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MAHARAJ: “There’s No Such Thing As Peace of Mind,” Part HH

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Today's Considerations

It was with no malice but with the kind of honest estimation that one can come to only in the absence of egotism that Maharaj said originally that only 1 out of 100000 would grasp the teachings, later amended to 1 out of 1,000,000; eventually his guesstimate would be that only 1 out of 10,000,000 would come to an understanding of truth and develop the level of wisdom required to differentiate between true and false.

Why are the numbers that low in terms of “truth seeking”? And why is the truth so unpopular when it is heard and usually discarded? There are many reasons:


After having been programmed etc. to believe that the ancient myths and lies and distortions which were dreamed up during humanity’s height of ignorance and then passed down as truth from one generation to the next by those assuming the role of “the authorities” in a child’s life, it is nearly impossible to see lies as lies and to abandon belief in lies which have been believed for decades to be truth.



Bind faith results from the use of the greatest “hooks” of all: “If you believe what we tell you, then you will be able to escape a series of pretty miserable successions through one birth / life / death / rebirth cycle after another and can escape cycling and re-cycling and can reach instead a state of eternal, uninterrupted bliss;” or,

“Here is what you better believe, and if you believe it without question, then you will be blessed in this life; you will be assured eternal life after this life; and you will be guaranteed to have rewards for the entirety of that eternal life.” (What a deal, huh!?) “But if you question, if your faith falters or wavers, then you will receive none of that and you will be punished now and forevermore.”

The same applies to many “Eastern-oriented seekers”: if a seeker’s first exposure to non-duality comes via the Traditional Teaching Method, then any pointers based in some other method – such as the Direct Path Teaching Method,” for example - will usually be discounted posthaste.

If someone supposedly being treated for alcoholism in a spiritual group hears mention of a non-spiritual approach that is showing some promise, the latter is dismissed posthaste. That’s the way that ego-state assumption – alongside the accompanying egotism which is used to support that false identity – functions. 

[For more on "blind faith," see the free eBook available on the subject under "FREEBIES" above.]


Have you heard, “The truth will set you free?" Have you heard, “The truth will set you free but it will piss you off first?” Had any experience with the latter?


In the early 1970’s, my path crossed that of a mate from high school who had joined the local police force in a city of several thousand people. He invited me to ride along with him on a Friday night shift and see what police come across on any given weekend. He pointed out with fairly-consistent post-investigation accuracy that those drivers who run through red lights are likely to be drinking and that those drivers who are sitting through a green light are likely high on pot. But what was most shocking was later in the shift, when he was sensing some kind of bond. He reached under his seat and pulled out what he said was his “throw-down pistol” which “all police carry.”

At the time, the term was new to me, so he explained that if he or his peers shot someone who was not armed, the consequences might sometimes be career-threatening, so if someone was killed by an officer “in the line of duty” and it was found that the victim was unarmed, a pistol was tossed onto the ground, usually around the head to avoid putting the gun by the right hand of a left-handed person or vice-versa. My words in reaction to that admission assured that we would never speak to each other again, accompanied by his threatening advice that I best never mention that if I wanted to stay healthy.

If cheating went on in school during the 1950’s, then the usual case was that the punishment at school was only superseded in harshness by the punishment doled out at home after a parent was informed of the incident. Nowadays, to the contrary, teachers are being forced to simply “re-test“ those caught cheating to avoid the consequences for the student and for the student’s parents and to avoid consequences for the teacher and the school after the parents "lawyer up.” Also, teachers and administrators have been caught cheating on students’ test scores, elevating them in order to enhance a school’s reputation and to earn the cash bonuses paid for high achievement by students.

Recently, I read an account of a high school whose football team had become a dominating force in their area, near unbeatable - almost always assured of making it into the playoffs and often winning the championship. Their secret? Most of the players were using steroids and the coaches had taken a “look the other way” approach. In fact, other students knew about the use of performance-enhancing drugs, many teachers knew, many administrators knew, and anyone who witnessed the players’ “bulking up” process knew. And where were the high school players buying those drugs? From bodybuilders hanging out at, or employed by, local fitness centers.

