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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Twenty

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Today's Considerations

A clear perspective seen from the point of view of the universal consciousness also makes this clear and seeable and understandable and graspable:

This deal has nothing to do with what most seeker-personas and religious-personas and spiritual-personas occupy themselves with (that is, occupy their false selves with) by attending satsang sessions regularly; by traveling to supposedly special places deemed to be holy, supposedly. Nor is it about humming or chanting or kneeling or bowing to a guru or to a guru’s ashes. Nor is it about placing a special metal bowl on a special pillow and striking it with a special stick.

It is not about singing hymns or worshipping. It is not about escaping reality or avoiding things relative. And it is not about blindly following ignorant orders.

When I was a child, the taste of spinach was repugnant so I did not eat it. I rebelled against the orders of adults who demanded that I eat boiled, canned spinach at least twice a week. So why as an adult would I allow anyone to tell me what to eat and what not to eat?

Four thousand years ago, someone dreamed up food laws for Jews. Most of them still blindly follow those orders today. Fourteen hundred years ago, other persons dreamed up food laws for Muslims. Most of them blindly follow those order today. Who that has reached an adult age would behave in a sheep like fashion and allow any other adult to tell them what to eat, what not to eat, what to believe, how to think, how to feel, what the one right way to behave is, or what is sinful vs. what is virtuous?

All of that is most unnatural. The Nisarga Yoga offers an invitation:

If a model of how to abide through the relative is sought, seek it by observing nature, not by modeling and mimicking another human or humans.

Maharaj: "You are seeking knowledge from the standpoint of identification with the body and whatever can be grasped by the mind. When this body machine is there, the technique of using it is there, and that is what you are identifying with now. It is not [you]".

"You have no control over it" ["it" actually including the body or the mind]. "It has appeared and it will disappear. I talk to you from the perspective of the universal consciousness and I know that all bodies are the essence of the food and that the body will vanish." 

[And so will the mind, so why not let it vanish now so that (a) that vanishing can relieve you of the effects of misperceiving and unclear seeing and seeing in a distorted fashion, all of which happens when viewing takes place from the perspective of the manifested and blocked consciousness; and, so that (b) pleasures can be enjoyed now; and so that (c) you can stop making a second job out of what should just be living peacefully but is not happening because of fanatical seeking to be more and more religious or more and more holy or more and more spiritual?]

Work. Work. Work. Such needless work.

Maharaj: "This knowledge is likely to create a great sense of frustration in one who doesn’t have the right perspective. The intention is to see the state of things in their correct perspective." Having once seen all in a correct perspective, he suggested over and over in his later talks, then one will abide naturally. Can relax. Can take it easy.

He continued: "Normally, a common spiritual seeker will not understand what I am driving at because he is seeking something which he can enjoy. What is your ambition in being a spiritual seeker?" he asked.

Then he answered: “You are looking for advantage in the world, to take care of your daily life.” 

[For religious people who believe that they can sin, pray for forgiveness, and then have a clean slate, they can enjoy freedom from responsibility for their actions. For others, they are seeking advantage in a post-manifestation life, which is total fiction. They may as well spend every evening racing all over a field with a jar and lid, trying to catch a moonbeam. Others do all of their religious and spiritual work as a part of their image-construction and image-preservation.]

Then he said: "The so-called sages, who are following a spiritual pursuit, focus their ambition on seeing that their daily life goes on comfortably."

Then he offered this: "Why in the hell did I happen to be here? Nobody enquires about that."

The fact is that "floyd" is here because of an act of friction. No would-be parents were seeking “me.” In fact, when I began calling BS of what I was being told on Sunday mornings in a conservative, right-wing, Southern Baptist Church, Dad would often ask, “Why did we even have this kid?” When I refused to buy into their belief systems, he asked, “What did I ever do to deserve this? It’s a constant fight trying to control him and get him in shape. He’s the most stubborn kid on earth!”

The stage was set for “Floyd” to become an avid, OCD seeker. But what was I seeking? It only became clear when the seeking ended, for at that point, the finding of what had been sought happened.

What was found?

A means by which a clear, BS-free perspective could undo all that parents and friends and relatives and demanding lovers and a culture had tried to impose upon me.

A process by which freedom could come, specifically, freedom from the ignorant and insane effects of ignorant and insane programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and indoctrination and brainwashing.

Prior to seeing, the looking happened in thousands of venues and places. But what had been found there were scores of religions and spiritual movements and philosophies and ideologies, all of which claimed to have some special book with special content which I needed to learn. There were also scores of other religions and spiritual movements and philosophies and ideologies, all of which claimed I needed to be present regularly and share regularly, and all of the subsequent "sharing" was endorsed - as long as I parroted what they were parroting - even when there was nothing worth sharing.

