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 A one-day pause in "The Vision Series" will be taken to address the questions which have come from many of the regular site visitors who are living on six of the seven continents. Why devote this space to them? Because their questions - and the accurate answer to their questions - have everything to do with duality and the Ultimate Sickness (which are the focus of the content on this blog site). 

The most recent round of questions began hitting the inbox here late Tuesday night, came all day Wednesday, and continue today. Many were like the text received from my daughter in the early morning hours of Wednesday: "WTF?!" 

Rather than ignore the flood of questions, I will answer in this one post all of those who have written so far and all who might write later with questions which all seem to be sharing a similar query, namely, "WTF is going on in the U.S.?" (referring, of course, to the results of the recent presidential election). 

Some who are familiar with the eighteen-month-long campaign want to point to one specific cause or another to explain the end result: 

"The problem is the electoral college in the U.S. Gore got over 500,000 more votes than Bush, but Bush became president. Clinton got over 2,000,000 more votes than Trump but he's going to become the next president. So much for the U.S. being 'a democracy.' The problem with uninformed persons in the U.S. calling that nation 'a democracy' is that the U.S. is nothing close to being a true democracy." 

Another who called said this in a telephone conversation: 

The problem is that the U.S. is filled with hypocrites. The voters self-identifying as 'Christians,' 'Evangelicals,' and / or 'highly religious,' voted 83% to 16% for Trump, ignoring the fact that he admitted to sexual assault, confessing in his own words to having "grabbed women by the p***y"; that he admitted to walking in on teenage girls in one of his beauty pageants when he knew they were changing into swimwear and were nude or semi-nude; that he admitted to having made clear through a series of statements over the years that he is sexually-attracted to his daughter; that he told a radio host that, sure, he could call that daughter "a great piece of **s"; that he had a first wife who wrote in her book that he had raped her (though his lawyers' threats forced her publisher to add a foreword to her book to prevent a lawsuit); and made clear in hundreds of ways that he shared none of their so-called 'Christian values'." 

Another wrote to say that Trump won because "[FBI Director] Comey and his white, male, right-wing federal agents interfered enough right before the election to sabotage Clinton." 

The reply to all? "Possibly spot on, but none of that touches the heart of the real issue." 

Maharaj made clear that "the cause of all is all," so the outcome of the election must first be traced all the way back to "the very beginning of the U.S." . . . to the arrival on what is called "the North American continent" of the non-indigenous persons who would take possession of 99% of the land from the indigenous peoples, who would kill 98% of the indigenous peoples, and who would set the stage for the development of another Aryan / Anglo-Saxon / white / Christian nation with a new population of persons who displayed the typical Aryan propensity for attacking, pillaging, plundering, and conquering (all of which are rooted, in turn, in the Ultimate Sickness). 

If persons would point to "one, overall cause," point to that Sickness with its key symptoms - identified by Maharaj as "ignorance, stupidity, and insanity." 

Two months ago, when questions began arriving from site visitors all around the globe about what was going on in the U.S., the explanation was this:

As noted earlier in regards to acculturation, the case is in many cultures in particular that children are subjected by their parents and relatives and friends - who are themselves rigid and distant and excessively formal and remote and detached and aloof - to an intensive and extensive process of acculturation . . . 

including acclimatization and nationalization and "education" and orientation and reorientation and accustoming and racial bias and a sense of racial supremacy and xenophobia and chauvinism and misogyny and the resulting hatred and sense of different-from-ment and better-than-ment and the sense of separation and duality which accompany all of those. 

[Once the number of persons attached to such concepts crosses "the tipping point" where 50% or more in a nation are being driven by the agendas of those concepts, then buffoonery will prevail; then the majority will believe the grandest lies that a politician can dream up and spout; then they will be driven by anger and fear and arrogance to choose leaders who display unimaginable levels of "ignorance and stupidity and insanity"; and then the majority will happily "cut off their noses to spite their faces."] 

But let the actual source of the real problem in the U.S. - namely, the duality-based Ultimate Sickness - be explained by Zeba Blay 

the "Voices Culture Writer" for The Huffington Post who penned the article entitled "Don’t Be Surprised. This Is The America You Have Always Lived In. The Alt-Right Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened. Now What?" 

Blay wrote: 

And so, the so-called “unthinkable” has happened. Donald Trump, the racist, sexist, xenophobic candidate of the Republican alt-right, has been elected President of the United States. Across social media, white anti-Trumpers are expressing shock and disbelief, unable to recognize the America they thought they knew. Well, wake up. This is the America that people of color have always known. This is the America that has always existed. 

Patton Oswalt received thousands of retweets on Tuesday for observing: "What I've learned so far tonight: America is WAAAAAAAAY more sexist than it is racist. And it's pretty fucking racist." 