In professional sports in the U.S., efforts to uphold certain behavioral standards are, for the most part, a joke that is not funny at all. Players experiencing “’roid rage” get away with assaulting girlfriends, wives, and citizens-at-large with near-immunity. It’s all about getting a tick in the “W” column rather than a tick in the loss column.

In the U.S. and many other countries, the political leaders are blatant liars who sell out to major donors and adopt the agenda of those donors, yet those politicians are seldom held accountable by their electorate and they usually make millions of dollars during the time that they are in their positions of authority. Moreover, that trend continues afterwards: between 1998 and 2006, 43 percent of all members of the U.S. Congress took lobbying jobs after leaving Congress, landing positions with an average annual salary of $2 million.

How rich are the members of the U.S. Congress? Currently, there are over 245 millionaires. The others will likely be millionaires by the time they leave their posts. And some receive so much money during the election process that they enter as millionaires: in the 2010 elections, the members of the freshman class of senators who were elected that year each had a median net worth of around $4 million. 

When they retire, the laws (which they wrote) allow them to keep all of the money in their campaign coffers without paying any income tax on those funds.

Lying and cheating and stealing have few unwanted consequences and instead provide much-sought-after financial gains."Truth? I don't need no stinkin' truth! It's the non-truths that pay bigtime."


“Certitude” is "an absolute certainty or conviction that something is the case."

At the heart of fanaticism is a desire for something. The by-products of buying into the pitch offered by those who are claiming that they can provide what is desired by the fanatics who come their way include . . .

a false but nevertheless all-powerful sense of certainty, confidence, assuredness, conviction, and, therefore "close-mindedness" (which is constantly being reinforced as even more "mindedness" manifests as more and more concepts and beliefs are taught and learned).

Maharaj made clear what is also now made clear here: (1) the method eventually being used by him had no components which involved acquiring anything and that to the contrary (2) his approach "would take away everything" (in terms of identity and Self-Identity and learned ignorance and beliefs and personality assumption and personality disorders).

The point offered here regularly is this: “There is no ‘one’ here who believes anything, so there is no ‘one’ here that could possibly want you to believe anything. All pointers offered are a part of an un-teaching process; all invitations are invitations to un-learn it all rather than to spend a lifetime learning more by engaging in religious or spiritual or philosophical or ideological or cultist workaholism.”

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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MAHARAJ: “There’s No Such Thing As Peace of Mind,” Part GG

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Today's Considerations

The pointer was offered yesterday that fanatics of any kind typically become so OCD about their routines and their practices and “their new, good habits which they have used to replace their old, bad habits” that they can become so trapped in routine that they fail to recognize when high levels of boredom and depression set in; when numbness sets in; when a sense of deadness sets in; when a lack of feeling sets in; when a lack of sensation sets in. Then this point was offered for consideration: all of that is still a form of "death," but it's a warped version of death called "death-in-life."

For such types, the relative existence can be seen as "a sweet dream" by those who have become deluded and asleep to the truth about their actual condition. Maharaj said that such types – trapped as they are in their "kindergarten level spirituality" while convinced that they now have a Ph.D. in dogma or spirituality or non-duality or recovery or whatever it is that they are obsessive about and behaving compulsively about  – can "think that they are being bathed in the full light of the noonday sun when they are actually still standing in the dull light of dawn."

The “awakeness” which they attribute to whatever it is that they are fanatical about is really just a hallucination, a trance, a fantasy, another self-deception. They are actually walking about in their sleep - or in their nightmare - while dreaming that they are awake.

This is shared in the book The Most Dangerous Belief of All, one of the five free eBooks offered compliments of Andy Gugar, Jr. under “Freebies” at the top of this page:

And what is the existence like for those walking in their sleep? Here come some of them now:

Sleepwalking is akin to abiding in the "personality trance," the condition in which the masses are trapped. Both terms apply equally to the non-Realized masses. Here come some more of them now.

It is as if (post-programming, post-conditioning, etc.) persons become just like zombies. The masses live out their existence in a "walking dead" fashion, just like those characters above who were featured in a 1968 movie entitled "Night of the Living Dead."

