruelty, there is no denying that Type 8’s are quite capable of being “cruel and calloused and even downright sociopathic” at times. 

Yet the woman is not as much at the mercy of employers (the externals) who are quite capable of being “cruel and calloused and even downright sociopathic” as she is at the mercy of several personalities (the internals). She is subjected to the force exerted by employers eight hours a day for five days a week, but she is subjected to the force exerted by personalities 24 / 7. 

Those are the true “Enemies of Lightness.” Greater than her sociopathic bosses, her greatest enemies include three personality styles that are exerting constant pressure: 

her enneagram personality inventory results showed that she is a Type Seven (“The Adventurer,” the “Fun Seeker”). That means she has a Type Six wing that can be the source of anxiety and fear and even paranoia. She also has an internalized Type Two (“The Helper,” “The One Preoccupied with Relationships,” and “The Histrionic One”). 

So of course she is miserable at work. And of course she is crying at home. Type Sevens are always miserable at work. Hell to a Type Seven is a not a cave-like pit of eternal flames. It is a cubicle. Is the Seven’s preferred lifestyle natural? Actually, yes. Is her work life spent working at a cubicle most unnatural? Yes. The archetype-based urge to abide freely and naturally is inherent. 

Yet this is the state of the planet and the way it is for most as they try to deal (or fail to deal effectively) with externals nowadays, so should one set out to try to change the planet, or might one set out on the “path” to Realization and address the internal identities / personalities that are the only variable that can be changed? 

Tomorrow, the answer will be offered in Part Thirty-Eight: “APPLIED” ADVAITA vs. LIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE “ENEMIES OF LIGHTNESS.” Meanwhile, this consideration is offered for consideration until then: 

Maharaj: "Don't you see that it is your very search for happiness that makes you feel miserable? Try the other way: indifferent to pain and pleasure, neither asking nor refusing, give all your attention to the level on which 'I am' is timelessly present. Soon you will realise that peace and happiness are in your very nature and it is only seeking them through some particular channels that disturbs. Avoid the disturbance, that is all. To seek . . . there is no need; you would not seek what you already have." 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

5 April 2014 


F.: Those fixated at the third step never transition to “the Child Ignorance Stage” (a.k.a., “the Child No-Knowing State”) which is a state that involves no-identity, no-knowledge, no-mind, no-seeking, and no-non-basic-needs, including no need to make a job out of working at living normally and sanely and naturally. 

Those that transition the third step by abandoning all of their “good roles” return to that blissful state; the rest – the masses – make a second job out of just living by adding their OCD-driven “religious work and service” or their “spiritual workaholism and spiritual services”  or their "seeking workaholism."

All of their “service and work and exercises and seeking and doing and zooming and going to meetings and offering service and engaging in activities and events” is accepted by them as being normal and “helpful,” but the mind behind those beliefs is the same mind that was driving all of their former “harmful and destructive” activities and behaviors that were also deemed for years to be acceptable. 

In fact, all going and doing and zooming and addiction to chaos and addiction to seeking activities and / or to religious activities and / or  to spiritual workaholism is just another means by which persons can continue to practice the same levels of avoidance and escapism that had plagued their earlier existence: excess in all things before; excess in all things now.

None of that provides an end, once and for all, to one's subconscious attachment to avoidance and escapism. Forming new dependencies to replace old dependencies cannot lead to freedom. Endless seeking can never provide true lightness. 

It’s all heaviness in disguise, a disguise that works because the egotism working alongside the newly-assumed “good” (in fact, “great”) ego-states is being stroked and caressed and fondled as if by a replacement love that is supposedly to be taking the place of old lost love. 

Seldom does one who is suffering from the depression of the new levels of boredom that come with their assumed “good roles” admit to their depression and boredom. Most persons cannot possibly self-diagnose accurately. 

A man who was playing the roles of “The Spiritual Giant” in a 12-step group was denying the deep and severe level of depression that he was continuing to suffer. It was recommended that he seek some additional, “outside” help. Of course his group members discouraged that, telling him that they had the answers for him if he would just do what he was told. 

