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“What Would You Say If You Knew For A Fact That Only Three Hours Of The Manifestation Remained?" Part Twenty-Six

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To review the key pointers that would be offered were the taking of mahasamadhi only hours away: 

The source of all relative problems always involves fanaticism

Fanaticism is always rooted in the agendas of personality identifications

Fanaticism also works hand-in-hand with higher-than-ever levels of the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder are manifesting around the globe. 

To summarize some of the other key pointers which would be offered if the final talks were limited to what could be shared during the final three hours of the manifestation: 

1. Find the simplest version of these teachings. 

2. Abide naturally. 

 3. Seek no identity, including "good" ones. 

4. Rest in the awareness of the nothingness. 

5. All things relative and Absolute is much ado about nothing. 

6. Settle not for instability. 

7. Question. 

8. Be free of the effects of your programming, conditioning, domestication and acculturation. 

9. March to the beat of your inner guru. 

10. Transition both religious and spiritual concepts. 

11. Understand that there are hundreds of sources of pain, that there is only one source of misery and suffering, and that you must return to the mind-less "Child No-Knowing Stage" is you would be free and happy. 

12. If you would abide naturally, find either a guide or a model that is abiding naturally. 

13. You Really Can Just Be (Without Being Anything or Anybody). 

14. Be still and know that you are and know that you are that so that you can be still and know that you are so that you can be still and know so that you can then just be still so that you can just . . . be. 

And then next: The next topic offered for consideration is excerpted from the book WHEN ONLY THREE HOURS OF MANIFESTATION REMAIN (The "Final" Talks of Floyd Henderson):  

Above All: Be Love, But Then Live In an "As If" Fashion So That You Can Enjoy Love As A Relative Expression Of ABSOLUTE, REAL LOVE As Well 
(Part Five “B”: Loving Without Any Object Of Your Love) 

Originally, you were at Home - the Original Home being Your Original Nature and Your Present Home being the Authentic Self or The Real Self or The True Self. 

[To clarify, the point was made by Maharaj in his later teachings and has been made here time and again that there is no validity to any concepts or beliefs regarding “a self” or “selves” or “A Self” or “self-ness” or “Self-Ness.” 

The use of “the Authentic Self” or “The Real Self” or “The True Self” are merely terms which can be used for seekers at the earlier stages on “the path” to point to what is to be understood. “The Real Self” or “The True Self” refer to nothing more than the Pure Witnessing (and not even to “a Pure Witness”) and that is present only during the manifestation, not “later” at some post-manifestation point. 

Thus, the present “home” is a triad - the composite unity – made of an elemental plant food body which is circulating air and conscious-energy. There is no "original consciousness" which has remained in “your” plat food body from the beginning. 

As with all energy / matter, it cycles. Were that not the case, then you would only have needed to eat food – the bearer and transferor of conscious-energy – one time; since the conscious-energy does cycle constantly, then you are required to eat food regularly in order to replenish the supply. It is only the distortions of memory which give an illusion of continuity which leads some to believe the falsehood that the speck of consciousness you are now is the same speck of consciousness which you have been since the beginning of the current manifestation.] 

Your Original Home is not a literal "place" that has anything to do with anything personal. Here, the invitation is offered Lovingly and lovingly: come home. Come back to Your Original Nature. Abide naturally. 

When the poet wrote an ode on "Intimations of Immortality," or when Advaitins discuss "The Nectar of Immortality," the use of the term "immortality" refers to nothing with even the slightest trace of personhood. It refers only to the essence which you are invited to find, to understand, to relish, to be. In order to understand what True Love is in the relative existence, several prerequisites exist: 

1. As in all instances of traveling the Advaita “path” to truth, all currently-held concepts and ideas and beliefs (in this case, about “what love is”) must be seen to be false and must be abandoned in order for the truth to be seen. 

2. The false must be seen, but that alone does not allow the truth to be known; thus, all of the steps in “The Seven-Step Journey to Reality” which are required to reach an understanding of “the True Self” / Pure Witnessing must be completed if True Love is to be known. 

3. All sense of duality must be abandoned, along with all past programming that has led to the belief in subject-object delusions. 

4. In forfeiting all belief in the Subject-Object illusion, the Realized can be free of the concept of “personal relationship” and can understand that anything thought to be “personal” is about nothing more than a persona (the false self); can understand that the false self can know no truth at all; can know the unicity rather than the duality; can understand Advaita’s “not two”; and can therefore understand the falsehood of the concepts of “relating” and “relationship.” 