How dangerous is it, really, to walk in one’s sleep, to talk in one’s sleep, to drive in one’s sleep? Quite dangerous, relatively speaking, yet that is the case with most among the masses. 

A 24-year old British woman, Amy Wigfull, age 24, was placed on life support this past summer after she fell fifty feet from a hotel window. Toxicology tests proved she was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol; instead, she had been sleepwalking when she fell from the window of a Malaga, Spain hotel. She suffered a broken back, a fractured pelvis, several broken ribs and bleeding of the brain. 

Some visitor’s know that on West 69th Street – on the opposite side of the street from the house in which “floyd” was raised – lived a fellow named John K. John, from around the age of six or so, began sleepwalking. In the beginning, he might go to the refrigerator and eat something during the night, but he would have no memory of that at all the next morning. Later, his parents might rise in the morning and find John asleep in the bathtub. 

The potential danger increased when he began leaving the house at night while sleepwalking: he was found asleep on the front porch on one occasion; in the back seat of the family car on another; and later on he was found several blocks from home, walking in the middle of the street. 

These facts were shared earlier in a summer of 2014 post: 

Last year, a survey in the U.S. showed that 168,000,000 people admitted that they have driven a vehicle while feeling drowsy or that they had fallen asleep at the wheel. 

(That is out of 196,000,000 drivers, which amounts to approximately 86% of all drivers. More than 100,000 wrecks occur annually as a result of driving while sleeping. Those are the ones in which drivers admit that they fell asleep at the wheel. Far more likely occur without the actual cause being revealed.) 

Data from Australia, England, Finland, and other European nations indicates that drowsy driving or driving while asleep cause between 10% and up to 30% percent of all crashes annually. 

NOTE: Never have I chased down those driving in their sleep and offered to wake them. If one would be awake, that one must come here and make a request. Otherwise, all of the sleepwalkers are merely witnessed as they walk in their sleep, talk in their sleep, drive in their sleep, shop in their sleep, run a cash register at the checkout counter in a store while asleep, say what they say to their mates in their sleep, say what they say to their employer or employees in their sleep, or take a customer’s food order in their sleep. 

[For example, last week while visiting my daughter in Austin, I left her house and went out for breakfast the first morning after she had left for work. I stopped by a nearby restaurant which serves breakfast and placed my order. Within a few minutes, the waitress was back asking, “Did you say you wanted coffee or milk?”

Because my daughter had already served coffee earlier, I ordered my second-favorite breakfast beverage, orange juice, so when she asked, “Did you say you wanted coffee or milk?” the response was, “Actually, neither. I asked for a glass of orange juice.” She said, “Oh, that’s right! Sorry!” and left.

Of course my being “right” was not the concern, her affirmation of my being correct about my original order notwithstanding. The concern was, would she be anywhere close to "right" with the order. So far, there was little confidence that such would be the case. Sure enough, I saw her returning, empty-handed, and knew another lapse had occurred.

She said, “I am SO sorry.” [Then whispering so that the manager would not hear her] “I had a rough night last night. My bad! So you did say you wanted your eggs scrambled, right?” Again, “Actually, I asked that they be cooked ‘over easy’.” She: “Oh damn! I mean, heck! That’s right. Where did I get scrambled? Duh,” and she left for the third time. I did not answer for her the question, "Where did I get scrambled?" even though I understood exactly. I did not explain that she – or more accurately, her thoughts and her mind and her brain overall - had been scrambled starting in childhood; nor did I explain that, after moving away from home, she has taken over the scrambling-of-her-brain job where her parents left off.

See? “Taking a customer’s food order in their sleep.” And that is the way that the relative existence unfolds for the 99%+ who are among the non-Realized masses who have been lulled to sleep without having even the slightest clue at all that such is their circumstance. Additionally, little does she know but - here in Texas, where many wear guns on their hips (readily available to use to shot whomever they want to shoot) - someone may well draw a pistol and shoot her after such insane nonsense has happened with their order. And little does she know that the right-wing, God-fearing, Lone-Star-flag-loving judges in this state, after hearing the shooter’s explanation, will likely dismiss the case as being “justifiable homicide.”] 