With additional encouragement, he agreed to talk to one therapist and then a second one that she recommended for another opinion (after he refused to accept her diagnosis). When he continued to argue with both they did not know what they were talking about, the two therapists infuriated him when they reported that he was “the most depressed individual they had worked with in their combined 50 years of practice.” Yet he rejected their diagnosis outright, it being a threat to his newly-assumed “Truly Peaceful Man” role that was being supported by his newly-assumed “Spiritual Giant” role. So much for self-diagnosis.

Speaking to me and sounding like death on a cracker, he talked with a tone that was filled to bursting, revealing a deep and dark and heavy sense of sadness and gloominess and melancholy and loss and decline and hollowness and heaviness; then, his tone shifted and signaled his denied and repressed anger (anger being the flip side of the depression coin) and he said in a raised voice, “I . . . am . . . NOT . . . depressed!” 

He could not admit to the reality of the excessive heaviness that was the key marker of his relative existence because that condition of heaviness did not coincide with his new self-image of being “peaceful” as a result of being “spiritual”; thus, it was clear to any objective witness that his heaviness had taken on a disguise that allowed him to mistake it for lightness. 

So, more excerpts now from the eBook “DANCING LIGHTLY” including passages which address that subject, this from the chapter entitled “The ‘Enemies’ Of Lightness”:

A global economic meltdown is not the enemy of lightness; "others" are not the enemy of lightness; fate is not the enemy of lightness; relative responsibilities involving work and child-rearing and treating physical illnesses are not the enemies of lightness; nothing external is the enemy of lightness: 

Maharaj: "You do and undo at every step. You want peace, love, and happiness but work hard to create pain, hatred and war" 


"Even your own happiness is so vulnerable and short-lived, at the mercy of a bank-crash or a stomach ulcer." 

Only you (more accurately, the “not-you's”) are the enemies of lightness. Like a bank heist that requires no breaking and entering, it's all an inside job, this loss of a sense of lightness. The complicating factor is this: the blindness of those not taking advantage of the light is that while they are working hard to satisfy the desires of one or more personas or working hard to avoid the fears of one or more personas, even as they create pain and misery, they actually believe that they are taking actions that will soon lead to happiness. How could such a totally backwards view happen? Simple: it is all happening from the standpoint of the "mind": 

John Milton: "The mind . . . in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven." 

And it will. It is the seat of all duality, and living under its influence will guarantee instability. And when in such dire straits as will be guaranteed when living under the influence of the "mind" rather than abiding as the original nature, there will be a miasma-inducing myopia of such a degree that any actual account of what is really happening (an account that the inner resource is trying to offer) will not be detectable. So WHO, ultimately, is the one who thinks he / she is shifting between states of happiness and unhappiness? 

Only one who is still trapped at the earliest steps on the "path" to Full Realization. Only one who believes she / he was born and is now a personalized and individualized being rather than the impersonal and non-individuated beingness. Yet you were not born because you were not even conceived by those called "parents"; instead, you were conceived by artificial hallucination. In that condition, the not-you's will be in charge of every aspect of your relative existence. 

Those fictional but seemingly real not-you's arise in the emotion-driven, ever-moving consciousness as the result of living under the influence of the hallucinating "mind" rather than abiding as the original nature. The blindness of that totally-unnatural and abnormal miasma-inducing myopia will become your abnormal "norm." At that point when the internal account cannot be heard, an outsider's account is indicated. That "outsider's" account is required to serve as the tool that might be able to dig you out of the sand - or the quicksand - that is trying to take you under, relatively speaking.

Amazingly, though, while anything that is built on sand or quicksand is destined to readily sink and disappear, the case with imaginary personalities that are built on such unstable ground is that they can "survive" until the time that the consciousness unmanifests and re-enters the universal pool of energy. The ability of false identities to continue to be believed in and to be taken as the real is astounding to any that can objectively observe them at play in the "minds" of those who acquiesce to entrapment by such personas that will always eventually generate instability and misery and suffering and pain. 

