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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Treatment, Part Two

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Causes of the Ultimate Sickness - Person(s)-to-Person Transmissions

1. Like so many other contagious diseases, the Ultimate Sickness is passed from person to person. The transmission can - and often does - begin in families but the Sickness can also be spread by contact with non-familial persons in one's culture; by contact with distant relatives; via contact with friends and acquaintances; by contact with one's culture; within schools; at political rallies; in churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, spiritual groups and all other locations where ancient, sky-cult beliefs have been disseminated for thousands of years; in the workplace; and anywhere that one can come into contact with those among the masses who are carriers of the Sickness. 

Related Causes - Generational Transmissions 

1 B. The "generational aspect" of the Sickness allows never-questioned, hand-me-down concepts to be passed down to a member of a new generation who is exposed to concepts and beliefs which were passed along from great-grandparents to grandparents to parents, etc., etc. 

In some cases, the Sickness was originally rooted in concepts and beliefs which were based in ancient fictional myths and ignorant superstitions, but those same fictional and ignorant beliefs are still being passed down nowadays, transferring the Sickness to persons presently living all around the globe. Those hand-me-down concepts come in many varieties and determine which religion is deemed to be preferable; which religious beliefs are to be adhered to; which political parties are to be supported; where persons will function - often for an entire relative existence - along a continuum of far-right ideologies to centrist ideologies to far-left ideologies, etc. 

Other Causes - Transmission of Ignorance and Lies 

2. Yesterday, the point was made that the Ultimate Sickness is passed down to children via perverted programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, brainwashing, and indoctrination. 

For example, no Christian children in Germany in the 1930's and 1940's started out with the belief that they were members of the planet's Superior Race or that their white, Aryan race was, indeed, a Super Race. None believed - prior to programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, brainwashing, and indoctrination - in the concept of eugenics.

[Eugenics is the racist, white supremacist doctrine which suggests that a human population can be improved by controlled breeding which increases the occurrence of "desirable heritable characteristics" and "racial purity" - namely, via the breeding of whites and more whites - and decreases the occurrence of births among so-called "undesirables" - such as the mentally handicapped, non-whites / non-Aryans, non-Christians, and homosexuals, according to the white supremacists who believe in the concept of eugenics.]

In other words, just as two breeding humans will only produce another human, and just as two breeding horses will only produce another horse, so it is that the "ignorance" which Maharaj identified as a symptom of the Ultimate Sickness is guaranteed to breed only more and more ignorance; 

that the "stupidity" which Maharaj identified as another symptom of the Ultimate Sickness is guaranteed to breed only more and more stupidity; and that the "insanity" which Maharaj identified as a third symptom of the Ultimate Sickness is guaranteed to breed more and more insanity. Can the chain be broken? Yes, sometimes. Treatment options will be discussed later. 

Causes - Faith-Based Acceptance / Lack of Questioning 

3. All beliefs which are at the heart of the Ultimate Sickness are taught - as is all "learned ignorance," to use Maharaj's term - and is only accepted unquestioningly by children after they have been subjected to arrogance-based programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, brainwashing, and indoctrination. Early on, children have an activated BS detector. Early on, they time and again ask, "Why?" But after being chastised or punished for questioning any of the concepts which are passed along by a so-called "authority," they soon acquiesce and accept the nonsensical BS which is being passed down to them.

Causes - Assignment and / or Acceptance of False Identifications 

4. Once that happens, then the Ultimate Sickness will have been passed on from previous generations to new generations. The result is body and mind and personality identification, and when personality identifications begin to drive person throughout childhood and into adult life, the results take a toll on the body and the mind of every individual trapped in personality identification. Why" Consider: 

“Whatever increases, decreases, limits or extends the body’s power of action, increases, decreases, limits or extends the mind’s power of action. And whatever increases, decreases, limits or extends the mind’s power of action, also increases, decreases, limits or extends the body’s power of action.”—Spinoza, 1600’s A.D. 

“Suppose I am not able to think, that my mind is not clear. What does it mean? It means my food essence is rather dull today. It is not getting into combustion in proper order; therefore, the thinking is also dull. This mind pertains to the food essences.” —Maharaj, September 3, 1979 

So, what affects the mind - including the fears and desires associated with all personality identifications - will also affect the physical, elemental, plant food body. The Ultimate Sickness which is a mental sickness can also contribute to physical and emotional sickness as well.

Causes - Programming / Domestication / Psychological Conditioning 

5. Programming begins for a child with parents or caregivers passing down to their children the parents' or caregivers' thoughts, perspectives, ideas, concepts, notions, etc. (all of which can be categorized simply as "beliefs"). That programming happens domestically, in the home. Classical conditioning (also known as Pavlovian or respondent conditioning) refers to a learning procedure in which a potent stimulus is paired with a previously-neutral stimulus. That takes place during a child's early years, so programming begins in the home, but it continues later on in schools, religious organizations, clubs, groups, programs, and - yes - in many satsanga sessions as well. 

Causes - Acculturation / Enculturation 

6. Acculturation happens via a nation's social media, television, schools, religious leaders, governmental leaders and agencies, businesses, law enforcement, military personnel, etc. 

Causes - Brainwashing and Indoctrination 

7. Brainwashing leads persons to adopt different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure. Indoctrination, on the other hand, usually refers to the forcing of religious or spiritual or cult-like or political ideas onto susceptible persons. It usually occurs in environments that discourage or disallow persons from questioning or criticizing the beliefs of those in charge of a variety of venues such as those named above. 

Causes - Normalization of the Abnormal

8. Warped thinking will feed the Ultimate Sickness, causing all to be seen in a 180-opposite manner of what actually is.

Causes - Substituting the Unnatural and Supernatural for the Natural

8 B. The Ultimate Sickness is also rooted in the propensity among humans to substitute unnatural thinking and magical / supernatural thinking for simply seeing all naturally and just as it is. Unnatural thinking is dominated by delusions, illusions and distortions. Supernatural thinking is dominated by a belief that there is a Power or Powers from some different and better world who are controlling everything in this world, a Power or Powers Who can be influenced to give persons in this world what they want if they have faith in that Power or those Powers, if they worship that Power or those Powers, if they sacrifice to that Power or those Powers, and if they pray enough to that Power or those Powers. Need rain? Pray. Have too much rain, causing flooding? Pray. Have a hurricane about to make landfall near your city? Pray for the Power(s) to divert it (and hit somebody, anybody, other that you).
Causes - Symptom Transmissions 

9. When the transmissions of the symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness occurs, then it is clear that the Sickness itself has been spread as well. More on the symptoms tomorrow. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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