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F.: In conclusion, most persons will never seek, already convinced that they can find all they need to know in their “holy” religious books. Others proudly announce: "I am not religious. I am spiritual."

For those who are seeking, a seven-step approach is offered here (as was the case with Maharaj).

There are seven steps on the “path” that Maharaj discussed, though he never presented them in a “1” to “7” ordering but instead merely referenced them when sharing pointers in the loft. 

If a seeker’s words indicated that he was stuck at step four, Maharaj offered pointers that provided an opportunity to shift beyond that and move to step five. 

If a seeker’s words indicated that he was stuck at step six, Maharaj offered pointers that provided an opportunity to shift beyond that and move to step seven. 

Most who entered the loft were stuck at Step Three of seven, though most thought they had reached the end of the "path." Of those he said that most think that they are being bathed in the full light of noon but are really still standing in the dull light of dawn.

They were playing roles, and defending those false identities vigorously, even as they entered “a role-elimination room.” 

At the third step, some were playing a role assigned by a parent or parents and / or culture, namely, the role of “The Religious One” which was eventually self-elevated to the status of “The Super Religious One”; 


many were playing their “new and improved good role,” that of “The Spiritual Giant.” 

In any and every ashram in India (in “Maharaj’s day” and now), one or both of those roles was being reinforced (again, then as well as now). Only in the loft of Maharaj was this the approach:

Maharaj: I will give you nothing; instead, I will take everything away.

The same happens here. With 97% of the persons on the planet reporting that they are affiliated with one religion or another and thus accepting a religious identification as being real, and with millions more proudly proclaiming that they are "beyond being religious and are now spiritual," then 99.99% of all persons are stuck at the third step (and want to stay there). 

The rarest occurrence of all here is to cross the path of one who has transcended the third step and is working toward the abandonment of all identification.

Some ask why I spoke often in the past, as Maharaj did, about “being nothing” and about “the nothingness” and about persons “not having a clue where I live.” They want to know if I “lost that understanding” or “never really had that understanding.” 

What was understood about “nothing” and “nothingness” remains, but there is caution today about whom that is shared with. Why? 

Because of the widespread abuse that persons have suffered in their past, more persons than ever are using dissociation and escapism and avoidance and schizoid-avoidance and addictions as the often subconscious means by which they can escape “all things relative” (or claim to abide solely “as THAT” or “in THAT”).

To speak nowadays of the nothingness and nothing to most becomes an invitation, for far too many persons, to dissociate from reality and to move into Foo-Foo Land or into the castles in the air that their minds have supposedly constructed. 

Nowadays, there is an epidemic of escape-oriented personality disorders which can lead persons to disintegrate into states of neuroses and psychoses. The result: a global population that is suffering from 

The Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (P.D.), the Avoidant P.D., the Borderline P.D., the Schizoid-Avoidance P.D., the Schizotypal P.D., the Bi-Polar P.D., the Addictive Personality P.D., and the Dissociative P.D. (to mention but a few). 

The result is a global population that is totally out of touch with reality while most deny that fact and while some now claim that they are totally and singularly in touch with “Reality;” thus, caution is used nowadays around sharing the non-dual pointers regarding nothing and nothingness because it has been witnessed that many use those pointers to avoid work, avoid relative responsibility, and avoid the relative itself. 

After having come to understand, as did Maharaj, that the Ultimate Sickness is not rooted in too little religion or in a spiritual malady and that it is a condition rooted in mental illness, then the last thing he would do, at least at the end of his teaching career, was reinforce that already-present mental illness. Same here. 

That is why, here, a three-leg “journey” is discussed: 

LEG ONE: the “coming in” stage when the consciousness manifested and was soon exposed to programming, conditioning, acculturation, domestication, brainwashing, and indoctrination, resulting in widespread ignorance and insanity

LEG TWO: What Maharaj referenced as the “going back out” phase. He advised those ready for the second “leg” of the "journey" thusly: 

“ . . . You should go back, reverse, to the source” 


“Follow the same path by which you came.” 

LEG THREE here involves the “coming back in” process whereby one was freed of all false identifications and all beliefs and all ignorance and insanity via Realization and then "comes back in" to the relative, to reality, so to speak. That “coming back in” differs from the initial “coming in” stage because on LEG THREE the coming back in happens without the programming, conditioning, acculturation, domestication, brainwashing, and indoctrination that happened during LEG ONE. 

Then, Reality is overlaid on reality. That is, understanding and awareness and sanity and logic and reason will manifest throughout the remainder of the relative manifestation because the dual-mindedness that leads persons to “be unstable in all ways” has ended when mindedness ended. 

And when does mindedness end? When one reaches what Maharaj called a state of “zero concepts.” To be free of “beliefs” is to be emptied of all ideas, perspectives, views, thoughts, impressions, false images, notions, opinions, theories, inklings, and concepts which have never been questioned but that have been believed in wholeheartedly because of blind faith alone. 

Maharaj said that “it is enough to know what you are not.” Discussions of “being nothing” have allowed some to adopt “nothing” as a supposedly new and loftier and more noble and more surreal and more fantastic identity. 

Here, the intent is to “reel those types back in” and to invite them to stop ignoring the “I AM” part of the summative statement of non-duality and to be fully in touch with reality and fully in touch with Reality, meaning with that which is free of what Maharaj identified as three of the major traits of the Ultimate Sickness, namely, “ignorance, stupidity, and insanity.” 

Indeed, the Ultimate Sickness is not rooted in too little religion; nor is it a spiritual malady. It is a sickness that centers in the mind, and only an Ultimate Medicine which addresses the problems generated by the bogus content of the mind can effectively address the Ultimate Sickness. That understanding was finally reached by Maharaj via his own experiences and observations, and that understanding was reached here the same way.

So, best regards if you are yet seeking. May you find both reality and Reality.  May you find the only effective Ultimate Medicine.

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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Other Recent Posts

29 October 2014 


F.: To review: 

There are presently some 8,700,000 different species on planet earth, but the number of “living things” within each of those species and in their subspecies would measure not in the millions or billions or trillions or quadrillions or octillions or decilliuons but in the duodecillions and more. 

Only the members of one of those trillions upon trillions upon trillions of living things have been programmed and acculturated in a way that they now need to be told “how to live” or “how to address their problems” or “how to overcome.” Only the members of one species has been convinced that there is not only "this life to be traversed" but that there are “multiple lives to be negotiated” or that there is “a life eternal which must be the ultimate focus of one’s earthly life which is primarily a preparation for 'the next life' or for 'an escape from the next life and all future cycles'.” 

The members of only one species has been pumped chock full of nonsense and ignorance and insanity, so only one species is “seeking” or “preparing” or “trying to live the right way” or “trying to live in a good way.” The members of only one species have made a second job out of mere living. 

Thus, the case on planet earth is this: 100% of all of the trillions upon trillions upon trillions of living things are concept-free, idea-free, religion-free, spirituality-free, belief-free, and free of being driven to go and do and zoom, except for humans. 

100% of all of the trillions upon trillions upon trillions of living things do not give a second’s attention to anything concerned with “religion” or “spirituality” or “philosophy” or an “ideology,” except for humans, and those trillions of living things that do not give a second’s attention to anything concerned with “religion” or “spirituality” or “philosophy” or an “ideology” are doing just fine, thank you very much. 

100% of all of the trillions upon trillions upon trillions of living things house the conscious-energy, but they are all mindless, except for humans; so because 100% of all of the trillions upon trillions upon trillions of living things on the planet – except for humans - are not absorbed in or paralyzed by or stymied by or made lethal by a set of dreamed up and totally false concepts and beliefs about religion or spirituality or philosophy or ideology, those trillions upon trillions upon trillions of living things – all except humans – are abiding naturally, not unnaturally and not “supernaturally.” 

On the morning walks taken here each morning, the deer (which are often offered here as an example of how to abide naturally – and most of the time – peacefully) were observed yesterday to be altering their behavior as they always do during this season when bucks lose all caution. (For those in some countries, see “The Jerry Springer Show” for evidence of how insane males can become when being controlled by their drive to engage in that phenomenon known as “the rut.”) 

The altered behavior? Yesterday, with the scent of a receptive female is in the air, seven bucks gathered in a clearing that is a few steps from the front door of the house here: 

Whereas the deer will usually stay back some distance from me during my walks, during this season they are bold and capable of being aggressive. As seen above, they will come right up to me to check me out and to make clear that I understand I might be a bit too close to their territory and to the doe that was lying down a few yards away. Like so many males dealing with other males, they miss the truth here that "I don't want her . . . you can have her, mate." (And yes, I always have an exit strategy laid out in advance, the one yesterday involving a parked truck next to where I was standing and which I could have jumped into quickly enough if that had been called for).

So what was going on with the deer that usually behave as if they are Realized but were behaving yesterday as if they were among the mass of non-Realized humans? Why were these animals which often provide a near-year round example of what the relative existence is like for the Realized suddenly behaving as do humans who are locked year round in their hierarchies of separation and in their aggressive, hierarchical attitudes? 

As the case with the Realized, the deer throughout their other ten to eleven non-breeding months usually move about slowly, calmly, deliberately, serenely, tranquilly, peacefully, and evenly. During “the rut,” they behave exactly like non-Realized humans who live every day in a go-do-zoom mode . . . in a fast, never-calm, seldom-tranquil, seldom-peaceful fashion. 

The deer, therefore, can still be used to provide a year-round example: most of the year they model a Realized-like manner which would behoove humans were they to abide in the same manner; for six weeks or so, the deer model "how not to abide."

The rest of the year, they behave calmly and sanely. Because they do not lack coping skills – as do most humans – they typically experience no excessive anxiety or constant fear or restlessness or irritability; therefore, there are no other deer that sell them fermented berries that will get them drunk and inspire them to run recklessly down a path and miss a turn and run into a tree and kill themselves. 

Except during the rut, they do not lash out at other deer but abide peacefully as content members of one large herd. Unlike humans, but instead like the trillions upon trillions upon trillions of non-human living things, they are not driven to use drugs or religion or spirituality or work or accumulation or any of the thousands of things that humans become addicted to because of an inability to cope; as result of anxiety; as a result of instability, mental and emotional and otherwise; as a result of being deceived by lies; as a result of being fooled; as a result of normalizing chaos, ad infinitum

Humanity’s key issues which Maharaj identified – ignorance, stupidity, and insanity – are absent among the trillions upon trillions upon trillions of non-human living things. None except humans are set up to have to try to deal with issues which all other mindless (and, therefore, concept-less and belief-less) non-human living things never even consider. 

All living things except humans are free of all nonsense, and it is freedom from that nonsense which any wise human will seek. That is “the WHAT” which humans that are wise enough will seek. The relevant fact: freedom from the mind and from concepts and from beliefs does not come by “expanding the mind” via the addition of even more baseless concepts and beliefs. 

There are scores of this type yoga or that, there are five basic non-duality teaching methods, and there are hundreds of bastardized forms of those five methods. If the method by which you are seeking involves dogma, then you are learning rather than unlearning, accumulating rather than de-accumulating, and being taught rather than being un-taught. 

If the method by which you are seeking involves spirituality, then you are likely involved in the going and doing and zooming that involves meetings and spiritual exercise, etc., so you are learning more rather than unlearning all, accumulating more rather than de-accumulating all, and being taught more rather than being un-taught all. 

If the method by which you are seeking involves detachment from the relative, dissociation from the AM-ness, and escaping once and for all everything involved with the IS-ness, then understand the psychological ramifications:

the Dissociative Disorder is a mental illness; the Avoidant and Schizoid-Avoidant Disorders are mental sicknesses; and being out of touch with reality while thinking you are fully in touch with Reality is a mental illness that involves the highest levels of distortion and delusion. 

Trillions upon trillions upon trillions of non-human living things need no religion, need no spirituality, need no more knowledge, need no guidance from afar, need no power or Power, and need no psychologist or counselor or non-dual teacher. Only humans think they need religion and / or spirituality and more knowledge and guidance from afar and power or Power. If trillions upon trillions upon trillions of non-human living things can make it fine without any of that, why can’t you? 

