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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Fifty-Five

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Today's Considerations

[Continued from yesterday]

So, Maharaj’s “Plan A” was to seek the peace and quiet and silence and to interrupt the thought-to-word-to-action cycles of entrapment which rob persons of the ability to make conscious choices. His “Plan B” was for those occasions when talking does happen: on those occasions, “talk from the perspective of the universal consciousness” (meaning, the consciousness as it was prior to manifesting within the space formed by a composite unity called “a human” and then being blocked and distorted by way of distorted programming, conditioning, etc.)

Earlier, the act of listening for “tells” was offered as one way to identity and avoid those claiming to be “fully realized” but who are not. In professional poker tournaments, many of the players wear sunglasses in order to hide their “tells” because their eyes might react involuntarily to a winning poker hand or to a losing poker hand and thereby reveal unconsciously to the other players whether they are bluffing or not when they place their bets.

Many who studied the teachings of Maharaj and who now claim to be realized reveal, via their tells - that is, via the duality-based words they use and via the dualistic concepts which they espouse - that such claims might be questionable.

For example, would the truly Realized speak of “ambition,” of “the meaning of life,” of “changing your life,” of “someone having a calling,” of being “incredible,” of “succeeding,” of “controlling outcome via intention,” of “fostering ambition,” of “finding your life’s purpose,” of a “Self that is infinite,” of “seeking power and gaining power,” of having “an ageless body and mind,” of “fulfilling desires,” of “spiritual laws,” of "sacred contracts," of “God or Gods,” or of “knowing God”? 

The answer is unequivocally “No,” yet all of those duality-based concepts are the subject of books which have made millionaires of their famous authors. Many who claim to have studied the teachings of Maharaj are now some of the most famous persons “on the circuit” and are using those exact terms above. Maharaj warned seekers to avoid those types (whom he referred to as “Big Name Teachers”). Their words sound profound, but if studied objectively and wisely, their words will be seen to reveal a series of “tells.”

If you disagree with Maharaj’s warning about those types, would you be willing to try an exercise before ending all consideration? If so, consider each word or term above (“ambition,” “meaning,” “power,” “Infinite Self,” etc.) and then determine WHO (that is, which ego-state) feels a certain affection for each of those concepts.

WHO (what persona) wants power? WHO (what ego-state) thinks she / he has power? WHO wants to be ageless? WHO wants to control? WHO wants eternal continuity?

If an author, speaker, retreat organizer, or lecturer adds relative concepts to his or her talks (that is, words which are intended to stroke the relative desires and fears of their audience members), and if they are selling those dualistic concepts as “non-dual pointers,” then Maharaj’s warning to stay away from those who would misled was a valid warning on his part.

By way of example, Maharaj showed how one might need to shift away from blindly following the words of someone whom they were so sure about early on. The words of some might get a seeker to the third of seven steps where religious and spiritual roles are played, but such words will never be able to move one beyond all role-assumption and all role-playing.

A teacher's or preacher's or imam's or rabbi's or guru’s  instructions might seem to be "spot on" at one point but - if looked at objectively and wisely - they might be seen to be far-off-the-mark at a later point. 

During Maharaj’s guru-bhakti stage, he followed his guru's instructions exactly. Eventually, he would abandon those directions as he found that the version of the Ultimate Medicine which was being offered as a result of those words and strategies was ineffective. No one should be excused from having their words subjected to an honest and wise and objective analysis to see if those words are sharing a non-dual perspective consistently or if those words are being influenced by personality and desires and other factors which are rooted in hidden agendas.

Next, why else did Maharaj recommend that one’s word usage be rooted in the accurate expressions which come via the universal consciousness, that is, via the consciousness as it was prior to being blocked by way of distorted programming, conditioning, etc.?

Any concepts which a person utters that are generated by the fiction-filled “mind will (a) contribute to furthering misunderstandings instead of leading to the true understanding and will also (b) lead to all of the unnatural or supposedly “supernatural” nonsense which can be witnessed as it unfolds all around the globe.

It was noted that one local weather forecaster planted what was a self-fulfilling prophecy for some listeners as she predicted that people were going to experience a miserable day because of rain and cold temperatures. Another local weather forecaster’s words were forwarded by a site visitor. That man claimed a few weeks ago that “our area is in for a bad week with the possibility of rain every day.” 

