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F.: To continue with more excerpts from the eBook DANCING LIGHTLY, this from the chapter entitled “Seeking Prevents Lightness” 

If you are feeling robbed of the lightness and are feeling the heaviness referenced earlier, "the world" is too much with you. Maharaj taught that you are not in the world . . . that the world is in you. That is, "the world" is in your "mind," so that there are as many perceptions of what the world is like as there are "minds"; 

furthermore, because persons are constantly "changing their minds" about what they think they need or fear or like or dislike, their states of happiness and unhappiness are also in constant flux. (For more on that, use the search tool – top right - for the earlier discussions of "The Goldilocks Syndrome" and the traits of the Borderline Personality Disorder.) 

And therein lies a key source of heaviness and the peace-stealing sense of discontinuity. The maxim "the only thing permanent in this world is change" points to the fact that this consciousness - even if unblocked after the removal of the debris of programming, acculturation, conditioning and domestication - will still be ever in motion. 

The motion-emotion connection has already been made clear, so freedom and then peace can come only if this consciousness and emotional-intoxication and excessive-feeling-intoxication are transcended. Only if abiding as the original nature can any stability ever happen consistently. 

Recently, during an Advaita Skype session with a man in the U.K., he admitted that everything in his life that had seemed at a time to be so huge, so overwhelming, and so important could be looked back on from the distance of days past or weeks past or years past and was eventually seen to be so small, so underwhelming, so insignificant. 

That is what should happen when things are viewed from the distance. The distance from Your Original Nature to on-going relative events is limitless . . . as far removed as the Real is from the not-Real . . . as far removed as Reality is from the masses’ belief that think are as exactly as they appear to be to them. 

The irony – in terms of one’s misperceptions vs. perceiving "rightly" - is that what you view from a distance is more clearly seen. Viewed from the distance of Your Original Nature, all in the relative existence begins to appear to be so small; ultimately, it completely disappears. Here, I do not see the things that most see (or, more accurately, I see nothing that the masses think they are seeing). 

Maharaj: "I am detached and see the passing show as a passing show, while you stick to things and move along with them." 

Here, I only see what most see when invited into their darkness, when invited to bring the light. 

Maharaj: "You just do not look carefully enough. Look well, and see what I see." 

Questioner: "What do you see?" 

Maharaj: "I see what you too could see, here and now, but for the wrong focus of your attention. You give no attention to Your Self. Your mind is all with things, people and ideas, never with Your Self. Bring Your Self into focus, become aware of Your own existence. See how you function, watch the motives and the results of your actions. Study the prison you have built around yourself by inadvertence." 

If you are not enjoying the peace that can only come after being set free, then you are in a self-imposed prison. Each bar of that dark prison is an idea or belief or concept that has been accepted from your culture, the culture which serves as your guard and would keep you imprisoned forever. Here, the light is offered so that You can see what your actual prison is, so that You can remove the bars, so you can then walk free, and so that you can then dance lightly. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

22 March 2014 


F.: [To clarify from yesterday, some having missed one point completely, one asking, “So, it’s ok with you if your daughter unhappy?”]

To see how little clarity and understanding is evidenced by many so-called “seekers” provides some awareness of how clueless the non-seeking masses are. 

The point yesterday was this: there is no person – no “Super Dad,” for example – who wants or desires anything. To want one’s child to be happy all of the time is rooted in the two primary addictions that plague the non-Realized masses: control and power. Both are mirages, and both manifest alongside any assumed but false identity / ego-state. 

Here, there is no desire to try to control, that being impossible; here, there is no delusion that one has power, that being an egotism-supported illusion. Here, there is no belief, including any belief that one can decide what one wants and then make it happen. 

Have you ever seen a man who wife’s said, “I’m leaving you” suddenly fall under the auspices of his desires and wishes? Will she stay if he says, “I wish you would not go” or if he says “It is my desire that you stay” or if he shouts “You ain’t going nowhere, biatch!” 

The transcendence beyond the entrapment of duality-based beliefs is
what led to the dismissal, within a microsecond, of the words from one big name teacher referenced yesterday to "love what is." Why? Because the Realized will never “love what is” any more than they will “hate what is," and the truly Realized would never recommend that you do either one.

In the vocabulary of Realization, “love” is not a verb; it is only a noun, allowing for the understanding that any subject-object construct is a duality. Do you think Maharaj would have ever said, “I love (verb) what is?” No. He said that “Love (noun) is knowing that I AM everything.” That’s all. Never “I love this” or “I love that.” Only, Love IS.

Thus, there is no desire here for my daughter to be constantly happy (an impossibility) and there is no desire for her to be unhappy all the time either. Only ego-states fear or desire. 

Moreover, what effect could it possibly have for anyone to make a wish that anyone else could be happy all of the time? What arrogance it would be to believe that one’s desires or wishes can have any impact, or should. (The eBook below entitled “What Bliss Is and What Bliss Is Not” addresses the entire issue.) 

Yet Maharaj, when asked if he cared about those who came his way, answered: “More than you will ever know.” Of course the Realized care because they feel in ways that most never will. What they do not do is emote (an ego-state-driven action / reaction) and what they do not do is wish for power or control (be it over things or people or lives).

And what they do not do is delusionally believe that true happiness is an “outside job” that they can provide to persons rather than understanding that contentment is an “inside job” that can be handled when the inner guru / the inner resource is tapped. 

So for those who want to wish or desire anything, wish away ... desire away, or not. Go ahead and wish all you want; desire all you want; dream all you want, or not. But here, it will not matter in the least because the Realized understand that your wishing and desiring will not matter in the least, either now or ever. 

Maharaj: “All you want is to be happy. All your desires, whatever they may be, are longing for happiness” 

So why are most not happy? Why will most never be happy?

Maharaj: “It is choices you make that are wrong. To imagine that some little thing - food, sex, power, fame - will make you happy is to deceive oneself. Only something as vast and deep as your Real Self [a.k.a., “Pure Witnessing” / seeing clearly / seeing Truth / differentiating true from false] can make you truly and lastingly happy.” 

Of course, "choices" are not even being made if one is being driven by the hidden agendas of personality. A man said recently that he has “suffered five years of heartache” over the fact that he entered into an act of friction with a woman he should have stayed miles away from and because now his daughter is being exposed to the chaos and insanity which that woman is generating. 

So according to “him,” to the false selves that are currently in charge, he is saying that he cannot enjoy anything in the relative existence because another person is not experiencing the kind of relative existence that he wants. 