Only because You are not aware of the "you" / "you’s" that have been adopted and only because "you" are not aware of the multiple personalities which are driving you via their hidden subconscious agendas and which are determining your every thought and word and action. 

The human sense of “needing” . . . need not be (except to the degree of "needing" the pointers required to shift away from the “you’s” and from all beliefs and from all hidden agendas and from mental problems which are not at all a result of “too little religion” or of “a spiritual malady”).

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 


F.: There are presently some 8,700,000 different forms of life on planet earth, and there only three ways that every life-form on the planet can function:

1. Unnaturally. That means in ways that are (relatively speaking) self-destructive, self-defeating, overly-self-indulgent, only-self-interested, self-centered, self-abasing, self-deceptive, self-pitying, self-righteous, and self-willed. 

2. Supernaturally . . . supposedly. Why supposedly? Because all beliefs are stored in the fiction-filled, programmed, conditioned, acculturated, domesticated, indoctrinated, and brainwashed mind, including the belief in things that are supposedly “supernatural”  or "magical" or "spiritual" or "controlled by other-world entities and Powers."

3. Naturally (that is, in a fashion that is not dominated by ignorance, insanity, that is not plagued by an inability to use reason and logic and an inability to behave rationally; which happens, instead, in a manner that is normal rather than abnormal; in a manner not driven by personality and personality defects; in a manner that in not neurotic or psychotic; in a manner that is not marked by any affectations; and in a manner that is marked by being authentic and genuine. (One might not like to watch what cheetahs do to gazelles or what crocodiles do to migrating wallabies, but those animals involved in such attacks are behaving according to the laws of nature. That, too, is natural) 

Regarding #1: The behaviors and traits in #1 are predicated upon the belief in one concept – “self” – and of the 8,700,000 different life-forms on the planet, only one has a concept of “a personal self,” which sets the stage for all of those unnatural acts and characteristics in #1 above to manifest: humans. 

Regarding #2: A mind, filled with nonsense as a result of the mind-forming and mind-sustaining and mind-warping processes listed in #2 above - drive bizarre and perverted and distorted thoughts, determine the often mean and vile and cruel words that pour forth constantly in endless streams of verbalized ignorance, and inspire the most unnatural and supposedly supernatural actions and thoughts and words and the most unnatural and supposedly supernatural actions which are unique to only one life-form of the 8,700,000 different forms of life on the planet: humans. 

Regarding #3: Of the 8,700,000 different forms of life on planet earth, 8,699,999 abide in a natural fashion. Only one life-form of the millions on planet earth abides unnaturally: humans. 

Thus, deer and squirrels and all mammals as well as all birds and reptiles and amphibians and fish and insects and spiders and scorpions and roaches and flies and mosquitoes and mollusks and crustaceans and corals and flowering plants and conifers and ferns and algae and mushrooms function in an all-natural manner, (human interference and mutation-causing human activities notwithstanding). Only those among the human masses do not function naturally, and only humans normalize their unnatural and “supernatural” ways of thinking and talking and behaving. 

Humans deem themselves to be unique among all 8,700,000 life-forms and better than the other 8,699,999. Some are taught by their religions that they are to “have dominion over all other living things.” 

Then, the most ego-driven and egotism-based persons form hierarchies and form beliefs about which ones among all “other humans” (who they deem to be “lesser humans”) that they should also have dominion over. 

Indeed, humans are unique among all of the other 8,699,999 life-forms, but not at all in the arrogant and egotistical way that they are thinking: 

Only one life-form (the humans) have an opinion about themselves; 8,699,999 have no opinions and no concept of “self.” 

Only one life-form (the human) adopts multiple but false identifications; 8,699,999 adopt no identities. 

Only one life-form (the human) abides unnaturally; 8,699,999 abide naturally. 

Only one life-form (the human) tries to abide in a “supernatural” fashion; 8, 699,999 life-forms behave naturally. 

Only one life-form (the human) believes in a “religious self” or in a “spiritual self”; 8,699,999 have no concepts about “religion,” “spirituality,” a “self “or a “Self.” 

Only one life-form (the human) behaves in self-destructive and self-defeating ways; 8,699,999 are not self-destructive and do not engage in self-defeating ways. 

Only one life-form (the human) is driven by bizarre and perverted and distorted thoughts which generate often mean and vile and cruel words that pour forth constantly in endless streams of verbalized ignorance; the other 8,699,999 on the planet are not driven in that manner. 

Only one life-form (the human) faces self-generated problems which are caused by that which is within as a result of having been programmed, conditioned, acculturated, domesticated, indoctrinated, and brainwashed; some among the other 8,699,999 on the planet might also be acculturated and domesticated and conditioned (by humans - see Pavlov’s dogs, or in the case of pets that are whipped if they poop on the carpet); or conditioned by the older members of their species; or via the actions of those among other species (which would kill them and eat them, for example); 

but humans alone are unique in that they have an attachment to nonsensical and ignorant and insane ideas and concepts and notions and theories and dogma and thoughts and perceptions and distortions and views (a.k.a., “beliefs”) which  they erroneously pass down to their offspring as “fact” and “truth.” 

So only one life-form (the human) is preoccupied with trying to find an external means to address the problems which are generated by persons’ internalized distortions; the other 8,699,999 on the planet are not. 

Usually, persons dissociate from or ignore or spin or twist or deny or disavow or reject the truth regarding what has been the actual, abnormal, unnatural condition of their relative existence. It has been observed here that humanity in general displays an astounding willingness to tolerate self-generated but needless pain and misery and suffering. 

If that trend does become unacceptable to some few persons, the research here has revealed this: if persons are ever going to wake up to their condition and are ever going to seek change and are ever going to declare, “That's enough! Something has got to change!” then that usually happens around the age of forty-two-and-a-half. Now that involves a lot of years of avoiding the taking of the action to change when change has been called for for so long. 

While there are the three ways, discussed above, by which every life-form on the planet will function, there are also three different ways that humans believe the problems of the planet and the solution to their own “personal” problems can be addressed: 





professionally (in order to address the psychological issues which drive the now-all-too-pervasive self-destructive, self-defeating, overly-self-indulgent, only-self-interested, self-centered, self-abasing, self-deceptive, self-pitying, self-righteous, and self-willed tendencies of persons). 

Of the 8,700,000 life-forms on planet earth, 8,699,999 have no awareness of – much less any interest in – religious concepts; 8,699,999 have no awareness of – much less any interest in – spiritual concepts; and 8,699,999 have no awareness of – much less any need for – professional, psychological care. And those 8,699,999 are doing quite well without those concepts. The other single species that believes in religious dogma and / or spiritual concepts? Not so hot. 

Only one species is concerned with religious concepts, and that is the case with the majority of the members of that species; only one species is concerned with spiritual concepts, and that number is increasing; and only one species is ignoring the need for mental health care and / or "the Understanding" which are being called for so desperately.

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 


F.: Maharaj advised visitors that “You are not in the world – the world is in you” (meaning, in your mind, pictured via your faulty perceptions, in the misperceptions and misinterpretations and misunderstandings regarding what you erroneously think you have seen which was not at all what it appeared to you to be. 

Yet Maharaj never suggested that the composite unity which “you” presently are is not actually and literally walking about the surface of the planet called “earth.” He did not assert that the AM-ness is not real. All is energy / matter, and he never suggested that earth elements are merely imagined and not real. What he explained was this: that which is formed of earth elements is taken to be something that it is not. 

A composite unity is a composite unity, not “A Super Spouse” as it is often misidentified by cultures; not “A Super Virtuous Person” or “A Super Sinful Person” as it is so often misclassified by persons; and not “A Bad Person” or “A Good Person” as is so often labels in homes and schools and societies. 

In touch with the realities associated with the relative existence and with the AM-ness, Maharaj was willing on occasion to enter into discussions with visitors about topical issues and “current events” such as a war in a neighboring country that could potentially spill over into India; such as the “demise” of a child; and such as the insinuation he once made about the too-often restrictive nature of marriage. 

He was well aware that problems exist, and he was aware that the cause was in the mind (where persons’ concepts about “the world” are stored, where their false identities / personalities are stored, where their fallacious concepts and bogus beliefs are stored). He was also clear that the problems of humanity which were based in the mind could sometimes be addressed by the pointers he offered but that sometimes they could not. 

He understood that the readiness was all, and if he spotted someone not ready, they were not allowed to remain in the loft and not allowed to participate in the discussions there. 

Yet early on he began to question the efficacy of the version of the Ultimate Medicine that was passed down to him. Eventually his devotion to – and worship of – his guru would fade. For a time he still offered mantras per his guru’s instructions even though he began to admit that he was doing that because he was instructed to do so but that he was doing so without any conviction on his part that it was really a part of what was going to address what needed to be addressed by seekers. 

He would eventually abandon his attachment to what his guru said and would begin to seek to understand - via his own experience and awarenesses – what might be a more effective version of the Ultimate Medicine. He was seeing that the religion-oriented version was not having an effective impact on the Ultimate Sickness, but he continued to use a religion-spirituality-non-dual combination approach until Westerners began to outnumber the local Hindus in the loft. Typically, the Westerners were far less interested in the dogma of Hinduism and far more interested in pointers regarding what they took to be “spirituality.” 

Thus, he understood that religion was not the Ultimate Medicine but he knew that it was what was bringing visitors to the loft, so he continued to use it in the blended version of the Medicine that he was prescribing. 

He would, however, come to see fully that his earliest version of the Ultimate Medicine was ineffective long-term; later, he would also see that his intermediate version of the Ultimate Medicine – “spirituality” and “kindergarten-level spirituality” - was also off the mark. 

It was only then that he advised persons to “Just give up spirituality" and to “do your normal duties” and to “forget spirituality” and to “follow your normal inclinations.” And even early on he peppered his sharings with what he understood to be the real version of the Ultimate Medicine, namely, one which addresses the real problem of humanity. 

That version of the Ultimate Medicine which he eventually came to see was a version that addressed the psychological distortions and delusions and psychic perversions and disorders and neuroses and psychoses that were the true and real and actual cause of the key problems of humanity. 

He did not deny relative issues, but he did come to understand that at the root of war and murder and “relationship” problems were mind-based issues, some of which could be addressed by the non-dual teachings and some of which could not. 

His focus upon things natural made clear that all life-forms on the planet face relative challenges (that is, “have relative problems,” if you will), but he found that those among humans were unique in many ways. Consider: 

Each day on walks through the neighborhood and through some of the wooded areas here, deer are seen, squirrels are seen, and humans are seen. The deer and the squirrels and the humans often face the same problems, problems that are natural . . . that are a part of nature: droughts, severe thunderstorms, severe heat waves, and the occasional hurricanes that make landfall here. 

But, as noted, some problems are unique to humans, and those are not rooted in natural causes. Some of the most serious problems among humans on the planet right now are involved in things unnatural and things deeded to be “supernatural” (specifically, religious and spiritual beliefs). 

When those type problems are at play, the experiences of the deer and squirrels share nothing in common with the problems experienced by those other life-forms called “humans.” 

Now if you listen to the “leaders” mentioned yesterday, including military leaders, political leaders, religious leaders and spiritual leader, they all offer a different solution to the problems that plague humanity. Their solutions range from . . . 

“Bomb ‘em” and “shoot ‘em” 


“let those on the lower rungs of the hierarchical ladder flounder in poverty, let ‘em starve, let ‘em do without medical care, let ‘em die for all I care"


“the only hope for humanity is for persons to come to know their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but it must be found in the right denomination” or “the only hope for humanity is for persons to come to know the prophet Mohammed and to worship - and be willing to die for – Allah, but that must happen via the right sect” or “the only hope for humanity is to study the scriptures in our holy book and to allow the Word of God to determine everything that you think and say and do” or 


“you have a spiritual malady and if you develop conscious contact with God through completion of a set of spiritual exercise on a daily basis, then you and your body and mind and your spirit will all be fit.” 