Pure, nonsensical talk, rooted in duality. Never mind that the area has been in a drought for years. Never mind that vegetation needed the rain. Never mind that the foundations of houses were cracking from shifts in the dry, contracting soil. According to that forecaster's thoughts and words, an entire week was going to be “a bad one,” that assessment offered to an entire community by a person with preconceived notions (that is, with firmly-fixed, pre-conceptualized beliefs) about what makes a day “good” or “bad.”

Once such dualistic notions are applied not only to weather but also to spouses, to neighbors, to “foreigners,” to blacks in a church in South Carolina, to the unarmed people who continue to be shoot down by some in positions of authority all over the U.S., and to anyone else who is determined to supposedly be "different from" and "less than" because of skin color or nationality or sexual preference or gender or any other prejudicial, duality-based criteria, then the roots of disharmony, fighting and even war become evident to the observant. It becomes clear how a political leader can declare the entire populations of some nations to be members of "an axis of evil" and then invade other nations on false pretext.

Once the words “good” and “bad” have been introduced and stored as thoughts, then the basis of duality has been set in place. Once dualistic thinking begins to control what persons say and do, their vocabulary will undergo a near-limitless expansion and only dualistic words will adumbrate their dualistic belief systems.

Thereafter, all people and states and nations will be mentally divided and will be spoken of in terms of being either moral or immoral; right or wrong; righteous or evil; deserving to live or deserving to die. An understanding of the no-concept, non-dual Reality is almost impossible.

Then, dualistic thoughts and dualistic words become the tools that the "non-Realized" use to fabricate illusory (but seemingly real) gulfs, splits, schisms, divisions, subdivisions, separations, hierarchies, and dreamed up multiplicities.

From that point, fluctuations and instability and disharmony will mark the relative existence. Because the quiet is anathema among the "non-Realized," the noise of dualistic words will be used to try to drown out the screaming thoughts coming from the disjointed, dualistic “mind.”

To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Fifty-Four

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Today's Considerations

[Continued from yesterday]

The difference in Maharaj’s pointers and Ruiz’s takeaway of those pointers is that Maharaj never encouraged seekers to be “impeccable” or “perfect” or “faultless” or “flawless” with their word choice. Seekers could have inferred from such a pointer that they were welcome to use all the words they wanted as long as they used “the right ones”; to the contrary, Maharaj made clear that – if “Realized” – (1) it will be the consciousness which speaks . . . or not; and that – if “Realized” – (2) the use of words will be curtained, spontaneously.

He said that if seekers who had been totally asleep were to suddenly awaken, and were to see all of the lies so often repeated and once believed, and were then to glimpse the truth, they would be “stunned into silence.” He made clear that, if "realized," some few might talk from the perspective of the universal consciousness and share pointers but that far more are likely to enter into the silence and to remain in the silence throughout most of the remainder of the manifestation.

Douwe Tiemersma, when introducing Maharaj, said of those who remain trapped in the dogma of a religion or in one or another system of philosophy are certainly prone to use an excess of words, couching “into fine-sounding words their traditional beliefs and ideologies, theological or philosophical.” He continued: “Believers, however, discover the limited range of meaning and applicability of these words, sooner or later"; thus, he concluded: “What prevails is that which cannot be described, that which is beyond words.”

Truth can be known but not stated, so anything stated by anyone to be the truth is, by default, a lie. The truth can be pointed to, but cannot be expressed in words of any variety – impeccable or not.

Maharaj: “All the objects of consciousness form the universe. What is beyond both, supporting both, is a state of utter stillness and silence. Whoever goes there, disappears. It is unreachable by words, or mind.”

He said: “Just as you do not need to worry about growing hair, so I need not worry about words and actions. They just happen and leave me unconcerned”


“Putting words together will not take you far. Go within and discover what you are not. Nothing else matters.”

He said: “The words 'I am man' or 'I am God' have no meaning. Only in silence and in darkness can [the Real] be heard and seen”


“I cannot tell what I am because words can describe only what I am not”


“Your words do not reach me. Mine is ‘a non-verbal world’. In ‘your world’, the unspoken has no existence. In ‘mine’ - the words and their contents have no being. In ‘your world’, nothing stays; in ‘mine’, nothing changes. ‘My world’ is real, while ‘yours’ is made of dreams.”