Research also shows that at least 30% of all people have engaged in sleepwalking at some time in their lives. Non-dualists know better. Non-dualists know that the percentage is actually more than 99%.

Thus, Maharaj said: “As I look at you, you all seem asleep, dreaming up words of your own” 


“To be aware is to be awake. ‘Unaware’ means ‘asleep’.” 

That typical - though certainly not "normal" - condition of humanity in general would be funny except for the fact that it is, you know, not funny at all. Instead, it is often dangerous, relatively speaking; in fact, it is the most dangerous condition of all. 

And it is rooted in the most dangerous belief of all, namely, the belief that one can traverse the relative existence “much better” if one is blind (that is, totally asleep, totally willing to have faith in everything they have been told) rather than (1) being able to see reality and able to see Reality and (2) being able to differentiate between what is false and what is true. 

The inability to differentiate true from false is not a too-little-dogma problem or a problem rooted in a sick spirit. The inability to differentiate true from false is solely a mind problem, and that is why Maharaj eventually stopped focusing on anything to do with Hinduism or any other religion, stopped focusing on spirituality, and started offering pointers about the true roots of the Ultimate Sickness: the programmed, conditioned, acculturated, domesticated, indoctrinated, and brainwashed mind.
To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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MAHARAJ: “There’s No Such Thing As Peace of Mind,” Part FF

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Today's Considerations

Earlier, this was shared:

Regarding the mess called “the content of the mind,” Maharaj said, “You are wrapped up and lost in your concepts.”  

As a result, people “lose” themselves either in obsessing over getting into a relationship or, if in one, obsessing over getting out of it; they “lose” themselves when their desire to stay in a relationship drives them to abandon authenticity and to mirror their partners' thoughts and words and actions in order to "keep their partners happy" . . . 

which is what Maharaj did for years until authenticity began to prevail and moved him farther and farther away from Hinduism even as his wife’s nagging him about that shift increased in proportion to his abandonment of religion and his abandonment of offering a religious / non-dual combination message. After she died, it was his friends who continued the nagging, nagging him to remarry. When he told them one day that he was married, they looked puzzled. He added, “I am married to freedom.”

Persons who are “lost in their concepts” can also eventually “lose” themselves in their religion; or they will “lose” themselves in their spiritual practices; or they will “lose” themselves in one philosophy or another; or they will “lose” themselves in some ideology or another; 

or they will “lose” themselves in one movement or another; or they will “lose” themselves in their seeking activities; or they will “lose” themselves in their meetings; or they will “lose” themselves in their “program” or in some other cult-style group; or they will “lose” themselves in trying to reform the world;

or they will “lose” themselves in trying to save others; or they will “lose” themselves in their belief systems; or they will “lose” themselves in their children’s lives; or they will “lose” themselves in trying to spread their values; or they will “lose” themselves in their jobs; or they will “lose” themselves in booze or drugs; 

or they will “lose” themselves in their “Supreme Identity”; or they will “lose” themselves in some version of “Another Supreme Realm”; or they will “lose" themselves in escapism and avoidance and dissociation; or they will "lose" themselves in “Foo Foo Land,” “Crazy Town,” “Bizarro World,” their version of “The Absolute Out There Somewhere,” “The Realm of THAT-ness,” “A Place Apart From Rather Than A Part Of,” ad infinitum.

In fact, once “lost in their concepts,” there will be no end to how many other things persons will become lost in, because at that point, the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder takes over and determines all thoughts and words and actions, and thereafter the obsessive mind will never stop churning out thoughts or becoming hung up on one thought. That is why Maharaj said, “There is no such thing as peace of mind.”

Just as the consciousness automatically comes with a desire for continuity, so the mind – once filled with nonsense and ignorance and insanity as a result of nonsensical and ignorant and insane programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination – will automatically churn and grind and agitate and whip up and stir up and disturb and constantly protest about this and advocate for that.

