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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Thirty-Three

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Today's Considerations 

So why did seekers who offered praise of Maharaj's earlier pointers begin offering criticism of his later pointers? And why did Maharaj receive less attention from seekers than did his contemporaries?

As Maharaj did say and would say again: “It’s simple.”

Early praise was received from a mostly-Hindu audience of persons who were primary religious above all else. Following his guru’s advice, Maharaj initially offered traditional Hindu / religious sessions to attract the only audience available at the time and then used that captive audience to “slip in" some non-dual pointers as well. Thus, his early version of the Ultimate Medicine was a religious / non-dual compound.

Later, after the publication of I AM THAT, more Westerners found their way to Bombay and up the winding staircase to his loft. Most had no Hindu background and claimed to be on a “spiritual journey,” so Maharaj’s version of the Ultimate Medicine shifted to a spirituality / non-dual compound to suit that new audience.

Eventually, after he saw that the results of the version(s) of the Ultimate Medicine being offered by him and his contemporary teachers were practically nil (guesstimating that only 1 in 100,000 were being freed from the Ultimate Sickness, later modifying that to only 1 out of 1,000,000 and eventually modifying that to only 1 out of 10,000,000) he made another change in the formula of the remedy being offered to try to treat the Sickness of those who came his way:

he refocused his attention on treating the mental aspects of the Sickness rather than buying into the prevailing theory that the Ultimate Sickness is a result of people not being religious enough or a result of their having a spiritual malady; instead, he began explaining that the problems of humanity all center in the mind.

That is why during his later years he said of the book I AM THAT: "That book and whatever was expounded at that time was only relevant for that period. I am speaking differently today." He went on to say, I am "emphasizing different aspects" and invited seekers to focus on those "different aspects" which were rooted in his new and different perspective regarding the Sickness and the proper Medicine.

So why did seekers who offered praise for the content of his earlier pointers begin offering criticism of his later pointers?

1. Because those initially happy were listening to his earliest talks when he was speaking mainly from the same perspective as his audience members who had assumed the role of “The Super Religious Ones;

2. because those who came afterwards and were happy with Maharaj for a time were listening to his talks when Maharaj was speaking mainly from the same perspective as an audience who had assumed the role of “Spiritual Giants";


3. because of the truth revealed about human behavior as expressed by a British writer whose words can explain the nature of the critics of Maharaj's later message. To paraphrase: “When a truly wise man appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him."

So when Maharaj turned his focus to the actual mental roots and psychological aspects of the Ultimate Sickness, his message became anathema to those playing the role of “The Super Religious One” or “The Spiritual Giant."

And why were some of his contemporary teachers able to spend small fortunes building ashrams which could accommodate huge numbers of seekers (and, in some cases, build large fortunes in the process) when Maharaj did not? First, he turned down an offer from a wealthy visitor to build an ashram for him. Secondly, after he began speaking with a totally different perspective from the mostly-religious perspective he held early on, the religious persons turned against him and criticized him for catering to the whims of Westerners. The number of religious seekers dropped off as the number of Western seekers increased;

during the mid-years, when he began speaking with a totally different perspective from the mostly-spiritual perspective during the middle period of his teaching, the spiritual persons turned against him and criticized him after he noted that “You people take yourselves to be spiritual giants; next to you, I am a mere spiritual pygmy”; thus, the number of visitors dropped off again; 

and during the later years, when he realized that the Sickness is a mental illness and began talking from the perspective of one that understands exactly how the mind forms, and understands exactly how it becomes corrupted, and also understands exactly how the mind drives ignorant and insane thoughts and words and actions, his critics said that “Maharaj’s egotism took control of him and pulled him right out of offering a religious / spiritual message of Truth and to offering his own personal message." Another huge drop off in praise for Maharaj happened.

[It still continues on some fronts. One critic recently wrote: “The first book of Maharaj’s talks that I found and read had his later talks in it and I’m so was glad that I was told to ignore the later talks and go back and read what he said in I AM THAT when he was still humble and still teaching the Truth.” In fact, one of the lines (in bold below) from the movie “A Few Good Men” which was delivered by the Jack Nicholson character named Colonel Jessep would apply to that critic:

Colonel Jessep: “You want answers?”
Kaffee: “I want the truth!”
Colonel Jessep: “You can't handle the truth!”]

But the psychological message Maharaj offered at the end, focusing on the mind aspect of the Ultimate Sickness and inviting seekers to be rid of the mind and to reach a state of zero concepts  in order to truly return to “The Child Ignorance Stage” / “The Child No-Knowing State,” well, that message was not nearly as appealing to the ego-state and accompanying egotism of “The Super Religious One” and was not nearly as appealing to the ego-state and accompanying egotism of “The Spiritual Giant.” 

Why? The last thing that most persons then wanted to hear – and the last thing that most persons now want to hear – is that “you have a mental problem, and neither religion nor spirituality can cure that; to the contrary, religion and spirituality actually aggravate mental problems because (A) mind problems involve being out of touch with reality (and Reality) and because (B) the assumption of false religious and / or spiritual personas only aggravate being out of touch with reality (and Reality)."