Words are the very sustainer of duality. Here, as was the case with Maharaj, there is no "distinguishing from" or "differentiating between"; therefore, there was not "there" and there is not "here" any possibility of expressing such concepts as “different from” and “better than.” Yes, along “the path,” there were words which Maharaj spoke via the perspective of the universal consciousness which pointed to the reality of things non-dual and the falsity of things dual, but he also pointed out that “Non-distinction speaks in silence [while] words carry distinctions.” In the end, he concluded, “It is useless to struggle with words to express what is beyond words.”

If seekers finally return to "the Child No-Knowing State,” then they might also move to the next state. There, the “True Self” (the Pure Witnessing state) is entered into by those continuing along "the path." Of that state, Maharaj said that it is a state of “detached awareness, passionless and wordless.”

See? No encouragement at all to use words; rather, a great deal of inviting seekers to abandon that habit.

It can be asked, therefore, “WHO – what ego-state – is driven to go to an assembly once a week or several times a week or five times a day and hear and speak words (and words which are delusionally deemed to be “holy” at that)?”

And WHO wants to go to one or more meetings a day and listen to words being used to express insane thoughts from persons claiming – based only in their own faulty self-diagnosis – that they "were insane in the past but are no longer insane now"? (To give up doing one self-defeating and self-destructive act while continuing to engage in dozens of other self-defeating and self-destructive acts is no evidence at all of having been restored to sanity.)

And WHO wants to go to one or more meetings a day and express words delusionally deemed to be “spiritual”?

And WHO is driven to use words intended to make others love them?

 And WHO is driven to use words intended to make others admire them?

And WHO is driven to use words to try to reform “others” and “the world”?

And WHO is driven to use words intended to control “others”?

And WHO is driven to use words intended to teach more and more concepts and beliefs to "others"?

WHO - what ego-state - is driven to talk and talk and talk?

Besides being stunned into silence by finally seeing all that was thought to be true but was actually all false, silence is fostered in many cases by the languages used by people who were not trapped in the nonsense and egotism of excessive talking. For example, much can be understood about the "character" of certain peoples if one understands which words were (and which words were not) included in their language. My Cherokee grandmother’s original tongue had no words for “hate,” “war,” “greed,” “contend,” “competition,” “separation,” “holy,” "ownership," "accumulate," "money," "capital," "possess," "own," “apart from,” “my,” “mine,” "unique," "special," "possessions," “rival,” or “duality.”

Contrast the words absent from their language with those used so often by those speaking in other languages. While the original Cherokee language had no word for “hate,” the Anglo-Saxon / Aryan language includes these words: 

"hate, hatred, animosity, loathing, enmity, abhorrence, disaffection, alienation, coolness, disgust, and estrangement" as well as all the related words such as "resent, resentment, dislike, repugnance, revenge, despise, venomous, bitterness, detestation, umbrage, and antipathy.” 

Even the inclusion of such words in their language reveals much about the centuries-long mindset of Aryans, and because the movement among humans is from thought to word to action, then the words of the Aryans – and of other persons who have behaved as they have behaved - have always served as an accurate predictor of their behavior, both in centuries past as well as in the present.

In August of 2005, site visitor Sim sent the following: “I just watched a 60 Minutes segment on river people named the Moken. They had no words for 'when' or 'want.' Time was not a concept of theirs, so they don't understand questions like 'How old are you?' If they catch a fish for breakfast, they aren't even thinking of lunch. There's just 'now.' A boat of kinsmen could pull up and it doesn't make any difference whether it's been 1 week, 1 year or 5 years. To them, it's the same. As to 'want,' they have words for give or take, but they don't understand 'want' and do not accumulate since they live on the sea. It’s really something, the way our language drives our thinking, huh?”

Certain words are never used by the “Fully Realized Advaitin,” and it is “an economy of words” rather than any “impeccability of words” which happens.

Based in the experiences here, it is no easy task for seekers to find the teacher that is not just repeating what she / he has heard but is also sharing what is known within—and what was always known within. Most approaches recommend learning more and more from outside sources and from supposedly "holy texts" and from listening endlessly to explanations about what the words in those texts "really mean."