Yet Maharaj eventually realized that the problems of humanity are centered in the mind. He saw that the problems of the humanity involve “ignorance, stupidity, and insanity.” His final conclusion paralleled that which Albert Einstein arrived at later on: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." 

Maharaj saw that the duality which humankind buys into generates a sense of separation and better-than-ment and he saw that those drive the problems of humankind. Again, Einstein was in agreement with the non-dual take on humanity’s problems: 

Einstein: A human “experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation, and a foundation for inner security.” 

Thus, Einstein suggested a different approach by which humankind might “find in that way peace and security which he cannot find in the narrow whirlpool of personal experience.” 

Why the deer and squirrels - which have no beliefs about being anything that is “personal” - function far more sanely than humans who are trapped in scores of personality identifications. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 


F.: Yesterday’s post ended with these pointers: 

To believe that one is all of the false personas that he or she has been assigned or has assumed is to be out of touch with reality and Reality, and to be out of touch with reality and Reality is insane; thus, to be free of distortions and delusions and being fooled, it really is enough to find what you are not.

Krishna spoke of those who cannot differentiate between the real and the not-real - and those who cannot differentiate between the beingness and the non-beingness - as "fools." Here, the point is not made that there are fools and non-fools but that foolishness drives persons’ thoughts and words and actions but does not drive the Realized in any way at all. 

Maharaj once joking told a visitor that, in his case, the only reason that the manifestation happened was because he was a fool (as if the man could have accepted or rejected the event). 

When the man’s ego began arguing that he was not a fool, Maharaj dropped the tongue-in-cheek pointer and clarified his point that the seeds of consciousness are the source of foolishness

“Because the seed is foolish it has come like this. The seed is the original foolish state, yet what big titles are given to that seed.” 

Big titles indeed are generated by the consciousness when it has not yet tapped into an awareness of awareness, including such big titles as: 

“My Infinite Self” and “My Supreme Self” and “The Supreme Self” and “That which is beyond this world which should be given your complete attention” and “Nirvana” and “The Highest Reality” and “Realizing that Brahman is Your True Self” and “The Great Cosmic Spirit” and “The Guiding Universe” and “The Supreme Lord” and “Heaven” and “Valhalla” and “The Thirty-Three Devas” and “The Higher Power” and “The All-Powerful One” and “The All-Knowing One” and “The All-Powerful Creator” and “The All-Powerful Sustainer,” and “The All-Knowing Destroyer and Punisher Who Is Watching You” (so you better watch out) and “The Self,” “The True Self,” and “The Real Self.” 

What did he say of the latter? He said: "I got involved in spirituality, in the business of spirituality, [but] finally I lost that love of the Self also. I have no more love for the Self." 

Yes, the big titles are tools which the consciousness can use after programming and conditioning and domestication and brainwashing and indoctrination and acculturation in order to be distracted from things involving the relative existence. 

The tools might initially inspire day-dreaming and imaginings and mental musings and then move to mental flights of fancy which can then disintegrate into mental flights from reality, into extreme personality disorders, into neuroses and eventually even into psychoses and complete detachment from reality. Some might dream of castles in the air, but only those trapped in the most extreme condition of a neurosis or a psychosis actually think they have moved into them. 

[After offering yesterday an unreserved and unrestrained dose of Truth to a man in an effort to allow him to see that he was not at all in the “after realizing” state that he was assuming, he admitted that he had indeed "gone back to some of his concepts and his old personas," but he blamed the regression on the fact that he had read some writing that were emphasizing and glorifying the THAT-ness over the I AM-ness. Of course, if Realized, no one could have the ability to “un-Realize You.” He continued, this time a bit more honestly: “I went right back to 'Foo-Foo Land' and ‘not caring about’ and ‘just floating along.’ And yes, it’s very sick’.” Then he concluded that, in his case, “the ‘spiritual identity’ and the ‘Realized identity’ is worst than all the others.” He ended: “Your email this morning hit hard and instantly showed all my BS.”] 

Many who have assumed the false identity of “The Super Religious One” or “the Spiritual Giant” can claim that they are so in touch with “Reality” or THAT” after Realization or Enlightenment that they are now totally disengaged from and dissociated from the relative, ignoring the fact that the summative statement of the non-dual teachings is “I AM THAT; I AM.” Note that the “I AM” has “equal billing.” Note that “advaita” means “not two” so there is no separation of THAT and the AM. Note too that the only “benefit” of Realization is to be able to escape the bondage of distortions and delusions and foolishness and lies, to be freed from ignorance, to be restored to sanity as a result, and to then overlay Reality on the relative and abide soundly and rationally and sanely and Lovingly for the remainder of the manifestation. 

Realization is not about “escaping the bonds of this life” and it is not about “mentally moving to Foo-Foo Land.” It is about being totally awake, being totally aware, being totally in touch with both reality and Reality, with both the I AM and the THAT, and being freed from ever again being driven by the seeds of foolishness. It is about abiding naturally for the remainder of the manifestation rather than unnaturally or “supernaturally.” 

Maharaj: “There is no question of going beyond. I was never born, will never die. Whatever is – is all the time. 'Going beyond' is only an idea meant to remove all other ideas you have accumulated” 


Maharaj: “The seed is transient, and the whole world is full of the seeds. [That is, the imagined “world” is in you, in your mind” and not as it appears to be at all.] All the five elements, all the objective world, is in that seed. You are not the seed – you are the observer of the seed.” 

One additional clarification: those who will tell you that “nothing is real” are delusional. The invitation I offered to one person years ago who repeated that concept was this: 

Freedom from the relative problems that result from deceptions and misperceptions does not require a denial of the Am-ness nor a belief that relative things do not even exist. 

So to get a grip on reality, try this: bend over, lower your head, and run as fast as you can into a brick wall; then, try to convince me, from within the painful state which would follow such a collision, that the wall does not exist. Tell me at that instant that you believe your head does not exist. Tell me that your pain is not actually happening.

Of course the wall and your head and the pain exist. Of course the entire body exists. The teaching is simply that You are not Your body. Regarding the wall, the Advaitin teaching is not that a brick wall which you can see does not exist. The pointer is simply that a wall is not really what it appears to be, a fact that can be proved if one were to view the bricks through an electron microscope and see that, at their core, the bricks are a swirling mass of subatomic particles. 

The deal here is about differentiating between appearance and reality and between appearance and Reality. It is not about denying the reality of things relative but is about seeing them clearly and accurately and seeing them for what they actually are instead. 

Walk around in your sleep, claiming that you believe in Reality but that you deny reality and all things relative, and you might end up getting hit in the head with a brick, or running into a wall or a river, or driving into the back of a garbage truck that is stopped on your side of the road as one sleep-driver did recently, or worst, relatively speaking.

You might even end up believing in the extreme inconsistency that there can be “a God who loves you unconditionally” but that he can be – at the same time – "willing to cast you into a place of eternal punishment where you will experience mental anguish and the physical torture of eternal flames, forever." That's unconditional love? Then as for that brand of "love," no thanks. That is the kind of nonsense that an abusive husband or parent uses to justify hitting his spouse or child: "If I didn't love you so much, I wouldn't get worked up like that. I'd just ignore you." (Tell you what: ignore me. Please.)

Those who are absorbed in the big titles assigned to things deemed to be “lofty and noble and other-worldly and superior and higher than high and soaring and elevated and exalted or holy” will be guaranteed to be out of touch with reality and will miss out on the pleasures and happiness that the sane and wide are able to enjoy during the manifestation.

The fact is that Realization is not about finding "one special way" or "a thousand different ways" to be distracted, dissociated, preoccupied, sidetracked, diverted, inattentive, and out of touch. Distraction is just another form of sleepwalking and sleeptalking, of working in your sleep, of driving in your sleep, of avoiding, of escaping mentally or via the use of intoxicants, or of finding ways to become emotional intoxicated as well. 

Yes, Maharaj did say, “The nearer you get to the truth, the more you lose interest in the worldly affairs,” but he never suggested abandoning anything and everything that involves reality . . . the IS-ness . . . the AM-ness. Instead - in the end, and quite to the contrary - he said, “Just give up spirituality" and “do your normal duties." He advised: “Forget spirituality.” From the ebook Maharaj’s Evolution, “He encouraged seekers to follow ‘their normal inclinations,’ that is, to follow their natural tendencies, to abandon all of their spiritual work and just abide naturally - not unnaturally and not supernaturally (i.e., neither ‘religiously’ nor ‘spiritually’ nor ‘philosophically’).” 

In the end, he said of the book I AM THAT: "That book and whatever was expounded at that time was only relevant for that period. I am speaking differently today" and am "emphasizing different aspects." What he offered later differed considerably from his earlier talks, making clear that the "spiritual" pointers in I AM THAT will take you to the midpoint of "the journey" but that his final talks point the way to "the finish line." 

(specifically, “Military Leaders,” “Political Leaders,” “Religious Leaders” and “Spiritual Leaders”)

Some in special branches of the military who will be operating in isolated areas beyond assistance if captured are taught to use certain “mental tools” to give them an ability to withstand torture. One of the key tools recommended is “distraction.” How common is the use of distractions among those who find the relative existence to be torturous as well? How many are playing “The Realization Game” or the “I Am Fully Enlightened Game” as a distraction from the relative, from reality? 

Politicians has raised the use of distraction to an art form, maybe not aware of the fact - but tapping into the fact anyway - that 50% of the humans on the planet are Personality Type Sixes who are constantly worried, nervous, anxious and fearful, continuously scared and afraid no matter their age. They often spike to even higher levels of fear and become frightened, paranoid, and terrified. If a politician is experiencing a setback in his approval ratings, all he needs to do in gin up something that will trigger fear among the masses, assure them that he or she is the person with a plan to protect them, and that politician’s approval rating will automatically move higher as the 50% Type Sixes will be ready to follow anyone whom they think can protect them their "Fear du Jour."

Questioner: “How can I be in my true state and lose my fear?” 

Maharaj: “You are already in your true state. Because of the mind, duality comes in and therefore you are afraid. The association with the body and mind is because of the love for the body-mind; that is going to go away; therefore, everyone is afraid of death.” 

Yet when one gives careful consideration to the ways that persons use distraction as a means of escape (and control), then it can be seen that no one has mastered the art of using distraction and fear to the level of those who are spiritual leaders and who are the forebears of the all-time leading masters of distraction: religious leaders (a group which also includes cult leaders, leaders of ideological groups, and – likely the most fear-mongering of all – the combination that presents itself as “a religious politician.”) 

Imagine the skill of so many religious leaders who are able to convince persons to normalize suffering NOW and who are able to convince the masses to ignore their suffering and to focus instead on a "wonderful reward which God has prepared for you after you die." Now that's some big time, big title distracting going on there.

Originally, the belief among the masses was in multiple Gods: the Creator God, the Sustaining Gods, and the Destroyer Gods. After Abraham, when his notion that there is only one God caught on, followers began to believe in and worship a schizophrenic God, purported to be a creator and the sustainer but also a destroyer and punisher, so you better be “A Good, God-Fearing Person” if you want to have any hope at all. 

The final words today go to Maharaj in the discussion about whether one should 

(A) mentally move to another place, become a “Religious Superstar,” become a “Super Spiritual Giant” and model your new and improved roles for all to see; 

or, should

(B) allow the understanding to overlay the relative with Reality, that is, with sanity, with no hint at all of foolishness, with logic, with clarity, with a clear perspective, with reason, and with unadulterated awareness.


“Just give up spirituality" 


“do your normal duties” 


“forget spirituality” 


“follow your normal inclinations.” 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 


F.: Yesterday, there was a listing of some of the many things that seekers have been witnessed to be seeking as thousands upon thousands have been observed while working with them since 1989. 

As illustrated, most who seek haven’t a clue about WHAT they are seeking or about what they would be seeking if they were able to tap into enough wisdom to understand what is “missing” and what they could “find” were they not misguided and misdirected. 

