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MAHARAJ: “Lightment” vs. Enlightenment, Part “V”

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Today's Considerations

Most of the 7.125+ billion persons on the planet will never be introduced to the terms "The Child Ignorance Stage" or "The Child No-Knowing State," much less ever be invited to return to that stage or state, much less be shown how to do so. Most adults will never see the devastating effects – relatively speaking – which will continue to manifest and will continue to impact their lives because most are dissociated from their present levels of dullness and their entrapment in the “walking-dead syndrome” and their misery and suffering which are rooted in their full-blown case of the Ultimate Sickness.

Thus, most will, as Maharaj said, never become inspired to return to their former condition when they had the opportunity to enjoy unconditional happiness.  

What of the few who do suddenly understand that former condition, and then suddenly understand their present condition and then suddenly wake up the fact that they have been totally asleep - 24 / 7 - for years? (And understand that when the first level of realization comes, it does seem to hit “suddenly.)

Of course someone standing at the end of an assembly line at a car manufacturing factory might see a car emerge from the exit of the building where the manufacturing process happens and also conclude that it “suddenly appeared,” even though many actions took place before the car rolled off the assembly line. So it often is with the realization process which seems to come suddenly, which seldom actually does, but which could do so with a capable guide and with a full-blown state of readiness within the seeker.

Someone trying to build a car from scratch might flounder about for decades, seeking the way to do so on his own. By contrast, the use of the assembly line method with the tutelage of a capable guide could hasten the effort. A new car typically requires about 18 hours on an assembly line. One worker, who works double shifts, nine hours per shift, six days a week producing Wrangler vehicles said that his factory set a speed record by sending a new Wrangler off the assembly line every ninety seconds.

Neither realization nor “lightment” nor enlightenment ever comes in record time; moreover, it is nonsense to conclude that “I had to do everything I did to get where I needed to get to on my journey.” Yet like a person who has needed eyeglasses all of her or his life but never had them and then suddenly has an ophthalmologist slip a pair of glasses with a proper prescription onto the face, that person will suddenly see clearly when such had never been the case before.

For such persons, that was the moment of clarity. For seekers, that moment of clarity is called a “peripetia.” So here’s the case with most:

Most persons will never seek any understanding that would go beyond that which they presently believe. A few will actually seek, but even among those, few will ever truly grasp the full understanding.

That is, (a) most persons will remain asleep for the entirety of the manifestation; (b) a few seekers will awaken partially; but (c) only a very few among the small number of those that do seek will experience that moment of peripetia and awaken fully and then remain fully awake for the remainder of the manifestation.

With the moment of peripetia, it becomes clear that it has all been nothing more than much ado about nothing, that it was all just so much relative nonsense, that it was all just one big conglomeration of delusion, illusion, and distortion.

If it is fully understood that it has all been just so much delusion, illusion, and distortion, then it would all be devalued, it would all be discarded, it would all be rejected until nothing—the Nothingness—remains. And once discarded, truly discarded, it would never be picked up again.

In the post-peripetia and post-“Full Awakening” and post-“Full Realization” period, all that was going on prior to that point comes suddenly and abruptly to an end. No identity is left, and functioning happens under the auspices of the same pure / unblocked universal consciousness from which Maharaj spoke and from the same pure / unblocked universal consciousness which moves deer to do what deer do and that moves acorns to do what acorns do.

So what is that peripetia? Why does it come suddenly, no matter how much seeking may have happened before which was all totally unproductive? When did it come here? Here’s the explanation:

The moment of peripetia which happened here was discussed in an excerpt from the non-duality based action / adventure / mystery novel entitled THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF WARS (which is a sequel to the non-duality based action / adventure / mystery novel entitled THE TWICE-STOLEN NECKLACE MURDERS):

“You seem at peace in the middle of this chaos. I want that peace,” Brett almost demanded.

“Brett, you’ve been shown the answer all your life. It was there for you to see in every play, in every movie, in every mystery you’ve ever read. Shakespeare borrowed the dramatic technique from the Greeks,” Kirk began. “Today, it’s the basis of all mystery and suspense stories, and it’s also the basis of realization.”

“I’m lost,” Brett confessed.

“Well look at every drama you’ve ever seen. The main character, who represents you and me and everyone, runs around like a chicken with its head cut off. He is confused and in the dark. Those who are in a position to sit back and witness the drama objectively can see that he’s just an actor on the stage and that none of the drama is real. But for entertainment’s sake, he and the witnesses can pretend it’s real. Both, in fact, can get so absorbed in the role that they take it to be the real for a time.

“But even amidst all of the drama, a time comes, that moment in the play when even the actor finds out the truth. It is called the peripetia in drama—that moment in the play or the movie when the lead actor finds out that everything he thought to be true is really false; when he sees that he was being misled at every turn; when those he thought he could trust the most, and who thought they were telling him the truth, were also wrong.

“It’s the moment of freedom that comes when one finds out that everything he ever thought or believed or held sacred (or thought worth fighting for) was a lie. The freedom comes when he gives up all of the concepts he bought into, drops his head in relief and amazement, shakes his head back and forth, wonders for a moment at how he had bought into all their crap, smiles at how easily he was duped, watches how all of the rest of the play unfolds automatically until its end, and leaves the stage after saying to himself, ‘Well, sonofabitch. I’ll be damned.’ And then he laughs. He laughs at it all. And then he’s done with it, once and for all.”

So the questions for any and every seeker to consider are these:

Are you done with it, once and for all, or will you settle for the instability and flux? Are you done with it all, or will you continue to settle for a relative existence with all its conditions, including conditional “love” and conditional peace and conditional happiness?

Are you willing to settle for more of the limitations and qualifications that the relative offers when mis-perceptions block seeing the Real? Are you willing to settle for the relative’s uncertain and unsure and compartmentalized existence? Are you willing to settle for continued interaction with adulterated and ambiguous characters on a stage?

Have dissociation and dreaming and sleepwalking become your best friends? Are you “bored to death” (that is, bored with all that walking about in your sleep, just experiencing a “death-in-life” existence of “settling for”)? The relative, mis-perceived via the ever-moving consciousness, will always be dominated by such instability and delusion.

Only abidance as the unchanging, unconditional, unadulterated and unambiguous Absolute offers stability. Are you settling, having been programmed to believe that suffering is OK for now since a reward awaits you later?

Or, is your “mind” claiming that all is fine? If so, why are you visiting this site? For mere entertainment, or in a search for something? Is there a search for an end to misery and suffering and delusion? The teachings point the way.

Is there a search for answers to certain questions that humans have asked throughout the ages, such as "Who am I, really?" and "What's it all about?" and "What happens when I die?" The teachings point to the answers.

Is the search for happiness and freedom and understanding and clarity and peace . . . NOW? If you have been programmed to believe that paradise is “there” and “later,” then you will never know happiness “here” and NOW.

To see through all of the nonsense and drama and histrionics and fiction that the programmed “mind” will generate, the moment of “peripetia” is a requirement, not an option. If that comes, one can be rocketed back into the "The Child Ignorance Stage" or "The Child No-Knowing State" and can, once more, have the opportunity to enjoy unconditional happiness.

To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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