That is known as “co-dependency,” which is just another of the many personality disorders / mental disorders / neuroses / potential psychoses that ego-state assumption and a desire for control and power will foster. 

Trying enough, the shame and guilt that religions and parents foster. The suggestion is to move away from the influence of both of those past programmers and stop taking up the imposition of shame and guilt where they left off: “Oh, I am an adult who has moved away from you, supposedly making it more difficult for you to strap me with dishonor and degradation and fault and remorse? That’s okay. Now, I’ll take it from here. I'll pick up where you left off.” 

Ah, the mental and emotional nonsense that will play out as long as any false identity (and it desires and fears) remains. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

21 March 2014 


F.: More excerpts from the eBook DANCING LIGHTLY, from the chapter entitled “Seeking Prevents Lightness”:

Who that has experienced a number of years of existence on this planet has not come to know the loss of lightness as periods of heaviness have descended upon them? Who has not known the duality of shifting between states of happiness and unhappiness? Most never see and verbalize exactly what they are feeling, having been "down" for so long that down now seems "normal" to them. 

Yet who has not faced the sense of a heavy weight upon the shoulders . . . on the "mind" as persons put it? Who has not felt at times the grave or burdensome or tiresome or gloomy or dismal or oppressive or melancholic or depressive darkness that can come to rob you of any sense of peace and freedom and lightness? 

There is a two-fold quest among the masses: one is the search for eternal continuity; the other is the search for continuous happiness. The former is an impossibility; the latter is an impossibility. 

[I spoke to a man who recently repeated the blind mantra of parents everywhere - a mantra rooted in the impossible dream and the never-to-be-fulfilled desire of the personality known as "The Super Parent": “I just want my daughter to be happy,”  he said,

(a) as if continuous happiness is even remotely possible for those among the masses who 170 years ago were said to be leading “lives of quiet desperation” before “going to the grave with the song still in them” but who are now leading “lives of loud and noisy desperation” before “going to the grave with the song still in them” (or with dancing lightly never having occurred)


(b) as if any one of the 99.9% among the non-Realized masses who are moving through an always-dualistic relative existence can magically become “the exception” by having a relative existence that is not entirely relative but is instead a combination of something relative that also just happens to have some absolute aspects as well, thus allowing that child to be the one on the planet out of billions who will have absolute, uninterrupted happiness in what is guaranteed to be an ever-changing, ever-fluctuating relative existence. 

Therefore, a daughter goes through an excruciatingly-painful menstrual cycle. So your response is going to be: “Hey, just be happy”? 

Or goes through a misery-and-suffering–generating divorce. So your response is going to be: “Hey, just be happy”? 

Or experiences the death of her own child someday. So your response is going to be to repeat the mantra taught by one big name teacher, namely, “Hey, love what is.” 

B.S. Confuse not the masses’ concept of “acceptance” with an individual’s “sociopathy.” 

When a man ran a red light and broad-sided my daughter who was in the passenger seat of a friend’s car, the only reason she survived was because the car she was in deployed its side airbags. 

Having learned of her injures, was I supposed to respond in some robotic, non-feeling manner that denied her pain, that ignored the fact that the event happened, and then maintained my happiness? Was I supposed to encourage her to deny her pain, to ignore the fact that the event happened, and to regain her happiness immediately? 

No. But the existence of the Realized differs in that, even as feelings throughout the relative will come and go, they will be witnessed as they rise and witnessed as they fall. The Realized, knowing the Oneness, can empathize with those in pain (which is a body thing) and with those in misery and those suffering (which is a "mind" thing). What will be absent is the emotional intoxication that only an ego-state can generate. 

For example, “Super Father” could have gone into motion / emotion and driven to the city where the accident happened, found the man, and shot him. That would have been an insane act, driven by the agenda of a mirage, a false persona. To wish that a child can always “just be happy” is equally insane. In touch with the reality of the relative existence, the Realized know that dualities will forever mark the existence. 

Peace comes when Reality is overlaid on “reality” and as awareness merely witnesses ItSelf as well as all happenings that happen throughout the relative existence without the distorted thinking and emotional intoxication that all “minds” will be guaranteed to generate.] 

Happiness will be forever like the tides - forever coming and going - for those who are seeking happiness or anything else. Seeking is triggered by a sense of need or fear, so the very act of seeking is itself evidence of a sense of lacking, and who with a sense of lacking - with an overwhelming sense of personality-based unmet needs and personality-based unmet desires and with a crushing sense of deficiency - can be content? 

There comes a time when at Step Three on the seven-step “path” – if one is to reach the peace of "The Child No-Knowing Stage" or “The Child Ignorance State” - that one must transition beyond what are usually the final three roles that persons on the “path” cling to, namely, “The Super Religious One,” “The Spiritual Giant,” and “The Super Seeker.” 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

20 March 2014 


F.: More excerpts from the eBook DANCING LIGHTLY

[Continued from previous post] 

Maharaj: "You create disharmony and then complain! When you desire and fear, and identify yourself with your feelings, you create sorrow and bondage. When you create with Love and wisdom, and remain unattached to your creations, the result is harmony and peace. 

"But whatever be the condition of your mind, in what way does it reflect on you? It is only your self-identification with your mind that makes you happy or unhappy. Rebel against your slavery to your mind, see your bonds as self-created, and break the chains of attachment and revulsion. 

"Keep in mind your goal of freedom until it dawns on you that you are already free, that freedom is not something in the distant future to be earned with painful efforts but perennially one's own, to be used! Liberation is not an acquisition but a matter of courage, the courage to believe that you are free already and to act on it." 

Yet some claim, "It is my inner voice that is telling me about that person, that teacher, etc." Understand: when in the darkness of being separated from Self, the inner voice being heard is not the inner guru but is the voice of one personality after another. 

Maharaj: "True awareness (samvid) is a state of pure witnessing without the least attempt to do anything about the event witnessed. Your thoughts and feelings, words and actions may also be a part of the event; you watch all unconcerned in the full light of clarity and understanding." 

The inner guru is drowned out and cannot be heard when the inner voices of false selves are shouting instructions and directions that can guide you to the edge of the cliff . . . and over. 

Recently, when there was a witnessing of one walking along the edge of the cliff, it might have appeared to an observer that "floyd has certainly lost his harmony." Yet the "not-two harmony" was manifesting perfectly intact, allowing the relative issues that were confronting "another" to be discussed with pointers that were rooted not in the relative but in awareness instead. 