So I bring an outsider's account of your condition. I come not to you but to You. I come to wake you and to set you free from your hallucinations. Your mental mirages want you to walk in your sleep, and they want your walking in your sleep to take you to the edge of the cliff or to the shifting sands or even to one of the many pits of quicksand that dot the landscape of the relative existence. Your hallucinations want to use the fears and desires of your personalities to render you unable to see so that you can be cast into such sands or over the edge of the cliff. The false selves will always eventually guide you to self-destruction. 

With authenticity always lingering in the shadows, that will always drive the self to self-destruct so that the Real Self can be seen; however, there is an easier way than fighting time and again that instability-producing battle. See now that it can be said more accurately that - rather than the light having to precede the lightness - what must happen in order for a consistent sense of lightness to manifest is a willingness to open one's eyes and see by way of the light (which is already there) all of the lies that the "mind" and personalities generate and then use to rob persons of the bliss which can only manifest in Truth. 

Only in Truth will the instability and destructive motions / actions that are inspired by the mind-and-personality-rooted-intoxication of extreme emotions and extreme feelings put to an end the fear and desire that arise from the core of every personality / persona. 

"Is nothing to be feared?" some ask. "Is nothing to be wanted?" some ask, as did a visitor to the loft: 

Questioner: " ... What is worth wanting?" 

Maharaj: "The highest happiness, the greatest freedom. Desirelessness is the highest bliss." 

Desire to adopt and sustain new, "good" personas that require a degree of effort and work and focus for the remainder of the relative existence, a degree of effort and work and focus that makes all else secondary, including even one's own family? 

Fine, but the invitation is offered to consider (a) if it might just be possible that heaviness rather than lightness will manifest in disguise and (b) if monomania and the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder could end up marking and marring the remainder of that existence. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

4 April 2014 


F.: The non-Realized masses have a relationship with human seeds that are a microcosm of their relationship – and attitudes about – everything: while most types of seeds are taken for granted (“downgraded”), humans’ own "personal" seeds are upgraded, taken to be “special” and to have a “heavenly aspect” and thought to be functioning in conjunction with God (or Gods or Goddesses) in order to “create.”

[That nonsensical belief ends when it is understood that nothing is created or destroyed, that all is merely cycling, and that - because nothing is created - then those called “parents” did not really create anything; furthermore, if nothing is created or destroyed, there was never a “Creator” or a “Creator God”; there is not now a “Creator” or a "Creator God"; there was never a “Destroyer God”; and there is not now a “Destroyer God” either; therefore, fear not.] 

While non-human seeds are taken for granted, they serve as a key source of food. They include cereals (grains) as well as legumes (beans, for example) and nuts (including the pistachios recently discussed as well as peanuts, pecans, almonds, cashews, chestnuts, walnuts, macadamia nuts, etc.) 

If Realization happens and is applied to (that is, overlaid upon) the relative existence, then the present 

(a) false pride about human seeds and the present 

(b) upgrading of the value and importance and significance of human seeds 

would be put into proper perspective. 

Politicians and some religion persons and all of emotionally-intoxicated crusaders and many other such fanatical types are subsumed with their preoccupation with the worth and value of human seeds, yet consider:

while the greatest threat to human life as it is presently known on earth is the-soon-to-reach-critical-mass problem of over-population, there are politicians and some religion persons and all of the emotionally-intoxicated crusaders and many other such fanatical types who praise the value of human seeds and “baby-making” to high heaven (literally, in their minds). 

In the U.S., there are those who would deny a woman the right to an abortion even if she is impregnated by a rapist. Why? Because “life is precious,” they claim. Now, recall the earlier point: while most seeds are taken for granted (“downgraded”) humans’ own personal seeds are upgraded, taken to be “special” and “heavenly” and functioning in conjunction with God. 

Thus it is heard, “Hey, you carry your rapist’s baby to full term, woman!” and “Hey, even if complications exist that are going to kill you if you remain pregnant, you are going to carry that baby to full term and let it live even as you die, woman!” 