It is one thing to repeat words read or heard. It is quite another when the unblocked consciousness speaks as the pure, universal consciousness rather than as a relative repeater of words gathered from external sources.

That is why years can be spent in fruitless seeking if one does not have some means by which to avoid those whose “tell’s” expose the fact that “true realization” (being truly free of all ignorance and insanity and magical thinking) is not present.

[And the ramifications of programming and acculturation manifest so early on that they will seldom ever be discarded. I was around a six-year old girl recently. She told one of her relatives, "Our house is so much bigger than your house." Then she added, "Of course, you own and we rent, so which is better?" As they departed, she noticed some coins on her grandmother's table. After looking around to be sure no one was watching, she slide the coins into the palm of her hand, put them in her pocket, and walked out. Compare. Contrast. Differentiate. Accumulate. And all that at the age of six. What similar but more extreme actions and beliefs will dominate her adult age thinking and behavior?]

Next, if dualistic words or terms are used, they can serve as “tell’s,” revealing that “true realization” has not happened. One site visitor shared this observation about her niece: “I was fascinated as she began to acquire language – how this device begins to cut up the unified field into separate ‘bits.’ Our languaging actually needs to be changed to reflect Reality.” And to stop passing on and supporting duality-based thoughts and words and actions.

What happens among those seekers who are finally freed of learned ignorant and insanity to reflect that state of freedom? First, words are not used nearly as often. Secondly, the words that are used will change post-Realization. Next, the words employed reflect both Reality and reality and do not "cut up verbally the unified field into separate bits." 

To the seeker asking how to know if a teacher has reached a state of “true realization,” the suggestion is to witness honesty and objectively the words and language being used. If “Realized,” words that support non-dualistic concepts and beliefs about "different from" and "better than" and "special" and "Special" and "self-ness" and "Self-ness" will never be spoken.

To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Fifty-Three

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Today's Considerations

Persons are addicted to chaos because, ultimately, they are bored. Their antidote for boredom is noise and going and doing and zooming. The chaos of their relative existence is a reflection of the chaos of their minds. That is why “there is no such thing as peace of mind.”

Have you seen drivers speeding along, driving recklessness, cutting in and out of traffic in an effort to gain even a 20-foot "advantage" (one car length), all of which might result in their reaching their destination a few seconds sooner (that is, if they do not cause a wreck)? What you are seeing is someone whose "external" and "internal" (that is, whose body and mind) are totally out of sync. They are being enraged by an internal sense of major discomfort which registers whenever parts are out of sync; thus, because their minds are racing at 100 miles or kilometers per hour, they are driven subconsciously to try to make their bodies move at that speed in order to align the body and mind so that they no longer feel disjointed. Of course that approach is both ignorant and insane. 

Maharaj: "All you have to do is to give attention to the obstacles created by the foolish mind”


“If you could only keep quiet, clear of memories and expectations, you would be able to discern the beautiful pattern of events. It is your restlessness that causes chaos.”

He said: “Once you are quiet, things will begin to happen spontaneously and quite naturally without any interference on your part.”

Yet three of the roles which many persons cling to the most, including those supposedly on “the path,” are “The Super Religious One,” “The Spiritual Giant,” and “The Super Seeker.” They, too, inspire going and doing and zooming because those three habits oxygenate false identities.

Maharaj: “Just stop running away by running after. Stand still, be quiet.”

So much for endless seeking, but for those playing any role, going and dooming and zooming are not enough. Talking must happen; word use is necessary in order to establish and maintain false identities.

Maharaj: “A quiet mind, undistorted by desires and fears, free from ideas and opinions, clear on all the levels, is needed to reflect the reality. Be clear and quiet - alert and detached. All else will happen by itself.”

All human activity - all of humanity's chaotic going and doing and zooming - is based in foolishness. Why? Because all human activity moves along this continuum: from thoughts to words to deeds. That being the case, then foolishness begins with foolish thoughts, is sustained by foolish words, and reaches its full ripeness in foolish actions.

To end the pattern of engaging in foolish actions, the supply line must be disrupted. That means that all thoughts must go, for they are all rooted in foolish programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination.

