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Actual (Relative) “Needs” vs. “Phony, Dreamed-Up Needs” Which Are Personality-Generated and Based in Delusion and Illusions, Part Twenty-One

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F.: [Continued from yesterday] Several huge obstacles stand in the way of seekers who would question everything, who would stop heeding any authority on the basic of trust alone, and who would give up blind faith, and all of the obstacles deal with personality / personalities. 

Recall that Maharaj said that science would one day advance to the stage that it will prove that all pure, non-dual pointers are true

The science of personality explains exactly why personality is at the core of duality and at the core of the failure to reach the non-dual understanding: 

Of the nine basic personality types discussed earlier, only one – the Type Four – is “pre-wired” to question everything, to heed no authority on trust alone, and to give up blind faith. 

The catch: only ½ of 1% on the planet are Type Fours. 

The persons most "pre-wired" to have blind faith in authority are Type Six Loyalists (the dependent, co-dependent, fear-driven type), and they make up 50% of the planet's population. 

Take a look at this pictograph of the nine basic types: 

Note that every type is connected by lines to two other types and that every type has two wings (the two types that are adjacent . . . on either side).

Then look at the Type 6 who is loyal, who admires authority (because of what a Six thinks authority can do for her or him), and who is not naturally prone to question. Note next that a Type 3 or a Type 9 can move to the Type Six (see the connecting lines) and can take on the traits of a Six. 

Then note that the Type Five and the Type Seven are on either side and understand that a Five and a Seven can both take on the traits of a Six. 

Then understand that whereas the Rebellious, Fearless, Questioning Type Four accounts for 1-2 of 1% of the planet’s population, 50% of the people on the earth have a Type Six Personality as their primary type, to which you can add in the Nines, the Threes, the Fives and the Sevens that can adopt the Six’s propensity to be loyal, to avoid questioning authority, and to accept authority’s views without questioning and it becomes clear that . . . 

1) a huge majority of the planet’s population will never question anything if shared by an authority figure and that only 

2) a small fraction of one percent will do so. 

To suggest to a Four that blind faith should be abandoned and that everything should be questioned can as likely or not be answered with, “Of course. That makes sense to me.” 

To suggest to a Six - or to a Three that has shifted to the Six or to a Nine that has shifted to the Six or to a Five or Seven who show strong Six traits – that blind faith should be abandoned and that everything should be questioned is as likely as not to elicit a blank stare, a departure, or a comment to the effect that the one offering that suggestion “has a real problem.” 

[The exception: when a Six has the Borderline Personality Disorder and can disintegrate to the Four when in a counterphobic mindset. Then you have someone who is maddeningly unpredictable, capable of loving you one moment and hating you the next, capable of being loyal to you one moment and then in the next moment can be ready to fight you while praying to god to strike you dead.] 

Next, because personality is usually established by the age of six or so, then psychic development usually fixates at that age. Most will never accept that fact. They will be able to see how childishly “others” behave, no matter their age; they might readily see how “others” are childishly immature, self-absorbed, full of themselves, self-centered, narcissistic, egocentric, and selfish, but most seldom see those traits in themselves. 

Recognized or not, to be driven by personality is to have a six-year-old in charge of your life, and all of that controlling of thoughts and words and deeds happens on a subconscious level (so of course it will seldom be seen). 

Speaking once with a professional counselor who has provided therapy for individuals and couples for over twenty years, I asked: “Is there one single, leading fact about humanity that you have come to recognize after having dealt with thousands of people on such an intimate and probing and revealing level?” 

The reply: “Yes. I have found, unequivocally, that there are no grownups.” 

The non-dualist understands that the prerequisite for “growing up” and no longer acting in a childishly selfish and childishly illogical manner is to stop abiding under the subconscious influence of the fear-and-desire-driven agendas of personality / personalities. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

7 May 2014 


F.: The notion of having blind faith and accepting without question what one has been told is not new. One action required for over five thousand years of religious teachings has crossed all religious and sectarian and denominational lines because all religions require their followers to take one action unwaveringly: namely, they all demand unquestioning, blind faith. 

The dogma set forth by all of the “mainstream” organized religions on the planet have needed to take that approach because not once has any god or goddess appeared and allowed humans to see him / her / it / them. “You just gotta have faith.” 

And religions have historically taken that approach with vehemence by placing under house arrest wise persons who questioned the “conventional wisdom” of religious leaders or by torturing those challenging dogma or by burning such wise people at the stake or by using all sorts of barbaric methods to punish and torment and murder those who do not blindly accept such “conventional wisdom” and “sacred, holy dogma.” 

For centuries, the Romans and Greeks offered peculiar explanations to try to explain natural phenomena by referencing “the will of the gods” who happened to have human qualities. (“Evolution deniers” today believe the same, that there is a god who made man in god's image and then used a rib from man to make the first woman.) But a few questioners have always been around to raise doubts, though they were usually either dismissed as being “ignorant” or “crazy” or they were eliminated.

However, the invitation to abandon blind faith and to question everything that you have ever been told is not new, either. Non-dual teachers have offered the invitation for many millennia.

More than 1,400 years ago, a man named Thales of Miletus arrived on the scene in what is now Turkey and attempted to explain natural phenomena without reference to mythology or gods or goddesses. He would eventually reject all mythological, god-involved explanations entirely regarding natural events. He made clear that dreaded events such as storms and floods and earthquakes and tornadoes and fires were a result of natural causes and not the result of supernatural, divine causes, instigated by an angry god. 

Yet today, the majority of persons still believe that a god or gods and goddesses control every event that happens on the planet and that storms and floods and earthquakes and tornadoes and fires are among the instruments of divine intervention that a god or gods or goddesses use to punish people who are not living in "the right and god-pleasing manner."

(The Dalai Lama still makes similar claims, declaring that Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the city of New Orleans in 2005, did so because of “the negative karma of the people living there.”) 

Even in 2014, those that explain the causes of natural phenomena by offering rational, scientific explanations which deny the existence of any angry god that uses storms and floods and earthquakes and tornadoes and fires to punish humans are still frowned upon by the faithful. 

The actual (relative) “needs” of a composite unity – including, for example, the need to evacuate areas where hurricanes are predicted to hit if one would preserve the composite unity and extend for awhile the continued manifestation of conscious-energy therein – could be deemed sane and logical. 

To assume false identities – such as “The Faithful One” Or “The Good Religious or Spiritual Person Who Does Not Question The Teaching That 'Sometimes God Works In Mysterious Ways' ” (believing that their god uses storms and floods and earthquakes and tornadoes and fires to punish or kill people) – is to set the stage for persons to believe in phony, dreamed-up “needs” which are personality-generated and based in delusion and illusions and ignorance. That preempts any chance for sanity and logic to manifest. 

To be free is to be free of the influence of three of traits of the Ultimate Sickness that Maharaj identified, specifically, “ignorance, stupidity and insanity.” 

IMPRISONMENT COMES after years of programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination (as well as pressuring or punishing those who question the erroneous beliefs that are held among the non-Realized masses and that are based in blind faith). 

FREEDOM COMES when everything is questioned – including every comment that you are still making or repeating – and after all beliefs that are based in blind faith are discarded. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

6 May 2014 


F.: When was the last time the non-Realized masses heard anything that was not a part of the body of accumulated nonsense and universally-accepted ignorance that is constantly being heard around the globe? Likely, never. 

When was the last time the non-Realized masses heard anything that was not a part of the body of accumulated nonsense and universally-accepted ignorance that that is constantly being spoken around the globe, but (a) refused to accept the nonsense and ignorance at face value, (b) questioned it objectively instead, and (c) then rejected it outright because it was seen to be nonsense and ignorance? Likely, never. 

When did the non-Realized masses (a) hear something that was a part of the body of accumulated nonsense and universally-accepted ignorance that is constantly being spoken around the globe, (b) accept it on blind faith, causing the nonsense and ignorance to be filed away in the part of the brain called “the mind” (where all nonsense and ignorance is stored) and then (c) started repeating it themselves in the manner of a parrot talking in its sleep? Likely, all their lives. 

On the too-long and too-arduous “path” that “floyd” took during the seeking phase of “the journey,” all of the above characterized the doingness that took place. Nothing “new” was heard, though there was the seeking out of one speaker or writer or teacher or sponsor after another, each of whom took the same ignorant, myth-and-superstition-based tales that have been told for centuries and put their own “spin” to those tales. 

Those ignorant tales repeated by ignorant humans to what became more ignorant humans have been told and heard and repeated since the first human attributed the cause of totally-natural-but-not-always-welcome events in “this world” (floods, earthquakes, devastating storms) to some dreamed up, supernatural Power residing in “another world” (which was just an upgraded version of “this world,” as in “there are streets there too, but the streets there are paved with gold”). 