That fact allowed clarity and Love to speak; that alone facilitated "the return to balance and harmony"; that alone allowed "the heart of things to again be at peace." What may have appeared to be "floyd's disharmony" was proved not to be that at all, for if there had not been a harmony between the I AM THAT and the I AM, then when the consciousness spoke, no "return to balance and harmony" would have followed. 

Yet neither "floyd" nor Floyd has ever pulled anyone from the brink. Only pointing has ever happened: "Over there is solid ground; in the direction you are headed is a cliff and relative suffering. Which way shall you go now?" Was the happening surrounding that recent case all about the relative? Yes. Were non-relative pointers being offered that could be used to toss light onto those relative issues? Yes. Does that mean that the one offering the facts surrounding those relative events has surely been pulled into the disharmony of the one at the cliff's edge? 

Of course not, appearances be damned. Does Realization mean caring ends? Of course not. Mistake not caring or sadness for disharmony. But if light is to be cast, the teacher must walk into the disharmonious darkness where the light is being called for. Will the teacher physically grab the one walking toward the edge of the cliff in darkness and try to force that one to turn? Also . . . of course not. 

Will the teacher continue to offer the light? To a point, yes. As long as the prospect remains that one is at least willing to allow the teacher to continue to shine the light at the edge of the cliff, the teacher will stay as long as required. If one turns her / his back on the teacher and the light, then the teacher can, and shall, only witness what happens. Might the end results sometimes lead the teacher to feel caring and sadness? Yes. Is that an indicator of non-Realization? Hardly. 

Maharaj: "Beyond the ‘I am’ there is the immensity of light and Love. We do not see it because we look elsewhere; I can only point at the sky; seeing of the star is your own work. Some take more time before they see the star, some take less; it depends on the clarity of their vision and their earnestness in search. These two must be their own - I can only encourage." 

So it is. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

18 March 2014 


F.: To continue with excerpts from the eBook DANCING LIGHTLY, from the chapter entitled “Judging Blocks Lightness” 

To the recent pointers on harmony, disharmony, and the "not-two harmony," there has been added an element of judgmentalism by some. Let it be said that, here, there will be no talk by name about any specific teacher (or about any specific “Big Name Teacher” as Maharaj called them) who is teaching this or that; additionally, there will be no talk of one method being superior to another method. Five main methods of teaching Advaita Vedanta exist, and seekers can investigate and determine on their own which might be relevant to their search. 

However, as with Maharaj, there are cautions offered against false prophets and big name teachers in general, but those seeking to debate the pro's and con's of "individuals" or desiring to discuss "things personal" about teachers will have to continue their search.

Let it be said that there is much misunderstanding among those who think they have Realized and who now want to judge teachers and draw conclusions about what amounts to nothing more than the variety of ways that the relative existence can unfold post-Full-Realization. Consider: 

Questioner: "Must I not examine the teacher before I put myself entirely into his hands?" 

Maharaj: "By all means examine! But what can you find out? Only as he appears to you on your own level." 

Q: "I shall watch whether he is consistent, whether there is harmony between his life and his teaching." 

Maharaj: "You may find plenty of disharmony - so what? It proves nothing. Only motives matter. How will you know his motives?" 

Q: "I should at least expect him to be a man of self-control who lives a righteous life." 

So one who believes he had the ability to judge a teacher of non-duality speaks of controlling a "self" and speaks of the duality of "righteous" (vs. unrighteous). Interesting. 

Of course one must be awake to the words being shared for there are far more false prophets than Realized teachers. Maharaj's warning about aligning with "the big name teachers" differs here only in that he said that if you do that, "you'll get what you deserve." Here, the message is that "you will not get what you deserve." 

Judging and critiquing and ascertaining and assessing and testing and all other such nonsense of the type that led to two people being tossed from this electronic loft recently are futile exercises. Those recent exchanges here differed somewhat from the “Q" and "M" exchange above. Again, here's the crux of the exchange with Maharaj: 

Questioner: "Must I not examine the teacher?" 

Maharaj: "By all means examine!" 

The recent exchange here went like this: 

Questioner: "Must I not examine the teacher? I have examined you and find that you fall short." 

F.: "Better that you examine yourself and YourSelf." 

So many who think they have walked into the light are not there at all and want to point out all the ways that the Realized are "not living the way that a Realized one would live." Such belief will block any seeker from understanding the pointers being offered here regarding light and lightness, harmony and disharmony, and everything else as well. 

[Moreover, such persons who have a notion about “the way that a Realized one would live” also have a notion about how they are to live once Realized or about the way they are living now that they think they have Realized. Because none of those ways will manifest consistently, then they will either eventually blame themselves or their teacher or they will live in the delusion that they are most assuredly abiding in “the ways of the Realized.” 

In fact, there is no “one way that the Realized live.” One teacher might allow the arrogance of one person who is seeking the spotlight and who wants to show off his or her accumulated knowledge or spiritual giantism to dominate a satsang session; another teacher, such as Maharaj, might toss out the one displaying such narcissism. There is no one way that all will unfold throughout a relative existence.] 

So, the point is this: there is no pattern or mold or standard by which those standing in the full light of the noonday sun must live out the relative existence. Some teach; some do not. Some indulge ego and egotism while some will toss an egomaniac out of a loft tout de suite. Some withdraw fully; some merge. Some continue with past relations; some end them. But the more relevant point is this: you need not enter into an ego-driven act of judgment to determine authenticity or lack thereof. Whatever you think you are seeing outside of you is never what you think it is. "Better you examine yourself and YourSelf." 

If that happens, then one of several things will follow: 

1. There will be a resonance triggered within. You may not know Truth, but you will know that you are hearing pointers to Truth; 

2. There might be no immediate resonating within, but if you stay long enough to be guided through a process of self-examination rather than teacher-examination, that resonance may manifest eventually; 

3. You fail to hear what your ego-states want to hear, so you continue to seek and search, often seeking a bigger name teacher who surely has the bigger, better method. 

What then of the "not-two harmony" being discussed here? Cannot a test for harmony be part of the teacher-test that some want to engage in? How valid is the "harmony vs. no harmony" test? How could one possibly know what is within the teacher if it is not within the examiner? 

Maharaj: "Jnani understands a situation fully and knows at once what needs be done. That is all. The rest happens by itself, and to a large extent unconsciously. He is supremely confident that once a situation has been cognised, events will move in adequate response. The ordinary man is personally concerned, he counts his risks and chances, while the jnani remains aloof, sure that all will happen as it must; and it does not matter much what happens, for ultimately the return to balance and harmony is inevitable. The heart of things is at peace." 

