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Is the Pointer “SLOW DOWN – YOU MOVE TOO FAST” Relevant to You?

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Today's Considerations

F.: Pointers offered yesterday include these: the markers of the post—Realization relative existence (that is, the post-ignorance and post-insanity existence) include moving about calmly rather than quickly and an absence of excessive doingness and zooming about as if on a race track. 

Also, Douwe Tiemersma (author of the “Foreword” to “I AM THAT”) asked this: “Have you practiced [slowing down] recently?” He noted that, post-Realization, "you begin to walk slower and slower and your speech slows down;" however, “if you maintain the old ‘I’-structure, there is a constant motion which continues, and the speed of it always increases. Everything continues to spin. People are running here and there and back again. There is no moment of rest."

Regarding such constant motion and ever-increasing speed, note that in the U.S., the only “crime” which the police consistently "solve" is “speeding.” The coffers of the governments of small towns are most often filled with money gained through the writing of speeding citations. (How? The average annual speeding ticket revenue brought in by each and every U.S. police officer is $300,000.00, year in and year out.)  

The total up-front annual profit from speeding tickets ranges from $3,750,000,000.00 to $7,500,000,000.00. The average annual income from speeding tickets a few years back was averaging $6 billion but has increased to the $7.5 billion figure following the economic collapse. 

The biggest variable in the $3.75 billion dollars which police rake in some years vs. the $7.5 billion they bring in other years correlates with prevailing economic conditions: during period of recession when local and state revenues are lower, the police issue more tickets to make up for the shortfall. When the economy is booming, less pressure is applied to officers to “meet quotas and bring in money.” 

One former officer said some years ago that he was told that, if he did not start writing more tickets, then there would be no money to cover his monthly paychecks. He became quite disgruntled when he realized he was bringing in about $24,000 a month in ticket income for the city but was only being paid $24,000 a year. In the U.K., the number of speeding tickets issued since the most recent recession began has doubled. Annually, one million more drivers are paying fines than in the pre-recession days. 

As in the U.S., there are some areas in the U.K. where the increase is far greater: in Northamptonshire, the total number of speeding tickets being issued has rocketed from 4,000 to 100,000. In Essex, 100 new cameras saw penalties leap from 1,000 to 70,000. 

Many drivers are playing $650 to $2000 for radar detectors which they hope will allow them to speed without being caught and fined, the notion of slowing down being totally alien. While there are many psychological factors at play, one of the most significant causes of speeding – whether that speeding happens while driving, walking, talking, playing, working, whatever – is a prevailing lack of any sense of coherence (that is, an absence of any internal sense of unity or harmony or concord or unanimity) between the plant food body and the racing mind. 

Instead, there is a prevailing sense of incongruity and disjointedness which characterizes the existence of the non-Realized, and that lack of a sense of connectedness - along with a predominant sense of derangement and disorder and incoherence and disunion and insatiability instead - drives persons to race about physically. Why? 

Say the mind is racing at “80 miles per hour” while a non-Realized person is having to sit still in a meeting or in traffic or during a boring conversation. The body-mind ratio which is generating an internal sense of incongruity is 1:80. That is a huge disparity, and if a person is experiencing a 1:80 sense of imbalance, then there will be an unconscious, subconscious attempt to reduce that unevenness and attain some degree of balance. 

Among the Realized, that state of equilibrium manifested when the mind was eliminated (by purging that part of the brain of all beliefs which had been stored therein) and thus being rid of the source of the internal sense of disparity which is at the heart of duality and which marks and mars the relative existence of the non-Realized; otherwise, insanity and chaos will prevail. 

That is why one Advaitin some 2000 years ago was reported to have observed that “a dual-minded person is unstable in all ways.” Widespread instability and the pervasive addiction to chaos will drive persons into a go and do and zoom mentality. 

Again, Maharaj, pointed to the solution while discussing the results which calm witnessing rather than hectic doingness will have on the mind before one finally Realizes Fully and is freed of the mind’s constant churning - and the resultant agitation which that churning produces: “Observation slows down the mind till it stops altogether.” 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.
                                  Other Considerations

Monday, 2 March 2015

F.: There is only one moment (which can actually become a continuous series of moments) which can afford peace and joy as well as proper perspective during moments of relative challenges, and it is NOW. There is only one moment (which can actually become a continuous series of moments) which can afford anything close to what could be considered “a reward,” and it is NOW. There is only one moment (which can actually become a continuous series of moments) which could be consider “punishing,” and it, too, is NOW.

The NOW for the Realized, for those restored to sanity and freed from all ignorance, is marked by the following: peace (and the ability to witness challenges and to observe them in proper perspective and to address them calmly with wisdom); moments of joy or moments of contentment; periods of silence and quietness; a continuously silent and quiet space between the ears; and a slow pace rather than going too fast and being trapped in excessive doingness and zooming about as if on a race track . . . or as if trapped in a giant hamster wheel. 

Maharaj said, “It is you who are in movement and not time. Stop moving and time will cease. Past and future will merge in the eternal now.” 

The music of Simon and Garfunkel often contained non-duality-like messages and pointers. You are invited to watch this short video before the discussion continues, and if you scroll down, you can also follow along with the lyrics below. 


"The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)" 

Slow down, you move too fast. 

You got to make the morning last. 
Just kicking down the cobble stones. 
Looking for fun and feelin' groovy. 

Hello lamppost, What cha knowing? 

I've come to watch your flowers growing. 
Ain't cha got no rhymes for me? 
Doot-in' doo-doo, Feelin' groovy. 

Got no deeds to do, No promises to keep. 

I'm dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep. 
Let the morning time drop all its petals on me. 
Life, I love you, 
All is groovy. 

Can you relate to the invitation to “Slow down – you move too fast”? What else did Maharaj offer regarding the topic? 

Questioner: “We are like animals, running about in vain pursuits and there seems to be no end to it. Is there a way out?” 