Nothing “new” or different was heard or seen. As a child, “floyd” was taken to a place where there was a pre-gathering. There, some socializing took place while the adults drank their coffee, after which all went into a different part of the place, a part that was deemed to be “more special” than the first part of the building. There, there would be an opening prayer. Then religious / spiritual things would be discussed. Soon, a basket was passed around to collect donations. Next, a spiritual message was offered. At the end, all stood and joined hands and recited the “Lord’s Prayer” in unison. 

As an adult, he was taken to a place where there was a pre-gathering. There, some socializing took place while the adults drank their coffee, after which all went into a different part of the place, a part that was deemed to be “more special” than the first part of the building. There, there would be an opening prayer. Then religious / spiritual things would be discussed. Soon, a basket was passed around to collect donations. Next, a spiritual message was offered. At the end, all stood and joined hands and recited the “Lord’s Prayer” in unison. Nothing new. Just the same-old, same-old with a different name applied, just the same-old, same-old merely disguised as something other than the Christian religious service that it is. 

Around the globe, there are similar gatherings where some focal character – Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, or hundreds and thousands of gods and goddesses – are heralded as being worship-worthy. 

Before Jesus, there were twenty-two religions founded in honor of a virgin-born child who was sent to “save the people of the world,” to bring light, or to provide a means by which the suffering and misery of “this world” could be transcended and by which the reward of an eternal life of happiness and bliss could be enjoyed in an “upgraded version of this world.” Jesus . . . born of a virgin and sent to save the world? Nothing new. Same-old, same-old.

Buddha. Virgin birth. Same-old, same-old. Christ. Virgin birth. Same-old, same old. Mohammed. Virgin birth. Same-old, same-old. Nothing new. 

Religions / cults / sky cults for thousands of years have told the same tales about a great flood, about a “sacrificing of one to help many,” and about a resurrected being. Nothing new. 

Self-help and step groups repeat their same-old, trite lines over and over, and new members hear the lines and are soon joining in the repetition. Nothing new. 

Big name teachers take parts of the non-dual teachings and then blend in some elements that are popular among the masses (“attaining success,” “attaining power,” "getting power now," “fulfilling desires”) in order to gain mass appeal / mass sales for their books or seminars. Nothing new there. 

Most groups have a key book, a special book, a big book, a “holy” text or some other supposedly-exceptional writing or writings that are to be studied and quoted. Nothing new. 

The search here ended when, finally, something “new” (which was actually very old) was revealed. It can be referred to as “the Direct Path” approach to the non-dual understanding, combined with the Natural (Nisarga) Yoga. New it was, at least to “floyd.” 

All the same-old, same-old – not different at all, just appearing to be different as a result of being wrapped in different kinds of pretty paper before being presented to the masses - did nothing to bring the peace and freedom that came with the Understanding. And the Understanding was different from all else: 


Everywhere else: there is much to learn. 

Here: there is nothing to learn, but there is much to unlearn. 


Everywhere else: there are special people to be listened to and followed forever. 

Here: there is nothing special and there is no one that is special. Merely hear, understand, and then be done with it all, once and for all. 


Everywhere else: keep coming back. 

In a loft in old Bombay: don’t keep coming back. Understand, then go forth and abide naturally. 

Here: don’t keep coming back. Visit until you understand, then go forth and abide naturally. 

(The exception: when one is similar to Jean Dunn who did come back time and again but "just to dance the dance of Oneness with her partner, Maharaj." All are also invited to the dance here, if they are willing to dance lightly.)


Everywhere else: make it a habit to attend regularly, listen to what is said, store what is said in your mind, then constantly repeat what you have heard (no matter that "their" process makes you behave like a parrot or like the dummy on the lap of a ventriloquist or like a marionette dangling on the ends of the strings that "they" are pulling.) 

Here: stop acting like a parrot or like the dummy on the lap of a ventriloquist or like a marionette. 


The thing about a ventriloquist's dummy is that it appears to be choosing its words and appears to be saying those words and appears to be moving on its own. But if you step behind the dummy, you will see that there is a previously-unseen force that is driving the supposed thoughts and words and actions of the dummy.

The dummy can choose nothing. The same is the case with “dummies” who have been programmed and conditioned and acculturated and domesticated and indoctrinated and brainwashed. 

The driving force behind such dummies’ thoughts and words and actions all around the globe are the controlling influences referenced in yesterday picture-post: parental influences; cultural influences; the influence of the teachings of cults / sky cults / religions / spiritual groups whose teaching have been accepted without question and are being repeated without question; 

“their words”; “their” thoughts; “their” actions which are now being mimicked; false identities / ego; egotism and other defense mechanisms that support false identities; depression and / or fear and / or anger; beliefs; society; and your culture. 

If you understand that the closest you can come to “an identity” during the manifestation is to see “yourself” as nothing more than a temporarily-manifested composite unity, no personality can be assumed as an identity. Then, the actual (relative) “needs” of a composite unity can be addressed, but there will be no attention paid to phony, dreamed-up “needs” which are personality-generated and based in delusion and illusions. 

The message here is “new” for many; it is “different” from most messages. It suggests that there are no holy books; no holy men; no holy women; no holy concepts; no do-er; nothing personal (including “humans” and including “a personal god” and including all dreamed up “gods” and “goddesses”); 

the message also includes the following: there is nothing to learn but there is much to unlearn; there is nothing to be taught but there is much to be un-taught; there is nothing that you must repeat over and over; there is nothing and no one that is “special”; there is nothing here that is unnatural that will be recommended; and there is nothing that is believed to be supernatural (or “spiritual” or “other-worldly”). 

Here, post-understanding, there are also no people who are behaving like parrots, dummies, or marionettes. Parrots, dummies, and marionettes can never be sane, reasonable, or logical, so they most assuredly cannot be free and they most assuredly cannot be content or happy, much less blissful. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

5 May 2014


F.: Today, four pictures are going to be shared along with the invitation for you to consider the message they offer for you.


If one would be free, wouldn't the prerequisite be to know exactly what is causing you not to be free? If you are being manipulated and controlled by a variety of factors - many of which were already set in place by the time you were the age of six - would you not need to know what each factor is so that you can address each and every one? 

Some of the answers that seekers have provided during retreats or Skype sessions include the following. Can you identify all of the factors that have been controlling your thoughts and words and actions? What are the strings in your case?

Is it possible that in some cases the Understanding can remove the factors which were set in place decades before and that have been controlling persons' thoughts and words and actions even as those persons have been thinking that they were making choices all along?

Is it possible that in some cases the Understanding can remove only some of the factors that are at play and that in those cases, the skills of trained professionals are required in order for persons to be administered the full dosage of the Ultimate Medicine (which is required to eradicate every vestige of the Ultimate Sickness and which is required to remove all of the remaining attachments that are still unconsciously controlling them and robbing them of total independence and unchecked freedom)?

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

Previous post 


F.: One point Maharaj made over and over is that this whole deal - this entire understanding - is really so very simple: "There is no question of elevating to a higher level. Here it is only a question of understanding” and "There is no progress." 

See how truly simple this deal is: 

Is it LIBERATION and FREEDOM that you seek? 

Then find the personas / personalities that are robbing you of freedom of choice by subconsciously driving your every thought, word and action; then, set aside the belief in those personas and be free of their influence. 

I don’t care who your parents told you that you are or who your culture has told you that you are. You are not that. You are none of those roles, so stop acting in the way that you think those roles are “supposed” to act.

Here’s the invitation: 

Stop saying the words that your culture – on a daily basis – suggests by example are the proper words for any given role to say. You have blindly and unquestioning repeated those words as if you were the one who came up with them rather than seeing that “they” came up with them. Leave Parrots Anonymous once and for all. Stop with all the "Braaaaak!" Stop blindly repeating the nonsense that you have heard and that you still hear. What you hear others say is far too easy to believe. Imagine the effect of hearing yourself then saying the same.

Give up your membership in that sleep-talking group and in all sleep-talking groups if you would distance yourself from the insanity of what the non-Realized call, "the world." Find the real motives behind your tolerance for BS, whether that includes listening to it, buying into it, and / or passing it on. 

Stop thinking the thoughts that your culture – on a daily basis – suggests by example are the proper thoughts for any given role to think. 

Stop doing the things that your culture – on a daily basis – suggests by example are the proper things for any given role to do. 

And stop being a prisoner of the mind that “they” created inside a section of your brain, the part where “they” passed on - and where you now store - what Maharaj called their ignorance and stupidity and insanity

See the truth of what Maharaj shared regarding the mind: “There is no such thing as mind” and “I have no mind . . . .” Every belief that you hang onto forms one of the bars that has been used to make the prison of your mind. Want to be free? Toss away the bars of your prison and walk away . . . free. Simple. 

Is it ENLIGHTENMENT that you seek? 