In order to guarantee an environment in which those ready to hear were able to hear, there were times that Maharaj removed from the loft those who would move the spotlight from the message to themselves . . . to their false selves. 

It certainly appears to many that those removals were "evidence of Maharaj's disharmony" and, therefore, "his lack of Full Realization." Not so. Recently during a walk around the lake, a mother was ignoring the fact that her child was hitting ducks with rocks. He and his mother both would report to you that "this floyd fellow certainly has no harmony," but putting an end to his hitting of those ducks happened spontaneously; 

then, the walk continued as before. Shortly, there was a shooing away from the face a swarm of gnats. Would that also be deemed evidence of disharmony? When a deer moves away from noise, is that evidence of the deer's disharmony? Hardly. But it must be asked, why the focus on the harmony or disharmony of "others" when the only thing that is any of your business is your own harmony or disharmony? 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

17 March 2014 


F.: To continue with excerpts from the eBook DANCING LIGHTLY, from the chapter "More On Heaviness Vs. Lightness" 

Those in the heaviness of the darkness will first require the light if a sense of lightness is to come, but those in darkness obviously cannot see the light. It is the darkness that renders one blind, and it is blindness that perpetuates the blind acceptance of falsehoods as truth, even in the absence of any investigation at all. 

The blindness has multiple fathers: body identification only; being driven by the insane concepts taught by all cultures and stored in "minds"; the fear and desire agendas that come with all personalities; the emotional intoxication that results when fears and desires are triggered and inspire persons to shift into reckless and risky motion . . . into going and doing and zooming about blindly, abandoning any temporary harmony that might have been enjoyed in favor of chaos and disharmony instead. 

And time and again, persons driven into motion by all of the above are surprised that once again they have rammed full-speed into a wall . . . or even run off the edge of a cliff. Blindness. Emotion. Motion. Action. Reaction. Overreaction. And then, misery and suffering. And all of that is rooted in mis-perceiving: 

Maharaj: "The cause of suffering is in the identification of the perceiver with the perceived. Out of it desire is born and with desire, blind action . . . . " 

Advaitin Louise Sterling explained what it can be like if the light shines forth and allows clear seeing to happen before all of those fathers mentioned earlier are allowed to breed more darkness . . . more blindness . . . more blind motion: 

Louise: "I was feeling love for someone which changed dramatically to fear. 'I' slipped through the crack and realised instantly that love and fear are the same emotion. I laughed madly, felt wild and free, abandoned my work and hauled off to do some gardening (first time in years) while chuckling in delight." 

Yes, "love" - which refers to that which in not Real Love - will never be far removed from fear. Both are rooted in emotion. Both generate blind motion. As for "slipped through the crack," spot on. When ego surfaces and is driven by desire or fear and egotism (all of which are self -supporting) there is only a slight and temporary opening back to Reality. One can fall through the crack of distortion, or one can slip though the crack and back into the stability of awareness. "Whoo! Another close call!" And another bit of self-generated misery avoided. 

As in the first "Matrix" film, with its greater focus on non-duality than in the subsequent films in the series, Morpheus becomes convinced that Neo is "The One" who can crack open the Matrix and bring his people to both physical and psychological freedom. 

As in this typically-mindful existence (where both physical and psychological freedom are clearly absent), this becomes the case: when the gravitational pull of ego-states and egotism begin to exert their drag, there is usually only a very small crack and a very narrow window of opportunity to abandon nonsense and return to one's senses, to turn away from the false, and to move back to Reality. When such blindness comes, it seldom goes on its own; thus, this from earlier: 

Maharaj: "Either you live with somebody who knows the Truth and submit yourself entirely to his guiding and moulding influence, or you seek the inner guide and follow the inner light wherever it takes you." 

The problem with the latter? When the personal is mistaken for the Real, Self-forgetfulness will come. Self-forgetfulness will foster blindness to the Real and block access to the inner guide; thereafter, the not-Real will be mistaken in the darkness for the Real. 

In such circumstance, the rope might be perceived as a snake, a bit of blindness with little consequence. But what if the snake is perceived to be a rope . . . believed to be a rescue rope that is being tossed to one about to drown? What if in the darkness of the storm, the snake is grasped when it is mistaken for a rope that can provide a way out? 

The additional relative problem with blindness is that it never ends on its own. On its own, it will only flourish; persons will fall through the crack into the darkness. 

Maharaj: "The personal comes and goes, the universal is always with you. The entire creation is your universal body. You are so blinded by what is personal that you do not see the universal. This blindness will not end by itself - it must be undone skillfully and deliberately. When all illusions are understood and abandoned, you reach the error-free and perfect state in which all distinctions between the personal and the universal are no more." 

And when all distinctions between the personal and the universal are no more, then only can one understand what is pointed to here with the term "not-two harmony." Recall: "This 'not-two' version of harmony is that which is Real, that which is the unity beyond the perceived, unreal multiplicity." 

In Advaita, the not-two version of harmony is pointed to with Advaita's not-two summative statement of I AM THAT; I AM. Only when such harmony manifests can there be light, lightness, freedom, and peace. Discontentment ends. Restlessness end. Irritability ends. 

Maharaj: "Pure sattva (harmony) is perfect freedom from . . . restlessness." Some ask, "If I am eventually to be free of even 'The Seeker' role, then why seek harmony?" You - the True Self, the Pure Witnessing - will not seek harmony. 

You will come to know that it is already there, available as soon as You see everything which blocks the continuous recognition and manifestation of harmony - not mistaking fool's gold for gold; not mistaking the harder way for the easier way; and not working tirelessly for what can only be enjoyed near-effortlessly: 

Maharaj: "What is the use of truth, goodness, harmony, beauty? They are their own goal. They manifest spontaneously and effortlessly, when things are left to themselves, are not interfered with, not shunned or wanted or conceptualised, but just experienced in full awareness. Such awareness itself is sattva. It does not make use of things and people - it fulfils them." 

From the platform of Pure Witnessing while abiding as the awareness, the I AM THAT is seen perfectly and the I AM is seen perfectly. Only via non-duality can the supposed "inner" and "outer" - the Am-ness and the THAT-ness - be seen to be one. 

Maharaj: "Harmony between 'the inner' and 'the outer' is happiness; on the other hand, self-identification with the outer causes suffering." 