And what did Maharaj say in regards to WHAT is missing and about what instead is at play among the masses who are almost universally suffering from the Ultimate Sickness? What is at play all around the globe? “Ignorance, stupidity, and insanity,” he said. So what is missing, what is not at play? “Wisdom instead of ignorance; understanding and comprehension and insight and discernment and proper perspectives rather than stupidity; reason and logic and sound judgment and sanity and access to the intuitive, common sense that has been blocked by faulty and distorted programming, conditioning, acculturation, domestication, indoctrination, and brainwashing.” 

So why are persons not searching for WHAT Maharaj made clear – in his later talks at least – that they would search for if they could tap into some degree of wisdom? 

Because of what they were told early on that they needed, because of what was erroneously identified as the Ultimate Medicine, and because their egotism-supported ego-states will not allow them to admit that their relative existence has been driven since childhood by anything and everything except wisdom and understanding and comprehension and insight and discernment and proper perspectives and reason and logic and sound judgment and sanity. 

Charlatans and cons sell religion and spirituality at a high price and make millions; others that are, or were, well-meaning (including “maharaj” and “floyd”) misdirected and misguided seekers by endorsing religion for a time and spirituality for a time; that continued until it was seen clearly that those were providing no lasting relief for those suffering from the Ultimate Sickness. 

Once it was seen that the Sickness is not rooted in too little religion or in a spiritual malady, the focus of the treatment turned to addressing the psychological / mental symptoms of the Sickness. When that approach proved to be more effective, its use was continued. 

Yet when it is asked, “Why are you here? What are you seeking?” few ever answer, "I am seeking the means by which I can remove the blockages that were set in place by faulty and distorted programming, conditioning, acculturation, domestication, indoctrination, and brainwashing." Few answer, “I am seeking the ability to tap into the wisdom that has not been tapped into so that I might reach a state of understanding and comprehension, so that I can access valid insights and enjoy clear discernment and proper perspectives and so that I can activate the reason and logic and sound judgment and sanity that have been dormant for decades.” 

Instead, most are more interested in THAT and the Noumenal; many are looking for a way to escape all responsibility and the drudgery of their current relative existence and move into a castle in the air. Most want to become supreme by merging with The Supreme. Most want to give lip service to the unicity and the Oneness while really reinforcing their sense of different-from-ment and better-than-ment which is now being supported by their assumption of phony but supposedly "good" or even "great" new identities.

But what did Maharaj say, in the end? You need to learn more dogma? No. You need to be more spiritual? No. He said that it is enough to know what you are not. That is, you do not need to find even more false identities of the type that are assumed to be lofty, holy, saintly, pious, sacred, devout, divine, or mystical. In fact, the playing of roles with those traits will only further hinder the effort to be in touch with reality / Reality. 

So seekers show up here at this site or at this house without having the slightest clue about what the effective treatment is that they should be seeking for the Ultimate Sickness and without the slightest clue about their actual motives and their actual motivators. Why? Because their actual motivators are their many ego-states / personalities and because ego-states / personalities function in a wiser - or more cunning - fashion than the persons who believe in them. They are shrewd and subtle and they always work on a subconscious, unconscious level. 

Like a cancerous tumor that can grow and thrive within a body for years before pushing against a nerve and generating pain which triggers an investigation that leads to a discovery of the presence of that which is making one sick, so too do personalities work in a similar way, except . . . they grow within the mind. 

Beyond that, as with a cancerous tumor, they can thrive for years (and for an entire lifetime in most cases) without being detected, and they can push aside all logic and sense. Sometimes the misery and suffering and pain generated by the Ultimate Sickness can trigger an investigation that leads to a discovery of the presence of that which is making one sick, namely, a conglomeration of false identities which all have their own illusory fears and selfish desires and that all promote “self”-destructive actions because the inner resource or inner guru – while usually suppressed – can occasionally exert itself to some degree and give persons a clue that it is the false self / selves that are at the core of the chaos of misery and suffering associated with the Ultimate Sickness. 

Thus, "self"-destructive behaviors are actually a sound reaction to the awareness that it is the false "self" / "selves" that are making one sick . . . if the result is the "destruction" of the belief in the "self" / "selves."

Yet what treatment plan is too-often followed by so many of the seekers who finally understand that they are suffering from the Ultimate Sickness? The totally-ineffective treatment plans offered by the Big Name Teachers that Maharaj warned seekers to stay away from, the Big Name Teachers who tell seekers that the proper treatment for what ails them is . . . 

** not to address the problem of the mind, and not to reach a state of zero concepts, and not to be free of the incessantly churning thoughts in their minds but to "change your thoughts in order to change your life"


to “find your ultimate calling and focus on that” 


** to “realize how incredible you really are!” 


** to learn my ten secrets for success” 


** to “advance your spirit” 


** to “find your life’s purpose” 


** to find your infinite self”


“to use what I can teach you to get power now” 


“to develop an ageless body and a timeless mind” 


** “to let me show you how to spontaneously fulfill your desires” 


** to “follow my seven laws of success” 


** to “know God” 


** don’t address the real issues, such as personality disorders and neuroses and psychoses; instead, just "love what is!" and for example, "if a Nazi throws your baby into a flaming pit, that act is God. God is what-is, and until we can accept our baby being destroyed, we cannot come to terms with God, with reality."

Those are all suggestions from Big Name Teachers, offered as ways to address the Ultimate Sickness or whatever else might be causing you to suffer and to be miserable. 

In other words, the advice is, just think magically, think supernaturally, focus on being a success, focus on all of your ego-based, body and mind and personality desires and go out there and get everything you want. 

And that is the advice that the masses are paying millions of dollars a year for, as if any of that can have even the slightest impact on the Ultimate Sickness which is a psychological, mental illness, not a religious or spiritual illness. In other words, to persons who are suffering because they are out of contact with both reality and Reality, the treatment being recommend on a massive scale is . . . get even farther out of touch with reality and Reality

Part of the methodology here involves an effort to turn the seeker’s focus away from the irrelevant and toward the relevant - and away from distortions and toward clarity - by offering examples of those who have been misguided and misdirected. Those examples are offered in order to try to allow seekers to relate, the plan being that a reaction / realization like these might manifest: 

“Hummm, you know what, my thinking is just as messed up as that of the guy in the example” 


“You know, my behavior is just like hers, and suddenly, I see that I’ve always been able to judge how insane ‘others’ are but I have never before really seen how insane my behavior has been all my life until seeing myself – my self . . . or selves – in that illustration”


“Gee, I really have been driven by ignorance and insanity all of my life, and that happened through no fault or choice of my own, but I now see that the chaos and craziness were not a result of a failure to be religious enough (because few have been more religious than I) and I now see that the chaos and craziness were not a result of a failure to be spiritual enough (because few have been as absorbed in spirituality and spiritual practices as I); 

instead, I now see that the chaos and craziness have been a result of what has been written on what began as a blank tablet at the point of manifestation but which did not stay blank. The most nonsensical and ignorant and stupid and insane things were written on that tablet and stored away in ‘my mind’ and thereafter led to the insanity of believing that false identities are real and then allowing the insanity of false identities to determine every thought I thought, every word I spoke, and every action I ever took. Now I see that I always wanted to be free, but I only now see exactly what I need to be free of.” 

None of those types of examples which are offered here on occasion are intended to help hone your skills at spotting evidence of ignorance and stupidity and insanity in “others.” The methodology is, instead, about taking your own “self” inventory, about finding the hidden agendas of the multiple personalities that have been driving you, and then being free of the influence of all of those. 

To believe that one is all of the false personas that he or she has been assigned or has assumed is to be out of touch with reality and Reality, and to be out of touch with reality and Reality is insane; thus, to be free of distortions and delusions and being fooled, it really is enough to find out what you are not

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

24 October 2014 

F.: [Continued from yesterday

It was seen that HOW seekers seek is usually . . . obsessively. 

What are some of the markers of the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder? 

Obviously, Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder symptoms usually include both obsessions and compulsions. Obsession is of the mind, and that which is obsessed over - and over and over and over again - will usually, eventually, lead to compulsive behaviors (meaning uncontrolled and uncontrollable behaviors). 

Obsession involves constant thinking; compulsion involves the action that is inspired by obsessive thinking. 

Obsessive persons function as if mesmerized or hypnotized; they are excessively driven, extremely compelled, and markedly fanatical, totally in the grip of their extreme beliefs which lead to their compulsive, radical actions. 

They are enormously vulnerable to being radicalized (by cults, cultures, sects, factions, extremists, religions, spiritual groups, and all others who engage in programming, re-programming, indoctrination and brainwashing). They are susceptible to fads and crazes and trends, and if a group or movement is in the news, they will often align with them in order to share in the spotlight or to become famous . . . or infamous . . . either one will do. 

Like a dog stopping at every bush or mailbox to leave its mark, so too will those with OCD behave in a similar fashion, wanting to leave their mark on the world but actually just making a mess everywhere they go (imagining themselves to really be the roles they have assumed: “The Super Reformer of Persons” and “The Super Reformer of the World”). 

Those with the OCD Personality Disorder are highly-dedicated, fervent, fixated, zealous, and insanely passionate about their belief systems; they are besotted (that is smitten with) whatever they are focused on. 

It is as if they are infatuated or love-struck (but not with people as much as with their burning, impassioned, emotionally-intoxicating beliefs). 

They are usually perfectionistic, and they see themselves and their beliefs as being perfect. They are judgmental and moralistic and believe that they are always right; thus, they suffer from the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (or The God-Complex Disorder), and - in the extreme – believe that they have the right to decide who lives and who dies. They are inflexible, dogmatic, critical of others, overly-serious, controlling, anxious, and jealous. 

Fit the bill? Fit even a part of that bill? Then the suggestion is to seek professional help, not help from armchair psychologists or amateurs. Obsessive persons cannot treat OCD. They reinforce it. Are you in a group that is telling you that you have an obsession of the mind? They may be spot on, but do not expect them to provide a proper treatment for that disorder. They have it in spades themselves. 

Living with someone with OCD? The suggestion is also to seek professional help. Not only will you never find bliss, if that is something you are seeking. You will not even find a slight degree of happiness in the environment those with OCD create. They will have you walking on eggshells, at the least; or, they may prove to be quite dangerous because – whether below the surface or right out in the open - their anger is real and is extreme. At their very core, it is anger that drives them, and often in insane and unrestrained ways. 

They can be kind or they can be mean in order to get their way, but they will most assuredly be manipulative and scheming and calculating. In the extreme, they can hurt, maim, or kill those who resist their beliefs and their efforts to control and their desire to change everyone to be just like them. 

No matter the object of one’s obsession – politics, religion, spirituality, “love,” sex, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, work, escaping, image-building and image maintenance, shopping, hoarding, cleanliness, whatever – the end result is usually the Monomania Personality Disorder (resulting in one thing and one thing only being focused on, primarily or exclusively, even as all else that might be calling for attention in terms of the basic relative requirements is being ignored). 

For example, the practicing addict ignores self-care and familial obligations; the “recovering addict” can ignore self-care and familial obligations as well. 

“Ignore self-care? Surely not. Not anymore.” 

Consideration: To abandon the use of one thing that was being abused but to continue to engage in other harmful acts (relatively speaking) or to use other harmful substances is quite typical.

So that is HOW many seek: obsessively. And that is how obsessive seekers act: compulsively. Neither is the least bit healthy. Neither evidences even the slightest bit of freedom from personality. Neither leads to any degree of being able to truly relax or to truly take it easy. 

And WHAT are humans seeking? 

Of course on planet earth, most among the masses are seeking accumulations, things, stuff, and then – once they have a lot of things and a lot of stuff - they will then seek even more things and even more stuff. More. More. More. Among the non-Realized masses, there is never enough, whether that involves things or stuff or seeking or knowledge (a.k.a., “learned ignorance”) or dogma or spirituality or “God” . . . whatever. Never enough. Obsessive. Obsessive. Obsessive. More. More. More.