So “life is precious,” they claim, but that really means, “If it’s human life involving the product of human seeds.” But, that “life is precious” mantra surely does not include the life of a bug or a virus or bacteria; and it does not include the life of a cow or the life of a pig or a bird or a deer or an elk or a turkey or a chicken; 

and most certainly it does not involve the life of any other human deemed by a person or by the state to be “an enemy.” The value of those lives has been downgraded. Such inconsistency between words and actions is another sign of ignorance and insanity. 

Members of some religious groups from the U.S. and Western Europe visit Africa to “spread the good news of the Gospel,” but part of that supposedly “good news” shared across Africa - where an AIDS epidemic has long been a significant relative issue – is that people who use condoms to prevent AIDS are “wasting the seed” and will, therefore, be cast into the pain-inducing fires of hell for eternity. Better to die of AIDS than to waste a human seed, those types believe. That is what the insanity that Maharaj mentioned looks like nowadays. 

And the insanity of the arrogant upgrading of human seeds ignores the fact that at least 40 million sperm cells are released during a single ejaculation and that most are always “wasted.” Even if those advocating more and more human breeding were to have their way (or “God’s way,” as they believe), it is typical during pregnancy-generating intercourse that only one seed will reach one egg, and six or seven days later, only one fertilized egg will reach the uterus at which point a pregnancy will begin. 

But if women are born with 400,000 follicles or so, and each can produce an egg, how many eggs are “wasted” in a woman’s lifetime? How many of the 400,000 are never “used”? 399,999? 399,998? Even among the most prolific religious breeders who proudly have a dozen children, some 399,988 eggs / seeds will still be "wasted."

And even if one sperm cells does reach an egg, fertilizes it, and then the egg finds its way to the uterus and a pregnancy begins, what about the other 39,999,999 sperm cells? Is it okay among fanatical types to waste 39,999,999 in order to “save” 1? Or do they not have a clue at all, really, about the process and how it works? This is also what the insanity that Maharaj mentioned looks like nowadays. 

It is the arrogant upgrading of the worth of a human seed – even as all other seeds are downgraded by comparison – that has driven “pro-life,” anti-abortionists to . . . kill. “Pro-life,” but “willing to kill”? “Pro-life” but also “pro-death penalty?” “Pro-life” but also “pro-war” (as almost all Anglo-Saxon and, yes, some Asian cultures are)? That is also what the insanity that Maharaj mentioned looks like nowadays. 

And likely those playing their assumed role of “The Cultural Warrior” know not that every woman who has a monthly period is committing a natural abortion regularly. George Carlin explained it this way, to paraphrase: 

Not every egg, even fertilized ones, makes it as far as the uterus where pregnancy begins. Because fertile women who are producing eggs / seeds every month and who are having sex regularly will obviously not get pregnant monthly, they are flushing eggs out of their bodies once a month, thus “wasting the seeds,” if you will. 

Carlin: “So basically what these anti-abortion people are telling us is that any woman who's had more than one period is a serial killer!” 

Are you seeing that if the understanding is not attained and then “applied,” then one combination is guaranteed to remain: the combination of arrogance and insanity, aggravated when ignorance is also present. Arrogance and insanity go together. Why? 

Because arrogance is like a fertilized egg without a uterus: it cannot develop without a “host, a "sustainer." That is, arrogance cannot develop without the presence of the ego-defense mechanism called “egotism,” and that defense mechanism is used to try to support the false ego-states / roles / personas that are taken to be – mistaken to be - real identities. 

So egotism-inspired arrogance cannot existence unless there is a “host” or “an instigator” - that being an illusory, false identity that is taken to be real (and that distortion can only happen when insanity and ignorance are present). 

Believe in things false that inspire egotism and arrogance? Insane. Ignorant. 

Every ego-state, therefore, will generate arrogance and egotism and insanity and ignorance. The ego-states of 

1. “The Parent” (soon upgraded to “The Super Parent” and “The Creator of a New and Special Life”), or 

2. “The Super Religious One” who is willing to ennoble human seeds and who is willing to deny a woman the right to an abortion even if it is to save her life or even if her pregnancy was a result of her having been raped 

will generate arrogance and egotism and insanity and ignorance which can even drive persons to honor and exalt human sperm and human eggs. 