And that leads to the reason that it is the Nisarga Yoga that is offered here, distinguishing between (1) abidance as one's original nature and living naturally throughout the relative vs. (2) living under the insane influence of one's relative perceptions and mis-perceptions; not overlaying Reality on the relative; and not abiding as harmony rather than in disharmony; 

Maharaj: "Nisarga yoga, the Natural yoga: it is the art of living in peace and harmony, in friendliness and love." Again, Louise explained exactly what is at play here: " . . . The true identity is the background of awareness in which both states of happiness and unhappiness happen." 

From that true identity, the happiness of harmony can be enjoyed, up close (and the unhappiness of disharmony can be merely witnessed - and not closely at all). Witnessing everything from a longer distance always puts everything in proper perspective. The personal is always small and up close. The Real is infinitely large and limitless. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

16 March 2014 


F.: Now, more excerpts from the eBook DANCING LIGHTLY

From the chapter entitled "THE LIGHT AWAITS ALL"

If the light is not received, then there can be no lightness, much less a relative existence marked by an incredible lightness of being. Earlier it was noted that the light is always there, though blocked on occasion by the clouds. 

The clouds that block the masses from seeing the light - and, therefore, from knowing the lightness - include personality-driven fears and desires; emotional intoxication and / or feeling-intoxication that triggers motion (i.e., actions and reactions and over-reactions); distortion and mis-perceiving; 

a sense of entitlement that is rooted in ego-states and egotism which eventually bring about the feelings of anger and depression that come when one does not have what is thought to be deserved; anxiety and desperation and even panic that is generated by perceived needs that are not being met; and a host of other relative-existence-bonds that bind. 

Yet the light and the lightness await all: 

Maharaj: "If the seeker is earnest, the light can be given. The light is for all and always there, but the seekers are few, and among those few, those who are ready are very rare." 

How to find that light and lightness. "Surely," many believe, "finding takes motion / action." For a time, yes, but the action to be taken is not of the type that most take. 

It is true that Maharaj did say, "There is an action required," but he referred not to an action taken by an act-er or a do-er. Understanding the composite unity (which is nothing more than elements, air, and conscious-energy) makes clear that there cannot be in that mix any do-er at all that could be capable of taking action. So? 

So, it is harmony that must be in action. The will of the True Self - that Pure Witnessing which sees and knows the Oneness - is the only source of harmony during the manifestation of consciousness. For most, harmony has to do with a sense of congruity that happens when various parts synchronize one with another to produce what seems to be a singular whole. 

A sense of incongruity will be generated when the Self is forgotten and when a variety of not-selves drive whatever actions are taken; furthermore, among the Realized where there is no belief that there are separate parts that can come together as one, the already-existing harmony - which like the light, always is - need but be recognized. This "not-two" version of harmony is that which is Real, that which is the unity beyond the perceived, unreal multiplicity. 

Yet note: just as seekers must find all that they are not before they can know Who / What They Truly Are, so all of the sources of disharmony must be seen and understood if the non-dual state of harmony - and therefore lightness - is to prevail. And what will disrupt one from seeing and understanding? 

Always, the not-self . . . the not-selves. Always, the emotion-driven motions, movements, actions, reactions, and over-reactions that happen on the planet are driven by personality / personalities, all of which are false, all of which are as much a false illusion as a mirage in the desert during the heat of the day. Imagine what an existence will always be like when driven by so many illusions. 

Driven by such an assortment of illusory influencers and motivators, there can only be a prevailing sense of disharmony. That is always the state of the not-self or not-selves, abiding in the fiction-filled "mind" and driven by the chatter of the thousand monkeys therein. Those "monkeys" are the screeching voices of each ego-state that has its own agenda and which is affected in multiple ways by things relative. Consider what happened with "Dave" who came for a retreat and was given the assignment to list every false role he had played over the last decade. 

After some struggling, he arrived at a total of 87. He was shown how each of those had cares and concerns that numbered no less than seven in every case, concerns ranging from the financial impact that some ego-states took to be real to sexual or personal "relationship" problems that other false identities took to be real. A quick calculation (87 x 7) showed him how throughout any given day, he could easily hear over 600 voices within. He then understood the pointer offered here which explained to him why, even while driving down the highway alone, he was in group therapy. 

How could any harmony possibly manifest in such an existence where scores of not-selves are all inserting a multiplicity of cares and concerns into the mix? How, when living under the auspices of the ever-in-motion consciousness, could any sense of harmony and peace possibly manifest? What is required for a sense of harmony and peace to be enjoyed is abidance as the original nature? 

Maharaj: "Awareness, being lucid harmony (sattva) in action, dissolves dullness and quietens the restlessness of the mind and gently, but steadily changes its very substance. This change need not be spectacular; it may be hardly noticeable; yet it is a deep and fundamental shift from darkness to light, from inadvertence to awareness." 

Why stop rather than go? Why be quiet rather than shift into chatter overdrive? 

Maharaj: "If you do not disturb this quiet and stay in it, you find that it is permeated with a light and a love you have never known; and yet you recognise it at once as your own nature. Once you have passed through this experience, you will never be the same . . . again; the unruly mind may break its peace and obliterate its vision. but [the peace] is bound to return, provided the effort is sustained until the day when all bonds are broken, delusions and attachments end and life becomes supremely concentrated in the present." 

When the inner resource - the inner guru - is tapped into, then the mis-perceptions about things that are "outer" will be seen to be distortions and illusions, not even slightly real, not even slightly threatening, not ever slightly harmful. In touch with the Self, one cannot be in touch with the outer not-selves that mistake delusions for truth and attachments as potential sources of freedom. 

On occasion, an external guide is required to encourage the abandonment of an ego-state's inspiration to incessantly go and do and zoom, to listen quietly instead, to contemplate pointers that are offered, and to truly hear as the Consciousness speaks and points to the Real: 

Maharaj: "Either you live with somebody who knows the Truth and submit yourself entirely to his guiding and moulding influence, or you seek the inner guide and follow the inner light wherever it takes you." 

Or, "Option Three," you follow the inner misguiding of your blocked consciousness, refuse to submit, and fail to follow the light and thus stay in the darkness. 

Many seekers may find that the Truth within begins to resonate when they hear the consciousness (via a "teacher") speak; they are sure that teacher / speck of unblocked consciousness can lead them to that which they seek; but then when the teacher sees exactly what the seeker requires in order to move to the next step on the "path" and therefore suggests - as Maharaj did - that "here is an action required in your case and it is 'this' or 'that'," then too often seekers respond: 

"No, that part I do not need to understand. I'll let you lay out the process exactly, the process that worked for you and others, but I think I'll skip that piece." So it is, but then the guaranteed result is that there will be no movement to the next step with those (a) who claim that they have come to the teacher in order to understand but (b) who actually, secretly, believe that they already do. 