Maharaj: “Many ways will be offered to you which will but take you round and bring you back to your starting point. First realise that your problem exists in your waking state only, that however painful it is, you are able to forget it altogether when you go to sleep. When you are awake you are conscious; when you are asleep, you are only alive. Consciousness and life -- both you may call God; but you are beyond both, beyond God, beyond being and not-being. What prevents you from knowing yourself as all and beyond all, is the mind based on memory. It has power over you as long as you trust it; don't struggle with it; just disregard it. Deprived of attention, it will slow down and reveal the mechanism of its working. Once you know its nature and purpose, you will not allow it to create imaginary problems.” 

[Of course, most “animals” move at a fraction of the pace set by non-Realized humans.] 

Maharaj also offered a pointer to another seeker regarding “the pace of the ‘journey,” but the point is relevant to the pace of the entire relative existence: “The quick is not better than the slow.” 

Speaking of being free from thoughts, Maharaj answered a seeker who asked, “How is it done?” by saying:

“You begin by letting thoughts flow and watching them. The very observation slows down the mind till it stops altogether. Once the mind is quiet, keep it quiet. Don't get bored with peace. Be in it; go deeper into it.” 

This exchange also contains pointers relevant to the topic:

Q: “I heard of holding on to one thought in order to keep other thoughts away. But how to keep all thoughts away? The very idea is also a thought.” 

M: “Experiment anew, don't go by past experience. Watch your thoughts and watch yourself watching the thoughts. The state of freedom from all thoughts will happen suddenly and by the bliss of it you shall recognise it.” 

Some addiction therapists suggest that persons who stop using for a time are drawn back in to usage when they are “restless, irritable or discontented.” They left off the key condition which drives persons to use again and to go and do and zoom: boredom. Addiction to chaos is about boredom. 

A racing mind = a racing body. 

Consider how trapped one is in the Type Three personality who must always achieve more and more. There’s never enough time. They must go and do and zoom.

And consider how trapped one is in the Type Eight personality – the boss, the controller, or even the sociopathic one. That one you have seen in traffic, the most aggressive one on the road, cutting people off, constantly changing lanes while maneuvering to be ahead another twenty feet in a line of traffic. Such drivers are mentally driven to drive in the same fashion in which they live: in a go and do and zoom mode. Their pervasive belief is that slower persons are impeding them and interfering with them and with their goals and imagined needs.
The same applies to all personality types (which subconsciously drive the thoughts and words and actions of the non-Realized).
Some might recognize the name “Douwe Tiemersma” if you read the “Foreword” to “I AM THAT.” He shared this during a conversation: 

Have you practiced [slowing down] recently? You walk to the store and you begin to walk slower and slower. At a given moment you walk only a centimeter a second. So we had agreed on that. If you don’t do it, then you can’t speak about it. You talk with someone and at a certain moment your speech slows down. When you always continue at the old pace your attention goes from the one to the other and you maintain the old ‘I’-structure. There is a constant motion from yourself towards a goal. In our society this motion continues and the speed of it always increases. Everything continues to spin. People are running here and there and back again. There is no moment of rest. The possibility of becoming a little more aware of yourself decreases. When will this circus finally end? When will something actually happen? When something really goes wrong, then there is the chance that people will come to themselves. But you can break through your old patterns just like that. 

You’ll certainly have to practice it, for example by consciously breaking through the automatic momentum of speed. When your fascination and bondage is broken through, anything is possible. Physically, you can run or do nothing. It no longer makes any difference. But just once break though the speed of your own movement. Do it also just once with your breath. Follow your breath and let it go slower and slower until it stops. What happens now? Take a look. The traditional yogis do this sometimes in a restricted way: “I’ve always been a slave of the actions I had to perform; so in order to be free I’ll stop functioning: eating, drinking and other activities, breathing, heartbeat, and so on” That kind of stopping is an illusion, but it’s certainly useful to let everything decrease to a slower pace in order to break through fixed patterns.

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 


Earlier, examples were set forth to illustrate the irrationality of Maharaj’s plan “A” (using a religious or religious / non-duality combination to treat the ultimate mental sickness); the irrationality of Maharaj’s plan “B” (using a spiritual or spiritual / non-duality combination to treat the ultimate mental sickness); and the rationality of Maharaj’s plan “C” (using a psychologically-based approach to treat a psychologically-and-personality-based mental sickness). 

How many are attached to Plan “A”? Ninety-seven percent of the people on the planet claim an affiliation with an organized religion. 

How many are attached to Plan “B”? Millions more who proclaim that they are “spiritual, not religious.”

What he found by experience and witnessing was that neither Plan "A" nor "B" freed persons from the symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness. 

Why? The capability of religious programming and conditioning to render persons emotional intoxicated and to inspire them to accept without question the nonsensical claims set forth in the dogma that is propagated by organized religions can be witnessed daily.

The ego involved with those claiming that their spirituality is superior to others’ religiosity is seen by some on a regular basis.

Thus, Maharaj came to see that neither Plan “A” nor Plan “B” could possibly address the Ultimate Sickness because he came to see that the Ultimate Sickness is not rooted in “too little mastery of dogma”; he also came to see that the Ultimate Sickness has nothing to do with persons “not being spiritual enough” or “not doing enough spiritual exercises” or “not having enough faith” or “having a sick soul” or “having a spiritual malady.” 

Instead, he came to see that the Ultimate Sickness is a mind problem and that mind problems are rooted in perverse programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination which lead to persons assuming – at a very early age – personalities (false identities) in order to try to cope with their totally dysfunctional surroundings. 

As for Plan “C,” Maharaj said initially that “1 in 100,000” will ever be freed from the symptoms of Ultimate Sickness even through Plan “C”; later, he changed that to “1 in 1,000,000”; eventually, he amended his guesstimate to “1 in 10,000,000.” But he knew that mind and personality issues had to be addressed if seekers were ever to be restored to sanity and wellness.

He understood all along that personality is at the root of the Ultimate Sickness because it leads to the development of personality disorders which often disintegrate into full-blown neuroses and psychoses. 