5. For the understandings in #4 above to manifest, then all ego-states (personas, false identities, and roles) must be abandoned, and that cannot happen without completing the journey referenced in #2 above. 

Next, to know “the Real You” (presently, “Pure Witnessing”) is to know “the Real Me.” To know that you are Love is to know that I am Love. Everything is matter or energy, thus Love is energy. You, in the relative, are matter sustained by energy . . . Real Love being one of those energies for some. 

Today, if I tell you “I Love you,” the truth behind those words is in the understanding that Love is not an action verb. It is only a noun. It indicates that I know who (or, more accurately, what I am) and that you are that, too. Sane, I shall not behave in a destructive manner. Sane, I cannot harm you for you are me. Anything not the Real You and the Real Me is illusion and is not Love. Love is that knowing, knowing I AM everything. 

For persons / personas, (false) "love" is about body desires and perceived needs stored in the “mind” after cultural programming, conditioning, etc. Thus, because "the mind" is conditioned, "love" in the relative is always conditional, always self-seeking (in spite of claims to the contrary), and always driven by agendas which are hidden from the one playing the role of “the lover” as well as from the one accepting the label of “the loved.” 

Both are ego-states, and persons trapped in their egotism can never know truth. Ego, by definition, is the “false I.” That which is false can never know truth. Love, as known by the True Self (by Pure Witnessing), is unconditional. What a conditioned person knows about Love is as far removed from reality as the True Self / Pure Witnessing is removed from the false roles played out by ego-states. 

Only the True Self - the Self that is known as a result of the consciousness having been purged of all of the effects of programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and that is, thus, once again functioning as “Pure Consciousness" (as "Pure Witnessing") - can know True Love. Moreover, it is only during the relative that Love can be understood (there be no “one” later, post-manifestation, to understand anything) and that understanding can only happen via the Pure Witnessing which is what the term “the True Self” points to. 

All beliefs held by personas about what "love" is are merely more falsehoods taken to be truth by those absorbed in ego-states, in body identification, and in the trap of “the mind” (which is nothing more than the storehouse of all lies and misconceptions and falsehoods passed on via the culture). 

If you know all of the above to be fact, you are likely “realized” (that is, per Maharaj, “free of learned ignorance and imposed insanity). If you are willing to consider that the above is fact, then you are moving along the path toward “Full Awareness.” If you find the pointers above to be anathema, then more remains to be understood about ego and ego-states and about the differentiation between Real Love and Love Expressed as love and the (false) "love" which the masses talk of. 

It is True Love (as understood via the True Self, the Pure Witnessing) which knows no “difference,” which sees no “differences,” which imagines no multiplicity, and which imagines no ego (false “I’s”) to be true; therefore, the True Self is fully aware that no separation exists. It is Pure Witnessing which understands that there is no validity to beliefs about different-from-ment and – therefore – accepts no beliefs about better-than-ment. 

[Are duality-based, separation-based beliefs increasing and spreading? Yes. It means nothing that the name “Floyd Henderson” has been added to The Wall of Tolerance at the Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit organization that combats hate, intolerance and discrimination through education and litigation. The Wall merely contains the names of those that have been willing to take a public stand against hatred and separation and in favor of Love instead. 

What does have meaning, and even then only relatively speaking, is the Center’s tracking of hate groups in the U.S. for those that would be informed. And what has been seen is an astronomical increase in the number of hate groups in the U.S. since the election of an African-American president and worldwide since the U.S. stock market-induced global economic collapse and the subsequent anger and rage which have inspired persons in nations around the globe to seek local scapegoats as targets of their rage. 

In the U.S., anti-government militiamen, white supremacists, abortion foes, domestic Islamist radicals, neo-Nazis and lovers of the Confederate battle flag have targeted police, government officials, black churchgoers, Muslims, Jews, schoolchildren, Marines, abortion providers, members of the Black Lives Matter protest movement and have used firearms, bombs, C-4 plastic explosives, knives and grenades to attack those scapegoats. 

Also in the U.S., demonizing statements about Latinos and Blacks and Muslims have electrified the radical right and white supremacists, and white members of those same groups throughout Western and Eastern Europe have been similarly electrified. By contrast, the True Self / Pure Witnessing knows the unicity. And knowing the unicity, and being the Oneness, is the only means by which the bliss can manifest consistently.]

So, yes, ignorance-and-insanity-induced duality and hatred are on the rise while it is only those who have been freed from the effects of learned ignorance and imposed insanity that know the Oneness and that can then know and enjoy . . . 

Peace, Unity, Love, and Light. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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