The result of being out of touch with reality? A warped perspective. The result of having a warped perspective? Being out-of-touch with reality. An endless loop is set up, and most will spend an entire manifestation being driven by what was added, by that which jerks children out of the “The Child Ignorance Stage” / “The Child No-Knowing State” and infects them with the Ultimate Sickness as they are pumped full of hundreds of thousands of concepts and hundreds of thousands of beliefs and develop the symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness which Maharaj said are mental in their nature, namely, the mental symptoms of “ignorance, stupidity, and insanity.”

That kind of straight talk (which comes when the consciousness speaks from a clear perspective and via an actual understanding of the real roots of the problems of humanity and an actual understanding of the real solutions for the problems facing humanity) is a most unpopular kind of talk when heard by those who are totally removed from reality and from truth and by those who are trapped in the arrogance of their own high self-esteem and the ignorance and insanity of their warped perspectives which were set in place through no fault of their own but by warped programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and indoctrination and brainwashing instead.

And it is that kind of warped perspective and those levels of ignorance and insanity which set persons up to buy into the most ignorant and insane ancient teachings which were dreamed up millennia ago as well as to buy into the most ignorant and insane present-day teachings which have been dreamed up more recently. Among those ignorant and insane present-day teachings are supernatural and nonsensical concepts about “sacred contracts” and “ A God Spot” (not to be mistaken with that other kind of “G-spot” which might better serve such rigid types who spend their days pontificating about “sacred contracts” and “ A God Spot” and philosophy and ideology and dogma and other-worldly things while being totally out of touch with relative existence things.)

So this was asked yesterday: “Why, therefore, is the concept of 'God' so attractive and pretty-much universally-accepted in spite of the fact that ‘A God Spot’ is just one of the thousands of bogus concepts dreamed up by persons who are attuned to astrology and ancient traditions and myths and superstitions and magic and all of the stuff rooted in ancient, pagan sky cults?”

And why is the concept of “A Creator” so popular when a fourth-grade level student is taught that all is matter / energy and neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed (offering absolute proof that there is no way that any creator or Creator can exist)?

Reason #1: Maharaj: "First of all you identify something as being good or bad for yourself. Then, in an effort to acquire good or to get rid of the bad, you have invented a God. Then you worship such a God and ... you pray to that God for something good to happen to you."

Reason #2: Just as no child is intuitively driven by “A Santa Claus Spot” to believe in Santa Claus, no child is intuitively driven by “A God Spot” to believe in God.

Reason #3: All children abide for a spell in “The Child Ignorance Stage” / “The Child No-Knowing State,” akin to the blank slate / tabula rasa condition. At that point, they know nothing; they have a brain, but they have nothing that has been stored in the mind part of that organ. Whatever they believe in eventually will have been taught to them and will be based in humankind’s widespread “ignorance, stupidity and insanity"

(I) because widespread ignorant and stupid and insane programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and indoctrination and brainwashing will strap each child with “ignorance, stupidity and insanity” and

(II) because that will infect them with the Ultimate Sickness which will, in most cases, result in all of them, for the remainder of the manifestation, being driven by a warped perspective and will result in their suffering from the plague of “ignorant and stupid and insane” thoughts and words and actions.

Reason#4: There’s always a payoff available to "believers." If a child (a) repeatedly does to others anything he wants to do, and takes whatever he wants from others, and harms others - relatively speaking - but (b) has parents who teach him or her to say “I’m sorry” and then allow the child to escape consequences, then that child will repeatedly do anything he wants to others, and will take whatever he wants from others, and will harm others - relatively speaking – and will forever use his “Get Out of Jail Free Card" in order to constantly “wipe one's dirty slate clean.” For most on the planet, God is the parent in their minds and they obtain from their God his “Get Out of Jail Free Card" in order to allow God to constantly “wipe their dirty slates clean.”

Is there any chance that you or I can change what is called “this insane world?” Hardly. Is there any way that specific persons who have been infected with the Ultimate Sickness can find the Ultimate Medicine and be free of the symptoms which Maharaj identified as “ignorance, stupidity and insanity”? You bet. Some claim that can happen if one first gets a “new pair of glasses” in order to see things more clearly, with a different and accurate perspective.

But actually, one might begin by buying "a new tee shirt" which offers a new and different perspective and reminder and focus by replacing this one

 with this one

 Seeing clearly involves focusing, but there is no solution to a problem if the focus in on something that is not the actual source of the problem. No professional, accredited facility which treats mental illness - and which has built a history of effectively treating mental illness - uses religion or spirituality to address personality disorders and neuroses and psychoses.

And no professional, accredited facility which treats mental illness - and which has built a history of effectively treating mental illness - suggests that patients should find some way to escape from the realities of life on this planet and should dissociate completely and should avoid completely and should move mentally to some other world. Their mentally-ill patients have already done that.

The key is to pull them back into touch with reality, and that is exactly what Maharaj came to understand.

TOMORROW: Reason #5, and others.
To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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