In spite of that understanding, Maharaj was influenced by his guru to try Plan “A” first; he was influenced by the Westerners who came later on and brought with them their interest in “things ‘spiritual’”; but after years of trying both “A” and “B” versions of the Ultimate Medicine and seeing how both failed to end the Sickness, he finally shifted fully to the use of Plan “C” to address the fact that the Ultimate Sickness is a mental sickness, not a sickness caused by being exposed to too little dogma and not a sickness caused by too little spirituality. 

He saw how both “A” and “B” were based in a premise which leads to an enormous oversimplification of what is required to treat a highly complex and convoluted Sickness. Why “complex and convoluted”? 

Because the sickness can manifest is a variety of forms and in a variety of combinations, and there is no one, silver bullet that kill off the various forms of the Sickness and there is no single pill that can be taken to end the complicated, treatment-resistant “mental super bug” which infects the human mind after having been perversely programmed and conditioned and domesticated and acculturated and brainwashed and indoctrinated. 

So why did he say over and over that this is so simple? Is there a fairly simple way that the Sickness can be addressed? In some cases, yes; in other cases, no. In the eBook Instability / Insanity: What the Advaita Teaching Can (and Cannot) Address, it is made clear that the non-dual teachings can “do the trick” for some but not for most. In cases when the Sickness has reached near-epic proportions, there might be required a combination of the non-dual understanding and professional care or professional care which includes or is followed by the non-dual teachings. 

Why? Because of the various forms of mental illness which reinforce the Sickness, including these personality-based disorders which can disintegrate into neuroses and psychoses: 

Attachment Personality Disorder (P.D.), the Obsessive-Compulsive P.D., the Depressive P.D., the Narcissistic P.D.; the Histrionic P.D. (generating Emotional Intoxication), the Factitious P.D., the Somatization P.D., the Avoidant P.D., the Borderline P.D., the Masochistic P.D., the Schizoid-Avoidance P.D., the Schizotypal P.D., the Passive-Aggressive P.D., the Paranoid P.D., the Dependent P.D., the Co-Dependent P.D., the Addictive P.D., the Bipolar P.D., the Antisocial / Sociopathic P. D., the Pathological P.D., the Sadistic P.D., the Schizoid P.D., and the Dissociative P.D., to name but a few. 

Over the years, I have worked as a consultant with many professional counselors on every continent who contract with me to test their clients with a personality inventory test and then offer certain non-dual pointers which expose the serious consequences of having one’s thoughts and words and actions being controlled by the hidden agendas of personalities. As for the professional aspects of addressing those issues, one need but see the specialized trainings which are required of professionals to even begin to address the various disorders. 

The approach used by wise professionals to address the Borderline P.D. is nothing like the approach used to address the Dependent and Co-Dependent P.D., and the approach used by wise professionals to address the Avoidant P.D. or the Schizoid-Avoidant P.D. is nothing like the approach used to address the Addictive P.D., although both generate the same thinking and talking and behavior patterns. 

For those counselors using EMDR to expose and treat the past hidden traumas which drive present behaviors, there are totally separate protocols that are to be used to address each of the various disorders which are resulting in the misery and suffering that are being experienced by their clients. 

So consider: how ignorant and insane would it be for a professional to try to treat thirty different personality disorders or neuroses or psychoses - which can each present in a totally different and dissimilar and diverse and unique way - with the one same method, promising that that one method can provide a blanket cure for all of a patient’s vastly different mental illnesses and disorders? 

And that is the insanity of Plans “A” and “B.” Those using either of those methods will claim that it is a cure-all, the only thing needed to address a variety of grave mental and emotional disorders. They sell their treatment plan exactly the way that snake oil salesmen of bygones days marketed their product: as a panacea or miraculous remedy. The original snake oil salesmen claimed that their snake oil could cure rheumatism, skin diseases, joint pain, colds, influenza and other viral and bacterial infections, cuts, scrapes, abrasions, migraines, mental instabilities . . . you name it. The modern day snake oil salesmen claim that Plan "A" or Plan "B" is even more miraculous - even more supernatural and more magical - and can eliminate all forms of discontentment and misery and suffering and insanity in one fell swoop.

It would be exactly like a general practitioner using the one same pill to treat headaches, broken bones, internal hemorrhaging, and cancer. 

How arrogant and deceptive to make such claims, but how far more self-deceptive to buy into such claims. Yet such claims are exactly what those touting Plans “A” and “B” are making. And with all of his “good intentions” early on (and for all of “floyd’s good intentions” early on) the fact is that experience and trial and error ultimately showed both the inaccuracy of the claim that religious dogma or spiritual practices can treat the Ultimate Sickness. 

“Be spiritual and both your body and your mind will be healed”? Really? 

Finally, a note to those who come to understand the reality of the Ultimate Sickness – that only a psychological treatment can address psychological problems. Be forewarned. Those with an agenda to escape to Foo-Foo Land; and those with a desire to ignore the "I AM" part of the summative statement of non-duality (I AM THAT; I AM); and those with the goal of reinforcing their image as “The Super Religious One” or as “The Spiritual Giant” will often go for the jugular when you share the truth about the real roots of the Ultimate Sickness and about the only version of the Ultimate Medicine which might address the Sickness. 

Maharaj took the heat and moved on. The same is happening here. If you fully understand the real problem and the real solution, then you may have to take the heat if you happen to share that truth. Or you might remain in the silence and enjoy the fact that you are no longer experiencing the symptoms, no longer searching endlessly for a cure, and are now sitting back and relaxing and abiding naturally. After realizing the truth and being freed of the Ultimate Sickness's symptoms of "ignorance and stupidity and insanity [Maharaj's words], some share and some do not, and either way has been observed to be just fine. 

More to the point is for each to find what it is that is really ailing him or her and for each to find the proper treatment for what is causing the ailment. 