Brainwashing makes the mind work just like a washing machine: soiled things are collected and dumped inside it and then an agitator starts stirring things up. The only difference? A high-end washing machine will have a dispenser which will – at the ideal time – drop in a cleaning or purifying agent and the content in the ever-turning drum will be cleansed. The problem with the mind is that soiled elements, rather than cleaning agents, are constantly being dropped in, so nothing is ever cleaned or purified or cleansed. To the contrary, whatever is put in becomes so ruined that it must be discarded.

Now Svami Prabhupada spoke of contaminated consciousness in the introduction to his translation of the Bhagavad-Gita when he wrote:

“One cannot say anything about the transcendental world without being free from materially contaminated consciousness. Our consciousness, at the present moment . . . is materially contaminated. The Bhagavad-gita teaches that we have to purify this materially contaminated consciousness. The activities of the devotee or of the Lord are not contaminated by impure consciousness or matter. We should know, however, that at this point our consciousness is contaminated.”

Here, as with Maharaj, the eventual understanding is that the conscious-energy does not become contaminated but instead becomes blocked. If one puts on a pair of glasses with lenses that have been coated with black paint, then nothing will be seen. What might have been seen earlier has not disappeared; the eyes have not lost their ability to see clearly; instead, what has happened is that something have been put in between the “seeing instrument” and what would be seen.

With the consciousness, what is put between (a) that “seeing instrument” called consciousness and (b) what would be seen is . . . a mind; moreover, the blockages in the mind will then interrupt the ability to see clearly as well as to understand as well as to be able to listen to words said and witness actions taken and then see clearly enough to be able to differentiate true from false. And the blockages are . . . ?

They are thoughts and perceptions and views and perspectives and concepts and ideas and notions and impressions and distorted memories and theories and hypotheses (all of which amount to “one’s beliefs” or to one’s “belief systems”).

No one who has ever taken the Personality Inventory Test which is offered here in order to determine which of the nine basic personality types are exerting the greatest, subconscious influence and which are controlling all of their thoughts and words and actions has ever scored a “0” in their Personality Type One rate. The Type One score can measure the presence of the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder and can show the exact degree to which it is subconsciously driving thoughts and words and deeds and the exact degree to which that disorder is producing an ever-churning, agitating mind.

Be a person a religious fanatic, a spiritual fanatic, a non-dual fanatic, a philosophical fanatic, an ideological fanatic, a clothes and shopping fanatic, a fanatic over alcohol or drugs, a work fanatic, a recovery fanatic or any other kind of fanatic, their key drivers are their personalities and their accompanying personality disorders.

The very thing - the very disorder - which inspired them to seek obsessively for relief and for freedom and for peace will almost always be used by others to inspire them to allow their fanaticism to continue to run wild, only along different avenues.

As in so many other cases, the speeding can go on for a while, but a crash will inevitably happen at some point, as reported in these recent headlines:

ORANGE, CA (KABC) - A motorcyclist was killed after losing control and crashing into a pole at Katella Avenue and Batavia Street during a high-speed chase in Orange Friday morning.

NEW YORK CITY - A 28-year-old Brooklyn man died early Friday in a motorcycle crash after being pursued by state police onto New Hempstead Road, according to a news release issued Monday.

SAN FERNANDO, CA. - A shooting suspect fleeing police died after crashing his motorcycle into a fire hydrant in San Fernando early Wednesday morning.

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) - A man was killed when he crashed his motorcycle during a high-speed chase.

Sometimes, however, the crash that comes is not so dramatic. Sometimes the crash involves being trapped in routine so much that unrecognized levels of boredom and depression set in; sometimes numbness sets in; sometimes a sense of deadness sets in; sometimes a lack of feeling sets in; sometimes a lack of sensation sets in. All of that is still a form of "death," but it's a warped version of death called "death-in-life."

The experiences of persons are always driven to one degree or another by their obsessive minds and by their subsequent compulsive behaviors which always eventually follow. Thus:

Ad infinitum (or Ad a mind churning infinitum) = Ad impulsīvus (or Ad going-doing-zooming infinitum) = Ad suicidium (or Ad dead-to-the-joys-of-relaxing infinitum).

Now, the blog will be posted and I will be done for the next twenty-four hours with anything and everything to do with non-duality.

