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Everyone Becomes Pulled Into “The Dance,” but the Key Question Is: “How Are YOU Dancing?” Part Twenty-Two

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Maharaj: "It is the dance of the conscious presence." 

At its core, "the conscious presence" involves, above all else, freedom: freedom from moving through the relative existence without being asleep, unawake, unaware, and unconscious. To move through the existence in that fashion is to be set up to behave as sheep do, so totally willing to follow the leader wherever it leads that they'll follow along even if their leader runs off the side of a cliff.

By contrast, nothing and no one has even run off a cliff when enjoying the silence, the stillness, the peace, able - as Maharaj recommended - to lie down as the deer do and "rest in the cool, blue shade." But no one has ever enjoyed the silence, the stillness, the peace, or rest if controlled by the learned ignorance which is stored in a mind after it has been programmed, conditioned, etc.

In the book Dancing Lightly, this is offered for consideration:  


Next, the invitation is to review some of the key pointers so far and then sit with them in the silence, not seeking a samadhi state but entering instead into a state of focused awareness which will allow for additional understanding. 

** Just as "bliss" is totally misunderstood by most (leaving most desiring "more" even as they claim devotion to this philosophy or that philosophy which touts de-accumulation), the same happens with the search for happiness. 

 ** As long as the ever-in-motion consciousness inspires motion / doing / going / zooming and fluctuation, the stage will be set for emotional intoxication and the lack of stability which always comes with dual-mindedness.

** Freedom - the prerequisite for peace - comes only when one moves off the stage which is located in The Theater of the Lie and witnesses all that happens from the platform of awareness and a clear perspective.

** Since when is lightness not enough? A few of the fawn in this neighborhood - occasionally racing and kicking and jumping their way back and forth across the front yard notwithstanding - few of the trillions of species living naturally on this planet may not appear to be "blissful" or "exceptionally happy," but most of the time their existence does seem to be marked with a sense of lightness. 

** The deer laze about, grazing here, dozing there, doing the work they must to survive but balancing that out by also pausing to lounge in Maharaj's cool blue shade, relaxing, basking in the ecstasy of occasional sexual contact . . . just being and being natural. But human persons (those assuming personas as identifications) believe they must have more than that? Really? 

** An ever-present urge for accumulating more and "getting" more is often set up in childhood. In cultures of accumulation and capitalism, the dualistic vocabulary they hear early on reinforces "getting": 

"Get a good education so you can get a good job and get a good house and get a good spouse" or "Get this or that part of your body augmented and get these clothes and that 'look' and then you'll get a good life because you'll get someone who will provide that." The programming trains persons as children to "get" and then sets them up to believe that the source of bliss or happiness is always external, not internal. 

Yet the lovely house or any other externals - which persons have "gotten" by whatever means - cannot be carried about 24 / 7 and used as a comfort blanket the way that a child drags about its favorite piece of cloth. That which is carried about 24 / 7 is internal, never external, and what is carried about 24 / 7 is what will determine whether a sense of lightness or a sense of heaviness is also being carried about. 

[Also, the belief that only externals can address persons' problems will set them up to believe persons who claim that they are savior-like, to believe the promises of persons who claim that they alone can take care of all of the problems people have, and to believe that persons need not seek their own solutions to their own problems but should put themselves in the hands of some strong and mighty rescuer in "this world" or in "another world beyond" or both.

In that kind of state of ignorance, persons will be set up to avoid taking the actions which they should take; will be set up to seek a God or some person to care of them; and will be set up to try to find some power or Power to turn their troubles over to in order for their problems to be solved (setting up The Dependent Personality Disorder and / or The Co-Dependent Personality Disorder). 

How widespread is that mindset? It is the mindset of Personality Type Sixes, and Personality Type Sixes make up 50% of the planet's population. They are also the type most prone to be fearful and anxious, so if one is running for a political office, then a strategy which appeals to persons' fears will almost always guarantee that a politician tapping into persons' fears will garner 50% of any vote total right from the get-go.]

** Maharaj: "Nothing can make you happier than you are." How the masses hate that pointer. How quickly they react and how quickly they protest about how false that statement is, citing example after example of the things they have and the people they have in their lives as what "makes them happy." What an unnatural and impossible task to be strapped with, to be the one responsible for making someone else happy and then assuring that she or he stays that way. 

A woman about to marry said, "I have promised my husband that I will never make the mistake I see in other marriages where one partner bores the other." The reply: "Ah, so you are going to become his personal entertainer? You are the one who will assure that he will never be bored, even though you are never likely to find his deepest secret which would reveal what he would truly desire from you if he were totally honest? Interesting." 

Talk about co-dependency, yes? Program a child to believe - as 97% on the planet do - that there are gods or a god who is all-powerful - but who can be made sad or glad, be made happy or unhappy, be made proud or disappointed by you - and as an adult - the belief will be accepted without question that, "Well of course all relationships with not-all-powerful persons can surely be co-dependent. If I have the power to make god glad or happy or proud, then surely I can make any person the same." 

And what kind of god can be made glad or sad by humans? A really co-dependent god.

Thus, the agreement becomes in many relationships, "I'll make you happy, but you be sure to make me happy." As some Easterners suggest: "You might as well search for an eagle's nest on the bottom on the ocean floor as search for someone or something external to make you happy." If "A" is enjoying the lightness and "B" is enjoying the lightness, then "A-B" will enjoy the lightness of each other's companionship. If either or both are fixated in the heaviness, head out to the ocean floor. 

** The light - which can allow the false to be exposed as being false - is omnipresent. While the surface of the moon reflects the light of the sun and appears to be surrounded in darkness, the fact is that there is as much light surrounding the surface as there is striking the surface. Persons can close their eyes and fail to see the light or can cover their eyes with their hands and block the light, but the light is there nevertheless, ready to facilitate the seeing of Truth if the love of all things false and the love of all false personality identifications are set aside. 

** Maharaj: " . . . To find the immutable and blissful, you must give up your hold on the mutable and painful. You are concerned with your own happiness and I am telling you that there is no such thing. Happiness is never your own; it is where the ‘I’ is not. I do not say it is beyond your reach; you have only to reach out beyond yourself, and you will find it." 

** To abide in full awareness of the facts surrounding the composite unity, and to transcend all notions that you are "something more" than the elements and air and temporarily-manifested conscious energy, calls for the question: "WHO is happy? Earth elements? The air? A speck of energy? And WHO is sad? Earth elements? The air? A speck of energy?" 

** To transcend all sense of personal, individualized WHO-ness is to abide in the sweet respite of beingness, and when the incredible lightness of just being finally manifests, and when all is merely witnessed from the platform of Your Original Nature, what WHO could be taken seriously when it thinks it needs more in order to be anything, including happy? 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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