Best regards in the searching which can end all searching, in doing what is relatively important right now to restore you to sanity and which thereafter becomes totally unimportant as natural, spontaneous abidance unfolds. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 


F.: Cited earlier were some of the criticisms of Maharaj that have made it into print over the years, the first wave of disparagement and condemnation coming after he abandoned his Hindu / non-duality combination of the Ultimate Medicine and the second wave of disapproval and censuring coming after Maharaj abandoned his spirituality / non-duality version of the Ultimate Medicine.

Yet if those critics – as well as all seekers nowadays – came to understand what Maharaj eventually came to understand (namely, that the Ultimate Sickness is a mind-based and personality disorder-based sickness,) then which of the three treatment plans that he tried over the decades would they choose, if they were in touch with even a moderate degree of logic and reason? 

THE IRRATIONALITY OF PLAN “A” (using a religious or religious / non-duality combination to treat the Ultimate Mental Sickness) 

Would it really make any sense for persons to accept a religious treatment plan for their mental problems with religions offering such teachings as: 

“The savior on whom our religion was founded was born of a virgin who was made pregnant by God while in his Holy Spirit mode” or “Our God became so angry that he drowned everyone on the planet except for the members of one family”? 

or whose “holy text” contains such passages as 

"I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them" and "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this: that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned”? 

Or whose “holy text” contains such passages as 

“Kill all homosexuals” and “Our God killed men, women, children, infants, and newborns in Sodom and Gomorrah by raining down fire and brimstone on them” and “He turned one woman into a pillar of salt for the offense of ‘looking back’” and “Our guiding principle is ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’”? 

THE IRRATIONALITY OF PLAN “B” (using a spiritual or spiritual / non-duality combination to treat the Ultimate Mental Sickness) 

Would it really make any sense for persons to accept a spirituality-based treatment plan for their mental problems which includes such teachings as: 

“You are the cause of all your problems because you have a spiritual malady and have not done what is required to heal your spirit”?


“We admit that those who join our spiritual group have mental problems (and that some even have grave mental and emotional disorders) but we teach that if you accept and practice our brand of spirituality, that will heal both your body and your mind . . . but only for 24 hours at a time”? 

THE RATIONALITY OF PLAN “C” (using a psychologically-based approach to treat a psychologically-based Sickness) 

So there are those who are playing the role of “The Super Religious One” or “The Spiritual Giant” who fault Maharaj for admitting that he had made mistakes early on about what the Ultimate Sickness truly involves and about what the most effective means of treating that mental Sickness involves. 

The critics’ notwithstanding (miffed as they were about his switching to an approach which did not support their false identities), his final understanding led Maharaj to use Plan “C” (an approach which focused on the mental issues and the “ignorance and insanity” which are at the core of the Ultimate Sickness). 

How they hated to hear him say that seekers should stop reading the talks in the so-called “spiritual classic” entitled I AM THAT and, instead, to read his later talks which focus on the mental / psychological problems which lead them to suffer from the Ultimate Sickness, a sickness which was passed on to them via faulty programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination. 

Consider how many proclaim that their religious or spiritual plan has left them perfectly healed and perfectly whole and (if they were honest about their self-concept or Self-concept) perfect, period. Consider how many others admit that the results of their religious or spiritual plan “might not have left me at peace and always wise but it has sure made me better than I was, so I’m not going to try anything else.”

How many of those making such claims are also admitting that their plan only provides a respite from what ails them but that it can never provide a cure for what ails them, yet they stick with that plan and reject any and all other plans? Is that logical? Is that rational? 

Maharaj’s conclusion was . . . “No.” 

Whereas many religions and spiritual groups claim that they can heal your mind (as if the proper approach for treating cancer is not to remove it but just to heal it) Maharaj said: “There is no such thing as a mind” and “I have no mind . . . .” 

So much, then, for talk about “changing your life by changing your thoughts”; about using thought-up “intentions” to empower yourself; about a mind that is "timeless"; about “fulfilling the dreams” in one's mind; and about “altering bad thinking patterns.” 

In the eBook below entitled MAHARAJ’S EVOLUTION, these considerations are offered: 

“To understand ‘the Ultimate Medicine’ offered at the end by Maharaj, ‘the Ultimate Sickness’ must first be understood”

His later teachings came down to a "hang Krishna, hang Christ, hang Buddha, hang Muhammad" approach which invited seekers to abandon reading the words of the most famous “Big Name Teachers” and to find out thereafter “what You know.” The offer stands. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation.


F.: If twenty seekers show up for satsang, the wise teacher understands that the chances that even two of those seekers are there for the same reason are slim. The seeker who would be wise must understand that as well, for that understanding might allow each seeker to consider - and reconsider - what his or her true motives actually are. 

By way of comparison: in the earliest (and more naïve) days of working with couples, there were most often (a) attempts being made to assist them with reaching a resolution of their issues or, occasionally, (b) attempts being made with some of the wiser couples who wanted to strengthen the quality of their relationship by taking preventive steps before crises occurred. 

The protocol included each of them completing the Enneagram Personality Inventory results and then providing them with an Enneagram Compatibility / Conflict Analysis which allows couples to become aware of their areas of compatibility but, more significantly, to become aware in advance of the areas which had the greatest potential for leading to disagreements and conflicts and to thereby be prepared to recognize such issues and to address them immediately whenever they might begin to manifest. 

But why was “naïve” mentioned? Because that was often the case early on when naivete blocked wisdom from understanding that each member of each couple showing up seldom had the same agenda and that both often had hidden agendas. 

The wiser counselors who use the study of personality with their clients and whom I have been worked in partnership with over the years know that most couples or groups of persons who show up only seem to have a shared, common agenda. That is almost never the actual case. 

With couples in conflict, one might want the personality coach or a non-dual teacher or a counselor to smooth out a disagreement that has reached a near-critical stage, relatively speaking. Or one might want to try to use triangulation, attempting to join with the counselor or coach or teacher to form a “team” to “fix the other partner” or to “make the partner see that the one wanting to team up with the counselor is perfect and that they are going to show the imperfect one all of her or his flaws and make that partner change and thereby bring about the changes that the triangulating (manipulating) partner had wanted all along."