Study. Study. Study. Listen. Listen. Listen. Learn. Learn. Learn. Submit to being taught more and more and more. Receive it. Internalize it. Do not question it, upon penalty of punishment now as well as forevermore.

Then the previously-dormant awareness of non-duality returned, followed by more and more “non-dual seeking,” only to find that there are multiple types of teaching methods and hundreds of combinations of one method or another being used along with hundreds of instances of "this type of yoga" or "that type of yoga" tacked on. Just tons more of much ado about nothing. All very confusing.

The wayward seeking continued until it was realized that there is nothing that I need to be taught but much that needed to be un-taught. The seeking continued until it was realized that there is nothing more I needed to learn but that there was much that I needed to un-learn.

The seeking continued until a flash of universal consciousness forced me to recall what I had been taught in the fourth grade: that all is matter / energy and that neither matter nor energy can be created nor destroyed; thus, all merely cycles.

That is "why in the hell I happen to be here." That is why this composite unity called “Floyd” came into being and, for now, continues to be. All cycles. All that happened is this:

Parents-to-be consumed the cells of plant food; those plant cells (with conscious-energy) converted into humans cells (with conscious-energy); next, certain cells were exchanged during an act of friction; then, a mother-to-be continued to eat for nine months, so for nine months, the cell conversions continued. At the end of that period, the plant cells which had converted and come together inside a womb expelled the end product of that incubation process of cycling elements spontaneously and without effort or guidance (which is what elements do spontaneously and without effort or guidance).

Seeing that, then the end of seeking “my meaning and purpose” came to an end. The end of asking, “What is all this about?" came. The answer to Maharaj's question (“Why in the hell did I happen to be here?”) became clear.

The answer: "Because of everything that happened before." The cause of all is indeed all, and there is nothing magical about that, there is nothing supernatural about that, there is nothing spiritual about that, and there is nothing special about that. All quite to the contrary, in fact.

End of making a second job out of what should be "mere living." So consider, if you will:

The deer have one job: to live, including living with all of the happenings that can come during the relative manifestation. But everything living on this planet lives naturally, except for humans. In nature, there are no false perceptions – no unclear perspectives – that "extras" are needed in order to “live well” and “live rightly.”

There is no need for bells. There is no need for amulets or robes or special haircuts or being hairless. There is no need for humming or praying. A clear perspective via the universal consciousness makes clear that, because all is matter / energy and because neither of those can be created or destroyed, it is also clear that 

(A) there is not and never was and never could have been a “Creator” 

and that 

(B) there is not and never was and never could have been a Destroyer (or a Punisher or a Rewarder, either).

How pleasant and freeing to understand that the question, “If God is all-loving, why did He commit an act of genocide and kill every human on the planet except for the members of one family?”

How pleasant and freeing to be beyond trying to figure out, “If there is an all-knowing, all-powerful God, why would He not snap His fingers and end disease; and hunger; and suffering; and wars; and mass shootings of children in schools; and rape; and clitoris mutilation; and terrorism; and priests who claim to represent Him but molest children; and genocide; and murder in His name (not to mention the flourishing of bizarre cultures that make multi-millionaires out persons called “Kardashians” simply because they have developed a serious case of Hottentot-like steatopygia)?

How nice not to have to go regularly, much less forever, to meetings or services or gatherings or assemblies or discussions or classes or seminars which are deemed to be special and claim to be "arrogance-slayers" but are actually places where ego-states flourish and where egomania rules.

Instead, Maharaj’s invitation was to

“Be rid of the mind” 


“Reach a state of zero-concepts” (that is, “zero beliefs”) and then:

"Do your normal duties"


"just give up spirituality"


follow your “normal inclinations"

and then

(a) be free of all that drives persons to live unnaturally and to

(b) abandon all efforts to live supernaturally and to

(c) get on with the spontaneous process of merely living naturally. 

Yet that can only happen if everything involving the relative existence has been put into proper perspective. Then only can abidance happen in a peaceful (that is, agenda-less) manner.  That is the result of seeing the AM-ness and the THAT-ness with a clear perspective, because then the focus will be on what can be changed (the AM-ness) as opposed to focusing on what cannot be changed (namely, the post-manifestation THAT-ness).

There is not one thing you can do – or need to do - regarding what awaits post-mahasamadhi because there will be no one (or One) waiting to judge you, reward you, or punish you because there will be no “you” to be judged, rewarded, or punished. 

Want to enjoy something? Then do it during the only time you’ll be able to: NOW. 

To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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