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Today's Considerations

Maharaj said that, "Someday, science shall advance to the point that it will prove the truth of the non-dual teachings.” Remember, too, that a review of the transitions he underwent show that he was also a scientist of sorts, experimenting with various forms of the Ultimate Medicine, witnessing objectively, setting aside what he saw was not working effectively, and trying another method which might work.

Early on, his family exposed him to only a light dose of Hinduism (they were even meat-eaters, God forbid, I mean, gods and goddesses forbid); therefore, he was not as attached to religion as many in India were. That and his Personality Type Four’s propensity for rebellion and tendency to march to beat of a different drummer may have set the stage for his openness to the non-dual message.

Yet his guru ordered that he was to use a religion / non-dual compound version of the Ultimate Medicine. Turns out that the earliest visitors to the loft were “guinea pigs” in his religious / non-dual laboratory.

He would eventually set that combination aside and try a spiritual / non-dual compound version of the Ultimate Medicine with a heavy dose of Self-Inquiry as well.

The results of any of those versions of the Medicine, obviously, did not impress him.

Thereafter he began to focus almost entirely on the psychological roots of the Ultimate Sickness. Early on, in talks transcribed in the book I AM THAT, he spoke of the use of the mind to move beyond the mind. Eventually, he made clear that the mind must go entirely by reaching a state of “zero concepts.” Later, he even stopped offering those mind-related pointers and, in fact, told seekers to “stop reading I AM THAT altogether and to listen to my current (later) talks.”

What had he witnessed that eventually led him to set aside the use of any degree of religion or spirituality or Self-Inquiry and to focus on the mental aspects of the Sickness? He came to understand that the use of religion and spiritual and Self-Inquiry methods do not end all identification but only inspire the adoption of supposedly "new and improved" and “really good” and “better” and even “the best” identities / Identify.

See? It always comes back not to having too little dogma; not to having a spiritual malady or sick spirit; and not to a failure to know the "Supreme Self" or to believe that You Are God. It always comes back to the debilitating condition which the handicapping "conjoined twins" of mind and personality lead to.

Consider how personality drives persons to become attached to religion and / or to transition into spirituality when they feel that their spirituality makes them different from and better than those who are religious only.

The results of research conducted by Steven Reiss, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Ohio State University, revealed sixteen basic human psychological (perceived) needs which motivate people to seek meaning or answers through religion and to become attached to their religion or spirituality.

He found that “people are not drawn to religion just because of a fear of death or any other single reason. He said that each of the sixteen basic desires outlined in his book influence the psychological appeal of religious behavior. The desires his research uncovered include . . .









social contact






physical exercise



Reiss found that the religious people in the study all expressed a strong desire for interdependence. (Related to that, other studies have also found a strong desire for dependency and co-dependency.) Those who were not religious, however, showed a stronger sense of self-reliance and independence.

Yesterday, the invitation was to seek truth and awareness by understanding which specific ego-states are driving thoughts and words and actions which, in turn, cause persons to cling to their belief in mirages, to “Powers” or “A Power,” and to dogma and spiritual exercises and Self-Inquiry. Those WHO’s are the personalities / personas which rob persons of the ability to choose and which set them up to be driven blindly by their subconscious influencers and controllers which were set in place by programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and indoctrination and brainwashing.

Are you aware enough of the nine basic personality types (the nine basic WHO’s), and are you aware enough of the hidden agendas of those nine types (nine types by the way which you, and all persons, exhibit to one degree or another) in order to be able to understand that those WHO's are driving every thought that is thought and every word that is spoken and every action that is taken?

Those sixteen needs which drive almost all persons (97% on the planet) to remain unquestioningly loyal to one religion or another (which almost always they did not choose but which their parents imposed upon them) do not all manifest equally in every person. They especially manifest differently in persons according to the agendas of the specific personalities which have a higher-than-usual-influence (the degrees of which can be measured exactly by the personality inventory used here).

Therefore, the desires of specific personality types align with the various desires which hook people to religion or which inspire some to advance into the supposedly “higher levels of consciousness” which they think they can attain (or have attained) via spirituality. So what are the sixteen controlling factors?

Power is especially desired by Personality Type Eight Controllers / Bosses.

Independence is especially desired by Personality Type Four Rebels.

Curiosity is especially desired by Personality Type Five Knowledge-Gatherers / Knowers who want to know it all (as well as by Type One Perfectionists who love to know it all in order to reform other and make others over in their own image. See ISIS; see Catholics and Jehovah Witnesses and members of many sects and religions who claim that they are "the only ones who will go to heaven"; etc.)

Acceptance is especially valued by Personality Type Twos who want to be loved by many.

Order is especially desired by Personality Type One Perfectionists (who are especially anal-retentive).

Saving is especially desired by Personality Type Sixes who are usually anxious, fearful, worried, and insecure and by Type Twos who play the roles of Rescuers and Saviors.

Honor is especially desired by Personality Type One Perfectionists.

Idealism is especially valued by Personality Type One Perfectionists.  

Social contacts are especially valued by Personality Type Sixes who want to form dependent and co-dependent relationship which can provide a sense of security and met their needs or perceived needs.

Family is especially valued by Personality Type Sixes (who need external support to feel secure) and Type Twos (who feel that families can be a built-in source of the love they did not receive from their fathers during childhood).

Status is especially desired by Personality Type Three Performers / Narcissists.

Vengeance is especially desired by Personality Type Eight Controllers / Bosses / Sociopaths / Psychopaths.

Romance is especially desired by Personality Type Fours.

Eating (with other believers) which is especially desired by Personality Type Nines and Sevens (Nines often being food addicts and Sevens often being addicts . . . to food, alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, whatever).

Physical exercise is especially valued by Personality Type Three Body-Conscious, Body-Identified Narcissists


Tranquility is especially desired by Personality Type Nines who prefer to avoid anything that might upset them.

Are you seeing what Maharaj saw, that it really is all about the mind / personality tandem? Persons want to be at peace and free of anxiety and stress. Anxiety and stress and unhappiness are generated by mental anguish. And what causes mental anguish?

Emotional intoxication. And what drives emotional intoxication? The agendas of personalities, of personas. Feelings are about sensitivity and warmth and caring and understanding and empathizing. The “Realized” feel, but only those trapped in ego-states / false identities / personas / personalities / role playing will emote.

Maharaj was asked, “Do you really care about those of us who come your way?” The answer: “More than you’ll ever know.” Had the question been, "Do you become emotional about those who come your way?" then the answer would have been, “Never.”

Emotions and emotional intoxication are messengers, signaling to you that there is something that is amiss with your psyche, big time.

So what is the solution? Many think . . . “More dogma.” Many think . . . “Being more spiritual.” Many think . . . “Knowing the Supreme Self.”

But all of those have a hidden, mind-and-personality-rooted agenda which drives persons to cling to their attachments, which inspire persons to be obsessive and compulsive about the content of their belief systems; and which take away any and all ability to make conscious choices because persons are always driven by unconscious influences.

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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