Some show up because they are too weak to express their feelings to the partner and hope that it might be safe in an arbitrator's presence to do so; or, they hope the arbitrator will tell their partner the truth which they don’t have the courage to share. 

Some show up as a delaying tactic, to go along with a partner’s request “to get some help with our problems and save our relationship” when the one "going along" has already decided to leave but is trying to hide away enough funds and make other arrangements in order to be able to leave at “the most opportune time” and “under more opportune circumstances.” 

It only took a few instances of dealing with all of those types to result in the wisdom bringing about an understanding of the fact that the stated agendas of persons are seldom the actual conscious or subconscious agendas which are driving their behaviors. 

All such deception and self-deception is a product of the mind, and that is what Maharaj addressed with his Plan “C.” 

Additionally, that understanding is clear to non-dual seekers who are reaching a state of less-blocked-consciousness or more-perceptive-awareness and who are awakening to the subconscious and unconscious motives behind their seeking. 

Again, the wise teacher understands that the chances are slim that even two seekers will be seeking for the same reason, and the seeker who would be wise must understand that as well (for that understanding might allow each seeker to consider and reconsider what his or her motives actually are). 

Otherwise, they will function like a dog chasing a car, totally ignorant of the fact that all of their going and doing and zooming and noise-making are futile, having no clue about what they could ever possibly do if they were to catch the car. 

Most seekers who have come this way were exactly the same before completing all of the steps which are laid out here and then understanding how to abide peacefully and naturally. 

But to assume that even that is a common agenda is a fallacy. Most persons are living out a relative existence which is unstable in all ways because of the dualistic thinking which generates chaos, and they do not really want stability or freedom from chaos. Those addicted to chaos are the ones who are bored if not going and doing and zooming, so they have formed the habit – whether conscious of it or not - of generating chaos in order to try to escape their boredom. 

And that brings us back to the discussion of Maharaj’s Plan “C” which is rooted in the understanding that the Ultimate Sickness is a mental / emotional Sickness, marked by personality assumption and the subsequent personality disorders and neuroses and psychoses which are at the root of the Ultimate Sickness. For a teacher or seeker to assume that “peace of mind” is a “goal” of all who are seeking is not only naïve; it is downright erroneous in most cases.

Some are seeking to escape from relative responsibilities; some are dreamers who only think they are awake, and their dreams have assigned value to ignoring the “I AM” part of the summative statement of non-duality (“I AM THAT; I AM’) and focusing only on the THAT-ness, assuming new and improved and grander identities which involve some “Infinite Self” or “One in Union With God or The Universe” or with “Brahman” or who takes himself or herself to be “At One or in Union With Some Other Unchanging Reality Beyond The World." [Of course any “A” thought to be in union with a “B” is the height of duality.] 

Those who have come this way and who have Realized know now that “what they thought they were looking for” was not at all what they found (which was relief from all of their constant seeking and searching and allowing religious and / or spiritual work to become a second, extra, needless, unnecessary and useless job which, post-Realization, was no longer required at all. [Of that, Maharaj said: "I do not follow the spirituality of the masses. In this place spirituality of the common type will not be doled out to you.”] 

Yes, the search was certainly necessary at one point, relatively speaking, but in the end, it became totally unnecessary because what they found was not “peace of mind” but was, instead, freedom from the mind and its outlandish and counterproductive machinations. 

What they were really seeking, but did know that they were seeking, was freedom from a relative existence which was most unnatural. What they were really seeking, but did know that they were seeking, was freedom from being subsumed in energy-draining spiritual or magical or supernatural activities which they thought would give them rewards now and later or that would release them from what had been a supposedly continuous series of  dreamed up "birth-life-death-rebirth cycles" (not understanding that what was never born once can certainly never be “born again”).

What they thought they were seeking was a magic bullet that would kill off, once and for all, the challenges involved with a relative existence, challenges which had reached a seemingly overwhelming state as a result of not understanding that the challenges can be best be dealt with through use of the wisdom which comes via Realization (that is, which comes at the end of a process which frees persons from being driven by the ignorance and insanity which generate almost all relative problems in the first place). 

And wisdom comes when one is again in touch with the inner guru – the inner resource – which drives all living things on the planet except for non-Realized humans. 

Such wisdom is natural and has nothing to do with a mind, which is most unnatural, being nothing more than a storehouse of false beliefs and concepts and ideas which are totally nonsensical but deemed by the non-Realized masses to be so significant and valuable that those false beliefs and concepts and ideas are considered to be “worth dying for” (which means they are also deemed to be “worth killing for”). 

The resulting mindset: “All Hail The One Who Kills the Most Native Americans So That We Can Create a Christian Nation for God”; “All Hail The One Who Kills the Most Infidels”; “All Hail The One Who Was The Most Lethal Killer In U.S. Military History”; 

“All Hail The One Who Is The Most Xenophobic of All”; “All Hail The One Who Gets Revenge for Our Having Been Wronged”; and “All Hail The Ones Who Die for . . . the Cause . . . the Country . . . the 'Right' Religion . . . or Any Of The Other Things That Humans Think Are Not Only Worth Dying For But Are Also Worth Killing For.” 

All such nonsense, and all chaos on the planet, is rooted in the Ultimate Sickness, and the Ultimate Sickness is rooted in what Maharaj identified as “ignorance and stupidity and insanity.” And those symptoms are not about people but are about the minds of persons, minds which have been filled with obtuse and false and distorted programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, indoctrination, and brainwashing. And all of that is about the mind. 

Maharaj’s Plan “C” included addressing the problem with such pointers as these: 

"Whatever you have placed before me as knowledge are all mistaken concepts" 


"Humanity's problem lies in this misuse of the mind ..." 


“All of what is pursued by the mind, it is not true knowledge.” 