Others are seeking what the nine basic personality types – Types One through Nine - are driving them to seek: to be perfect; to be loved; to be admired; to find authenticity or to isolate, depending; to avoid; to be taken care of; to escape; to control; or to avoid conflict by being passive though generating conflict when there is a shift to the aggressive mode. 

The typical person will assume that WHAT “other persons” are seeking is exactly what she or he is seeking (or what she or he sought if the belief is that one has now “found” and “knows” and “understands” and “has realized” all). As with all beliefs, that belief is false, but persons who think they know what others are seeking (or needing to seek) will assume that others are interested in finding what they have already supposedly found. Again, assumptions are beliefs, and all beliefs are false. 

It has been noted that few on the planet will ever seek. Ninety-seven percent report an affiliation with one organized religion or another. They who are sure they know everything – and who have been threatened in order to prevent their questioning what they were taught - will seek to understand nothing else, so there will be among those types no seeking of any additional or different understanding. 

If they are engaged in any form of seeking, it involves seeking rewards now and avoiding punishment now and involves seeking eternal reward and avoiding eternal punishment. 

Then there are the millions who boast about being “spiritual, not religious.” Some of them might be seeking relief from one thing or another; some of them might be seeking a better image; some of them might be involved in trying to get back the person who left them because they were “bad” and now they are bent on showing how “good” they have become. 

Some are seeking a better image to show to a judge in order to receive a lighter sentence for past actions or behaviors. 

Some are seeking an end to what they believe to be a long chain of (actually-non-existent) birth-life-death-rebirth cycles which they think they have been experiencing for hundreds of years. ("Non-existent?!" Yes. As Maharaj noted, one who was never born even once can most assuredly never be born again.) Some are seeking one of the thousands of versions of “heaven” or “unification” or “paradise” or “rapture,” all of which are merely concepts which have been dreamed up over the millennia. 

Some are seeking “Brahman” . . . that is, "some steady and constant Reality beyond this world" (which many of them admit "cannot be exactly defined") or they are seeking “the bliss of the Highest Reality” or “God.” 

[NOTE: In Sanskrit, “Brahman (nominative, bráhmā) comes from the root “brh-” which means "to expand, enlarge, or swell.” Since there is no “one” to “expand, enlarge, or swell,” then what really expands and enlarges and swells is an ego-state's "self"-image and the egotism that is used to support and to defend and to try to sustain one’s lofty but false identities. Nothing expands and enlarges and swells up like the assumed or assigned ego-state of “The Super Religious One” or “The Spiritual Giant.” Those ego-states and their resultant egotism become so large that they could be assigned their own zip code.] 

Others claim to be seeking “The Self” or “The True Self” or “The Real Self” which is believed to be something that can eventually be attained or experienced beyond this realm when, in fact, “The Self” or “The True Self” or “The Real Self” refer to something that is of this realm alone. “What?!” 

Yes. Those three terms actually point to the “Pure Witnessing” (notice, not “The Pure Witness”), and Pure Witnessing and / or “Subject-Object Witnessing” can only happen in this realm. In whatever “other realm” one might speak of – which they might refer to as “THAT” or “the non-manifest state,” etc. - there is no “one” that can witness anything. No witnessing of any type happens post-manifestation. 

Consciousness can only manifest temporarily, and it manifests temporarily in a temporary “composite unity” (i.e., an elemental-plant-food-body-cum-consciousness which is circulating air). Witnessing can only happen when all three components of the composite unity are manifest and functioning. 

Finally, some lazy types and entitled types seek to escape from work and meeting their own basic requirements, constantly seeking others to care for them (and to care for them in a style in which their ego-states and egotism tell them they deserve.) That is all most unnatural. 

No deer lies in the shade and expects other deer to bring it some plants to eat. That would be most unnatural. No deer prays that some “god” or “goddess” or “God” will drop food from heaven and let it land right before its mouth so it does not have to move at all in order to eat. That would require a belief in things supernatural, and that also would be unnatural. If the Realized happened to Realize along with a side dish of Nisarga Yoga pointers thrown in, then abidance will happen in an all-natural manner. 

Either way, the truly Realized seek nothing beyond the basic requirements of the current but temporary manifestation. Once “Reality” is overlaid on the relative, on “reality,” then the key traits of the Ultimate Sickness which Maharaj identified as “ignorance, stupidity, and insanity” come to an end. 

If action is called for, it is taken. There is no longer any desire, and that includes no desire to isolate or avoid. Escapism and avoidance are not what Realization is about, and neither is a by-product or marker of Realization. 

Obsessive thinking and obsessive talking and obsessive behaviors also end, and so do actions that are compulsive in their nature. The Realized, spontaneously and wisely and sanely, take whatever actions are required for the remainder of the post-Realization manifestation. 

To review a pointer offered yesterday: 

The example in this neighborhood which offers the closest illustration of Full Realization and Nisarga living is provided by the deer. They have no personal identification and no mind. 

WHY do deer seek? Because they are in contact with their “inner resource” and thus know intuitively and instinctively exactly what they need for as long as the manifestation continues. And, they want nothing more than the minimum requirements. 

As deer seek the basics - water and plant food and shelter - HOW do they seek that which is truly needed throughout the Am-ness? They seek calmly, slowly, quietly, unobtrusively, selflessly, "limitedly" rather than endlessly, and, therefore, moderately, reasonably, sensibility, sanely, non-continuously, and only to a moderate degree. Once they find their basic needs, they stop seeking. 

WHAT does a deer seek? A tree with heavy growth to provide some shelter during a storm; trees on a hot day that offer the cool, blue shade; the silence; the peace; the quiet; plant food; a mate to mate with and hang out with during the day and night; and that’s about it. 

What are you seeking? More than that? A lot more than that? Nothing as nearly simple as that? Really? Hummm. 

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

23 October 2014 


F.: So the reasons that persons are seeking is seldom the reason WHY they should be seeking. 

As for WHAT they are seeking (or would be seeking, if wise enough), most haven’t a clue. 

Again, why? Because they are seeking what they are being told they need to seek by what Maharaj warned against, namely, Big Name Teachers. Why not seek with them? Because they are Big Names, that is, "popular." Why? Because they share a populous message, a message that will have mass appeal which will translate into mass sales,
as opposed to a message of Truth. Maharaj warned that, with them, one or more ego-states are always talking. Never is it the consciousness that speaks.

Many seekers are also seeking that which was suggested by friends or relatives with the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCD PD) who have “very long spiritual bucket lists of things to do before they die” and who are, therefore, recommending one special book after another to read or one special (or “holy” or “spiritual”) place after another that “must be visited before one dies.” 

In fact, most are seeking without any clue about why they are seeking . . . really; and without any clue about what they are seeking . . . actually; and without any clue about how to go about finding that which they would actually be seeking if wise enough and how to go about that search (which could be oh, so simple were they shown the way). 

When persons come here for a retreat, one of the first questions asked of them is, “So what do think you would like to accomplish during this visit?” Most cannot truly explain exactly what they are seeking, and few can answer the question in a brief, short, simple way. Most of their answers go on for a considerable period of time – as happened during “floyd’s” visit with the chief - and most talk all around a real answer to the question.

Many of the answers are rote, answers merely adumbrating what some Big Name Teacher wrote or what a friend or relative recommended (and often those recommendations are well-intended and might also be spot on, even though the friend or relative cannot explain exactly what is being called for by the one they are sending here). 

But the bottom line is this: while there are a few among the Realized that visit here or call just for the sake of “Dancing Lightly” with what might be called (only for the sake of discussion) “a Realized partner to dance with for a few moments,” no one who is still earnestly or obsessively seeking is free of all personality identifications; 

thus, that elimination is the first task to be addressed and why, with Maharaj as well as with the seven-step approach used here, the body and mind and personality identifications must also be addressed and purged first. 

So anyone still seeking earnestly and obsessively is first seeking as a result of personality. Often the last three false roles to go are a religious and / or a spiritual role and, finally, the role of “The Seeker” who usually self-promotes to the status of “The Super Seeker.”

[The woman who is so certain that she is now pure (and therefore ready to take mahasamadhi and transition beyond the birth-life-death-rebirth cycles which she believes in) nevertheless just paid a small fortune for an airline ticket and flew what ended up being a fifty-hour flight – one way, one-hundred hours total - to another continent in order to spend four weeks at a special event being held at an ashram. Really? Why, if one is 100% pure, totally Realized, and unequivocally ready for the Am-ness to end so that a better existence in a better place can begin, engaging in that doingness? See, “The Super Seeker” - lodged firmly in her endlessly-busy, always-restless, always unfulfilled, always-generating-a-sense-of-incompleteness, always frustrated mind - is still “alive and well,” in her mind, (or more accurately "flourishing" and "sick" as the case might be). And that trip is only one example of all of the spiritual going and doing and zooming that she has undertaken in the past twelve months, her talk about “Full Realization” and having attained a state of “100% Pure Consciousness” notwithstanding. Actually, what could be more delusional than searching for one's misplaced car key, finding it, and then spending the rest of the day still searching for that key? In such a case, either distortion and delusion reign or the person has not actually found the key at all.] 

Regular site visitors here know that there are nine basic personality types which all persons show evidence of to one degree or another. The main types are set in place during early childhood (and if the relative existence lasts for several decades, there will be an additional seventy to ninety other personas assigned or assumed and accepted and thought to be real and then played for periods of time as well). 

Note on the pictograph - as illustrated by connecting lines - the types that connect to the Type Four, which is the type that is most likely to seek the Authentic Self and Realization: 

Note that the Type Four can shift to the Type Two if disintegrated and if psychically unhealthy. If that happens, the search for authenticity will never manifest and the person will then play the role of “The Rescuer” or “The Savior” or “The Helper” (all in order to be “loved”); 

Or, a Type Four can shift to the Type One. The Type One score will provide a measurement of the level of the OCD PD that is at play. While an average score in any of the nine types is a “16,” the woman above scored a “26” in the Type One. That means, on a 100-scale, that she scored at the 125-percentile level (that is, "off the charts," 25 points higher than the top of the measuring scale). That is a level of OCD PD which will ensure that whatever is being focused on will be focused on obsessively, fanatically, neurotically or psychotically, and zealously. 

If one’s obsession is food, then one will eventually increase one's overall poundage, often to lethal levels; if one’s obsession is using nicotine to treat anxiety, then smoking will happen continuously throughout one’s waking hours; if one’s obsession is using alcohol to try to escape because one lacks the coping skills to address issues from a sober state, then in both cases above one will use nicotine or alcohol obsessively, fanatically, neurotically or psychotically, and zealously; 

if one’s obsession is spirituality, then one will certainly engage in spiritual going and doing and zooming to an obsessive, fanatical, neurotic or psychotic and zealous degree; if one’s obsession is patriotism and xenophobia, then one will "serve" her or his country obsessively and fanatically and neurotically or psychotically and zealously by killing all persons they are told are “enemies” of their country or by supporting obsessively those who do the killing; 

and if one’s obsession is religion, then one will certainly engage in religious going and doing and zooming to an obsessive, fanatical, neurotic or psychotic and zealous degree and can become willing to die for God or to kill for God or to kill for one’s religion or to kill for one’s sect. 

Note on the pictograph above that the often-OCD Type One is not only connected to the Type Four but is also connected to the Type Seven, which is the type that will indicate either the presence or absence of the Addictive Personality Disorder. See why addiction is said to involve “an obsession of the mind”? See why addicts drink or use obsessively? They are Type Sevens who are connected to the One (which can bring with it the OCD PD), usually to an extreme degree, so those with an addiction will think obsessively and talk obsessively and behave obsessively throughout the day. 

See why those who were drinking obsessively but enter a program to find freedom from their use of alcohol become just as obsessive over “their concept of God” or “their program” or "meetings" or “their Big Name Speakers” or “their sponsors” or “their group and its members”? 

Once more, there’s a case of a person’s main disorder (which he or she needs to be freed from) actually being reinforced instead. Rather than suggesting that treatment should be sought to free such persons of their OCD PD, those with such obsessive personality disorders are merely encouraged to develop new, substitute obsessions. 