Allow me to turn on the light for you, and then see. See clearly. See truth. How to know it when you see it? Simple: it is the 180-degree-opposite of everything you have been told and taught and shown in your culture and that has been passed on to you by all the institutions of your culture that you have attached yourself to. Detach. 

Cast aside the ego-and-egotism-based-comments about how great your parents were. There is no “one” who is great. There are composite unities, and nothing about plant food elements or the air or conscious-energy is “great.” 

Wake up to the truth of what has been passed on to you. The praising and idolizing of parents is nothing more than a self-congratulatory, back-handed way for you to compliment yourself on how great you’ve turned out because of how great they were. “Great loins produce great products.” Nonsense. Ego (the false “I”) is a lie, so the egotism that supports the ego is a lie, so any beliefs based in ego and egotism are lies. 

See and admit that you were raised in a way that eventually amounted to your having been dropped into a dark forest. See that you have been wandering . . . lost . . . in the darkness ever since. 

See that there are those in your culture who are playing the role of “The Bringers of Light”: 

1. They include parents with no training at all in child-rearing, parents who are completely devoid of any and all child-rearing skills and who are completely in the dark about how to raise a normal child. Being abnormal themselves, and in the dark themselves, they can only bring more darkness. 

2. They include religious persons who claim that they understand supposedly holy words in supposedly holy books and that they alone can tell you the proper way to live. They tell you that their methods alone can give you peace. They tell you they have "The Answer." (Why not ask them to give it to you, now, so you can quit going back to them once a week, three times a week, seven days a week, or five times a day and then simply abide naturally instead?)

Note that they think a multi-billion-year-old universe is only about 6000 years old; note that they think it is noble to worship a god who they admit was a mass murderer who engaged in the largest act of genocide ever, having supposedly killed everyone on the planet except for one family; or note that they tell you that there are thousands of gods and goddesses that you must study and worship and that they tell you that you should attend religious festivals to worship those gods and goddesses (in spite of the possibility that you will be killed at the festival during one of the often-occurring human stampedes that take place there.). Note that they tell you that you can be born again when you were not even born once. How could they in such darkness possibly bring light? 

They will tell you that it is a personal God or Gods or Goddesses who have made your body grow and who is the power in the world and who is the power of beingness. Maharaj: “From birth, what has made the body grow? It is no power in the world. It is the power of beingness, the atom, the Self, the consciousness . . . call it what you will.” 

3. They include self-proclaimed spiritual persons who take that which should be simple but transform it - with the addition of all their concepts - into a second job that has to be worked at constantly. They think they have made “progress,” but they are in the darkness. They cannot bring light. 

See that everything that they and religious people and parents have ever told you can be disproved, scientifically . . . factually: Maharaj: “When the birth is disproved, the great noble meaning of spirituality and the meaning of this world—everything—is disproved.” 

Then, turn from them as Maharaj advised: 

"Whatever spiritual things you aspire to know are all happening in this objective world, in the illusion. All this is happening in the objective world. All is dishonesty. There is no truth in this fraud." 

"Only that person will visit this place whose virtue and sin have come to an end." 

"Both the mantra and the faith in the mantra will get dissolved." 

For all the spiritual and religious and philosophical talk in I AM THAT, the most direct pointers Maharaj offered contained less and less of the earlier "beating around the bush"; thus, he eventually said to two visitors, "Forget spirituality." 

He encouraged seekers to follow "their normal inclinations," that is, to follow their natural tendencies, to abandon all of their spiritual work and just abide naturally - not unnaturally and not supernaturally (i.e., neither "religiously" nor "spiritually" nor "philosophically"). 

He told visitors, "Do your normal duties" and "just give up spirituality." 

Want the light that can help you see? Then wake up first; open your eyes; witness objectively and purely. See every lie for the lie it is. See every belief for the false “conviction” that it is. 

If you were asleep, someone could put the hot handle of a hot pan in your hand and you would not know it for a time. If you grab that same handle when awake, you let go of it fairly quickly. The same can happen if you finally see and then admit that only an insane person would accept as normal the abnormal, relative effects that are manifesting as a result of all of the nonsensical beliefs that you were given but have not questioned and have blindly accepted instead. 

If you’re holding something that is not serving your best, relative interests, let it go. Set it aside. See? Simple. 

Is it REALIZATION that you seek? 

Then realize. Realize that every single one of your beliefs came from “them,” not from within. To be rid of all that came from “without” is the prerequisite for being able to tap into what is “within.” 

Realize that no belief is true, that no one can tell you the truth, and that the truth can be known via the inner resource but not until you see and admit wholeheartedly that “they” have infected you with the germs of the Ultimate Sickness – the germs of ideas and concepts and notions and perceptions and views and opinions (a.k.a., “beliefs”). Realize that those germs always result in suffering from the key symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness, namely, what Maharaj called “ignorance, stupidity, and insanity.” You have seen the insanity of “others,” have you not? Now, see your own and turn from it. 

And if you are in a group that has convinced you that you were insane when you used such-and-such in the past and that such-and-such made you act crazy and that now, because you are not using such-and-such anymore that your insanity has been lifted, then it’s time to get real and see what nonsense that belief is as well. It was not such-and-such that led to insanity but insanity that led to using such-and-such, so merely removing the use of such-and-such still leaves . . . the insanity. 

Then, Realize that you are not who they told you that you are. Realize also that you are not anything that they have told you that you are. 

Of course, all of the above is "just a suggestion."

Next, understand that imprisonment and freedom and happiness cannot co-exist; see, therefore, the last time that you were happy was the last time that you were free. When was that? 

Long ago, my friend. Long ago. 

It was when you were abiding in a . . .










That state can be called “The Child Ignorance State” or “The Child No-Knowing Stage.” 

Even as a no-knowing child, they were already telling you who you were, calling you by whatever name they came up with, as much the "not-you" as every other label that they would eventually also use. 

But see, you did not buy into it at that point, did you? So, you were free. Were you fed? Dry? In an environment with a comfortable ambient temperature? Then you were free of hunger and free of discomfort, so you were content. That’s all you needed or wanted. No other desires were there. 

The paralyzing fears of your adulthood were not yet believed in either. You were free so you were happy. Your actual (relative) “needs” had been met and no phony, dreamed-up “needs” (which are personality-generated and based in delusion and illusions) had yet been accepted as real. 

It took almost nothing for you to be free and therefore happy. The same is the case now. You need but realize that.

Freedom? Simple. Enlightenment? Simple. Realization? Simple.

Do . . . do . . . do? No. See . . . see . . . see. So very simple. 

To be continued.
Please enter the silence of contemplation.

1 May 2014 


F.: Yesterday, it was noted that often pointers from Maharaj have been criticized for being “contradictory.” The eBook below on “Maharaj’s Evolution” does note that some changes in the message occurred as his focus shifted over the years from one type of yoga to another, but it also notes that the essential non-dual, Direct Path message was a constant. 

The book also notes, however, that his statements were “level appropriate” so, indeed, he might say “A” to a seeker at the second of seven steps and then, the next day, might say “not-‘A’-at-all” to a seeker that was at the fourth step. 

Therefore, he could say to one seeker, “Question everything; don’t believe anything” but could tell another seeker, “Give up all questions except one: 'Who am I'? After all, the only fact you are sure of is that you are. The 'I am' is certain. The 'I am this' is not." It all depended on what the words of the various seekers make clear that they needed to hear at any given moment. 

Initially, the “questioning of everything” is required because “everything” is initially transmitted (via the programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination) at an age when most are too young and too intimidated to question anything. 

Early on, the case with “floyd” - subjected to Southern Baptist Bible Study classes two times per week for years - was the case with many who heard such comments as: 

“If you do not have faith in what you are taught, then you shall be cast into the burning flames of hell for eternity” (Miss Myrtle, “Volunteer Sunday School teacher”) 


"Truly I say to you, if you have faith, and do not doubt, you shall not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, 'Be taken up and cast into the sea,' it shall happen” (Scripture often read to us) 


“Faith is a living and unshakable confidence. a belief in God so assured that a man would die a thousand deaths for its sake.” (Martin Luther, with shades of the same, present-day attitude shared by many bomb-vest wearing fanatics of another religion).

The necessity of “faith without questioning” was even reinforced in public school classes. One of the “Daily Quotes” offered was this: 

"Philosophical argument has sometimes shaken my reason for the faith that was in me; but my heart has always assured me that the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be reality." (Daniel Webster) 

So much for the myth of “one’s heart” being a reliable source of wisdom and truth. Why not one’s liver or one’s kidneys or one’s colon? Why “the heart?” 

[As one whose experiences with persons in positions of authority had already set in stone the Type Four Personality (which - by the age of six – resulted in the questioning of everything as well as in rebelliousness, in disobedience, in noncompliance, and in disloyalty to parental-based, church-based, state-based, and community-based sources of nonsense and abuse) it was easy to question everything and to reject the entire body of nonsense that was deemed to be “the conventional wisdom of my society and culture.”] 