Then, the speaking of foolish words cannot happen, because foolish words are nothing more than the verbal expression of foolish thoughts. Yet those who think foolish thoughts do not know that their thoughts are foolish, so their use of foolish words will not be abandoned. And it is because those words are not abandoned that foolish actions are guaranteed to follow.

The stopgap measure to use until one has been freed of the content of the mind? Silence. If humankind’s penchant for talking and talking and talking ends, then a foolish thought will not be expressed, even if it presently remains.

If the steady stream of foolish thoughts which flow from every human mind are not allowed to break through or overflow the dam of silence, then they cannot lead to a flood of foolish actions.

A foolish thought might remain nested in the mind for a spell, but it cannot take flight without the use of words to express the foolish thought. It is words that are the wings of foolish thoughts and the precursor of foolish actions.

It is words that serve as the transport which carries foolish thoughts across the divide and allows them to invade otherwise peaceful places and generate the misery and suffering which foolish actions impose on the masses.

When might one eventually consider speaking again? When the universal consciousness replaces the thought-filled mind as the source of what is spoken, and that can only begin when the mind ends . . . when all beliefs are discarded and one reaches a state of "zero concepts."

Again, Maharaj: “I talk to you from the [clear] perspective of the universal consciousness” (rather than from the warped perspective generated by every human mind which has not been purged of its accumulated learned ignorance and insanity).

Is it clear that those who have to talk the most are the most removed from both Reality and reality? Is it clear why the truth can be known but cannot be spoken? Is it clear, therefore, why most of what is spoken is to be ignored because it is false?

It is not the white man Donald Trump who can rightly complain about “the evil effects of unchecked [non-white] immigration.” That would have been more in the province of those represented by this red man:  

For nonsensical words and deeds to end, persons must be rid of belief in the concepts and ideas that generate the thinking which leads to nonsensical talking and nonsensical behaviors. Yet in cultures where “freedom of speech” is endorsed over freedom of silence—such as in the U.S.—then talking flourishes, talk radio flourishes, talk shows on television flourish. And they all add to the already-widespread dissemination of nonsense all around the globe.

In the “war on nonsense,” one suggestion to those taking the seven steps to Realization is this: simultaneously become conscious of the words that are spoken while sleepwalking vs. those spoken while trying to awaken or while awake.

By that means, there can be launched a two-fold assault on babble and claptrap—attacking the base of nonsense (“the mind”) as well as the nonsense being spoken by persons who are out on patrol each day and spreading foolishness in a verbal fashion as they go.

One student of the teachings offered by Maharaj was named Ruiz. He chose to focus on only a few aspects of the teachings in particular (the case with so many currently on the circuit who also studied the pointers offered by Maharaj and then selected a few as their own and are now marketing a narrow, limited, and incomplete version of the teachings).

One of the teachings that Ruiz focuses on is the suggestion to practice impeccability in word choice. As mentioned earlier, there is what might be termed “A Vocabulary of Realization,” which is in one sense an “exclusive” vocabulary rather than an all-inclusive vocabulary. It is a vocabulary this is limited to the use of non-dualistic words and terms.

The "Fully Realized Advaitin," for example, will not speak of something being “good” or being “bad”; nor will there be talk of one thing or person being “better than another”; nor will there be any speaking about “ownership,” about “gain or loss,” or about “possessions” as implied with terms such as “my wife” or “my husband.”

[Exceptions can happen when communicating with a seeker not yet "Fully Realized" and not yet familiar with The Vocabulary of Realization, but in the end, all will be made clear if the seeker travels the entire “path” with the teacher.]

In that regard, there is no difference in using the dualistic term “good” and in using the term that evolved from the word “good,” specifically, “god.” In Anglo-Saxon, the word for “good” was “gud” or “gad.”

At best, the word “god” might point toward some supposed “goodness”; however, if one grasps non-duality completely, she or he will not speak of any dualities, including “divine vs. earthly” or “good vs. bad.”

Yes, during the earlier talks when Maharaj was catering to Hindus and then to Westerners who deemed themselves to be “spiritual,” he sometimes allowed his words to be guided by his audience. Yes, in I AM THAT he used the word “God” many times, often without clarifying what the word did - and did not - mean to him. (Later, he advised seekers to stop reading those talks and to listen to his later pointers instead.)