Recall the testimony in that regard from the woman who reported here that she and her children – after witnessing “an obsessive ass” for many, many years and after now having witnessing “the obsessive saint” for a little over a year – had all decided that “the obsessive saint” is less tolerable than was “the obsessive ass.” 

All seeking can involve an obsessive personality which can result in the search becoming the be-all-and-end-all and which can result in levels of self-absorption (or supposed “Self”-Absorption) and which can turn a simple process into a long and arduous and endless “journey” to nowhere while believing that one has arrived somewhere, or "Somewhere Truly Special."

The example in this neighborhood which offers the closest example to Full Realization and Nisarga living is provided by the deer. They have no personal identification, no mind, and no anger. (Okay, granted, mess with a buck’s fawn, as some children in this area have learned the hard way, and sure, the deer will kick butt; otherwise, that deer will remain at ease . . . calm . . . relaxed). 

So, WHY do deer seek? Because they are in contact with their “inner resource” and thus know intuitively and instinctively exactly what is missing and exactly what they have a need for as long as the manifestation continues; moreover, they want nothing more than the minimum requirements. 

[Programmed and conditioned and domesticated and acculturated and indoctrinated and brainwashed persons no longer have that contact, so they require a guide that can assist them in re-connecting with that inner guru or inner resource from which their parents and cultures separated them.]

Next, as deer seek the basics - water and plant food and shelter - HOW do they seek that which is truly needed throughout the Am-ness? They seek calmly, slowly, quietly, unobtrusively, selflessly, "limitedly" rather than endlessly, and, therefore, moderately, reasonably, sensibly, sanely, non-continuously, and only to a moderate degree. Once they meet their basic needs, they stop seeking. 

Finally, WHAT does a deer seek? A tree with heavy growth to provide some shelter during a storm; trees on a hot day that offer the cool, blue shade; the silence; the peace; the quiet; plant food; a mate to mate with and hang out with during the day and night; and that’s about it. 

What are you seeking? More than that? A lot more than that? Nothing as nearly simple as that? Really? Hummm. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation.


F.: [Continued from yesterday

Recall the chief’s words to me after my self-centered monologue in which I explained all that had been done during the search and all that was yet to be done: 

“Well, then. You’re going to be a very busy boy.” 

Yesterday, this was asked: “Were the chief still around, what words might he share with others who might cross his path? Might it be something like this?” 

[First, a response to the woman who wrote yesterday to complain about the chief’s words to the woman playing the role of “The One Who Is Now 100% Pure As a Result of Denying Herself Pleasure and Protein and All Relative Amusements,” the complaint specifically involving the chief's suggestion that she was going to be“frustrated and unfulfilled”: 

No, the suggestion is not that you also must be frustrated and unfulfilled because you have no desire to engage in sexual relations. You missed the point. The woman in the example has stated repeatedly that she wants to have sex and is frustrated and unfulfilled but that she is willing to continue to be frustrated and unfulfilled in order to maintain her “totally pure condition which she has worked so hard, for so many years, to attain.” In the moments when she is able to reveal what’s really going on inside, though, she makes clear that she is ready to “take mahasamadhi” because (a) she’s “reached a state of perfection which can finally free her from her birth-life-rebirth cycles” but also because she can admit that (b) she knows “I’m really messed up and my life is one big miserable mess.” 

Finally, you might consider this: a false identity (being false) can only speak the false; the pure consciousness – on the other hand – can only speak the Truth. False identities (seeking affirmation and support and encouragement) will allow “others” to determine what is either said or what is avoided; the pure consciousness (seeking nothing) can and will only speak the Truth, reactions from the non-Realized be damned.

Now, to continue: Were the chief still around, what words might he share with others who might cross his path? Might it be something like this? 

Chief: “You have said that you go to Bible Study and church services on Sunday mornings and to another church service on Sunday evenings and to another church service on Wednesday nights and to choir practice on Thursday nights and that you do volunteer work on Saturday afternoons before you go to confession on Saturday evenings and then you go to week-long revival meetings during the summer and you make annual trips to ‘the Holy Land’ and visit ‘Holy sites’ throughout the year and give 10% of all you earn to the church, is that correct?” 

The reply: “Yes.” 

Chief: “Well, then. You’re going to be a very busy boy / girl.” 

Chief: “You have said that you stop whatever you are doing five times a day in order to face a holy site and knell and pray and that you make a ‘holy pilgrimage to Mecca’ at least once and you complete the five specific religious duties and you practice almsgiving and that you are willing to die to spread you religion and willing to die for your God, is that correct?” 

The reply: “Yes.” 

Chief: “Well, then. You’re going to be a very busy boy” 


“Well, then. You’re going to be a very fanatical boy”

Or like this? 

Chief: “So you say that each year you spend the money to go to an ashram for two weeks and to visit annually one of the so-called ‘Top Spiritual Places on Earth” and that you go to India annually and that you also go there for a two-month period once every twelve years in order to attend a 55-day religious festival (which marks the victory of the gods over the demons in a battle for nectar) and in order to bathe with 100 million other people in the place where the Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati Rivers converge – safe hygiene be damned - in order for your sins to be washed away and you mentioned that you were present at a 2011 religious festival in India and witnessed the Sabarimala human stampede that killed 106 worshippers and injured over 100 and that you were also present at the 2008 religious festival in India and witnessed the Jodhpur human stampede that killed 224 worshippers and injured over 425, is that correct?” 

Reply: “Yes.” 

Chief: “Well, then. You’re going to be a very busy boy / girl” 


“Well, then. You’re going to be a very obsessive boy / girl” 


“Well then. You might seek treatment for your Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder” 


“Well then. You might seek treatment for your 'seeking addiction'”


“Well then. You might seek a way to relax instead”


“Well then. You might seek freedom from doingness and zooming”


“Well then. You might seek freedom from your spiritual workaholism” 


“Well then. You might seek to abide naturally, not ‘supernaturally’.” 

Of course, were the chief still around, most would ignore all of his invitations and considerations because all non-Realized persons are abiding in a trance – in a personality trance – and when that is the case, no one can choose anything (including all of the thoughts that they are constantly thinking, all of the words that they are constantly speaking, and all of the going and doing and zooming that they are being driven to do). 

So it usually is. Yet a few might be open and honest enough to at least consider an alternate manner of abidance that is not subsumed in things unnatural and in things deemed to be supernatural or magical or  spiritual or . . . whatever. 

Another reason that sages have long recommended being free of the influence of all personality identification is because all personas are addicted to either control or chaos or both, and efforts to (1) control or to (2) generate chaos - always in an effort to counteract boredom - will preempt any chance to simply relax.

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 


F.: [Continued from yesterday

To review: After all the effort and expense put into one more phase of “floyd’s” seeking which carried the search to Santa Fe, New Mexico and the home of a Cherokee chieftain, "floyd’s" egos and egotism were not razed but gave themselves free rein. 

During the one-hour which was allotted for the meeting, the chief only asked two questions, taking a total of about seven seconds: “Tell me what you have done so far on your search” and “OK. Now tell me all that you have not yet done on your search that you are planning to do.” 

The various personality types of the totally-non-Realized floyd who showed up there all ran their mouths for the other fifty-nine minutes and fifty-three seconds. 

(See, each and every ego-state of a non-Realized person hates the silence so much that they will usually destroy it, which is exactly what happened. As with so many among the non-Realized, there can be evidence of the three key symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness which Maharaj noted, namely, “ignorance, stupidity, and insanity”; however, there is often also evidence of a serious case of assholism which often manifests with the Ultimate Sickness as well. That assholism was obvious to the chief, and that assholism was obvious to the chief’s wife. In fact, no one except “floyd” was unaware of the presence of that assholism, or should it be said, “multiple 'floyds' were unaware"?) 

Talk. Talk. Talk. Just as the elemental plant food body requires a continuous supply of food to continue its manifestation, so it is that assigned and / or assumed personalities require a continuous stream of talking to survive. Ego and egotism assure that the composite unity will function as a noise factory, constantly churning out words and sounds and a steady flow of racket and clattering and rattling and endless, non-stop prattling.

So what were the words of wisdom that the chief offered, words which were not taken to be wise at all but were taken instead to be highly insulting to a variety of ego-states: 

“Well, then. You’re going to be a very busy boy.” 

The reaction? “Where the hell did he come up with ‘boy’?! Boy! How dare him. I’m a grown man, to which any wise and objective witness would have asked: “Oh? Really?” 

The fact: if one is trapped in body and in mind / personality identification, then everything a person does, no matter the person's chronological age, will be done as if a child is in charge of all thoughts and words and actions. 

That includes HOW seeking will happens, but it can also include HOW one eats and how much one eats; how one behaves in “relationships”; how one acts - or acts out - in the workplace; how one behaves in traffic; how one functions at a checkout counter (as noted, being a jerk and taking twenty items to the ten-item counter or stabbing multiple times the one who took twenty items to the ten-item counter); all totally childish;

it will include how a parent or parents raise children; how one treats neighbors; how bosses treat subordinates; how those in the upper levels of any given hierarchy abuse those below; how members of one race look down on and abuse members of another race;
all totally childish;

how the members of one organized religion treat members of another religion; how students are treated when placed under the authority of certain teachers; how citizens are treated when placed under the authority of certain police officers; how low-ranked soldiers are treated when place under the authority of certain high-ranking officers;
all totally childish;

how weak spouses are treated when placed under the authority of controlling or domineering and / or abusive spouses; how children are treated when exposed to controlling and domineering and / or abusive step-parents; how “ex’s” are treated when exposed to new partners who are controlling and domineering and / or abusive;
all totally childish;

how employees are treated when exposed to employers who are controlling and domineering and / or abusive; how the mentally-ill are treated when exposed to judgmental persons who mislabel them as “evil” instead of “sick”; how courts treat minority members of a society in opposition to how they treat members of a society who are in the majority or in the upper economic and social ranks. 

It all happens in ways that are no different at all from the way that events happen on an unsupervised elementary schoolyard: like immature children without the slightest ability to self-regulate and self-restrain; thus, Maharaj spoke of those types (types who are so sure that they have Realized fully but have not) as being trapped in what is actually “their kindergarten-level spirituality.” 

And that is why the search far too often happens in the same way as a child who is seeking what it wants: driven by desire; driven by fear; driven by self-gratification to the point that one can become physically sick (or mentally and emotionally ill).

To review: by the age of 5 or 6, one’s primary personality type is set in place (and usually “in stone” as well). From that point forward, it will be multiple personality types – and each of their basic fears and basic desires – that will subconsciously determine every thought and word and action that happens. 

As obsessive children who are unsupervised, eating sweets in excess until they puke, the adult who is driven by the childish agendas of personality / personalities will be obsessive; will be willing to behave in (relatively) destructive ways; will be willing to harm others; will be willing to engage in self-harm day in and day out; and will engage in self-defeating and self-sabotaging behaviors for an entire relative existence if Realization does not happen. 

So what will the relative existence be like when driven by childish thoughts and childish words and childish behaviors? Recall the woman who is now ready to die because – in her mind - she has reached a state of perfect purity because she only eats veggies (though her body is screaming for protein), because she has proudly (but not happily) denied herself the pleasures of healthy sexual relations for the last twenty years, and because she thinks that all of her suffering will set her up to finally break the chain of reincarnations which she believes she has (miserably) experienced. 

Were the chief in Santa Fe still around, what words might he share with others who might cross his path? Might it be something like this? 

Chief: “You have said that you miss having sex to an unbelievable degree, but you’re tired of the many life cycles you believe in; you believe that you have a reached a state of “total purity”; you say that you will do nothing, eat nothing, and drink nothing that you believe will endanger all the spiritual work that you’ve done to become pure and to now stay pure; and because of all of that sacrifice you now believe that you have set the stage to finally avoid what you believe to be another rebirth and another life and that you will thereby transition into Nirvana instead. Does that about sum up your beliefs and the way that you intend to continue to behave?” 

She: “Yes.”

Chief: “Well, then. You’re going to be a very frustrated girl” 


Chief: “Well, then. You’re going to be a very unfulfilled girl.”