It would be years later before the following words were read, words that resonated within, words that caused the inner guru – not “the heart” – to begin to vibrate over the excitement of knowing that people of wisdom were validating what I had felt within, even at the age of six: 

Euripides: “Question everything.” 

Socrates: "I seek truth and wisdom. . ." and “It is true that I encourage my students to question everything." 

Buddha: “. . . Don’t go by reports, by legends, by traditions, by scripture, by logical conjecture, by inference, by analogies, by agreement through pondering views, by probability, or by the thought . . . .” 


Siddhārtha Gautama: “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it” 

and, eventually, 

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj: “Question everything; don’t believe anything.” 

Does that apply to all elements of the non-dual teachings as well? Of course. 

How much more status or prominence or even eminence is given to the “THAT-ness” over the “AM-ness”? Compared to the attention and value given to the IS-ness, how much more attention and value is assigned to the following: 




“True Self” / “Real Self” 

The “Infinite Self” 

The “Supreme Self” 

Maharaj put the last two in perspective when he advised, again: “Give up all questions except one: 'Who am I'? After all, the only fact you are sure of is that you are. The 'I am' is certain. The 'I am this' is not."
(By the way, the “I am that” is not, either.) 

As for "True Self" or "Real Self," those terms simply point to the Pure Witnessing (which happens almost never on this planet but is far from "special"). 

And then his eventual advice was that one need not even find the answer to “Who am I?” noting that it is enough to know who / what you are not (meaning you are not any of the nine basic personality types that are driving you and you are not any of the other scores of false identities which have been assigned or assumed along the way and that are driving and controlling your thoughts and words and actions). 

Not necessary to know who you are? Again, non-dual heresy, right?

And that notion of heresy will prevail among all except for those that come to understand that the AM-ness is all that you can ever know. Post-manifestation, there is no vehicle for the continued manifestation of consciousness and no continuation of a vehicle for the manifestation of awareness. 

As was the case prior to the manifestation, there was awareness-energy that was not aware of, and there was the potentiality for conscious-energy to manifest and become blocked and then become unblocked via a seven-step “path” and then eventually be conscious of awareness, allowing for awareness to be aware of itself. 

But post-manifestation? There remains only the formerly-manifested conscious-energy that is no longer manifested and, therefore, no longer capable of conscious-of-ness or aware-of-ness.

So wherefore all the pride around “Liberation” and “Enlightenment” and “Realization” if the AM-ness is that which is available to you right now and if the THAT-ness shall not be known at all post-manifestation? 

“Liberation” merely refers to the pre-programmed, pre-conditioned state of the conscious-energy when no personalities were being assumed as identities. “Liberation” simply refers to being liberated from personality. 

Is “Enlightenment” any nobler? Not at all. Suppose you walk into a dark or semi-dark room where a rope is coiled up, a rope that appears to be a snake, and you suddenly experience fear - a distressing emotion aroused by a perceived threat. Is it really “noble” if you turn on a light and see the reality of the facts and then calm down as a result of understanding that your fears were unfounded, based only in the fact that you had been totally mistaken about what you had formerly believed in wholeheartedly? No. It is not. There is nothing noble about “enlightenment.” 

As for “Realization,” is that elevating and noble? “Realization” merely points to the condition of realizing that all which is false had once been taken to be truth. Does realizing that you had been fooled and that you had believed lies and that you had accepted ignorant concepts as truth as a result of being programmed to question nothing . . . does realizing all of that suddenly make you different from and better than those still trapped in the foolishness and the lies and the ignorance that you have possibly left behind though they have not? 

Of course not. All that there is for you is right now. All that can happen with you can only happen now . . . not later. As Maharaj noted, you were never born once, so how could you be born again? 

Post-manifestation, there is no you or You, no self or Self, nothing supreme or Supreme. (There it is again, yes? Unadulterated non-dual heresy. Ha.) If one is seeking “something better,” you best go for it now because there is nothing better that awaits you post-manifestation. 

One man who started the “personality work” here last week offered a perspective that is aligned with the pointers above. He wrote to offer thanks for the pointers shared recently and said, “I would like to be free. I have not a clue about realized or not and realize that it most likely happens or doesn’t, so [either way] bring it on.” 

That is, bring on the freedom . . . the freedom of no longer being driven by the hidden, subconscious agendas of false identities and bogus personalities and phony roles that enslave persons as a result of taking away their ability to make conscious decisions even as they are abiding under the delusional belief that conscious choices are being made. 

And bring on the freedom from having old egotism-based beliefs replaced by new egotism-based beliefs about supposedly being enlightened and supposedly being realized and therefore supposedly being different from and better than those who are not yet liberated and enlightened and realized. 

Here, there is nothing that is believed, so there is no one here who wants you to believe anything, either. That runs contrary to the agenda of every religion and faith and spiritual movement and spiritual group and ideology and philosophy and cult and sky cult and self-help group and sect and denomination and think-tank and party and faction and bloc that you’ll ever find. 

Here, the invitation is to be free . . . free of all that you have been programmed, conditioned, acculturated, and domesticated to believe so that you can be free, period. Why? Because you need not put off living – and living in a totally free manner - any longer. It’s time to live, now. 

This was shared four years ago: 

As a youth, summers were spent in the woods of east Texas with that Cherokee Grandmother whose every word was a link in the long chain of wisdom she offered. In past postings, this line from a song of the indigenous peoples has been repeated: 

“Winds of life are blowing across the reservation and I can hear the voice of a new generation . . . and it's time, yes it's time, to live.” 

When the winds of change blow away the blockages that support the illusory, inauthentic life, only then can that which is called "life" be relished as the Absolute (and even the Nothingness) are overlaid on the relative existence and allow authenticity and sanity and logic and reason to take root. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

30 April 2014 


F.: Often, one might believe that they are hearing contradictions from one sharing non-duality pointers. Sometimes they might be, or sometimes they might be hearing paradoxes. 

The eBook below on “Maharaj’s Evolution” explains that 

1. one might point out some inconsistencies during the years that he shifted from the use of one type yoga to another, yet even then the basic non-dual message was largely consistent; 

2. some point out a shift in content and style as he began receiving more Westerners in the loft and was able to stop playing some of the games that had been played earlier in order to entice Easterners – mainly Hindus – to visit the loft in order to present a blend of what that audience was familiar with along with non-dual pointers; and 

3. some pointers were not contradictions but were merely “level appropriate” pointers, each set of pointers custom-designed for two seekers who were at two different points on the “path,” so – yes – one might read comment “A” that Maharaj made in one session and comment “B” that he made in the very next session and those comments might seems to be contradictory, but they were actually just “level appropriate” instead. 

And yes, he did offer a suggestion that angered some “non-dualists” when he suggested that not everyone need Realize Fully in order for the manner of one’s relative existence to shift from one marked by dependence and pain and misery and suffering to one marked by far greater levels of freedom and one marked by far less pain and misery and suffering. 

[If that had not been the case, why would he have continued sharing non-dual pointers even after he came to understand that most would never Realize Fully? A visitor here once said, "Maybe M. was not restored to sanity after all. How crazy is it to teach seekers how to Realize if he is convinced that almost none of them will ever Realize?"

Why indeed. The essence of the reply to that visitor was shared yesterday: “A man once shot off his foot and I put a tourniquet on the leg to check the flow of blood and then rushed him to a clinic. I was not able to restore him fully; I did not heal him fully; I did not ‘save’ his foot; he did not get 100% of what he would liked to have gotten (namely, restoration to his original state of wholeness). But he would have told you that getting at least part of what he was seeking was preferable to getting none of what he sought.” 

So if Maharaj said that most will never Realized Fully, and if that point from him is accepted here as fact, why keep sharing? 

1. Because it has been seen that those who see the way that the nine basic personality types are driving their thoughts and words and actions have an opportunity to become awake and aware and conscious of the way those types are impeding efforts to abide without the ignorance and insanity that personality generates; 

2. because those who also see the other 60-80 personas / false identities (which they have been assigned or that they have assumed along the way) might have at least some chance at being free from the hidden agendas of personality and from the controlling influence of subconscious factors that are presently rendering them incapable of choosing anything; and

3. because, as Maharaj said, even if they never Realize Fully and understand “What They Really Are,” it is enough if they come to see what they are not, namely the scores of assumed roles that they are playing and that are driving them to the misery and suffering that are generated by personality disorders and by the subsequent neuroses and psychoses that can manifest after abiding under the influence of personality. 

Some among “the OCD-driven, totally anal, totally perfectionistic non-dualists” will disagree with those points completely, dismissing them as a form of “non-dual heresy.” So it is. They would likely say, “If the man could not get the whole deal and have his foot re-attached and have his right leg and foot restored to its original state of oneness, to heck with it. If he could not enjoy the unicity of a foot-leg vs. a footless leg, then what he did get was not enough and was, ultimately, a total waste.” 

