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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Sixty-Four

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Today's Considerations

The mind and the personality work in tandem. After having been programmed, conditioned, etc., the mind becomes handicapped by a totally warped perspective; then, when personalities are assigned or assumed, the mind’s warped perspective works with the hidden, subconscious agendas of every false identity to generate a near-endless supply of mind-and-personality-driven distortions.

Maharaj made clear that the bane of all of the assigned or assumed personalities (which drive humans’ every thought and every word and every action) is that each brings its own fears and desires. The problem with fears and desires? Who that is in fear can be at peace? No one. As for desires, they are driven by personality’s warped agendas and prevent any chance for the mind to know any happiness at all:

Maharaj: “Desire is the memory of pleasure and fear is the memory of pain. Both make the mind restless. Moments of pleasure are merely gaps in the stream of pain. How can the mind be happy?”


“The wind of desire stirs the mind and the 'me'" (meaning, the false "me’s," my false "identities," so desires will always keep "me" stirred up). Thus it is desires as well as fears which unsettle both the mind and the multiple “me’s” that persons take themselves to be. So consider the pointer in this exchange:

Questioner: “In what way do I disturb peace?”

Maharaj: "By being a slave to your desires and fears.”

Maharaj admitted that, prior to the coming of the understanding of the psychological roots of the Ultimate Sickness, he suffered from fears and desires just as all “not-fully-realized persons” do. What changed?

Maharaj: “Pleasure and pain lost their sway over me. I was free from desire and fear. I found myself full, needing nothing.”

If seeing clearly as a result of viewing all via a proper perspective and then recognizing all illusions and mirages for what they are, then the same will happen with any seeker.

If a group riding camels through the Sahara were to suddenly see a mirage, would that mirage strike fear and worry in their hearts and minds? Would they send one member of their group back to the nearest town to bring help in order to be rid of the mirage that has seemingly appeared before their eyes?

This pointer was offered to the man discussed earlier who was just as anxious and fearful and delusional as the sister-in-law he called “a nut”:

Worry and fear (which you admit have driven you for the entirety of your life) are obviously still active in your “mind” or you would not have given credibility to your sister-in-law’s claim that peace comes when persons “turn their problems over to God.” If you had even the slightest ability to see via a clear perspective, you would not have joined with her by claiming that the same plan had also worked for you during "past" times.

You have admitted that your memories of “past” events are distorted, but now you claim to remember times when you “turned things over to God” and got “relief.” That sense of relief was not real. It was based in distortion. The reality is—based in accounts that you have shared—is this: if you turned all of the relief you’ve felt in your life into leather, there would not be enough to make a saddle for a flea.

And the reality behind these assumed personas who feel fear and worry is that they are tantamount to an itch on the calf of a legless man. The itch seems real enough, but in fact there is nothing there to itch; furthermore, like the itching calf of a legless man, there is nothing for you or your sister-in-law to turn over to a god, and there is no god to turn it over to. So what is this mind-talk of having done that in the “past” and gotten relief?

The fictional itch that seems real to the legless man is actually just a figment of his fiction-filled mind; and your sister-in-law’s fiction-based fears and fictional faith and fictional god are also just in her fiction-filled “mind.” And her fictional claims that a fictional entity really did take away her worry, and your fictional claim that a fictional entity gave you relief in the past, is nothing more than evidence of the religious and spiritual intoxication which is rooted in your fiction-filled minds.

For her to claim that she is no longer stuck in fear and worry is just mind-speak expressed with the vocabulary of mind-language which she was using to put on public display what she took to be her godliness and her goodness which she thinks are being sustained by her high level of faith (rather than by her having been fooled by her programmers, conditioners, etc.)

To try to trigger a state of emotional intoxication among the Realized is like trying to “stick” a piece of duct tape to an oily surface. It cannot happen because the only state at that point of Realization is the original state which has been overlaid onto the temporary, relative state, leaving "the Realized" intoxication-free . . . free from there being anything "negative" that can attach to it.

With your sister-in-law speaking in the mind-language of the fictional “mind”—using the vocabulary of "the non-Realized," it is guaranteed that her mind will function like a runaway train. And as that train passed by you via an e-mail, you jumped aboard and became her travel companion as she left the state of Reason on her journey to the state of Delusion with a stopover in Distortion.

So you allowed one who is blind, who cannot see, to guide you. One who is blind can receive no valuable assistance at all from a guide dog that is also blind. In George Orwell’s 1984, there is “Newspeak”—a vocabulary that is used to distort reality. With a claim that relief came by “turning issues over to a god,” you and your sister-in-law—along with all other “non-Realized persons”—participated in “Oldspeak.”

“Oldspeak” is the talk which took place thousands of years ago when the most ignorant persons on the planet talked about Greek or Roman or Hindu “sustainer gods,” gods they believed were willing to intervene in the “affairs of mortals” and manipulate events to the advantage of “faithful believers.” Today, those trapped in their learned ignorance still speak of being assisted by a sustainer god (as happened with you and your sister-in-law).