Or like this? 

Chief: “So, you say that you are going to spend the entire remainder of your lifetime doing spiritual exercises and going to meetings where you can talk and talk and talk to a captive audience around a table?’

Really: “Yes.” 

Chief: “Well, then. You’re going to be a very busy boy / girl” 


Chief: “Well, then. You’re going to be a very noisy boy / girl.” 

Or like this? 

Chief: “So you say that you are willing to spend the entire remainder of your life being absorbed in seeking, going to ashrams, going to retreats on a regular basis, going to seminars, going to talks by big name teachers, reading every book ever written by big name teachers, ad infinitum?” 

Reply: “Yes.” 

Chief: “Well, then. You’re going to be a very obsessive boy / girl” 


Chief: “Well then. You might seek treatment for your Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.” 

Or like this? 

Chief: “So your think that you are now totally pure and have reached a state of perfection even as the consciousness is manifested?”

Reply: “Yes.” 

Chief: “Well then. You might seek someone able to identify distortions.” 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 


F.: To review: as for WHY people seek, the possibilities are numerous: 

1. Because of fear; 

2. because of desire; 

3. Because of discomfort; 

4. because they want freedom; 

5. because they have been seen as being “bad” but want to be seen as being “good” (in order to keep what they have or to get what they do not have, or both); 

6. because the consciousness automatically wants continuity, so they spend an entire existence being driven by fears and by desires involving the false concept of continuity; 

7. because they have been fooled, made to believe – almost since “day one” - a plethora of beliefs that are totally false, totally magical, totally supernatural beliefs about: 

a. “gods” and “goddesses” or “a God” or “Sky Deities” or “Sky Kings and Queens” or “a Heavenly Father” or “a Son of Heaven”; and about 

b. reincarnation and multiple lives and how to escape the potentially-endless cycles of rebirth-life-death-rebirth; and about 

c. “souls” and “spirits” and “eternal life” and “eternal reward” both “now” and “later” or “eternal punishment” both “now” and “later” or “the afterlife”; and about 

d. “Heaven” or "Vaikuntha” or “Tian” or "The Upper World of Heavenly Gods" or a "Higher Place" or “a Higher Plane” or a “Better World” or “The Holiest Place” or “Paradise” or “Purgatory” or “Hell” or “an Underworld” or “Another World” or something attained, such as “Nirvana or Moksha” or "a place where endless carnal pleasures await those who die fighting for God, including seventy-two virgins, thousands of wives, and thousands of concubines" or “several heavens with varying levels of pleasure” or “Five Major Types of Heaven” or “many planes beyond the earthly plane” or “The Good Kingdom” or “The Final Communion with Brahman,” etc.; or

8. because of illusions and delusions; 

9. because they have been fooled by programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, brainwashing, and indoctrination; 

10. because they have been fooled by being led to believe that great punishment awaits those who question any aspect of the dogma which they have been taught; 

11. because they have unquestioningly succumbed to being manipulated into living a life according to the dictates of those who either (a) dangle a carrot of reward or who (b) make threats about your being punished forever if you does not believe "by blind faith alone" all that you were told; 

12. because of belief systems that are based in total delusion: 

13. because they are seeking a “good and happy ending”; 

14. because all on the planet have been raised in a dysfunctional environment which is the cause of the development of personality; 


15. because the development of personality removes from persons the ability to be free of a constantly-in-motion train of thoughts which are endlessly churning away in a fiction-filled mind


16. because the development of personality is in place by the age of five or six, causing persons to fixate at that level, the result of which is that the hidden agendas of personalities - for the rest of one’s entire life - will determine (subconsciously and unconsciously) every thought that is thought, every word that is spoken, and every action that happens. 

As for HOW the seeking unfolds? It unfolds in a way that a child would go about the process. 

That has to be the case because personality (which forms during childhood and locks all persons into a "child mode"), results in persons of all ages acting like a child. 

So HOW else will the seeking have to unfold?

In a way that a six-year-old in a forty-year-old body would seek. 

In a way that is driven by childish fears and childish desires. 

In a way that is selfish. 

In a way in which an adult male acts more like a little boy than an adult or in a way in which an adult female acts more like a little girl than an adult. 

Only the non-dual method combined with the Nisarga Yoga suggests that you do not need to learn more, that you do not need to accumulate more religious or spiritual concepts, that you do not need to acquire more knowledge (a.k.a., learned ignorance) and that, if freed of all that you have been taught and / or learned, you can give up your childish ways and function as a sane and reasonable and mature adult would, and that can happen throughout the remainder of the manifestation. 

It was a wise Cherokee chief who made clear that I was conducting “my search” in a way that a child would. The meeting with the chief is recounted in the non-duality-based novel, “The Twice-Stolen Necklace Murders” with "floyd’s" fictional name in the novel being “Kirk.” After sharing how much seeking he had done without finding all that he had sought, Kirk was offered some advice: 

Now some might say, “Ah, I see what’s missing. Here’s your problem. You’ve never been to the mountaintop and talked to The Wise Man you’ll meet there.” But Kirk would say, “Oh, but I have, O Sayer of the False.”

Yes, Kirk had even been to the mountaintop, or darn close to it, when he traveled from his home to the airport in Houston and into Albuquerque; from there, he rented a car, drove from that city into Santa Fe, New Mexico, and climbed—via his rented auto—up the side of the white-capped Sangre de Cristo Mountains, all for the promise of getting the chance to spend one hour with a full-blooded Cherokee Man of Wisdom, a Real, modern-day Soothsayer. 

Once there, The Wise Man asked of Kirk, “Tell me what you have done so far on your search.” In his anal way at that time, Kirk took forty minutes to provide for the chief a detailed cataloguing of all of his spiritual work to date, as delightful a dose of divine workaholism as ever heard. Then the chief inquired, “OK. Now tell me all that you have not yet done on your search that you are planning to do.” That took Kirk another twenty minutes, enumerating the elements in his game plan for gaining greater godliness and even more spirituality in the future. 

At the end of his one-hour session, which had come at the conclusion of a very long journey, Kirk finally fell quiet and looked at the chief. The chief gazed directly at Kirk, but not into Kirk’s eyes. The stare from the chief pierced to a depth much deeper than the eyes, not unlike an arrow shot with such force that it not only reached its target but breached its way through the objective as well. The look altered into one of those soul-penetrating stares, coming at Kirk from the now-narrowed eyes of a Wise Man, like a hawk’s glare fixed on a soon-to-be slain mouse. Several times, Kirk had to look down to sever this discomforting link, but each time he glanced up, the chief stared him down again.

Finally, the Cherokee rose, using the two canes now required for moving about on his ancient legs. Tottering over Kirk, he fixed his eyes again on this seeker, and Kirk became convinced that the Words of Wisdom he had come so far to hear would emerge within seconds. The words, Kirk trusted, would provide the penultimate key. That penultimate key would then be used in the ultimate act required for the opening of his mind to a new and definitive level of freedom and independence. He waited with bated breath; his pulse quickened; his mind seemed already to be opening more than ever before. Finally, just about to come his way—he felt assured—would be the Secret Knowledge that unravels all mysteries, the key that would allow Full and Final Knowingness to manifest. 

Instead, the chief proclaimed in a way-too-matter-of-fact manner, “Well, then. You’re going to be a very busy boy.” And with that, the old man hobbled away, in a way that told Kirk without the least doubt at all that he would hear nothing more, ever, from the chief. Kirk’s breath was not now bated; his pulse quickened even more; his mind snapped shut like a spring-loaded trap. Kirk flashed back over all required to arrive in Santa Fe and to sit in the presence of the chief, all the time, all the money, all the effort, only to hear … that? 

Kirk’s pseudo-spirituality dissolved, replaced with fury. He thought suddenly that those two canes might better be used to serve up a brutal pummeling across the back and neck and head of this clearly Not-Wise-Man. Only later would the tremendous value of the chief’s ten words become clear. And later, that wisdom, along with the connection Kirk had with his grandmother, would inspire Kirk to once again seek insight from a different Cherokee chief. 

Another reaction came as well with the thought: “And where the hell did he come up with ‘boy’?! Boy!? How dare him. I’m a grown man!" to which any wise and objective witness would have asked:

 “Oh? Really?” 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

19 October 2014 


F.: Most persons on the planet are not seeking, and most will never seek. Why? Because 97% report an affiliation with (a) one religion or another or an affiliation with (b) one spiritual group or program or movement or another. They think they already know, so they do not believe that there is anything to seek because they have found it all or they have found an associate or associates who know it all. They see no need to seek outside their present religion / spiritual group / cult. 

For those few who are seeking or who will seek: in terms of searching, there are three aspects that most seekers who have come this way were not even conscious of until the topic was broached. 

Aspect #1: Most do not have a clue about WHY they are seeking, so their seeking will come to involve a “journey” that will include multiple “paths” and numerous divergences and a variety of ineffective methods that lead everywhere . . . except to that which is truly being sought (but being sought as a result of subconscious motives). 

Aspect #2: The result referenced in “Aspect #1” is aggravated by the fact that most think they know WHAT they are seeking when, in fact, what they have been told to seek does not exist or they really cannot actually define succinctly exactly what it is which they think they are seeking or should be seeking. 

Aspect 3: Moreover, most seekers do not have a clue about HOW they are seeking, and when they are told – as will happen in this series – they become angry or dig deeper into denial. So it is. 

Most do not want to be quiet long enough to hear Truth, most do not sincerely want to hear Truth (especially “their own truth”), and most persons - who are dependent and insecure and who want to be liked – do not want to speak Truth and do not have the courage to speak the Truth if they happen to understand it. 

(Those who tell people only what they want to hear are still so deeply trapped in personality that their belief - that they “know” and “understand” and “have Realized” - is their greatest distortion and self-delusion of all. When the last "person" is gone, only the pure consciousness can speak, and the pure consciousness can only speak Truth.)

Note also that one cannot hear Truth when one is talking. Maharaj: “Truth is not . . . a prize for passing some tests. You are eligible because you are.” To receive it: “Stand still, be quiet.” To those who claim they want Truth, the fact is that most only give lip service to their willing to find and accept the Truth - especially when it comes to the truth about the facts surrounding their false selves and the actual state of their relative existence: 

Maharaj said: “You are asking for truth, but in fact you merely seek comfort, which you want to last forever.” [Thus, few will ever grasp this: “It is always the false that makes you suffer: the false desires and fears, the false values and ideas, the false ‘relationships’ between people. Abandon the false and you are free of pain. Truth makes happy, truth liberates.”

So, what triggers a desire to search? Why do seekers search, really? Most often, that happens as a result of a combination of motives: 

Because of fear, usually unrecognized; because of discomfort, usually minimized; because of some degree of a sense of feeling imprisoned; because of a desire to escape that current condition of feeling imprisoned; and because of a longing for freedom, even though most have no clue at all about how imprisoned they really feel. 

Maharaj: “You have projected onto yourself a world of your own imagination, based on memories, on desires and fears, and you have imprisoned yourself in it. Break the spell and be free.” 

Some also seek because of a desire to replace “the bad person” (which they think they are or which they think they were or which they have been told they are) and to replace that identity with some “new and good and improved” persona / identity. 

Others seek to escape birth-life-death-rebirth cycles. Others seek as a result of a desire for continuity, but not just any continuity. They want a continuity marked by reward, both now and “later,” and a continuity devoid of pain and misery and suffering, both now and “later.” 

 Such beliefs are totally rooted in delusion: 

Maharaj: “Don't talk to me about past and future. They exist only in your mind” 


“In reality nothing happens. There is no past nor future; all appears and nothing is” 


“There can be no continuity in existence. Continuity implies identity in past, present and future. No such identity is possible, for the very means of identification fluctuate and change. Continuity, permanency, these are illusions created by memory, mere mental projections of a pattern where no pattern can be.” 

And some are seeking because they desire a “good and happy ending,” meaning one that finally ends hundreds or thousands of “births-lives-deaths-and-rebirths” or an ending in which they have earned an eternal life marked by a reward-filled existence forever. 