Fine. Take whatever view you want to take, but he and his wife and two sons had a totally different perspective. And a totally different outlook prevails here as well, so . . . 

A. if seekers that come this way do not Realize Fully but understand some of the pointers offered here that eventually free them to some degree from the insanity of personality, bring it on; and 

B. if seekers that come this way do not Realize Fully but understand some of the pointers offered here that eventually free them to some degree from the insanity of erroneously believing that they are something that they are not, bring it on; and 

C. if seekers suffering from the Ultimate Sickness come this way and only receive a “mental tourniquet” that inhibits to some degree the loss of sanity and reason and logic, bring it on. 

Most are familiar with the tale about a fellow feeling sorry for himself because he had no shoes until he saw a man who had no foot. (Actually, “A’s” having no foot does not address at all the fact that “B” still need shoes but he does not have them; that example of illogical thinking that is rooted in a dualistic “better-than-worse-than” comparison notwithstanding, the non-Realized could “benefit” – relatively speaking - from a change in perspective. 

But the point is this: I, too, saw a man who had no foot, but he welcomed the fact that the manifestation of consciousness was able to continue for a spell, even with one footless leg.) 

Here, if the option is to assist in the administering of a dose of the Ultimate Medicine - even if that initial dosage might only partially address the symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness - so be it. And who knows . . . it might be that the Medicine continues to work and that some additional relief – or even total relief - from the symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness might eventually manifest. Here, the view is that it’s worth a shot. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

29 April 2014 


F.: [Continued from yesterday] Furthermore, making use of some of the Western “weapons” that can be used in the “battle against personality” can allow one to see

THE RELATIVE PROBLEMS THAT COME WHEN MISSING OUT ON CERTAIN ASPECTS THAT NEVER DEVELOPED EARLY ON (and the ways that one’s relative existence can shift if those aspects are developed). 

To be Realized is not to be out of touch with "the realities of the relative." (That condition is not called “Realization.” It is called “psychosis.” Any effort to try to escape and avoid “reality” – as addicts are trying to do, for example – is not called “Realization.” It is called “a full-blown case of the Addictive Personality Disorder.”)
To Realize is to understand why 

1. I AM THAT is true; and, 

2. why I AM, at least for the present, is also true; and 

3. why “I AM THAT; I AM” is an expression of “advaita” (meaning, “not two” or “nondual”). 

Next, Maharaj said that only 1 in 100,000 will ever truly Realize; later, after working for years more with seekers, he amended his estimate to only 1 in 1,000,000; eventually, he revised that to only 1 in 10,000,000. If his final “guesstimate” is even close, it means that at any given time, the number of people on the planet that are totally, Fully Realized is not an eight-digit number or a seven-digit number or even a six-digit number but is, instead, a three-digit number. 

But how many among the billions of non-Realized persons on the planet think and believe that they are Fully Realized? No clue here, but wouldn’t you suppose that number might at least be greater than a three-digit number, or even a six-digit number, and maybe even a seven-digit number, and - possibly - might even be an eight-digit number? 

And how many who sat in the loft left with the erroneous belief that “Now I’ve got it! Now, I am Realized Fully!” while all along Maharaj was predicting that the odds of that being the case were actually near-non-existent? 

Moreover, Maharaj said that if one never Realizes, it is enough to merely know what one is not, even if one never finds the answer to “Who am I?” (which, again, should be, “What am I?” all sense of "who-ness" and "Who-ness" being a mirage.) 

If one were to reach the third step on the seven-step “path” offered here and then transition beyond all body and mind and personality identification, then the relative existent would shift is such ways that many of the symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness (symptoms identified by Maharaj as “ignorance, stupidity and insanity”) would end. 

With the odds against Realization being whatever they are, does it not make sense to at least use the available science that Maharaj predicted would be available someday to verify and advance all of the elements of the non-dual teachings (or, here, “un-teachings”)? 

With the possibility that persons who are totally convinced of being Realized Fully might be mistaken, would it not be worth the effort to find all of what one is not and to find how all that might still be driving one’s thoughts and words and actions without one even knowing that is happening? 

That is why the Western approach to personality is used here in the early goings, offering seekers the opportunity to see clearly whether 

a. any of the nine basic personality types that are a part of the psyche of all humans might still be at play; to see if 

b. some of those types are exerting far too great an influence and far too much control over one’s thoughts and words and deeds; and to see 

c. if there are some aspects of basic “humanity” - relatively speaking - that are absent as a result of early trauma or early programming, conditioning, etc. 

For example, unless one is Fully Realized, or unless one can sit in a cave or a home all day and avoid all contact with humans while the basic requirements of the composite unity are still being met, then for the others who are having to deal with humans throughout the day, would not some slight vestige of some of the Type 2 aspects be preferable – at least for a time, at least for an interim period - since it would allow for the manifestation of a sense of empathy and compassion and at least some version of “love” or caring?

Couldn’t those aspects serve the cause of peace and harmony more than apathy, disdain, mercilessness, discord, disunity, and hatred? 

Ultimately, the Realized – being fully in touch with the unicity – will feel empathy and compassion and True Love, but those moving along the “path” could contribute to the cause of peace and harmony not by assuming a Type 2 personality but by feeling some sense of empathy and compassion before the Full Understanding happens? 

Now, some criticize the approach here, suggesting that personality should not be discussed in such detail when all that needs to be said is “Get rid of personality.” To them: “Say that if you like, but here, it is clear that no wellness from any sickness comes with the snap of a finger. If that were the case, the Neo-Advaita Method of Teaching would be used here instead of the Direct Path Method.” 

What has been seen is that there are seven steps to be taken, but along the way, some “mini-shifts” can also happen that can contribute to at least some degree of empathy and compassion and to at least some degree of peace and harmony until Full Realization happens. 

It’s like this: I was fourteen years old and was out for a Saturday excursion with two friends and their father, fishing from stretches of the sandy banks that border the Comite River north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana:

There were always a variety of snakes we saw on our walks along the river. Copperheads would rarely move when approached, so we simply gave them a wide berth and moved on. Some other varieties ran away when we approached. But the more aggressive, more territorial water moccasins (a.k.a., “swamp moccasins” or “cottonmouths”) on that hot and uncomfortable day were different. We all understood that they run from nothing, that they retreat from nothing, and that they will at times even go on the offensive. 

Some of the cottonmouths we saw were three feet long, and some were doubled that, and all had the potential to provide a deadly dose of poison. To provide protection in case one of the larger, more aggressive moccasins attacked, the father had brought along a shotgun, “just in case,” he had said. And sure enough, as he was walking point for us, a very large moccasin charged from the edge of the river. It flew out of the water and its white, open mouth was almost chest high to the grown man backing up toward us. Their dad moved back quickly, trying to take aim while simultaneously backpedaling from the rapidly advancing snake.

The result: I watched as in one swoop he suddenly lost his footing and stumbled, fell onto his back, and squeezed the trigger. Rather than the #6 birdshot of a shotgun shell blasting the snake, which fled at the sound of the shotgun's explosion, the man shot the place where his leg met his foot. As I raced to his side, I saw that the only part of the foot that was still attacked to his body was hanging by a small piece of skin on the back of his leg. 

His sons were screaming, paralyzed, immobilized. Now, would the proper approach have been for me to say, “I want you healed completely - and healed completely at this very instant - so I am not going to do anything that might amount to nothing more than a stopgap measure. I will only take action if I am assured that you will be instantly healed . . . and completely”

Or might the wiser approach have been the one I took which amounted to this: I had been trained months before in first aid techniques, and I knew what could possibly help, at least temporarily. The process would only be a stopgap measure, but it was better than nothing at this point. If something could be done to render him at least somewhat better off than he was right then, that seemed the wise thing to do. Full healing might then come later. 

[Such is the case with the personality work done here, Western though it is in orientation, and temporary though it is, until the full Eastern understanding comes.] To continue:

I stripped my belt from the loops on my jeans and made a makeshift tourniquet. Much of the blood flow slowed. I took my shirt and wrapped the foot and the base of the leg together and tied that off with the sleeves of the shirt. I then grabbed a water oak limb lying nearby and used my friends’ belts to secure that tree limb to the father’s leg in order to keep the foot from falling away and to keep the leg in place as we carried him out of the woods. 

I had no driver’s license, but I had been driving my dad’s truck around an open field in order to learn the basics of changing transmission gears with a manual stick shift and to practice for the driving test I’d take someday, so I got behind the wheel of their father's truck and raced toward town as the two sons sat on either side of their father who was stretched out in the bed of the truck. 

We had only traveled a few miles until the flashing lights of a parish sheriff's car were seen in the rear view mirror. I pulled over and as he approached, the boys were standing up in the back of truck, screaming and waving at their father. As soon as what was happening registered, the sheriff yelled, "Follow me!" and we were given an escort to a clinic in a small nearby town. [No, he never asked for my license.]