The original anti-contraception agenda, rooted in Catholicism’s goal of making more babies in order to make more soldiers and workers and tithers, has taken hold to such a degree that follower-types have gone along with that agenda to the point that the debates regarding 

** reproductive rights and 

** contraception and 

** sexual relations and 

** sexual preference and 

** abortion and 

** wasting vs. not wasting human seeds and 

** "good, moral women" vs. “sluts who want birth control for free”
are now the great religious and philosophical dividers around the globe (enhancing the spread of dualistic beliefs and judgmentalism and ignorance and stupidity and insanity in the process). 

While I was in college in the mid-to-late-1960’s, a priest heard me share the above and set out to try to convince me to accept his church’s beliefs about “the sanctity of seeds.” The discussion ended with the following exchange: 

F.: “Do you think that Christ never wasted a seed?” 

Priest: Most assuredly not! He never had sex!” 

F.: “That’s debatable, but what about the occasional, entirely-natural nocturnal emission that every male has experienced”? 

Never has a robe been seen to flap so wildly in the wind as that cassock did in the currents of air that were stirred up by his hasty, get-thee-away-from-me-Satan-type exodus. 

When the through-the-roof levels of uptightness and restriction and rigidity and inflexibility and severity are witnessed among all of those who want to control what other humans do or do not do with their own bodies, an initial urge might be to suggest, “Do yourself a major favor: go waste some seeds and relax.” 

But then that would involve engaging in the same kind of behavior that they are engaging in, trying to tell others how they should think and talk and behave. 

When the Realization-based understanding of the functioning of the totality is “applied” to the relative existence, then everything is seen in a proper perspective, including the insignificance of human seeds, the insignificance of the search for “meaning,” the insignificance of accumulation of things and knowledge (a.k.a., “learned ignorance”), the insignificance of identity, the insignificance of religious and spiritual roles, and the insignificance of all composite unities. 

Maharaj used a cigarette lighter to illustrate what a composite unity is and how it functions during its manifestation. Nowadays lighters sold in many places are labeled “disposable.” They are thrown away without a second thought. 

The consideration offered, which is only an invitation and not a demand or order, is to throw away every concept, idea, identity, notion, perspective, impression, theory, and view (a.k.a., “all of your beliefs”) in the same way: without a second thought. 

Then, abide naturally, not unnaturally and not supernaturally. Again, of course, that is also just a suggestion or invitation.

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

3 April 2014 


F.: [Continued from yesterday

At the last retreat conducted here, a lighter like Maharaj’s was used to illustrate the point that what the masses take to be “a person” or “themselves” is really nothing more than a composite unity of a space formed as elements come together and that is functioning as a result of oxygen and fuel (plant food) and generating the manifestation of consciousness (the flame) via an act of friction.

Also, a pistachio remained on the table between us and it was used throughout the various sessions to illustrate the point that - except for human seeds - the billions and trillions of all other seeds like the one within that shell had never once done anything that generated a sense of perfectionism in a resultant seed; that produced a tendency to judge; that put in place a notion that one must exhaust himself / herself helping others in the motive-driven desire to get heaps and heaps of “love” in return; 

had never once done anything that inspired a resultant seed to form something that looks like a pistachio but is nothing but a phony image of a real pistachio nut; had never abused a resultant seed and forced it to hate authority and rebel and be oppositional to such extremes that functioning normally and naturally in society had become impossible; 

had never once done anything to instill a sense of different-from-ment and better-than-ment and a notion of being amazingly special and unique which, in turn, fostered narcissism and even the levels of malignant narcissism that contribute to the Sociopathic Personality Disorder; 

had never once done anything to inspire a resultant seed to become a “know-it-all” that isolates into the texts of academia or self-help that can hopefully earn the respect and admiration of colleagues and subordinates with its vast accumulation of knowledge; had never once done anything to make a resultant seed believe that it deserved to be taken care of and should be dependent and co-dependent forever in order to have its needs met; 