They do not. So it is, again. 

To be continued. 

Please enter the silence of contemplation. 

15 March 2014 

Now, more excerpts from the eBook DANCING LIGHTLY

From the chapter "Leaving The Dance": 

So someone might see Me ask a person to leave satsang or an Advaita seminar, as happened last week. Less than five minutes into what was to be a fifty-five-minute-one-on-one session, the session was ended because the person sitting opposite Me went into an anger-based, resentful rant about two co-workers. 

As he reported the details regarding the ways that other persons had offended him, the volume of the voice and the physical twisting and shifting increased as the original emotional reaction was re-sent through the body and "the mind" of the man via this re-telling of his tales. 

That re-sending of the original effects of the supposed offenses drove him to re-experience and even magnify the original reactions via the re-telling. Consider the way that re-sending supported and renewed “resentment” by understanding the roots of the words involved: 

the French sentire = “to feel” and the French resentir = “to feel strongly” and / or “to feel bitter or indignant about.” Resentment was supported and amplified by re-sending the effects throughout a body-mind-personality triad. 

The man was interrupted and was informed that the session would have to end. It was explained that, as in the case of oil and water, this speck abides as THAT, so one abiding in his fashion (with such intensity and anger and histrionics that were being used to reinforce his sense of separation and better-than-ness) cannot be engaged in the dance of unicity. 

Recall the earlier pointer: Maharaj taught that
“what is Real can never combine with the unreal.” 

From the chapter "Fixating In The Lightness" 

"Dance is lightness in motion, but The Light must precede the lightness." (F .H.) 

The Realized perceive what is called "the world" - as well as all happenings that happen during the relative existence - by way of the luminosity of pure understanding; the non-Realized see only what is reflected in a dim and flickering light. 

Because the non-Realized must, regretfully, suffer the slings and arrows of the ever-changing, unstable existence which they take to be the real, they can become attached to the relief and exhilaration of seeing "The Long-Awaited White Knight" arriving in his shining armor, perched high on his white horse and promising to put to an end the loneliness of being single or promising to bring to an end the vicissitudes of single parenting, only to eventually open the visor and see that it is "The Dark Knight of Unimaginable Suffering" underneath, thus forcing "The Rescued One" to experience the misery brought on as a result of finding out that another deception has been played out in consciousness; 

or they can become attached to the happiness of paying off a car note, only to see the monthly mortgage increase on the house because of increased property taxes or a ballooning of the note; then they attach to that disappointment; or they can become attached to the happiness of seeing a partner's medical condition cured, only to learn that their child has an incurable disease and attaching to that misery; 

or they can attach to the joy of a couple working for decades and finally retiring but then shortly afterwards discovering that greedy and extremely wealthy people have stolen 50% of the assets in their retirement fund, forcing both to begin seeking employment again. 

Tossed into that mix are the yearly or monthly (and, eventually, daily) fluctuations of relationships, shifting from perfect at one point to just okay at another to finally being perceived as a total disaster. 

Maharaj: "The mind that projects the world colours it in its own way. When you meet a man, he is a stranger. When you marry him, he becomes your own self. When you quarrel, he becomes your enemy. It is your mind's attitude that determines what he is to you." Of course his point was that the scenario above has nothing to do with Real Love. He said: 

Maharaj: "Love is not selective; desire is selective. In Love, there are no strangers." 

It is those fluctuations of the "mind" which shift one's view of another from "perfect" to "just okay" to "disastrous," the type of fluctuations that were adumbrated in the sequence that Maharaj used to describe the typical movement in relationships, the movement going from stranger to acquaintance to friend to lover to fiancé / fiancée to spouse to wonderful spouse to not so wonderful spouse to horrible spouse to enemy to mortal enemy. 

And all of that is nothing more than a movement in consciousness, all involving misperceptions and labeling and ego-states being assigned and assumed. The options offered by various forms of Advaita to address all of that, and to replace the heaviness of fluctuations with the incredible lightness of being, include: 

1. Stopping the "journey" at the True Self step. Many try that approach; 


2. "Moving" to the Absolute only, claiming to be THAT alone, rejecting the AM-ness totally. Yet THAT is still an identity, often assumed alongside the "Supreme Self." If the AM-ness is not totally rejected, then there can be the simultaneous assumption of the "Supreme Self" and "The Spiritual Giant," some taking that to be the I AM THAT and the Superior I AM. Close, but no cigar; 


3. Overlaying the Reality on the relative. Maharaj said that even with him, there is always a lingering speck of the original, primary personality type (in his case, the Type Four that is involved with the search for the Authentic Self). When that happens, there is no total detachment from the AM-ness, but there is no ever-present attachment to the AM-ness, either. There is that position of neutrality that allows feelings to rise, to be felt, and to fall away without suffering the insanity of emotional intoxication. 

The deer in this neighborhood that abide naturally are free of the machinations of the mind that plague humanity; however, the deer are not free of the feelings that relative events can bring. To clarify, recall an event shared in other writings when the normalcy and naturalness of feeling short-term "situational depression" was discussed. Some depression might be situational and in such cases is natural. For example, during the years spent in the forest, various animals were seen to be “grieving” as they inspected the fallen remains of a companion. Here's an example: 

One spring, a buck and doe were observed while grazing in one of their regular feeding spots. Later in the fall, they were seen on several occasions while mating; then, at the beginning of the following summer, it was seen that a fawn had joined in their grazing sessions. 

In late August or early September, gunshots rang out near a creek. After following one of the trails that led toward the water, the following was witnessed: the fawn had been shot and had run some distance from the creek before falling. The doe and the buck both seemed to be smelling it and nudging it, trying to encourage it to rise and run, but they eventually realized it was not going to happen. They stood still and witnessed. 

Both spent some time there involved in what was clearly an instance of situational depression. Their demeanor left no doubt that feelings were arising. Suddenly, two boys—hunting out of season and killing a fawn illegally—began making a great deal of noise as they approached. It was seen that the feeling of grief being experienced by the deer was being replaced by a feeling of fear. They were torn, moving away from the fallen animal for a moment, then returning for a few moments in a final effort to check on the fawn. 

On another occasion, there was a recounting of an event that happened just feet away, right outside the window of the office where this book is being written. A fawn was still-born. The doe tried nudging the body to inspire the fawn to stand. The buck walked over and touched the body with its nose. That went on for many minutes. 

