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MAHARAJ: “Lightment” vs. Enlightenment, Part “BBBB”

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All human behavior is arrived at via this continuum: first thoughts then words then actions. Maharaj noted that the masses (99.99+% of whom are “non-realized,” he estimated) suffer from the Ultimate Sickness which he eventually came to see is not caused by having too little religion or too little spirituality but is caused by “learned ignorance” as well as “stupidity and insanity” which trap persons throughout their entire relative existence in the misery of grave mental and emotional personality disorders which then lead to psychic disintegration into varying degrees of neuroses and psychoses. 

The masses are assigned and assume personality identifications, and the fears and desires and hidden agendas of personas / ego-states determine every thought which the masses think, every word which the masses say, every action which the masses take, and every emotion which is registered and which assures that the masses will move throughout each and every day in a state of emotional intoxication, driven by the subconscious agendas of their false identities. Consider that! 

Almost all humans on this planet – even while being convinced that they are making conscious choices – are actually being driven by (a) a subconscious force and by (b) a set of total mirages . . . false roles which are taken to be real. Take about out of touch with reality! Talk about ignorant! Talk about insane! 

Is it clear why Maharaj used the words "ignorance," "stupidity," and "insanity" to identify three of the most serious symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness? Moreover, every assigned and assumed but false identity has one agenda above all: to continue to “exist,” even though it is not real and, therefore, does not exist at all. Talk about delusion and distortion and a warped perspective and an inability to see truth and an inability to differentiate the true from the false! How pathetic, yes? 

Here, pointers are offered and then examples follow to illustrate the pointers, but please understand this first: Most can see in "others" the presence of what Maharaj called "ignorance, stupidity, and insanity." No problem there. The problem with humanity is the near-total absence of the ability to see the same symptoms in themselves. The subconscious belief of most humans is, 

“My caca stinketh not, but thy poop doeth much offend.” 

That is why psychological projection is so prevalent: humans (1) take the worst personality traits in themselves, (2) fail to recognize them in themselves, (3) spot them in "others," (4) and then unknowingly point out their own personality defects which they only see in "others." Most never understand the two points offered here in that regard:

“If you spot it, you've got it"


"if you can see it, you can be it.” 

The invitation, therefore, is to follows Maharaj’s suggestion and give up on SELF-Inquiry and conduct a self-inquiry. That is, he suggested that each take a personal / persona inventory and find out what personas / personalities are driving him or her and focus on determining which personality defects are manifesting in self rather than in "others." That process will allow persons to find who / what they are not and then be freed from personality's ability to control them.

Most adults would be millionaires if they could go back and collect one dollar for each time they have said, “Look at that idiot!” or “Did you see what they fool just did?!” or “That’s the dumbest person in the world!” To understand how psychological projection works is to understand what is actually being said, which is: "Look at what an idiot I can be!" and “Did you see that foolish thing I just did?!” or “I’m the dumbest person in the world!” 

The number of personalities operating in the minds of the masses can generate a near-infinite number of defects. If one were to watch the presidential race coverage in the national news in the U.S. each day (which is not being recommended) one could see on a daily basis some of the traits which come when personality reigns; when personality-based desires and fears determine every thought and word and action; when one is asleep to one’s own truth; when psychological projection is at the core of almost every statement made; and when one puts one’s personality defects on display either (A) for all with any wisdom to see and recognize or (B) for all with no wisdom at all to admire. 

Anyone living under the influence and control of false identities will put on display an existence which is marked by unimaginable levels of heaviness and by a total absence of lightness; thus, the evening national news allows persons to see the kinds of traits which manifest in one who is clearly suffering from the heaviness of a malignant case of the Ultimate Sickness, including being: 

thin-skinned / overly-sensitive / hypersensitive 



easily upset 


absorbed in taking oneself way too seriously 

so arrogant one cannot laugh at oneself 




trapped in a sense of superiority 

supercilious / pompous / disdainful 



unable to admit one’s own faults / blind to truth 

devoid of any sense of humor 

angry / annoyed / fuming / livid / irate / cross / incensed / enraged / outraged / infuriated /  frustrated / aggravated / irritated

forever in attack mode / forever on the offensive / aggressive / warlike / and hostile.

Take what is illustrated by that candidate and then see how the same traits have been evidenced by other persons in the news, such as:

Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols: on April 19, 1995 in downtown Oklahoma City, they bombed a federal building and killed 168 people and injured more than 680 others. 

Adam Lanza: shot and killed his mother while she was sleeping and then shot and killed twenty first-graders and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012, before turning the gun and shooting himself in the head. 

Dylann Roof: killed nine African American church members on June 17, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina. 

How much of a sense of lightness might you guess any of those four had? 

And consider Adolph Hitler and the German Nazis who were his followers. How much of a sense of lightness do you think they had? 

What is that heaviness about which was revealed via the actions of all of those above and by a host of this year’s presidential candidates in the U.S. and by candidates and political leaders throughout Western Europe who are being driven by the same kind of fascist-and-duality-based belief systems?

Maharaj: “The dissolution of personality is followed always by a sense of great relief, as if a heavy burden has fallen off.” The link between “personality” and heaviness” has long been understood and discussed by those sharing the non-dual understanding. 

Maharaj: “Plants grow in sunlight.” Humans, too, prosper in “the light” but disintegrate in the darkness of personality and arrogance and self-absorption and personality identifications. 

Is there any greater evidence of why humanity needs so desperately the Ultimate Medicine? Yet the die has been cast for all of the past and present sociopaths and psychopaths mentioned above. Neither you nor I can affect any change with them or with any "others." 

Thus, the invitation once more is to heed Maharaj's advice and conduct your own personal inventory / your own false self-inventory:

How much fun are you to be around, really? How serious are you most of the time? Are you even overly-serious about your seeking? Are you touchy when you read here any pointer which differs from the ones you've been exposed to by those who are using one of the other Non-Dual Teaching Methods? 

Have you criticized Maharaj for occasionally using profanities and labeling some concepts as "bullshit?" Do you refuse to consider some of his more "controversial" pointers because they did not deal with religious dogma or spiritual principles? Have you judged him because he used nicotine? (The number of seekers who have come here and criticized Maharaj's addiction to tobacco while they are addicted to seeking or are addicted to "things noumenal" or are addicted to "Special Identities" is ironically huge.)

How often do you display any sense of humor? Have you assumed any identities which are generating a sense of self-importance (or Self-Importance) when the nirargan invitation for ages has been to abandon all self and Self identifications? 

Are you overly-aggressive at times? Are you, ironically, overly-aggressive and overly-active in your "search for peace"? Has your search become a religious-workaholism-or-spiritual-workaholism-based obsession? Are you truly able to relax and take it easy? 

Have you completed a self-inventory recently and determined, honestly and accurately, the actual heaviness vs. lightness ratio in your life? 

Might you be willing to engage in that kind of self inventory?

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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