He is wrong. 

America is deeply sexist, but comparing the role of sexism to the role of racism in Trump's election is comparing apples to oranges, and far too simplistic. After all, 45 percent of college-educated white women also voted for Trump. When asked whether Trump’s win was solely about people not wanting a woman in the role of president, news pundit Danielle Moodie-Mills nailed the underlying factor: 

“This is so much bigger than that, this is about . . . this is literally white supremacy’s last stand in America,” Moodie-Mills explained. "This is hatred on a level that we have not seen since Jim Crow. We underestimated as Americans how deep our hatred was of the ‘other,’ how deep white, uneducated Americans felt about the demographic shift. We underestimated that level of insidious hatred.”

[Note that Maharaj's discussions regarding the key problem with humanity has always been rooted in beliefs and that some of the most prevalent beliefs deal with the hatred which is based in a belief in the concept of "the other," with a belief in the concept of "different-from-ment," and - therefore - with a belief in the concept of "better-than-ment."


The election of Donald Trump is painfully consistent with how America historically has reacted to the racial tide turning in the past. From the 13th Amendment, the seeds of mass incarceration were sewn. The hope of Reconstruction gave way to Jim Crow. The first black president has given way to Donald Trump. 

It’s no surprise that after President Barack Obama comes a president who has whipped up a frothy storm of hatred and bigotry over the last 18 months, a man who has been enthusiastically endorsed by self-professed white supremacists. This is democracy at work. Democracy, after all, is about representation. Trump’s election is a stark representation of a country that hates black people, that hates undocumented immigrants, that hates Muslims and Jews. 

[Maharaj, on hating: "You do and undo at every step. You want peace, love, happiness, and work hard to create pain, hatred and war"


"Selfishness is always destructive. Desire and fear, both are self-centered states. Between desire and fear anger arises, with anger hatred, with hatred passions for destruction. War is hatred in action, organized and equipped with all the instruments of death."


"It is your mind that has separated the world outside your skin from the world inside and put them in opposition. This created fear and hatred and all the miseries of living."


Trump’s campaign has exposed us to some ugly truths about America’s hatred of "the other," unleashing a thundering tide of bigotry, racism, and xenophobia that is thoroughly unapologetic. And just as dangerous as the unapologetic racists, if not more so, are the white Americans so steeped in racism that they mistake bigotry for patriotism. “Make America Great Again,” they say. “We’re taking back our country,” they say. They make up more of the fabric of this country than anyone has been willing to admit, and Tuesday night, they made themselves heard. 

Today, so many Americans are in mourning. They are mourning the death of the dream of “hope” sold to them by Obama’s historic election. They are mourning the death of American goodness. But now is not the time for mourning ― it’s time for action. 

This win may be a further validation of racist thinking in America, but it isn’t its creation. It’s been so easy for white liberals to turn a blind eye to the deep-seated nature of racism in the past ― especially after eight years of being able to cling to their vote for a black president. But Tuesday was a wake up call, a stark reminder that there is more for you to do. It will be the job of those Americans who do not agree with Trump and his surrogates, now more than ever, to combat the deluge of bigotry that’s been left in the wake of his ridiculous campaign trail. There are no more excuses." 

Blay may never have heard of "Maharaj" or "non-duality"; nevertheless, she joined Maharaj in speaking - at least on this occasion - from the universal consciousness which comes when one taps into a sense of the Oneness via the "inner guru" or the "inner resource" and is thus able to point toward Truth (which actually cannot be stated but which can be known by those who have escaped the bondage of programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination and warrantless fears and destructive desires and humanity's false sense of separation and "the other" and a belief in the concepts of "different-from-ment" and the subsequent belief in the concept of "better-than-ment."

The cause of all is all, and all that caused the outcome of the recent U.S. presidential election can be traced back even beyond the invasion of the U.S. by Europeans and to the roots of duality which were sown and reaped for centuries in Anglo-Saxon / Germanic / white Europe and in Spain's and France's and Britain's supremacist cultures and nations with their populations who have long believed that they were entitled to control the lands and resources of darker-skinned (and, therefore, "surely lesser") people all around the globe from India to North and Central and South America to the Falkland Islands to Africa to Canada to Australia and throughout the Middle East and to all points in between. 

As long as the Ultimate Sickness is so widespread, so too shall the offspring of duality be widespread, those offspring including selfish desires and fear and a sense of "the other" and a sense of separation and anger and hatred and war and destruction.

The cause of all is all, but all paths of selfish desires and fear and a sense of "the other" and a sense of separation and anger and hatred and war and destruction all lead back to a common source: duality.

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