Then, the doe and the buck began walking away, only to be driven to return and try again and again to test their offspring for signs of life. It was a long, heart-wrenching process, watching those two deer that were obviously so sad over this turn of events. There was the fluctuation between the earlier joy and pleasure of copulation and this sadness over the demise of their offspring. 

So it is among some of the Realized that, in spite of being Realized, are nevertheless attuned to the ever-changing aspects of the relative but able to move beyond permanent attachment to things not permanent. That allows the Realized to avoid emoting but to forever be able to feel. Often the feelings are more powerful than at other times, but never is there an uncontrollable and uncontrolled urge to become emotionally-intoxicated and generate harm. 

Remember when Maharaj was asked "if he cared" and he replied, "More than you will ever know." Does that sound like there were no feelings being felt? Does that sound like Maharaj had shifted to a state where he was void of feeling anything even though he was abiding as The Void rather than as anything identified or identifiable? 

To the contrary, the case is this: in the quiet witnessing, understanding can come, and it is via that process that, again, the Realized are able to perceive what is called "the world" - as well as everything that happens throughout the relative existence - by way of the luminosity of pure understanding; the non-Realized see only what is reflected in a dim and flickering light. 

In the luminosity of pure understanding, how could there ever be a manifestation of judgment which always generates a sense of separation and better-than-ment? There can be no judging of anyone if the driving forces behind thoughts and words and deeds are understood completely. 

In the light of Reality and Truth, all can be felt. An entire gamut of feelings can happen. But they can happen without shifting into personality-driven thoughts and words and deeds that blindly drive persons into acts that anyone not emotionally-intoxicated could see are going to generate tremendous suffering as a result of the consequences. 

For those seeking the lightness of being, however, the light must precede the lightness; the lightness can never come before the light. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

You can scroll down through the book section below if interested in receiving a free copy of the eBooks entitled



Comments regarding the free eBook entitled “THE VISION”:

“My thanks to you and Andy.” – Andrew “Mac” McMaster

“Thanks so much for the book! And, by the way, it is brilliant and the most effective pointing that you have done. It has served to help clear the remaining blockages.” – Stan Cross

“Greatly appreciate having “THE VISION” added to my Henderson resource library that is situated on the right side of my bed for easy access! Eternally grateful for what was received and what was given.” – Robert Rigby

‘THE VISION’ is such a well-written, condensed version of the Nisarga Yoga approach to understanding and enjoying Reality that I feel it can serve as a must-read ‘meditation guide’ for all earnest seekers.” – Andy Gugar, Jr. 


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Just hang on to those please. 


A "movement" or "shift" happened here that added another parallel to the many parallels in terms of the phenomenal "experiences" and the noumenal revelations that "Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj" and "Floyd" share in common. (Many visitors over the years have said that they also shared the same parallels with "Maharaj" and "Floyd" as well.) In the case of "Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj" and "Floyd": 

1. both grew up in very poor families 2. both moved to populated areas to seek employment opportunities 3. both exhibited business skills that led to their opening and operating many businesses and to their having a large number of employees working for them 4. both succeeded financially 5. both became attached to accumulating; 6. both married and had a family 7. both were initially religious 8. both moved away from organized religion and became interested in "spiritual" matters, finding and following the teachings of a big name teacher (or, in "Floyd's" case, many big name teachers) 9. both had highly religious wives who were quite displeased with the shift away from religion and toward "spirituality" 10. both began to feel empty in spite of all of their "spiritual seeking" and in spite of all of their accumulated "spiritual knowledge"; 

11. both began to de-accumulate after both saw that they could survive quite well on a fraction of the income they had been making 12. both had wives who were unhappy when the de-accumulation stage was entered and both had wives who became unhappy about their husbands' focus on non-duality and who blamed their unhappiness on no longer having a religious husband (The facts be known, in both cases the unhappiness involved the fact that their husbands were no longer interested in - or willing - to work 80+ hours per week and that their husbands were no longer interested in accumulating wealth and possessions and providing the rich lifestyle to which their wives had grown accustomed) 

13. both eventually came to see that the religious and spiritual states were also ego-states, and both saw that there are far more steps on the "path" to complete after reaching the religious and spiritual steps and after playing those roles which are the third of seven steps on the entire "path" 14. both "lost" their wives (one via "death," the other through divorce); 15. both accelerated their seeking; 16. both entered into the "forest dweller stage" 17. both Realized 18. both began to de-accumulate even more 

19. both began sharing the teachings 20. for years, both answered questions in whatever order those questions were received, though both said that the movement from identification with the false "I" / "I's" involved an exact, step-wise manner of moving along a "path" that involved "going back" in the same (but reverse order) of the way they "came in" - that is, the way that the manifestation happened and the way that the consciousness was blocked through seven stages that resulted in their becoming identified solely with their false personas, with the content of the "mind," and eventually, with the body. But the most significant awareness that finally came to both after years of offering satsang and after having answered thousands and thousands of questions was this: After years of "Maharaj" offering satsang in his loft, and after years of "Floyd" offering satsang in meeting halls and in his home and via what one site visitor called "Floyd's electronic loft," this fact became obvious to both: "Maharaj" came to see in the 1970's and into 1980 and 1981 that his approach was not working and "Floyd" finally came to see the same.

21. Both saw that many who heard the teachings are not going to understand (Maharaj reporting that "only 1 in 100,000 are going to 'get' this" understanding) 22. both soon saw that even more than expected of those who heard the teachings were not going to understand (Maharaj modifying his "guesstimate" and reporting that "only 1 in 1,000,000 are going to 'get' this" understanding) 23. eventually both saw that even far more than expected of those who heard the teachings were not going to understand (Maharaj eventually concluding that "only 1 in 10,000,000 are going to 'get' this" understanding). And the failings were not the fault of seekers. A "one -in-ten-million" estimate is proof that satsang was not working for most seekers, and the evidence here lately is proof of the same.

Both "Maharaj" and "Floyd" invited seekers to focus on the exact, step-wise "path." Yes, during satsang, "Maharaj" sometimes alluded to the steps while discussing them in no particular order - but he never once laid out the steps in the exact order in which they had to be completed. That was not his teachings style or approach.

Therefore, another movement or shift is happening here spontaneously after reflecting on the more than two decades since the teachings were first offered here and looking at the results of Maharaj sharing pointers in his loft and looking at the results of "Floyd" sharing pointers in this electronic loft: Looking objectively at his results, Maharaj's satsang method of sharing - in the end and by his own admission (only "one out of 10,000,000") - did not produce the intended outcome.