had never once done anything to inspire a resultant seed to develop an addiction to control and then, subsequently, an addiction to power in order to be able to control; had never once done anything to prevent the development of coping skills that resulted in an offspring seed being addicted to multiple things such as alcohol, drugs, sex, “love,” ice, heroin, shopping, work, spiritual workaholism, money, and, yes, even addicted to chaos as well as control; 

had never once done anything to drive a resultant seed into a no-empathy state where animals are abused when young, where later on people are abused, and where a criminal mind eventually drives all of a seed’s pathological thinking and behavior; 

had never once done anything that drove a resultant seed to be passive-aggressive, to avoid communicating, and to care about its peace but no other seed’s peace; and had never once tried to fill a part of a brain called “the mind” (which stores and retrieves taught knowledge, a.k.a., “learned ignorance”) with the notion that . . . 

“There is a ‘Super Seed’ in another world that made you and that loves you very much but that will subject you to eternal pain and misery and suffering if you do not find out what Super Seed’s expectations are for you and meet all expectations without fail. 

“And Super Seed is all-powerful, but if you’re not good, then it will be certain that you suffer during this existence, too; and even if you are good, you will not be exempt from pain and suffering and misery during this existence, (and no, I cannot tell you why, but I can tell you that it can happen that way because Super Seed works in mysterious ways); 

“And yes, Super Seed does have a history of grossly-inadequate anger management skills that set the stage for an enraged Super Seed to wipe out almost every seed on the planet and then start over from scratch, but the good news is that such behavior has put every seed nowadays on full alert to find the will of Super Seed and to do it explicitly so Super Seed’s malignant narcissism will not manifest again. 

“And yes, ‘Super Seed’ can get a bit puffed and then exhibit certain run-of-the-mill narcissistic tendencies as well, wanting to be trusted without question; demanding to be praised limitlessly; wanting all seeds to turn to it throughout the day and requiring all seeds to beg for what they need to survive before receiving it . . . or not; desiring to be glorified in sound and speech and adulated by all; and wanting to be held in higher esteem than anything else that exists.” 

[Those who have written to this site over the years and suggested that if I do not repent and accept God (or Jesus, or Allah, or Buddha, or Brahman, or the Cosmic Self, or the Supreme Self or whoever or whatever they name as my lord and savior) then I will be sent to hell – or be trapped in constant birth-death-rebirth cycles. Those persons never stop to consider the state of women around the globe who are living with men who behave just like Super Seed and who – deep down inside – want to run as far away from that type of male as possible, or even kill him if they could. Yet I am supposed to want to enter into a 24 / 7 relationship with that type of male and be influenced and controlled and abused by that kind of craziness . . . ? Ignorance, stupidity and insanity, as Maharaj said.] 

Almost all seeds function naturally and consistently, though an exception might be triggered via an occasional instance of natural selection (whereby the seeds adapt in order to continue to sustain a species) or triggered by artificial selection when humans genetically modify or engineer – that is, directly manipulate - an organism's genome using biotechnology. 

But almost all? 

Yes, in almost all cases, seeds serve as seeds of consciousness as they result in the formation of a space in which conscious-energy can manifest and function naturally; however, there is one case – and one case only – when the seeds now function as seeds of unconsciousness

In the case where elemental plant cells are consumed and transformed into human cells, the result is quite different from all other cases: in all other cases, seeds function in a natural manner and – except when certain mutations happen – they enable the manifestation of something that also functions naturally. That happens in the case of all seeds . . . except for human seeds. 

So again, there are billions of kinds of seeds of consciousness that are involved in the reproductive process on a daily basis around the globe. Of those billions of varieties, only one kind nowadays – namely, human seeds – sets into motion what begins as a natural process but will eventually produce unnatural and supposedly supernatural results and (as a consequence of that) function as seeds of unconsciousness rather than seeds of consciousness. 

The series will continue. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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Just hang on to those please. 