The next time I saw the father was months later, waving to me from the porch of his home one morning as I passed by, riding my bike to school. I waved back and pedaled on (knowing there was not enough time to stop because I was almost late for class and knew the sociopathic, Type 8 Coach Phillips would be giving me five swats with the board that he used to administer the Louisiana school-approved corporal punishment for tardiness).
But as I continued to glance toward him, I saw that my friends' father had his leg propped up on a box, his crutches set to one side, the foot missing from his right leg. All else seemed to be intact. 

The reason he was there, alive, and waving with gratitude? It was not because I had healed him fully, in the instant it takes to snap a finger, even as he lay bleeding into the sand next to a small river on a hot summer day in South Louisiana. 
He was alive on that porch that morning and able to wave because I had taken an interim step - a step that did not address at all the worst problem he faced that afternoon on a sandy stretch of the bank alongside the Comite River - but a step that did, nevertheless, make things somewhat better than they would have been, even as full treatment and healing were to come later. 

See, the point has been made that, here, the message is always “level appropriate.” As with Maharaj, a step six pointer - offered to shift a seeker from step six to the step seven understanding - would never be offered to a seeker at the second step. Similarly, a pointer to one not Fully Realized would never be: “Just live as if you’re Fully Realized”; and it would never be: "Don't make any shifts around personality at all along the way."

Moreover, until a person is free of the subconscious, hidden agendas of the assumed personas that are driving and controlling him or her all throughout the day, then there will be no suggestion offered to that person to “just believe or claim that there are no remaining personalities that are affecting your thoughts and words and actions and it will be so.” 

That is why this consideration is offered: if you are convinced that you are Fully Realized, might you be cautious enough to err on the side of wisdom and consider the possibility that there might be some personality influences that yet remain?
Might you also consider the possibility that there could possibly be some influences which are exerting a far-too-significant influence on you while also considering the possibility that there might be some elements which never developed that might be useful (as far as the relative existence right now is concerned)?

This would be, of course, an interim step, a “stopgap” means by which all of the perversions of personality could begin to be addressed. Just as the Eastern goal is to be free of all personality influences, and just as it was shown yesterday that there are relative consequences to being excessively-influenced by any given type, so the case if that certain duality-based perversions can also lead to consequences that no one wise and sane would find tolerable. 

So, there are just some stopgap measures that can be taken to contribute somewhat to peace and harmony until Realization happens and allows peace and harmony and freedom to become the markers of one’s continuous, uninterrupted condition. 

So, when early trauma or programming and conditioning and acculturation and domestication and brainwashing and indoctrination block off the typical development of some level of each of the nine types, these consequences can manifest and can be addressed as a stopgap measure, as a way to at least modify one’s relative existence somewhat until full treatment and healing come later: 

AN EXCEEDINGLY LOW 1: Can cause persons to settle for less than is required for a well-functioning relative existence; can cause people to fail to do all things in the most productive manner possible; can generate chaos rather than orderliness. 

AN EXCEEDINGLY LOW 2: Can cause persons to care too little about others; can cause persons to be unable to love and care; can cause a lack of generosity. 

AN EXCEEDINGLY LOW 3: Can cause one to be less optimistic; can cause one to be less confident; can cause one to lack energy; and can cause one to be less efficient. 

AN EXCEEDINGLY LOW 4: Can cause one to be less warm; can cause one to be less available to a partner consistently; and can cause one to be less creative and intuitive. 

AN EXCEEDINGLY LOW 5: Can cause one to be less analytical and less understanding of cause and effect and motives and can cause people to be less objective and perceptive. 

AN EXCEEDINGLY LOW 6: Can cause persons to be less loyal and to want to use others; can cause one to be less compassionate; and can cause one to be less giving and caring because of a sense of entitlement. 

AN EXCEEDINGLY LOW 7: Can cause people to be too rigid and less fun-loving; can cause people to be unenthusiastic; and can cause people to be less curious and less spontaneous. 

AN EXCEEDINGLY LOW 8: Can cause one to be indirect; can result in one attracting controlling types; can cause persons to tolerate abuse; and can cause people to be less protective of themselves and their rights. 

AN EXCEEDINGLY LOW 9: Can cause people to be unpleasant; can cause people to be willing to fight rather than maintain the peace; and can cause people to be less patient. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

28 April 2014 


F.: As shared with one man who recently completed the personality inventory test, one aspect of the Western approach for dealing with personality (and personality defects) involves finding out which of the nine types are driving thoughts and words and deeds; then, the invitation after that is . . .

(1) to stay alert and awake and aware and conscious of the words You hear yourself saying and of the actions you take; and then, 

(2) to determine which type is actually inspiring those words and deeds; and then, 

(3) to turn from those subconscious agendas after seeing them at play. 

To “combat” the unconscious and subconscious agendas of the multiple personalities that are driving persons, the weapons to be used against that which is unconscious and subconscious must (logically) include being conscious, being awake, and being aware of those unconscious and subconscious motives. 

Until the polyps inside “floyd’s” elemental plant food body were properly diagnosed and seen to exist, their removal could not begin to be undertaken. The same applies with seeing / recognizing the presence of the unseen but “cancerous, mental polyps” (known as “personalities” or “personas”) that have taken root in the minds of the masses. 

At the same time, one can introduce some “weapons” from the Eastern arsenal to combat the constant attacks that come via personality: 

(4) to begin shifting away from being driven by the subconscious pressure exerted by the hidden agendas of the nine basic personalities (and by the agendas of the other 20 or 40 or 60 or 80 assumed or assigned personas / roles that at play) can be facilitated by turning one’s focus from those false identities and then focusing on the fact that what is taken to be “you” is actually nothing more than a composite unity of circulating plant food elements, circulating air / oxygen and circulating conscious-energy, the latter being introduced into the body-cum-consciousness via the consumption of plant food or via the consumption of something that ate plant food. 

(5) Another strategy in the “war on personality” is to begin casting aside all beliefs, for every belief is rooted in one or more personalities. Elemental plant food has no beliefs; the air has no beliefs; the conscious-energy has no beliefs. Only a persona can actually (and erroneously) believe that it believes. To begin the task of moving toward freedom from beliefs is to simultaneously move toward freedom from personality identification. 

Meanwhile, making use of some of the Western “weapons” that can be used in the “battle against personality” can allow one to see (via the test used here) exactly what happens when an excessively-strong influence of a personality type is revealed via an excessively high score in that type; 

however, if you have read the descriptions offered in recent posts, you might already be gaining some awareness of which of the types are at play throughout each day of your relative existence. 

Either way, you are invited to understand the following influences that are play via those basic types.

THE PROBLEMS THAT COME WITH BEING EXCESSIVELY INFLUENCED BY CERTAIN OF THE BASIC PERSONALITY TYPES (and the ways that relative experiences can undergo a major shift as a result of becoming aware of a persona’s presence and becoming aware of a persona’s influence and then enjoying the reduction in influence of any given personality, also through awareness): 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH TYPE ONE PERFECTIONIST INFLUENCE: Can cause perfectionism, rigidity, judgmentalism, excessive criticism, and excessive self-criticism. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH TYPE TWO HELPER / SAVIOR INFLUENCE: Can cause an excessive dependency on relationships to feel worthy and loved; can result in extreme histrionics at times; can cause a sense of entitlement; and can inspire excessive focus on self. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH TYPE THREE PERFORMER INFLUENCE: Can cause one to be excessively concerned with image, to be excessively concerned with being super “successful,” to seek applause and affirmation in excessive levels, and to succumb to workaholism; can cause a sense of entitlement; can cause one to become a status-seeker; and can inspire excessive focus on self. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH TYPE FOUR ROMANTIC / REBEL / ESCAPIST INFLUENCE: Can cause one to overly-romanticize life; can result in one being less in touch with reality; can drive one to rebel constantly and / or to be angry and / or to fight; and can inspire excessive focus on self. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH TYPE FIVE ANALYST / KNOWER INFLUENCE: Can cause excessive avoidance and can cause excessive concern with being more knowledgeable than others. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH TYPE SIX LOYALIST / DEPENDENT / CO-DEPENDENT / SEEKER OF CARETAKERS INFLUENCE: Can cause an excessive sense of hypervigilance; can cause a sense of entitlement; can cause excessive fear; can cause excessive anxiety or even paranoia. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH TYPE SEVEN ADVENTURER / ADDICT INFLUENCE: Can lead to addiction; can cause people to want to have excessive fun and to escape and to obsess about having too little freedom; can cause a sense of entitlement; can cause people to avoid responsibilities; can lead to chaos. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH TYPE EIGHT CONTROLLER / BOSS / COMBATANT INFLUENCE: Can cause anger, aggressiveness; can cause an excessive desire to control; can attract types who are seen to be weaker and controllable; and can lead to relationships with passive-aggressive types who appear to be submissive but who always – at some point – show an aggressive side by doing whatever they want, no matter how it might contradict an agreement or understanding that has been made with a controlling Type 8. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH TYPE NINE AVOIDER / DODGER INFLUENCE: Can cause passive-aggressive behavior; can cause excessive avoidance; can cause a sense of entitlement; and can attract controlling types. 