Scores of times in those early talks, he used the word "god," but it was most often when addressing a question about god that had been raised by a visitor. But he also made clear early on that persons with desires and fears “created God,” and he even said in I AM THAT, “You may call it God, or Parabrahman, or Supreme Reality, but these are names given by the mind.”

If you move beyond the Germanic root of the word god” and study the Indo-European root, you will find a Far Eastern (Sanskrit) origin dealing with “the invoked one.” The take here is that, if one wants to “invoke,” invoke away, and if one wants to speak in dualities, speak away of “God,” even as you claim your talk of "two-ness" is really "not-two" talk. Yet if "Realized," that type of talk will end, just as it did with Maharaj. And for the rest of the specks of consciousness that speak with "impeccability," the word “God” is not in their vocabulary.

Why? It becomes understood that all is energy-matter and that energy-matter cannot be created or destroyed. Because all that is now has always been, then nothing was ever created. If nothing was ever created, then there cannot have been “A Creator.” To know that not only allows one to be free of such concepts which were planted within a mind but also frees one up totally, period.

Imagine the ease of a relative existence which is not marked and marred by engaging in one job to meet the basics requirements of the composite unity but then adding on a second job of seeking and being embroiled non-stop in spiritual exercises and striving for esoteric rewards now and endless rewards later or qualifying for a lifetime pass into some heavenly brothel with dozens of virgins and thousand of wives and concubines.

And how were those thoughts / concepts / beliefs passed down, trapping persons in the ignorant and insane concepts of their minds? Via words. Foolish words. Ignorant words. Insane words.

The deer witnessed on yesterday’s walk did not know that they were supposed to feel “miserable” because of “cold and wet conditions” as suggested by a weather forecaster. Why? Because they are mindless, and because they are mindless, they have no vocabulary to use to pass on nonsense, and since nonsense is not passed on, nonsensical feelings do not manifest and nonsensical behaviors do not happen.

The deer can go through an entire manifestation without hearing nonsense. The typical human would be fortunate to go sixty seconds. One awakened to the truth regarding thoughts and words will gravitate toward surroundings where the quiet and the silence prevail and will move toward exposure to fewer words rather than to more words.
To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Fifty-Two

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Today's Considerations

A few moments ago, this was the view from the front yard.

 A so-called “cold front” is moving across the area and these are some of the words that popped up on a weather alert when the computer was booted up this AM:

(A) “Downpours are creating a miserable start to a chilly and windy Tuesday” and (B) “There will be no sun today.”

Consider the warped perspective (A) and the outright lie (B).

(A) “Downpours are creating a miserable start to a chilly and windy Tuesday”: Some 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy, active life. The highest concentrations of hunger are in parts of western Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, but children also went to bed hungry and are waking with hunger in the so-called "developed nations” such as the U.S. Now those one-in-nine people who are hungry or starving, those could be said to be “miserable,” but a woman writing a weather alert who traveled to work  with temperatures in the 50’s, wearing a coat, riding in a vehicle with a heater, and sitting in a building with central heat is going to speak of . . . “misery”? Really? 

Persons are living in areas where bullets are flying, where bombs are being dropped, where people are being beheaded, where women’s body parts are being mutilated with dull knives and where their being raped is so common that it is not as much dreaded but simply expected as a part of the way of life in their cultures. Now those people know misery.

It has been shared that Grandmother’s attitude about the weather was typical of that among most of the indigenous peoples here: never was there any complaint about the duality of temperatures which so many others whine about, with their Goldilocks-style of complaining that “It’s miserable - it’s too dang hot” and “It’s miserable – 50 degrees Fahrenheit is too damn cold.”

When asked about why she never discussed the weather, she said, "Because when it is cold, it is cold, and when it is hot, it is hot." Most thought that response evidenced the fact that she was crazy rather than seeing that it showed she was wise.

(B) “There will be no sun today”: Damn. Don’t you hate when that happens, when there is no longer a sun in our solar system? So what would happen to earth if suddenly there were indeed no longer a sun in this solar system? Well, on one hand, earth retains heat rather well, so no one would freeze to death instantly. Also, as light from the Sun takes eight and a half minutes to reach us, we’d have a final few moments of glorious sunshine before our planet was bathed in darkness.