Who that is wise would still believe in those ancient gods and goddesses who were supposedly in charge of sexuality and sexual desire and erect phalluses and flattery and hermaphrodites and "effeminate men" and self-love and vanity? Who that is wise would still believe in a horny god that came to earth and took the form of a swan in order to fool a woman into taking him into her arms to save him from an attack by an eagle, after which he raped her?

"No one" you might say. Yet the God of Abraham (who is the present-day god of Jews and Christians and Muslims) is nothing more than a combination of all of the ancient gods and goddesses, supposedly taking on the roles not only of ancient creator gods and sustainer gods but also the ancient destroyer gods. Abraham simply took all of the old gods and goddesses and rolled them and their tasks all into one, so anyone worshiping that newer-version god is also worshiping the older gods and goddesses from which "the current one" evolved.

As for you and your sister-in-law and all others who have been similarly fooled, if  economic peril strikes, call if you want to on the god of Abraham, or call on Zeus, or call on Vishnu. Call, call, call. In the meantime, if one is unemployed and wants employment, the consideration is to go look for a job instead of sending out e-mails that reveal denial of the way one truly feels and that are just a public flaunting of one’s faith and goodness.

As has been the case with at least the last 20,000 generations of humans, the delusions and distortions of each prior generation became the delusions and distortions of the next generation, and that is what happened with you and your sister-in-law:

Her self-deception became your self-deception, but the reality behind her claims is the same miserable reality for all persons on the planet who are trapped in the instability of their dual-minded, so she (and they) suffer from this kind of continuous mind noise:

Oh my gosh, my “mind” was really racing there for a minute! Running! Husband is jobless! We’re going to lose our house. The kids will be without food. I’m going to lose the current lifestyle that I deserve. Breathless! OK, God . . . you gotta help me with this. Take this from me. I’m turning it over to you. OK . . . there. Ohhhhh . . . breath. Breathing. Breathe slowly. Take it easy. Now I have everything under control. Whoa, that was draining, a real close call, but my faith prevailed.

And I truly believe that my faith has worked a miracle, so I have to say it, I have to report it . . . I’ve always had a desire to talk to impress, so I also have to shout about this from the mountaintop: 


Followed by:

Whoa. I’m drained. It was like an adrenaline rush and then the adrenal drop-off afterwards. Woooo . . . but at least I’m relaxed now. Thank goodness I have a power at my beck and call that I can tap into and turn it all over to Him. I’m going to send e-mails to everyone in my address book, showing them how great my faith is and how it worked for me. Type-type-type. Send-send-send.


Ah, yes, it’s all fine now. All fine. Relief. Really, it’s all fine. It’s all fine except that . . . HOLY SMOKE! We have no income! We have no savings! We’re screwed! "FINE" HELL! IT’S NOT FINE AT ALL!

OK . . . gotta get control here. Take it easy. Calm down. Breathe. Deep breaths. Deeper still. Even deeper. Lotta deep breaths. OK . . . head’s a little lighter . . . must be a good sign. Calm. Peace. Surrender. Yes, that’s the ticket. Must surrender to my God. He’ll take care of me . . . uh . . . I mean us.

Followed by:

There. Faith’s back. Relief. Relief. Relief from the worry of my husband losing his job. Relief from having no money in the bank and the anxiety of having run up $28,000 in credit card debt. Credit card debt? Oh my gosh! We can’t even make the minimum payment on that bill this month, now that my husband lost his job!


Then a suggestion comes that she consider practicing non-attachment while finding the means to treat the real cause of her fear and anxiety and misery and suffering and end her alarmist, roller-coaster-like lifestyle.

The reaction?

Non-attachment you say? Hey, attach to this, you idiot! You’re crazy . . . non-attachment. Go to hell! Gotta do something, now! Even if it’s rash! Here goes!

But you think because she said her faith worked - and because she said that turning it over to god brought an end to her worry - that you should unquestioningly believe that she was speaking truth. When she said all of the false things she said, by use of what Maharaj called “mind-language,” you took all of those words as a statement of truth and then delved back into your past and reported that the same worked for you back then. Please.

So the invitation to all abiding in that fashion is to pause and ask:

“Which of my beliefs are driving me to be fear-based and anxious and miserable?"

“Is it possible that those are not even my beliefs?”

“Might they really just be their beliefs which are not based in fact at all but which they (generations of ignorance-and-insanity-driven persons) have passed down unquestioningly for ages?”

“So why am I clinging to their beliefs and allowing their beliefs – which I have now taken to be my beliefs – to cause me such discomfort and instability?”


“If their / my beliefs are causing discomfort and fear and anxiety and misery and suffering, why am I still clinging to them?”
To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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