He said, "What you are doing is using your mind and intellect, but what I say is not based on the intellect, but rather on whatever comes up spontaneously in consciousness. You try to fix that knowledge which springs spontaneously from consciousness into the structure of concepts you have built out of the mind and intellect. This can never happen." 

He also said: "This is the place where the intellect gets annihilated." 

So, the invitation is to be rid of the content of the mind once and for all, then the end of knowledge can come and the fiction-filled mind can go. In that regard, Maharaj said:

"All my knowledge has gone into liquidation" 


"Go to zero concepts" 


"I have no mind." 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 


F.: In the last post it was noted that – after Maharaj gave up on trying to treat the Ultimate Sickness with a religious / non-duality compound version of the Ultimate Medicine and after he gave up trying to treat the Ultimate Sickness with a spirituality / non-duality compound version of the Ultimate Medicine – he began addressing with greater focus “the mind” problem which he saw as the root cause of the Sickness.

Maharaj attempted to remove the false pride that persons have in regards to their mind and its content, including their valued but always bogus beliefs and all of the concepts which they have accepted with blind faith and without ever having questioned the validity of those concepts at all. 

He saw that the brain is vital throughout the manifestation but that the mind is totally needless. For those on the same quest as billions of other humans – specifically, the quest for “peace of mind” - he made clear that “there is no such thing as peace of mind.” His point? The mind is the very place where all of the causes of humanity’s lack of peace are stored. 

Today, a number of pointers dealing with the mind problem will be shared, some from Maharaj and some from this author. On multiple occasions he distinguished between the consciousness and the mind.

The following are pointers on the subject from Maharaj and Floyd offered in two eBooks below entitled FROM THE I TO THE ABSOLUTE and QUOTATIONS AND POINTERS dealing with NON-DUALITY, ADVAITA, NISARGA YOGA and more): 

"I do not have consciousness. I Am the consciousness—the consciousness currently manifested in what you perceive as a body."

"Persons experience; consciousness experiences nothing. Impure consciousness believes experiences to be real; pure consciousness simply witnesses."

"All personas are false. Nothing false can help differentiate the true from the false.”

“All needs and desires are figments of the corrupted mind. Joy begins where desire ends."

"The irony is that anyone seeing 'a horrible world' is simply projecting himself / herself onto what he or she calls ‘the world'." 

“To realize is to know that the world was only in you, in your mind, and that you've never been in the world. It's to know that you can't be 'in the world,' for the world is an imagining in the mind of persons. As many worlds exist as there are persons to imagine the way things are."

"When I speak of transcending, I refer to the fact that you must transcend all body identity, all mind identity, and now ... all religious or spiritual personalities as well."

“Ego is believing that there’s a vast multiplicity arranged in a hierarchy and that you’re the pinnacle; humility is knowing that you’re nothing, no-thing; Love is knowing that You, with a capital ‘Y,’ Are Everything.”

"It's useless to try to use your mind and its knowledge to seek outside yourself for the truth of Your Self, which is within. It is that very mind—the conditioned mind—that has prevented the knowing.” 

"You must see each and every ‘thing’ that you are not. For now, seek not the truth. Only seek to realize all that is false. That is your beginning. When you eventually come to know The Great Reality, You will Realize that all which is perceived via the five senses is false and is nothing more than learned ignorance. It is learned ignorance that spoiled your pure consciousness and resulted in a ‘mind'." 

These additional pointers regarding the subject are from the eBook THE ESSENCE OF THE TEACHINGS: 

"The mind is the dseat of all false 'WHO's.' To inquire, ask 'Who fears something? Who is claiming something'?" 

" ... Trying to meet the expectations and demands of others’ beliefs is blocking you from a peaceful existence." 

"Once persons 'see' that they are not a body that was born, once they 'see' that they are not defined by their thoughts, once they 'see' that they are not the spiritual or religious roles they have played, then the de-accumulation of beliefs and concepts and ideas can lead to the peace of Child Ignorance, to witnessing, to knowing the 'True Self,' to understanding the beingness and the non-beingness, and to being in touch with reality. From there, the doing stops and the being begins." 

“ 'Thinking' (which is generated from an illusory mind that is nothing more than the storehouse of lies, myths and concepts) will disappear to the degree that attachment to, and belief in, lies and myths and concepts disappear." 

"There is an alternative to trying to force a variable mind to be still. See the lies that are generating the troublesome thoughts. A person can never control the 'mind'.” 

“You don’t have a drinking problem; you have a thinking problem” is pointing in the proper direction. 

" ... All roles are false and block the path to reality unless one transitions beyond them." 

“Peace comes when we give up all roles and identities, knowing that we are not this body. Only then can you give up all attachments." 

" ... ‘Mind’ is merely the compilation of all the lies that humans are programmed to accept as truth." 

And also from the eBook THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS "PEACE OF MIND" (There Is Only Peace if You're Out of Your Mind)" include the following: 

"When angry or hurt, WHO is feeling the anger or hurt? What persona is causing you to be miserable or to suffer or to generate conflict?" 

"He [Maharaj] spoke of memories as being time-bound and transient, so they cannot be real. He made the point that only that which is free of memories is timeless and therefore real." 

" ... There are as many imaginary worlds as there are persons. 'The world' for each is in them, in their 'minds'." 

"Since the 'mind' is the sum total of memories, and because all memories are distortions, then the 'mind' is the sum total of your distortions." 

"You cannot go beyond the 'mind' when you are constantly looking at the 'mind' (that is, paying attention to 'thought')." 

"Differences in appearance are caused by nothing more than a variance of the vibrational rate at which 'that' moves when manifested.)" 

"What is not real is the [steel] beam as it appears; what is real is that swirling mass of energy that is not visible to the naked eye."
"The 'mind' is neither elemental nor energy, so it is not real and it will fade away." 

"The 'contemporary 'mind' ... is nothing more than a repository of lies." 

" ... All learned ignorance—stored as a 'mind'—must be tossed if peace is to happen."