On the other hand, because it is the sun’s gravitational pull which keeps the planets here in their orbits, the moment there was no longer a sun, the earth would stop moving in a circle and would begin to move along a straight line that first send it flying out of the region of this solar system and it would then be sent hurling through deep space instead.

Within days, earth would be a hundred or so degrees below freezing, and within weeks it would be just fifty or so degrees above absolute zero. The atmosphere itself would also freeze and fall to Earth, leaving us exposed to the harsh radiation traveling through space.

Life as we know it would have to adapt to survive to a new frozen Earth, and it’s likely only microorganisms beneath the surface could survive, thanks to the heat from the core. For humans, we’d probably have to pool together and build a few nuclear fusion reactors in order to last a while. More likely, humans would all freeze before finishing that project.

So don’t you also hate it when, as is reported to be the case today, “there is no sun”?

Or might it be that, once again, just because humans cannot see something does not mean it’s not there, and just because they think they see a truth does not make it a truth, and just because humans cannot understand certain facts does not mean that they are not true? And might it be that most humans talk nonsense in their sleep and their listeners simply nod their heads in agreement because they are also asleep while believing that they are fully awake?

Among “the Realized,” there is “a vocabulary of Realization,” a vocabulary of freedom from ignorance, a vocabulary of restoration to sanity, a vocabulary of speaking sensibly rather than talking nonsensically, and a tendency to use any vocabulary minimally.

So, other different perspectives among the “Realized” included a preference for peace and quiet and silence, but – when speaking does happen – it happens by way of a unique and rare vocabulary. 

In the West, there is much talk about one’s right to his or her freedom of speech; that is a concept which is becoming more and more popular as populations all around the globe fall under the influence of the West. But there was a time in the East when freedom from speech was valued and here in the U.S. – before the invasion by Aryans and Spaniards – that valuing of freedom from speech was also quite often the case. It is no more.

Among "the Realized," if speaking happens, then it happens only with the use of that “vocabulary of realization,” a vocabulary which contains words drawn from "the universal consciousness,” a “vocabulary used only by the sane and exact and clear-seeing and clear-speaking.” 

It is a vocabulary that is devoid of circumlocution (taking around a point), devoid of substitutions where “words with more positive connotations are used,” without using words which minimize or maximize, and without the use of euphemisms (whereby a mild or indirect word or expression is substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing and when the goal is to avoid the exact and specific truth or reality).

For example, a company meeting might be called by the boss to explain that there will be some “downsizing” rather than “employee cuts” or “layoffs” or “firings.” Two Congressional bills in the U.S. which allow businesses to increase their profits by simply dumping and discharging pollutants rather than properly processing them are called “The Clean Water Act” and “The Clean Air Act.”

The term “patriot” can be used by those with a philosophy rooted in right-wing xenophobia (as is the case among many in the U.S.) to refer to one who is "proud to be a Christian and a god-fearing Republican and one who believes strongly in the immutability of the status quo."

Political consultants test focus groups to find which words and terms and labels are more acceptable to the masses in order to enable politicians to warp the perspective of listeners in ways that will advance certain political agendas; thus, the name “estate tax” was changed to “death tax”; “global warming” has been renamed by them as “climate change”; the abuse and murder of Palestinians is referred to as “acts which best promote the welfare of the holy state of Israel”; and “healthcare reform” is referred to as “a government takeover of the medical industry.”

The result of the widespread use of such language affects the way that the masses think and talk and feel, so warped perspectives are the new abnormal norm and distortion and delusion reign. And those cannot be compartmentalized, so they end up operating in every area of one’s relative existence, allowing the morbidly obese to distort the reality of their actual condition and deny the actual causes of their condition:

Of such efforts at self-deception, Cesar Millan said:

 And understand that most will never seek the truth because most do not want to know the truth even as they are erroneously certain that they know the truth. As noted here on occasion, the truth will set you free, but it's going to piss you off first. A visitor mentioned last week that George Carlin said, "Everyone appreciates your honesty, until you are honest with them. Then, you're an asshole."

Depending on the specific programming, conditioning, etc. which two persons are subjected to, then both will see all in distorted fashions which might differ considerably:


The duality facing humanity is rooted in the fact that most persons listen only to that which flows from the warped perspectives of persons who have been subjected to warped programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and indoctrination and brainwashing.