A "movement" or "shift" happened here that added another parallel to the many parallels in terms of the phenomenal "experiences" and the noumenal revelations that "Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj" and "Floyd" share in common. (Many visitors over the years have said that they also shared the same parallels with "Maharaj" and "Floyd" as well.) In the case of "Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj" and "Floyd": 

1. both grew up in very poor families 2. both moved to populated areas to seek employment opportunities 3. both exhibited business skills that led to their opening and operating many businesses and to their having a large number of employees working for them 4. both succeeded financially 5. both became attached to accumulating; 6. both married and had a family 7. both were initially religious 8. both moved away from organized religion and became interested in "spiritual" matters, finding and following the teachings of a big name teacher (or, in "Floyd's" case, many big name teachers) 9. both had highly religious wives who were quite displeased with the shift away from religion and toward "spirituality" 10. both began to feel empty in spite of all of their "spiritual seeking" and in spite of all of their accumulated "spiritual knowledge"; 

11. both began to de-accumulate after both saw that they could survive quite well on a fraction of the income they had been making 12. both had wives who were unhappy when the de-accumulation stage was entered and both had wives who became unhappy about their husbands' focus on non-duality and who blamed their unhappiness on no longer having a religious husband (The facts be known, in both cases the unhappiness involved the fact that their husbands were no longer interested in - or willing - to work 80+ hours per week and that their husbands were no longer interested in accumulating wealth and possessions and providing the rich lifestyle to which their wives had grown accustomed) 

13. both eventually came to see that the religious and spiritual states were also ego-states, and both saw that there are far more steps on the "path" to complete after reaching the religious and spiritual steps and after playing those roles which are the third of seven steps on the entire "path" 14. both "lost" their wives (one via "death," the other through divorce); 15. both accelerated their seeking; 16. both entered into the "forest dweller stage" 17. both Realized 18. both began to de-accumulate even more 

19. both began sharing the teachings 20. for years, both answered questions in whatever order those questions were received, though both said that the movement from identification with the false "I" / "I's" involved an exact, step-wise manner of moving along a "path" that involved "going back" in the same (but reverse order) of the way they "came in" - that is, the way that the manifestation happened and the way that the consciousness was blocked through seven stages that resulted in their becoming identified solely with their false personas, with the content of the "mind," and eventually, with the body. But the most significant awareness that finally came to both after years of offering satsang and after having answered thousands and thousands of questions was this: After years of "Maharaj" offering satsang in his loft, and after years of "Floyd" offering satsang in meeting halls and in his home and via what one site visitor called "Floyd's electronic loft," this fact became obvious to both: "Maharaj" came to see in the 1970's and into 1980 and 1981 that his approach was not working and "Floyd" finally came to see the same.

21. Both saw that many who heard the teachings are not going to understand (Maharaj reporting that "only 1 in 100,000 are going to 'get' this" understanding) 22. both soon saw that even more than expected of those who heard the teachings were not going to understand (Maharaj modifying his "guesstimate" and reporting that "only 1 in 1,000,000 are going to 'get' this" understanding) 23. eventually both saw that even far more than expected of those who heard the teachings were not going to understand (Maharaj eventually concluding that "only 1 in 10,000,000 are going to 'get' this" understanding). And the failings were not the fault of seekers. A "one -in-ten-million" estimate is proof that satsang was not working for most seekers, and the evidence here lately is proof of the same.

Both "Maharaj" and "Floyd" invited seekers to focus on the exact, step-wise "path." Yes, during satsang, "Maharaj" sometimes alluded to the steps while discussing them in no particular order - but he never once laid out the steps in the exact order in which they had to be completed. That was not his teachings style or approach.

Therefore, another movement or shift is happening here spontaneously after reflecting on the more than two decades since the teachings were first offered here and looking at the results of Maharaj sharing pointers in his loft and looking at the results of "Floyd" sharing pointers in this electronic loft: Looking objectively at his results, Maharaj's satsang method of sharing - in the end and by his own admission (only "one out of 10,000,000") - did not produce the intended outcome.

Looking objectively at the results here when using an "electronic loft" satsang method of sharing has not produced the intended outcome nearly as often as any of the three "face-to-face" methods used with seekers by which they have been led through the seven steps in order. Here, the body is growing older, of course. Mahasamadhi could be taken today, or it could be taken in twenty years.