Visitors are invited to consider the pointers before moving on to the next post. 

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 


It has been seen that Maharaj tried but abandoned his Plan “A” version of the Ultimate Medicine which was a religious / non-dual compound and that he also abandoned his Plan “B” version of the Ultimate Medicine which was a spirituality / non-dual compound.

Then, nearer the end of his teaching years, he shifted to his Plan “C” version of the Ultimate Medicine which focused on the fact that the Ultimate Sickness is a mental / emotional sickness which begins with the assignment or assumption of personalities as false identities and disintegrates into personality disorders which further disintegrate into a variety of neuroses and psychoses which call for a psychologically-based treatment for the Sickness which infects the minds of the masses.

That psychologically-based plan, and that plan only, was shown by Maharaj's experimentation and experience to be the only version of the Ultimate Medicine which has any chance at all of addressing the mind / mental issues (which are the core issues of the Ultimate Sickness).And that plan is also the only one which can bring wellness.

And that plan is additionally the only one which can bring an Ultimate End to the Sickness and which can – as a result – bring to an end what will otherwise be a lifetime of working at being more and more religious (Plan “A”) or more and more spiritual (Plan “B”) and seeking forever and meeting forever and praying or meditating forever and “giving the gifts of time and service” and doing all sorts of unnatural and supposedly supernatural things rather than merely abiding naturally (and, therefore, simply and plainly and modestly and spontaneously and straightforwardly).By contrast, the proponents of Plans "A" and "B" teach that their plans will always be important for the entire manifestation and must be practiced for the entire manifestation.

When the Direct Path Method is combined with the Nisarga Yoga, that provides the only “plan” which does not require a lifetime of study and learning more and more dogma or spiritual principles and more and more time and work.

Most religions offer a plan that is only effective for a week or less, then more hearing and praying and worshiping and serving is called for the next week. Spiritual group claim far less efficiency, reporting that you only have a daily reprieve from whatever ails you and that you must do all kinds of spiritual work and meet constantly and serve if you are to remain in contact with whatever “God” or “Power” is able to provide only a twenty-hour respite from the personality disorders and neuroses and psychoses that drove those “previously non-spiritual persons” to behave in their pre-spiritual days like total sociopaths and psychopaths.

No plan - other than one based in the Direct Path Method combined with the Nisarga Yoga - is offered without the necessity of a single belief, so that is the only plan which does not ask you to learn more beliefs and to believe them forever.

None - other than the Direct Path Method when combined with the Nisarga Yoga - involves a plan which does not ask anyone to keep coming back but offers, instead, a plan that allows one to never have to come back and to go forth and abide naturally, enjoying whatever pleasures the temporary AM-ness can bring.

Again, ever since the cancer in this composite unity called “floyd” was healed, there has been no need to continue treatment for cancer, no need to keep going back to the doctor, no need to keep paying money for treatment, and no need to continue spending a considerable portion of each day seeking more and more treatment. If a treatment is effective, it brings an end to all seeking and all focus on the former sickness / Sickness and additional healing methods.

When the internal hemorrhaging was treated and the bleeding ended, the prescribed medications which caused that bleeding have never been ingested again; thus, the wounds were healed so there has been no need to continue treatment for bleeding, no need to keep going back to the doctor, no need to keep paying money for treatment, and no need to continue spending a considerable portion of each day seeking more and more treatment.

Again, if a treatment is effective, it brings to an end all seeking and all focusing on the former sickness / Sickness and brings to an end all seeking of additional healing methods. There is no need for all sorts of thinking about the illness, talking about the illness, or having to take all kinds of additional and continuous actions to guarantee “maintenance.” It only takes being guided by the wisdom which manifests post-Realization rather than by the ignorance and insanity which were the pre-Realization “guides.”Just as cancer polyps had to be removed during the treatment, so there is that which must be removed by Maharaj’s Plan “C,” namely, the very seat of the Sickness. And what, specifically, is that seat of the Sickness which must be removed, expunged completely, and eliminated totally? Is it not obvious that what must go is what had become a malignant part of the brain where all nonsense and all of the effects of faulty programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination are stored? What must go, Maharaj made clear via the pointers offered during his Plan “C” phase of treatment, is . . . the mind.

Of the billions upon billions of life forms on the planet, most all have a brain (or a store of pure, unblocked consciousness, as if the case with the amoeba, for example) which allows all life forms to function sanely and naturally, but only one life form has a fiction-filled mind: humans.

What drove Maharaj to abandon Plans “A” and “B” was an awareness of the fact that the Sickness is marked by what he called “ignorance, stupidity, and insanity” and that the seat of “ignorance, stupidity, and insanity” is the human mind.

How could Plan “A” - which pumps more and more dogmatic beliefs into a mind - possibly heal a mind which is already suffering from having had too much pumped into it already?

How could Plan “B” - which pumps into a mind more and more supposedly supernatural-type beliefs and more and more beliefs based in magical thinking and blind faith - possibly heal a mind which is already suffering from having had too much pumped into it in the first place?

And how can even a version of Plan “C” heal a mind if the approach with that version is to try to make the mind "healthy" rather than to eliminate it completely?

Suppose the physician had said, “Floyd, my plan is not to remove the cancerous polyps which are growing inside you and which can kill you. No, my plan is to try to improve the polyps.” Had I gone along with that plan, then would you not conclude - correctly – that the decision to settle for what that plan offered would have been driven by ignorance and stupidity and insanity?

Maharaj’s Ultimate Realization about the Ultimate Sickness (and the Ultimate Medicine which is required to address it) led to his seeing that 97% on the planet claim a religious affiliation, that millions more claim to be “spiritual, not religious” and that - in spite of nearly 99% of all persons on the planet supposedly using Plans “A” and / or “B” - the Ultimate Sickness continued to spread unchecked and unabated.