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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MAHARAJ: “There’s No Such Thing As Peace of Mind,” Part EE

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Today's Considerations

Regarding the mess called “the content of the mind,” Maharaj said, “You are wrapped up and lost in your concepts.”

And of all of the learned ignorance which is stored in the mind - including thousands upon thousands of concepts, ideas, perceptions, misperceptions, notions, thoughts, designs, plans, schemes, opinions, views, theories, inklings, and intentions (a.k.a., “all of your beliefs” which are really not “your beliefs” at all but are actually just “their beliefs”) no concept has been a greater influence on humankind’s mind-based-and-personality-driven thoughts and words and actions than the concept of a “payoff.”

Whether perceived as a “benefit” or “advantage” or “profit” or “gain,” no human ever does anything that is not based in a desire for a payoff, including – incongruously - those things that are most harmful and destructive and self-destructive and self-defeating, relatively speaking. Ever see alcoholics show up at work in near-unbearable pain and misery? Ever hear them swear off booze forever? Ever see them, nevertheless, head for their favorite bar as soon as the workday ends? Why? Because in their minds, there is a perceived – or, often, a subconscious – payoff which might involve:

stress relief, “relaxing," or “unwinding”; escapism and avoidance; trying to get through one more day with a complete absence of coping skills; avoiding going home sober and having to face - without some form of lubrication - the miserable friction that awaits; ad infinitum.

Consider the paradox: how many tear down their bodies and brains in an effort to . . . relax? How many have taken on a second job in addition to the one which is intended to address the needs of a presently-manifested composite unity and have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to that second job of . . . working to relax? Working to relax? Working to be free of having to work? Or being totally absorbed – and self-absorbed - in their religious or spiritual or non-dual workaholism?

For too many, whatever they are doing in terms of their religion or spirituality or philosophy or ideology or their beliefs about the non-dual teachings involves . . . working in order to relax. What irony! What insanity! What entrapment is an externally-imposed belief system!

Do the deer that were resting in the front yard here this morning ever "work to relax"? Or do they merely relax? Of course, they merely relax. Why? Because being mindless, they are not being driven by a mind and its near-limitless fears and desires.

Maharaj suggested that seekers should model the deer and “relax in the cool, blue shade,” yet so many are trapped in their cultures' warped notions that they are driven by the belief that "there is way too much work remaining before I can ever even consider relaxing." So many relate to the words of the man in a Robert Frost poem who asserts, “I have miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.” 

So much needless effort is expended by those among the masses as they "work to relax," and even Maharaj early on suggested that, “Unless you make tremendous efforts, you will not be convinced that effort will take you nowhere.” Later, he would stop offering that pointer and would simply say that effort will take you nowhere.

“Relax and take it easy” is an invitation that will never be accepted by most because of the incongruity between their bodies and their minds. If the mind is racing at 80 m.p.h. (129 k.p.h), then the body will try to race that fast too. Why? In order to try to achieve some sense of congruity between the body and the mind in order to be free of a constant, nagging sense of "feeling torn” or of “being pulled in two different directions” or of “being driven to go and do and zoom in an effort to gain some sense of body-mind alignment."

Now, are there some basic “drives” in all living things? Yes, of course. There are – typically and normally and naturally - the “thirst drive,” the “hunger drive,” and the "sex drive.”  In the last months, I have spoken with one or both members of a host of married couples, one of whom said that she has “lost her sex drive.” One woman is complaining because she been to her counselor four times for help with the same issue yet she is "still not attracted to her husband."

As if a counselor can snap a finger and “Poof! You’re suddenly turned on by a man whom you say you're feeling nothing but disgust for.” As if – per the desires of some religious persons - a counselor can snap a finger and “Poof! A gay man is suddenly turned on by women instead of by men or as if a gay woman is suddenly turned on by men rather than by women.” What ignorant beliefs - what insanity - all generated by the content of a mind.

Because the three basic drives among living things are typical and normal and natural, then it is only atypical and abnormal and unnatural when one does not eat or binges and purges. And because the three basic drives among living things are typical and normal and natural, then it is only something that is totally atypical and abnormal and unnatural if it leads persons to the claim that “abstinence is satisfying” when sex is normally satisfying (when “done properly” anyway).

