Saturday, November 19, 2005


In the Moment
(Sailing down a Highway
at 70 M.P.H.
on the Body's Back)
From Sveinn in Iceland (and others) : Why have you not been posting?
F.: Hello to Sveinn and others. My apologies to you and to all who have reported that the daily postings are a part of your routine that has been interrupted. Regular postings should continue sometime next week.
On the 31st of last month while returning to Texas from Louisiana, a deer ran into the path of my motorcycle. A swerve to the left sent me off a plateau in the road, down a steep hill, and into the path of an 18-wheeler. Another swerve back to the right to miss the truck put the bike back on a path toward the deer. The third swerve caused a loss of control of the bike. I slid 450 feet downhill, the bike traveled 900 feet. The doctors claim I am alive because I went with the flow--traveling head first down the road--rather than trying to turn my body and action that would have begun a tumbling effect of the type that shatters all bones in the body. Not only was consciousness not lost... it reached a super state. During the skid, I looked left and saw a forest racing by and looked to the right to see the road doing the same. I watched the road peel away my gloves when I placed my hands down to try to slow the body's speed. At that moment, I determined to just ride things out until friction did its thing. Bones were broken in the right leg and foot and in the left hand, and several joints are out of place but those will be corrected next week. Following two surgeries, I am now recuperating in a rehab hospital and doing the work required to be discharged next week. The original four-week prediction for my stay there has been reduced to two weeks. I'll be staying with Marie for a month or two after that. Thanks to her and to my daughter Ashley who drove in to serve as an advocate, I finally received the indicated treatment.
The body is recuperating more from the trauma suffered in the hospital than in the accident, but so it is. The pain meds were refused early on, not to play some macho role but to reject all that would remove the full awareness of the presence of that consciousness which I Am. The pain-body is being witnessed objectively, and in that process little pain is even registering.
More to the point of this site, the willingness to surrender the body to the process and to go with the flow sustained the body's presence for an additional period. Is there any relevance to what you might be experiencing in this relative existence? Do you sometimes feel as if you are skidding through life, out of control? Might that be relinquish all efforts to control? Are you going with the flow? Might that be preferred, as far as the relative existence is concerned? Might you benefit, relatively-speaking, by witnessing the pain-body (or the pain-"mind") and detaching from both? Please enter the silence of contemplation.