It is also a fact that most persons will never hear the universal (non-dual) consciousness speak but will only hear words rooted in the blocked (dualistic) consciousness.

Six years ago, this was shared:

Maharaj shared pointers in regards to the use of certain words and language, touting exactness in word choice even as he endorsed silence over talk. [As the silence becomes the typical marker among "the Realized," there are fewer and fewer words used at all, but the ones used never support any “notions of two-ness” and always support the “not-two” understanding instead.]

For instance, when "the Realized" use the word “I,” that word has nothing at all to do with the first person, singular, nominative case, personal pronoun.

Furthermore, no "Fully Realized Advaitin" would make any claim about being either “Fully Realized” or being “an Advaitin.” That is all “early-on-the-path” talk, and some latitude is required in order for any communication to take place between seeker and teacher during the early stages. [Later, it is even realized that there are neither seekers nor teachers.]

Exceptions can especially be the case when dealing with those in the West who have very little exposure to even the most basic terminology required for the transmission of the teachings, including words and phrases such as “false self,” “True Self,” “the Absolute as opposed to the relative,” “de-accumulation,” etc., all of which are alien to those programmed in cultures of accumulation. To even speak to them of "a false self" or of "de-accumulation" is typically greeted with all the enthusiasm surrounding a case of influenza.

Yet even among Easterners, many misunderstand the most basic teachings. Maharaj said to one seeker, “We are not speaking the same language. Yours is a make-believe talk….” He informed one seeker, “You speak as a person, limited in time and space, reduced to the contents of a body and a mind.”

Because thoughts (the content of the mind) control words and because words—in turn—control deeds, then the words used during the relative existence exert tremendous influence over behavior among "non-Realized persons."

For example, on a road trip yesterday I passed through the town of Jasper, Texas (which I would recommend to all: if you find that you are in Jasper Texas, pass through). It was there that certain white racist men in the late 1990's were members of a white supremacist group, all of whom had the thought that they were better than non-whites. They often verbalized their belief, speaking words of hatred and arrogance.

Eventually, their deed followed: three of those men would kidnap a black man, Richard Byrd, Jr., and would take him to an isolated area nearby. There, they beat him, chained him to a pickup truck, and dragged him behind the vehicle for two miles. In the process of killing him in that manner, they tore off his head and his right arm.

THEIR THOUGHT: Whites are better than blacks.

THEIR WORDS: “We are better than black people. They are inferior to us.”

THEIR DEED: The murder of a black man.

All deeds are directly preceded by words, and all words are preceded by thoughts. Is it no wonder that Maharaj cautioned against the careless use of language? Yet do not conclude that 50% of all actions result from thoughts and 50% from words.

Nonsensical talk could not happen were it not for the nonsense stored in “the mind,” nonsense which is constantly cycled and recycled among "the non-Realized" as thought after thought after thought. That is why one of the books below is entitled THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS “PEACE OF MIND” (There is Only Peace If You’re Out of Your Mind).

Additionally, there is no need to cut off the tongue and lips and discard them in order to put an end to the nonsense being verbalized millions of times per day across the planet. The requirement is to cut out the nonsensical thinking by discarding the contents of “the mind.” When nonsense is eliminated at the source (called “the mind”) then it cannot manifest via the mouth.

If there is no constant running of the mind, then there can be no constant running of the mouth. Is it becoming clear why "the Realized" pass so much time in the silence? Why questions broached to them throughout the day are replied to with an economy of words?

Why Maharaj said of Your Original Nature, “Awareness is total, changeless, calm and silent”?

Why Maharaj talked of “the deep silence of reality”?

Why he said: “Existence (as perceived in India) means becoming, change, birth and death and birth again, while in being there is silent peace”?

Why he said: “I am fully conscious, but since no desire or fear enters the mind, there is perfect silence”?

And why he advised: “Abandon all conceptualisation and stay silent and attentive”?

Now this discussion will have to continue tomorrow as I don a coat and cap and go for a walk in the 50-degree temperatures and in a slight mist while watching the deer graze along the way, assured that the walk will not be perceived as being "miserable" any more than the deer will perceive their grazing in the mist as being miserable.
To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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