Are you beginning to be able to see which of those types might be exerting some influence or control over your relative existence? Are you seeing what the results are of allowing those influences to continue? Are you seeing why the Eastern sages have long advised seekers to be free of the influence of any and all personality identification and influence? 

So, some suggested strategies have been offered to address the influences of personality and to ultimately attain freedom from the subsequent personality disorders and neuroses and psychoses that personality can lead to. Meanwhile, what are some techniques that have been tried over and over (and that that have been proven to wise observers over and over) to NEVER address personality disorders and neuroses and psychoses? 

(A) Sitting in a meeting and talking about relative issues or bragging about "progress" that has been made. 

(B) Allowing yourself to be convinced that untrained non-professionals can provide a treatment plan for one's mental and emotional and psychological issues that, in fact, only trained professions can formulate and administer. 

(C) Talking to an unseen, external "Power" and asking that Power to remove your personality defects and neuroses and psychoses.  (If one is awake, surely she or he could figure out that if there were an efficient and caring and all-powerful force, such a power would not have allowed those defects and neuroses and psychoses - and their subsequent misery and suffering - to manifest in the first place, so why would that source be turned to in order to have those removed? It would have been senseless to believe that the same Nazi who allowed one to be placed into a gas chamber could also be the one to provide freedom from the gas chamber if you ask faithfully and pleadingly: "Hey, would you please remove me from this gas chamber? I am really asking you to do this with unquestioning faith in your power and goodness and love, so please grant me what I'm asking for.")

(D) Failing to understand that the only power available to address such internal issues is an internal resource, an inner resource, an inner guru and failing to realize that contact with that resource was blocked long ago by way of programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, brainwashing, and indoctrination. 

(E) And failing to see that the willingness to try to address mental and emotional and psychological issues - and their accompanying insanity - in the same way over and over without getting any results (but still expecting those methods to work at some point in the future) is a form of insanity in itself. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

27 April 2014 


F.: Recent posts have reviewed the effects of the hidden agendas of nine basic personality types that manifest to one degree or another in all persons after being subjected to programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, indoctrination, and brainwashing. 

The posts also exposed the way that those subconscious, unconscious agendas solely and exclusively and completely and totally determine and control the thoughts and the words and the actions of all non-Realized persons, even as the masses erroneously conclude that they are making conscious decisions. 

The personality type descriptions showed how the relative existence unfolds when those trapped in personality become stressed and disintegrate and then showed the way that the masses all around the globe function (or fail to function sanely and wisely and instead behave in their highly-dysfunctional ways as a result of living under the auspices of personality). 

So what was the approach in the loft regarding personality and what is the approach here? Maharaj always asked a few questions and allowed a visitor to speak in order to determine “where” on the seven-step “path” the visitor was and thereby determine “where” the visitor needed to go next. 

Therefore, if a visitor’s words indicated that the seeker was at the third step, Maharaj offered pointer to move the seeker to the fourth step. (There was no sharing of pointers that were intended to allow the seekers to skip ahead to the end of the “path,” Maharaj noting that the reverse, going back steps had to be completed in an exact stepwise fashion). 

The same approach is used here, but if the issue involves personality identification, there is another tool that is often recommended. It was Maharaj who predicted that science would eventually advance to the point it would make available factual evidence – regarding every aspect of the teachings - that would prove conclusively and irrefutably the truth of the teachings in every area. 

In the area of personality, the science today begins with the facts revealed about which personas are most affecting a person, revelations that come via use of the enneagram personality inventory that is employed here if the words of a visitor indicate that (1) a deeper understanding of personality is called for and indicate that (2) a person is not aware of how his or her personalities are functioning and what the effects of those assumed identities are on that person’s relative existence and why the influence should be abandoned. 

The goal of the Eastern approach is to be free of all personality influence and the effects of all of the hidden agendas that come with every assumed personality. Meanwhile, the Western, dualistic take regarding personality involves “addressing liabilities” while “accentuating positives.” 

While a dualistic approach such as that can never be the final goal here, the approach has been seen to offer an effective “stopgap” measure which can lay the groundwork for an eventual shift to freedom from suffering the ill effects of having one’s thoughts and words and deeds determined by the subconscious motives of personas. 

The personality inventory used here can show with its concrete, numerical scores and can show “in black and white” exactly where one is along the continuum of influence being exerted on a person by each of the personality types. 

How much is “The Helper” driving one throughout the day? To what degree exactly is “The Escapism / Avoidance Group” (made up of the 4-5-6-7-9 types) driving a person each day? 

Consider this example of the results of one person who recently took the test: 

The solid red scores show average to excessive influence and the outlined scores show slight influence. This person was functioning under the mistaken belief that his “decades of treating his alcoholism in a twelve-step program have moved him along much of the path,” (a few “slips” along the way notwithstanding and “a recent slip” notwithstanding); that his study of non-duality had made him “almost free of the influence of personality”; that he was “almost fully Realized”; and that he was only in need of “a little fine-tuning that maybe an hour or two with Floyd could provide.” 

What, to the contrary, did the facts revealed by his test scores actually show? 

1. That he is not an alcoholic at all (his 7 score showing that only 35% of the time are his thoughts and words and actions being driven by the agenda of a real alcoholic); and 
2. that he only looks like a real alcoholic because of the subconscious desires of the Escapism and Avoidance group of personalities which are resulting in a desire to escape (the 4’s agenda) and to avoid (the agendas of the 5, 6, and 9). 

Note that the results showed that the 4’s escapism agenda was at play 100% of the time, as were the 5 and the 6’s desires to avoid, combined with the agenda of the 9 to avoid which was at play 95% of the time. And all the while, the 7’s influence to use addictive behavior as a way to escape and try to cope was only 35%. 

The treatment for the personality disorders that drive escapism and avoidance are totally different from the treatment for the addictive personality. Of course the methods being used to treat addiction were totally ineffective for him. He was not an alcoholic. That was not what was behind his behavior that certainly looked like alcoholism to those who claim that “if you show up here, you’re a real alcoholic.” That misdiagnosis prevented him from seeking the actual solution to his real problem for several decades. 

What else did the results show? 

3. That he was far from free of the influence of personality; 
4. that he is suffering from the Borderline Personality Disorder (revealed by the high 4-6 combination); 
5. that his 9’s influence is so high and his 8’s influence is so low that he will seek out abusive Type 8’s and will be treated like a doormat in his relationships; 
6. that his core belief about relationships is that people are to be used and that “love” is meaningless (as revealed by his high 6 which seeks caretakers that can be used to provide food and clothing and shelter and a high lifestyle) vs. his low 2 (which cares about people at least to the degree that love is given in order to try to get love in return); 
7. and so much more. 

To see in concrete numbers and percentage the way that personality is controlling persons throughout the day can sometimes provide the impetus that is required to motivate one to earnestly begin the process that can free them of their false beliefs about “self” (actually, “selves”) and that can bring an end to the chaos and the fear and the desires and the insanity of being driven by subconscious, hidden agendas throughout the day, every day, and every week, and every month, and every year. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silencer of contemplation. 

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Comments regarding the free eBook entitled “THE VISION”:

“My thanks to you and Andy.” – Andrew “Mac” McMaster

“Thanks so much for the book! And, by the way, it is brilliant and the most effective pointing that you have done. It has served to help clear the remaining blockages.” – Stan Cross

“Greatly appreciate having “THE VISION” added to my Henderson resource library that is situated on the right side of my bed for easy access! Eternally grateful for what was received and what was given.” – Robert Rigby

‘THE VISION’ is such a well-written, condensed version of the Nisarga Yoga approach to understanding and enjoying Reality that I feel it can serve as a must-read ‘meditation guide’ for all earnest seekers.” – Andy Gugar, Jr. 


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Just hang on to those please. 