Obviously, that cannot be known. But the decision here has been made that whatever amount of the relative existence remains shall be spent in sharing the teachings in the ways that have been seen over the last 20+ years to be the most effective methods.

Looking back over the list of those that have truly received the understanding, it is seen that Robert R. read all of the books, then took the online Advaita course and then completed some face-to-face Skype sessions to receive the final clarifications required. It was seen that Mac read all of the books, completed the online course, and then attended a retreat where he was guided through the seven steps. Mac said that the online course work inspired him to attend the retreat in order to be able to receive the final "pieces." It was seen that Andy Gugar, Jr. read all of the books, then came here for a retreat and was taken through the seven steps in order, and then returned once more for the final clarifications required. After reviewing the shifts that happened with him after attending two retreats, he reaffirmed this past week his commitment to helping spread the non-duality, nisarga understanding as presented here. As a result of seeing what has "worked" during the last 20+ years of sharing the non-duality understanding - and seeing what had not "worked" as well - changes will be made. 


In "Part One," examples were given of seekers that were led to Realization not by satsang but by following the various protocols outlined farther down this page which provide the understanding in the step-wise, orderly, required fashion which moves seekers along a "path" that is as prescribed by Maharaj ... "going back" in the "reverse order" by which the consciousness manifested and became blocked.

However, conversations with some that just read the majority of the books have revealed that they certainly seem to have grasped the understanding and Realized as well. As a result of seeing what has "worked" during the last 20+ years of sharing the non-duality understanding - and seeing what has "not worked" as well - changes are being made. There are seven specific steps that happen when awareness-energy is "pulled" into a cycle of manifestation. When that energy manifests as conscious-energy, that formerly pure and unadulterated energy becomes "corrupted" (or "blocked" from seeing clearly) via programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, and brainwashing. Soon, there is a belief in the not-Real as a result of seven degrees of separation from an understanding of the Real. Using the method that was also employed by his contemporaries - a method which focused on offering non-duality pointers via satsang - Maharaj addressed questions in the order in which they were received. He might receive a question from a seeker at the third step and his reply would include what amounted to an invitation to move to the fourth step. The next question might come from a seeker at the first step, and the reply would include an invitation to move to the second step. The information offered to the second seeker would seemingly contradict what was offered to the first seeker, so visitors who have come here for decades have asked questions which showed how confused they were by the fact that Maharaj's statements to each visitor in his loft were "level-appropriate" yet were provided in no precise order, resulting in what seemed to be an inconsistent message. So the process overall was confusing in that seekers were told to follow the "path back" in the same way that they "came in," except in reverse order, but pointers were not given in a specific, step-wise order at all. Maharaj did recognize the seven steps that are taught here, but by offering the teachings in an order that was dictated by the order in which questions were received from seekers who were at different steps on the "path," the result was this: a pointer about moving beyond the fourth step might be followed by a pointer about moving beyond the first step, and that pointer might be followed by a pointer about how to move beyond the sixth step. The same was done on this site for seven years. The result is a collection of 1,800 or so essays discussing almost every non-duality topic that can be discussed, and the search button on the top right side of this page will now allow seekers with a question about a specific topic to find an explanation. That method, however, will never provide the manner in which the seven steps on the "path" must be transmitted and received in order to Realize Fully. An objective study of the history here of more than twenty years of offering non-duality pointers reveals this: seekers that were given pointers in the exact order in which they needed to receive them were the ones that Realized.

They read the books, then they completed the online course and / or completed seven Skype or telephone sessions or came here for a retreat (or watched the downloadable DVD version of an actual retreat, available below).

Some found that which they were seeking by reading the author's book that deal with non-duality subject matter. Via all of those venues, the steps are taught in their proper order. The essays available on this site will remain for those interested in searching for a discussion of a particular non-duality topic without charge, but the focus here until mahasamadhi is taken is going to be on offering the teachings in the step-wise fashion that has been seen to work.

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