He also understood that the adoption of ego-states as identities will trigger the use of ego-defense mechanisms, including egotism, and that egotism can induce delusion and distortion, the result of which is that unbelievably sick people will think they are well, will think they are fine, thank you very much.[Ever try to tell an addict who is generating tremendous suffering that he or she is an addict and that her / his sickness is causing untold misery? How’d that go? Crazy cannot spot crazy, so any suggestion to most among the masses that their thoughts and words and actions are being driven by the hidden agendas of their assumed personalities and that their subsequent personality disorders have led to their being driven by neuroses and / or psychoses will be greeted with denial and anger and resentment over the very suggestion.]That, too, is mind “stuff.” When the postings continue, the details of Plan “C” will be shared, focusing on “the mind” problem at the core of the Ultimate Sickness, and how Maharaj’s Plan “C” can provide for some the Ultimate End to the Ultimate Sickness.

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.


F.: So what was the reaction to Maharaj’s abandonment of his Plan “A” version of the Ultimate Medicine which was a religious / non-dual compound?

And what was the reaction to Maharaj’s abandonment of his Plan “B” version of the Ultimate Medicine which was a spirituality / non-dual compound?

And what was the reaction to Maharaj’s shift to his Plan “C” version of the Ultimate Medicine which focused on the fact that the Ultimate Sickness is a mental / emotional sickness which begins with assuming personalities as false identities and then disintegrates into personality disorders which further disintegrate into a variety of neuroses and psychoses which call for a psychologically-based treatment for the sickness which infects the minds of the masses?

Here are some of the criticisms written by those who have no understanding at all about why he tried Plans “A” and “B” and why he abandoned later them:

From One Who Thought Plan A’s Religious / Non-Dual Treatment Was the Proper Way to Address the Ultimate Sickness:

"At first when he was still listening to his guru he was telling the truth, like he did in 'I AM THAT.' In his other talks, his ego made him start telling things he dreamed up on his own that were not true."

From One Who Thought Plan B’s Spirituality Was the Proper Way to Address the Ultimate Sickness but That Maharaj’s Version Was Too Light on Spirituality:

"Maharaj was not really spiritual at all. He was religious, chanting and doing bhajans all day."

From One (Obviously Assuming the Role Of “The Spiritual Giant”) Who Thought Maharaj’s Plan B’s Spiritual Medicine Was the Proper Way to Address the Ultimate Sickness but That Maharaj’s Shift to Plan “C” - in Reaction to His Seeing That the Ultimate Sickness Is a Mental Sickness - Was All Wrong:

"He deteriorated from one of the great spiritual men of all times to one of the least spiritual people of all times."

From One Who Did Not Understand That Maharaj Cared Enough About the Earnest Seekers in His Loft That He Would Not Allow Those to Stay Who Were There to Show Off Their Spiritual Knowledge and Thus Prevent the Rest of the Seekers from Participating and Possibility Reaching the Understanding:

"Maharaj talked about being peaceful but that was only lip service. He was a very angry man, throwing people out of sessions if they disagreed with him."

From One Who Did Not Understand That Maharaj’s Pointers Were "Level Appropriate" and "Level Specific" and Who Did Not Grasp That a Pointer Maharaj Offered on Monday to Someone at Step Three on the Seven-Step Path Was Not Going to Be the Pointer Which He Would Offer on Tuesday to Someone at the Sixth Step on the Seven-Step Path:

"Maharaj was constantly contradicting himself." 

So it is. Those who do not know that there are five basic Non-Duality Teaching Methods will reject any pointer offered via the other four methods which he or she has never heard of.

Those who do not know that the Ultimate Sickness is a mental and emotional illness will reject any approach which focuses on the core, mental issues involved with the Sickness and will reject any approach which does not reinforce their religious beliefs and the religious personas which they have been assigned or have adopted or which does not reinforce their spiritual beliefs and the spiritual personas which they have been assigned or have adopted.

Those who have never experienced firsthand the failure of religion to address the Ultimate Sickness will cling to a religious approach.

Those who have never experienced firsthand the failure of spirituality to address the Ultimate Sickness will cling to a religious approach.

Those who have not Realized Fully and are not abiding naturally will never let go of their assumed personas of “The Super Religious One,” “The Spiritual Giant,” or “The Super Seeker Who Will Seek Forever,” so they are also the ones who will never reach the state of Full Understanding which allows for relaxing and taking it easy and bringing to an end the belief that - in addition to the job required to meet one's relative requirements - a second religious or spiritual job is also a necessity. That is a belief which blocks any chance to enjoy a simple, unencumbered existence.

They will never enjoy the pleasure which can be enjoyed during the AM-ness for their new identity is that of the “THAT-ness” solely or of something “Supreme” or of some “Infinite Self.”

All of that “stuff” is the “stuff” of the pre-Realization existence, but it has nothing to do with a truly post-Realization existence.

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

18 February 2015

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In “Part Two” of this book, it will be seen why many criticized Maharaj for “changing his message in his later talks.” It will be seen that the changes were not about changing the message per se as much as about changing his methodology as he experimented with one version of the Ultimate Medicine after another in order to try to find an effective means for addressing the Ultimate Sickness.

He tried a religious version of the Medicine, a Spiritual version of the Medicine, and finally settled on a version which addressed to Sickness at its core . . . at the mental and emotional level.


“Dangerous” is a term that can only apply during the relative existence, but of those who do commit suicide, for example, how many shoot themselves in the foot over and over until they “bleed out”? None. They shoot themselves in the head. Why? In order to try to stop the noise - to try to stop the chatter of a thousand monkeys – to stop the noisy mind which is the area that stores the ideas, notions, concepts, mind-stuff, etc. which drives them into the depths of insanity. 

And what are those ideas, notions, concepts, etc. called, collectively? "Their beliefs." The irony? They are not their beliefs at all. They are the beliefs of “others” that were set in place via programming, conditioning, etc. and which persons then think are their own. 

And what are those beliefs rooted in, and what reinforces those beliefs and convinces persons that they are sacred and worth fighting over and even sometimes worth dying for? Blind faith. 

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