A "movement" or "shift" happened here that added another parallel to the many parallels in terms of the phenomenal "experiences" and the noumenal revelations that "Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj" and "Floyd" share in common. (Many visitors over the years have said that they also shared the same parallels with "Maharaj" and "Floyd" as well.) In the case of "Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj" and "Floyd": 

1. both grew up in very poor families 2. both moved to populated areas to seek employment opportunities 3. both exhibited business skills that led to their opening and operating many businesses and to their having a large number of employees working for them 4. both succeeded financially 5. both became attached to accumulating; 6. both married and had a family 7. both were initially religious 8. both moved away from organized religion and became interested in "spiritual" matters, finding and following the teachings of a big name teacher (or, in "Floyd's" case, many big name teachers) 9. both had highly religious wives who were quite displeased with the shift away from religion and toward "spirituality" 10. both began to feel empty in spite of all of their "spiritual seeking" and in spite of all of their accumulated "spiritual knowledge"; 

11. both began to de-accumulate after both saw that they could survive quite well on a fraction of the income they had been making 12. both had wives who were unhappy when the de-accumulation stage was entered and both had wives who became unhappy about their husbands' focus on non-duality and who blamed their unhappiness on no longer having a religious husband (The facts be known, in both cases the unhappiness involved the fact that their husbands were no longer interested in - or willing - to work 80+ hours per week and that their husbands were no longer interested in accumulating wealth and possessions and providing the rich lifestyle to which their wives had grown accustomed) 

13. both eventually came to see that the religious and spiritual states were also ego-states, and both saw that there are far more steps on the "path" to complete after reaching the religious and spiritual steps and after playing those roles which are the third of seven steps on the entire "path" 14. both "lost" their wives (one via "death," the other through divorce); 15. both accelerated their seeking; 16. both entered into the "forest dweller stage" 17. both Realized 18. both began to de-accumulate even more 

19. both began sharing the teachings 20. for years, both answered questions in whatever order those questions were received, though both said that the movement from identification with the false "I" / "I's" involved an exact, step-wise manner of moving along a "path" that involved "going back" in the same (but reverse order) of the way they "came in" - that is, the way that the manifestation happened and the way that the consciousness was blocked through seven stages that resulted in their becoming identified solely with their false personas, with the content of the "mind," and eventually, with the body. But the most significant awareness that finally came to both after years of offering satsang and after having answered thousands and thousands of questions was this: After years of "Maharaj" offering satsang in his loft, and after years of "Floyd" offering satsang in meeting halls and in his home and via what one site visitor called "Floyd's electronic loft," this fact became obvious to both: "Maharaj" came to see in the 1970's and into 1980 and 1981 that his approach was not working and "Floyd" finally came to see the same.

21. Both saw that many who heard the teachings are not going to understand (Maharaj reporting that "only 1 in 100,000 are going to 'get' this" understanding) 22. both soon saw that even more than expected of those who heard the teachings were not going to understand (Maharaj modifying his "guesstimate" and reporting that "only 1 in 1,000,000 are going to 'get' this" understanding) 23. eventually both saw that even far more than expected of those who heard the teachings were not going to understand (Maharaj eventually concluding that "only 1 in 10,000,000 are going to 'get' this" understanding). And the failings were not the fault of seekers. A "one -in-ten-million" estimate is proof that satsang was not working for most seekers, and the evidence here lately is proof of the same.

Both "Maharaj" and "Floyd" invited seekers to focus on the exact, step-wise "path." Yes, during satsang, "Maharaj" sometimes alluded to the steps while discussing them in no particular order - but he never once laid out the steps in the exact order in which they had to be completed. That was not his teachings style or approach.

Therefore, another movement or shift is happening here spontaneously after reflecting on the more than two decades since the teachings were first offered here and looking at the results of Maharaj sharing pointers in his loft and looking at the results of "Floyd" sharing pointers in this electronic loft: Looking objectively at his results, Maharaj's satsang method of sharing - in the end and by his own admission (only "one out of 10,000,000") - did not produce the intended outcome.

Looking objectively at the results here when using an "electronic loft" satsang method of sharing has not produced the intended outcome nearly as often as any of the three "face-to-face" methods used with seekers by which they have been led through the seven steps in order. Here, the body is growing older, of course. Mahasamadhi could be taken today, or it could be taken in twenty years.

Obviously, that cannot be known. But the decision here has been made that whatever amount of the relative existence remains shall be spent in sharing the teachings in the ways that have been seen over the last 20+ years to be the most effective methods.

Looking back over the list of those that have truly received the understanding, it is seen that Robert R. read all of the books, then took the online Advaita course and then completed some face-to-face Skype sessions to receive the final clarifications required. It was seen that Mac read all of the books, completed the online course, and then attended a retreat where he was guided through the seven steps. Mac said that the online course work inspired him to attend the retreat in order to be able to receive the final "pieces." It was seen that Andy Gugar, Jr. read all of the books, then came here for a retreat and was taken through the seven steps in order, and then returned once more for the final clarifications required. After reviewing the shifts that happened with him after attending two retreats, he reaffirmed this past week his commitment to helping spread the non-duality, nisarga understanding as presented here. As a result of seeing what has "worked" during the last 20+ years of sharing the non-duality understanding - and seeing what had not "worked" as well - changes will be made. 


In "Part One," examples were given of seekers that were led to Realization not by satsang but by following the various protocols outlined farther down this page which provide the understanding in the step-wise, orderly, required fashion which moves seekers along a "path" that is as prescribed by Maharaj ... "going back" in the "reverse order" by which the consciousness manifested and became blocked.

However, conversations with some that just read the majority of the books have revealed that they certainly seem to have grasped the understanding and Realized as well. As a result of seeing what has "worked" during the last 20+ years of sharing the non-duality understanding - and seeing what has "not worked" as well - changes are being made. There are seven specific steps that happen when awareness-energy is "pulled" into a cycle of manifestation. When that energy manifests as conscious-energy, that formerly pure and unadulterated energy becomes "corrupted" (or "blocked" from seeing clearly) via programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, and brainwashing. Soon, there is a belief in the not-Real as a result of seven degrees of separation from an understanding of the Real. Using the method that was also employed by his contemporaries - a method which focused on offering non-duality pointers via satsang - Maharaj addressed questions in the order in which they were received. He might receive a question from a seeker at the third step and his reply would include what amounted to an invitation to move to the fourth step. The next question might come from a seeker at the first step, and the reply would include an invitation to move to the second step. The information offered to the second seeker would seemingly contradict what was offered to the first seeker, so visitors who have come here for decades have asked questions which showed how confused they were by the fact that Maharaj's statements to each visitor in his loft were "level-appropriate" yet were provided in no precise order, resulting in what seemed to be an inconsistent message. So the process overall was confusing in that seekers were told to follow the "path back" in the same way that they "came in," except in reverse order, but pointers were not given in a specific, step-wise order at all. Maharaj did recognize the seven steps that are taught here, but by offering the teachings in an order that was dictated by the order in which questions were received from seekers who were at different steps on the "path," the result was this: a pointer about moving beyond the fourth step might be followed by a pointer about moving beyond the first step, and that pointer might be followed by a pointer about how to move beyond the sixth step. The same was done on this site for seven years. The result is a collection of 1,800 or so essays discussing almost every non-duality topic that can be discussed, and the search button on the top right side of this page will now allow seekers with a question about a specific topic to find an explanation. That method, however, will never provide the manner in which the seven steps on the "path" must be transmitted and received in order to Realize Fully. An objective study of the history here of more than twenty years of offering non-duality pointers reveals this: seekers that were given pointers in the exact order in which they needed to receive them were the ones that Realized.

They read the books, then they completed the online course and / or completed seven Skype or telephone sessions or came here for a retreat (or watched the downloadable DVD version of an actual retreat, available below).

Some found that which they were seeking by reading the author's book that deal with non-duality subject matter. Via all of those venues, the steps are taught in their proper order. The essays available on this site will remain for those interested in searching for a discussion of a particular non-duality topic without charge, but the focus here until mahasamadhi is taken is going to be on offering the teachings in the step-wise fashion that has been seen to work.

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    This 152-page eBook catalogues the common, non-dual message shared by Sapolsky and Maharaj and reveals the ways that Sapolsky’s scientific research supports the non-dual pointers offered by Maharaj.


    In “PART ONE” it will be seen that most persons on the planet are not seeking, and most will never seek, but for those who are seeking, most will face several obstacles:

    In “PART TWO” of this book, it will be seen why many criticized Maharaj for “changing his message in his later talks.” It will be seen that the changes were not about changing the message per se as much as about changing his methodology as he experimented with one version of the Ultimate Medicine after another in order to try to find an effective means for addressing the Ultimate Sickness.

    He tried a religious version of the Medicine, a Spiritual version of the Medicine, and finally settled on a version which addressed to Sickness at its core . . . at the mental and emotional level.


    “Dangerous” is a term that can only apply during the relative existence, but of those who do commit suicide, for example, how many shoot themselves in the foot over and over until they “bleed out”? None. They shoot themselves in the head. Why? In order to try to stop the noise - to try to stop the chatter of a thousand monkeys – to stop the noisy mind which is the area that stores the ideas, notions, concepts, mind-stuff, etc. which drives them into the depths of insanity.

    And what are those ideas, notions, concepts, etc. called, collectively? "Their beliefs." The irony? They are not their beliefs at all. They are the beliefs of “others” that were set in place via programming, conditioning, etc. and which persons then think are their own.

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