Apart from the natural basic drives though – along with the innate desire of the consciousness for continuity - all else is rooted in the concept of a payoff.

Of such “benefits” or “advantages” or “profits” or “gains” or ‘payoffs,” Maharaj said: “If you expect any benefits from your search - material, mental or spiritual - you have missed the point.” So consider some behaviors which can serve as examples of the types of payoffs which humans seek but which are useless or even destructive and detrimental:


A sense of worth, a sense of “self-esteem,” a sense of security (as false as that sense is in reality), an assuaging of one’s economic fears, receiving “attaboys" or "attagirls" from friends and relatives, etc.


Rewards now; rewards later; the avoidance of punishment now; the avoidance of future punishment; status; relevance; compliments; admiration; applause; the supposed ability to know the answer for everything; a sense of supposedly knowing it all; fulfillment of the ego's "look at me desire"; and a sense of being able to do whatever one wants and then getting “a clean slate” afterwards just for the asking.


What is the payoff for non-eaters and binger-purgers? Looking thin in a culture that has conditioned persons, especially women, to believe that being thin is the ultimate goal. Their minds’ distortion: a grotesquely-emaciated, five-years-in-a-concentration-camp-type body which nevertheless still looks “fat” to them. Talk about mind-based misperceptions, but that is a key attribute of every post-programming, post-conditioning mind: warped perceptions.


A false sense of relieving the pressure that has built up inside.


A false sense of “purity” or the payoff of eventually “escaping a series of incarnations” or the payoff of “eternal bliss someday” in “a special place.”


A false sense of “purity” or the payoff of “escaping a series of incarnations” or the payoff of “eternal bliss someday” or (among Catholic women) “a chance to be married to God” or (among Catholics men) “a chance to be married to the Church" or - among many among the 97% on the planet who claim a religious affiliation - a supposed chance to live eternally and enjoy eternal rewards.


In spite of Jesus advising persons to stop praying in public because they were only trying to build up their public image and in spite of his saying “Go into your secret closet to pray,” followers nevertheless engage in image building by publicly displaying their high level of religiosity. The same is true among those who join spiritual groups or other types of cults.

Maharaj said that the Realized “do not care whether others recognise their state or not.”


Of that, Maharaj said: “You have a concept about friendship. How long do you keep your friends? You keep them so long as they are useful to you. So long as a friend is of some benefit to you, that’s how long you would like to keep that friendship.  Now, how can I actually derive benefit out of a friend? I, as ‘an individual’, am not there, so how can there be a question of benefit? Benefit to whom?”

All actions that are taken to gain benefits are driven by the mind and, specifically, by the hidden agendas of personalities which are stored in the mind. As an example, consider a couple of the basic personality types which appear to one degree or another in all of the “non-Realized”:

The agenda of the Personality Type Two is to get as many friends as possible in order to get as much love as possible in order to compensate for the love not received during childhood from a father because of death, divorce, or being physically present while not being truly present at all.

The agenda of the Personality Type Three is to get as many friends as possible in order to gain as much admiration and applause as possible.


Ego-satisfaction, respect, escapism, evasion, diversion, avoidance, forestalling, distraction, dodging, dissociation, and only being concerned with some nebulous “Reality” or “THAT-ness” in order to avoid dealing with the present realities of the “AM-ness.” In fact, Self-awareness has nothing to do with developing the sense of freedom which comes when abiding as one’s Original State. Why?

Because there is neither any self-ness nor Self-ness in "the Absolute” (which is nothing more than a field of a particular type of energy); because in "the Absolute” there is no consciousness of self or of Self or of anything (either prior to the manifestation of consciousness or after the unmanifesting of consciousness); and because in "the Absolute” there is no awareness of self, of Self, or of anything prior to the manifestation of consciousness and the coming into a state of awareness or after the unmanifesting of consciousness.

Payoffs, like all concepts, are just dreamed up ideas which drive persons to think insane thoughts, to speak insane words, and to behave in insane ways.

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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