Maharaj: “In your world everything must have a beginning and an end. If it does not, you call it 'eternal'. In my view, there is no such thing as beginning and end - these are all related to time. Timeless being is entirely in the now. Being and not-being alternate and their reality is momentary. The immutable Reality lies beyond space and time.” 

If one is not trapped in the all-too-common distortions about “reality” and “Reality,” then one has no concern about the bogus concepts of “eternal reward,” “eternal punishment,” “later,” “a good ending,” “the future,” or “eternal, personal continuity.” 

Therefore, the truth be known about “why” most seekers are seeking becomes clear: their searching is really being driven by relative events and happenings based only in the Is-ness, in this AM-ness, and that makes sense (without their even understanding that motive) because "this" is all that anyone shall ever know, shall ever be conscious of, shall ever be aware of. There is only NOW. There is no “one” to survive the manifestation intact and thus available to receive a reward or punishment either one. 

Contrary to ideas about “THAT” and about “What is to come” and about “the future” – all of which are nothing more than made up concepts or words used to point to a fact – it is the present beingness and not any post-beingness state which should be the key issue. 

This deal is really about (1) what is called here "Applied Advaita"
(without any belief in "An Applier") and about (2) accepting the application of the non-dual understanding to the relative existence in order to reach a state of peace and freedom and joy NOW and to enjoy the pleasures that can only be enjoyed NOW via the manifested consciousness. 

This deal is not about "supernatural issues." This understanding is about (A) practical, relevant, hands-on, everyday, concrete, "down to earth," pragmatic, reasonable, rational, no-nonsense, viable, functional, and relative issues, 


is about (B) making this existence a sound one, a sane one, and one that is finally free of the influence of the learned ignorance which was transferred via programming, conditioning, brainwashing, domestication, acculturation, and indoctrination. 

TOMORROW: Why – through no fault or blame or choice – the search almost always unfolds in a way that a child would go about the process. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

18 October 2014


F.: So, the penultimate cause of the problems of humanity is believed by some to be the fact that there are “too few religious people.” Others blame the problems on the fact that there are "too many who have an untreated spiritual malady" and claim that if they would become spiritual, then all of their problems will end – be they physical, mental, financial, relational, etc. Then there are those that may well have bought into the beliefs of both those groups for a time, only to find by “experience” that neither of those two effectively addresses the problems of individuals or the masses long-term because the problems are mental problems.

Among those who have tried to address the key problem of humanity (termed “the Ultimate Sickness” by non-dualists) only a few came to realize that the main problem of humanity centers in the mind, not in the notion that “there are too few who are religious” and not the notion that “there are too many who are spiritually sick.”

Maharaj was among “the few.” After trying for years a religious approach and then a spiritual approach, he saw that no long-lasting shifts were happening via those methods. He also saw that the main problem of humanity had nothing to do with persons having too few religious and / or spiritual beliefs but had much to do with having far too many beliefs, including those around religion and spirituality. That came via experience.

Maharaj: “I have no faith in anything which has ever been told, not even what has been told by the Vedas. Only my own experience.”

As a result, he shifted first away from trying to address the Ultimate Sickness by using a religious methodology as the Ultimate Medicine; that proved not to be the proper medicine; thus, he shifted to a spiritual methodology to try to address the Ultimate Sickness but found that spirituality was not the Ultimate Medicine. 

Eventually, he took an all-scientific, psychology-based approach after he realized that the Ultimate Sickness is a mental illness. 

If you review the “religious beliefs” and the “spiritual beliefs” shared in the previous posts on this subject, it can be seen that they are characterized by self-contradictory beliefs and impractical notions about “cause and effect” and that they offer theoretical but unfounded bases for humanity’s problems as well as ineffective, long-term solutions. When the best that someone can offer is a twenty-four-hour reprieve from what ails you, should you accept that? Should that plan impress you? 

When someone says that the problems of the world would be solved if everyone were religious, does that make any sense when 97% already claim to have an affiliation with one or another of the planet's organized religions? 

At the end, what Maharaj offered were talks that were far less abstract and far more practical and which had far less to do with things Noumenal and had far more to do with things phenomenal. 

Why? Once the present Is-ness, the current manifestation ends, there will be no "one" to experience any pain or to suffer any misery. THAT takes care of itself and offers no chance at all for any “one” to be conscious of or aware of anything or to experience anything. 

Therefore, whatever needs addressing that can be addressed can only be addressed NOW; as for “later,” there will be nothing to address, no one to address anything, and no one to experience anything that could need addressing.

Maharaj: “All the universe of experience is born with the body and dies with the body; it has its beginning and end in awareness, but awareness knows no beginning, nor end” 


“This must be well grasped: the world hangs on the thread of consciousness. No consciousness, no world” 


“The final answer is this: nothing is. All is a momentary appearance in the field of the universal consciousness. Continuity as name and form is a mental formation only, easy to dispel.”

Some prefer things deemed to be lofty; some prefer things deemed to be aloof; some prefer to seek things that are superior; some prefer things supposedly exalted; things supposedly sublime; things supposedly noble; and things supposedly majestic. Among non-dualists, none of those exist. They are just the supposedly “grand” side of a dualist pairings of "things grand" vs. "things not grand."

Who prefers things aloof, superior, exalted, sublime, noble, and majestic? Those who want to be seen as being superior, exalted, sublime, noble, and majestic. Or those who prefer to escape, avoid, and dissociate from things involved with a not-so-happy relative existence. Or those who claim that they want to awaken but who really want to reach an even deeper level of asleep-ness. 

If one understands why Maharaj shifted from a religious approach to a spiritual approach and, finally, to a scientific-and-psychology-based approach, then one will understand why he did so, will understand that the critics of his shifts understand nothing, and will understand why the critics who said the following are so far off the mark: 

1. “The later books of Maharaj do not enjoy the same clarity as 'I Am That'. It seems that he himself got complicated or rather evolved himself or declined maybe as happens to many teachers.”

2. “At first when Maharaj was still listening to his guru he was telling the truth, like he did in 'I AM THAT.' In his other talks, his ego made him start telling things he dreamed up on his own that were not true." 

3. “Maharaj deteriorated from one of the great spiritual men of all times to one of the least spiritual people of all times." 

To abandon contradictory teachings and nonsensical, myth-based messages and lofty but irrelevant pointers has nothing to do with “deterioration” and has everything to do with reaching higher levels of understanding and clarity. 

Maharaj’s advice: “You have put so much energy into building a prison for yourself. Now spend as much on demolishing it. In fact, demolition is easy, for the false dissolves when it is discovered.”

Once Maharaj discovered that religion was a snake oil version of the Ultimate Medicine and that spirituality was a snake oil version of the Ultimate Medicine, the false dissolved; then only came forth his understanding of the fact that the Ultimate Sickness is a mental illness and that the Ultimate Medicine must treat humanity's mental issues rather than add to humanity's mental issues with (a) false doctrine and superstition-based dogma and with (b) lofty but false pointers that evolve from what he called persons' "kindergarten-level spirituality."

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

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The content of this eBook deals with one of the most common but erroneous beliefs that the non-Realized masses cling to and which they will fight about (and even kill over), namely, that there is a planet-wide duel going on between “the forces of good and evil” in the universe. 

Maharaj said of each that visited his Bombay loft, “Only that person will visit this place whose virtue and sin have come to an end.” He also said that the problems of humankind are problems associated with the Ultimate Sickness and that three of the key traits of the Ultimate Sickness are "ignorance, stupidity, and insanity."

To that end, either (1) the ancient view is spot on: that the "ills of the planet" are rooted in evil people, in people not being religious enough or spiritual enough, and are caused solely by bad morality; or, (2) the "ills of the planet" are rooted in ignorance, stupidity and insanity and "being good" or "being moral" does not put an end to ignorance, does not eliminate stupidity, and does not treat insanity in any way. 



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  While in South Africa in 2011, I was introduced to A Primate’s Memoir (2002) by Dr. Robert Maurice Sapolsky. Sapolsky is an American neuroendocrinologist; a professor of biology, neuroscience, and neurosurgery at Stanford University; a researcher; an author; and a Research Associate at the National Museums of Kenya. 

A Primate’s Memoir (which documents Sapolsky’s years in Africa while studying baboons), was recommended because there is much that a non-dualist or Advaitin or Nisargan can relate to by comparing and contrasting what Sapolsky reveals about the way certain troops of baboons live in Africa with the way that humans abide all around the globe. The book also portrays an unconventional way of studying neurophysiology to determine the effects of stress on life expectancy. (And the reduction or elimination of stress among humans is one of the aims of the non-dual understanding.) 

Now Sapolsky’s recent findings are offered in a documentary film entitled “Stress: Portrait of a Killer.” [The 56-minute film is available on YouTube in many countries.] 

This 152-page eBook catalogues the common, non-dual message shared by Sapolsky and Maharaj and reveals the ways that Sapolsky’s scientific research supports the non-dual pointers offered by Maharaj. 
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The "experiences" of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and Floyd share many parallel. Many visitors have said that they have also shared some of the same parallels. Can you relate to any of these?

1. Both grew up in very poor families 

2. both moved to populated areas to seek employment opportunities 

3. both exhibited business skills that led to their opening and operating many businesses and to their having a large number of employees working for them 

4. both succeeded financially 

5. both became attached to accumulating

6. both married and had a family 

7. both initially tried to address the Ultimate Sickness with religious teachings but realized that did not work, so both tried to address the Ultimate Sickness with spirituality, only to see eventually that "being spiritual" did not cure the Ultimate Sickness either

8. both then realized that the main problems of humanity center in the mind so both turned to the sharing of psychology and scientific-and-fact-based pointers to free persons of the effects of programming, conditioning, acculturation, domestication, brainwashing and indoctrination 

9. both had highly religious wives who were quite displeased with the shift away from religion

10. both had grown to feel empty in spite of all of their "spiritual seeking" and in spite of all of their accumulated "spiritual knowledge"

11. both began to de-accumulate after both saw that they could survive quite well on a fraction of the income they had been making 

12. both had wives who were unhappy when the de-accumulation stage was entered and both had wives who became unhappy about their husbands' focus on non-duality and who blamed their unhappiness on no longer having a religious husband (and no longer having a husband who brought in huge sums of money)

13. both eventually came to see that the religious and spiritual states were also ego-states, and both saw that there are far more steps on the "path" to complete after reaching the religious and spiritual steps and after playing those roles which are the third of seven steps on the entire "path" 

14. both "lost" their wives (one via "death," the other through divorce); 

15. both accelerated their seeking

16. both entered into the "forest dweller stage" 

17. both Realized 

18. both began to de-accumulate even more 

19. both began sharing the teachings 

20. for years, both offered satsang

21. both saw that most who hear the teachings are still not going to understand

22. both, therefore, offered pointers without expectation, without attachment to outcome, and without any concern about the way that persons react to hearing Truth

23. both suggested that seekers focus on the exact, step-wise "path

24. both made the decision that whatever amount of the relative existence remains shall be spent in sharing the teachings in the way that has been seen to be the most effective method: not suggesting that there are not enough religious persons; not suggesting that the Ultimate Sickness is caused by being "spiritually-unfit"; but by seeing that the problem centers in the mind (which must come to an end, which it will the moment all beliefs are abandoned)

Looking back over the list of those that have truly received the understanding, it is seen that Robert R. read all of the books, then took the online Advaita course and then completed some face-to-face Skype sessions to receive the final clarifications required. It was seen that Mac read all of the books, completed the online course, and then attended a retreat where he was guided through the seven steps. Mac said that the online course work inspired him to attend the retreat in order to be able to receive the final "pieces." It was seen that Andy Gugar, Jr. read all of the books, then came here for a retreat and was taken through the seven steps in order, and then returned once more for the final clarifications required. After reviewing the shifts that happened with him after attending two retreats, he reaffirmed this past week his commitment to helping spread the non-duality, nisarga understanding as presented here.


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