Looking objectively at the results here when using an "electronic loft" satsang method of sharing has not produced the intended outcome nearly as often as any of the three "face-to-face" methods used with seekers by which they have been led through the seven steps in order. Here, the body is growing older, of course. Mahasamadhi could be taken today, or it could be taken in twenty years.

Obviously, that cannot be known. But the decision here has been made that whatever amount of the relative existence remains shall be spent in sharing the teachings in the ways that have been seen over the last 20+ years to be the most effective methods.

Looking back over the list of those that have truly received the understanding, it is seen that Robert R. read all of the books, then took the online Advaita course and then completed some face-to-face Skype sessions to receive the final clarifications required. It was seen that Mac read all of the books, completed the online course, and then attended a retreat where he was guided through the seven steps. Mac said that the online course work inspired him to attend the retreat in order to be able to receive the final "pieces." It was seen that Andy Gugar, Jr. read all of the books, then came here for a retreat and was taken through the seven steps in order, and then returned once more for the final clarifications required. After reviewing the shifts that happened with him after attending two retreats, he reaffirmed this past week his commitment to helping spread the non-duality, nisarga understanding as presented here. As a result of seeing what has "worked" during the last 20+ years of sharing the non-duality understanding - and seeing what had not "worked" as well - changes will be made. 


In "Part One," examples were given of seekers that were led to Realization not by satsang but by following the various protocols outlined farther down this page which provide the understanding in the step-wise, orderly, required fashion which moves seekers along a "path" that is as prescribed by Maharaj ... "going back" in the "reverse order" by which the consciousness manifested and became blocked.

However, conversations with some that just read the majority of the books have revealed that they certainly seem to have grasped the understanding and Realized as well. As a result of seeing what has "worked" during the last 20+ years of sharing the non-duality understanding - and seeing what has "not worked" as well - changes are being made. There are seven specific steps that happen when awareness-energy is "pulled" into a cycle of manifestation. When that energy manifests as conscious-energy, that formerly pure and unadulterated energy becomes "corrupted" (or "blocked" from seeing clearly) via programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, and brainwashing. Soon, there is a belief in the not-Real as a result of seven degrees of separation from an understanding of the Real. Using the method that was also employed by his contemporaries - a method which focused on offering non-duality pointers via satsang - Maharaj addressed questions in the order in which they were received. He might receive a question from a seeker at the third step and his reply would include what amounted to an invitation to move to the fourth step. The next question might come from a seeker at the first step, and the reply would include an invitation to move to the second step. The information offered to the second seeker would seemingly contradict what was offered to the first seeker, so visitors who have come here for decades have asked questions which showed how confused they were by the fact that Maharaj's statements to each visitor in his loft were "level-appropriate" yet were provided in no precise order, resulting in what seemed to be an inconsistent message. So the process overall was confusing in that seekers were told to follow the "path back" in the same way that they "came in," except in reverse order, but pointers were not given in a specific, step-wise order at all. Maharaj did recognize the seven steps that are taught here, but by offering the teachings in an order that was dictated by the order in which questions were received from seekers who were at different steps on the "path," the result was this: a pointer about moving beyond the fourth step might be followed by a pointer about moving beyond the first step, and that pointer might be followed by a pointer about how to move beyond the sixth step. The same was done on this site for seven years. The result is a collection of 1,800 or so essays discussing almost every non-duality topic that can be discussed, and the search button on the top right side of this page will now allow seekers with a question about a specific topic to find an explanation. That method, however, will never provide the manner in which the seven steps on the "path" must be transmitted and received in order to Realize Fully. An objective study of the history here of more than twenty years of offering non-duality pointers reveals this: seekers that were given pointers in the exact order in which they needed to receive them were the ones that Realized.

They read the books, then they completed the online course and / or completed seven Skype or telephone sessions or came here for a retreat (or watched the downloadable DVD version of an actual retreat, available below).

Some found that which they were seeking by reading the author's book that deal with non-duality subject matter. Via all of those venues, the steps are taught in their proper order. The essays available on this site will remain for those interested in searching for a discussion of a particular non-duality topic without charge, but the focus here until mahasamadhi is taken is going to be on offering the teachings in the step-wise fashion that has been seen to work.

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    “‘THE VISION’ is such a well-written, condensed version of the Nisarga Yoga approach to understanding and enjoying Reality that I feel it can serve as a must-read ‘meditation guide’ for all earnest seekers.” – Andy Gugar, Jr.

    "Sapolsky, Maharaj, and the Non-Dual Teachings"

    Dr. Robert Maurice Sapolsky is an American neuroendocrinologist; a professor of biology, neuroscience, and neurosurgery at Stanford University; a researcher; an author; and a Research Associate at the National Museums of Kenya.

    There is much that a non-dualist or Advaitin or Nisargan can relate to by comparing and contrasting what Sapolsky reveals about the way certain troops of baboons live in Africa with the way that humans abide all around the globe.

    This 152-page eBook catalogues the common, non-dual message shared by Sapolsky and Maharaj and reveals the ways that Sapolsky’s scientific research supports the non-dual pointers offered by Maharaj.


    In “PART ONE” it will be seen that most persons on the planet are not seeking, and most will never seek, but for those who are seeking, most will face several obstacles:

    In “PART TWO” of this book, it will be seen why many criticized Maharaj for “changing his message in his later talks.” It will be seen that the changes were not about changing the message per se as much as about changing his methodology as he experimented with one version of the Ultimate Medicine after another in order to try to find an effective means for addressing the Ultimate Sickness.

    He tried a religious version of the Medicine, a Spiritual version of the Medicine, and finally settled on a version which addressed to Sickness at its core . . . at the mental and emotional level.


    “Dangerous” is a term that can only apply during the relative existence, but of those who do commit suicide, for example, how many shoot themselves in the foot over and over until they “bleed out”? None. They shoot themselves in the head. Why? In order to try to stop the noise - to try to stop the chatter of a thousand monkeys – to stop the noisy mind which is the area that stores the ideas, notions, concepts, mind-stuff, etc. which drives them into the depths of insanity.

    And what are those ideas, notions, concepts, etc. called, collectively? "Their beliefs." The irony? They are not their beliefs at all. They are the beliefs of “others” that were set in place via programming, conditioning, etc. and which persons then think are their own.

    And what are those beliefs rooted in, and what reinforces those beliefs and convinces persons that they are sacred and worth fighting over and even sometimes worth dying for? Blind faith.

    This 337-page eBook discusses those issues in detail.

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