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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Seventy-One

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Today's Considerations

According to Maharaj’s third and final "guesstimate" regarding how many seekers will ever realize, the planet-wide total of those that are realized at any given time - according to his estimate - adds up to a small, four-digit number.

That’s out of 7+ billion persons. Not impressive, huh? But that number “should” at least be over two billion, if those who claim to be "Christians" were to actually make an effort to understand the non-dual pointers which Christ offered in his later talks when he explained what will be – and what will not be – after mahasamadhi is taken.

It was noted yesterday that when the elements, air, and conscious-energy contained at any given time in the space of any composite unity / "human" succumb to the effects of the Second Law of Thermodynamics and “come apart” and return to the three various universal pools from which they came, there will be nothing left of that composite unity (which is mistaken by most to be a person with a body and mind and personality / personalities). After that coming apart, there will be no soul, no being, no Being, no being in another world in an afterlife, no self, no Self, no Supreme Self. All selfness and Selfness and identity will end.

There will be no one to attain any reward or to suffer any punishment. And that should not be debatable by the two billion who claim to be “His Followers.” Why? Jeshu’a (Jesus) told them so. Just as was the case with Maharaj, the pointers offered by Jeshu’a were level appropriate, so he might tell someone not capable of grasping the full and final understanding - and who was petrified about being hung from a cross - “Oh sure, there’s a house with many rooms awaiting. Doesn’t worry . . . be happy!”

But he had already made clear much earlier to those capable of understanding the Truth, “No one shall ever see ‘the kingdom of god.' It is within” (and within right now). "That is as close as you’re going to get any version of ‘heaven,’ but only if you grasp the peace and joy which come by first grasping the non-dual understanding, NOW." The irony is that so many seekers - especially of an "Eastern" bent - have focused for thousands of years on "later" while giving so much lip service to the importance of "now."

He said, “Heaven and earth shall fade away." So where is there any room for any questions by the two billion self-described "Christians" about a fictional afterlife or eternal rewards or eternal punishment? His words made clear that all of those are bogus concepts.

He said: "If they ask you, 'what is the sign of your father in you?' say to them, 'it is a movement and a rest'." End of story, yes? Or it “should” be.

Fear and worry and anxiety and stress and disharmony are all based in the warped perspectives which come when warped beliefs are taught, learned, accepted as truth, and then allowed to fester inside the minds of “Believers” and allowed to generate nonsensical thoughts and ignorant words and insane acts.

As mentioned yesterday, whatever happens with any composite unity (be it labeled a "human" or "deer" or "fish" or "bird," etc.) is determined by the laws of nature, and the ultimate fate of all composite unities will be controlled by the Second Law of Thermodynamics (which states that all things which come together in the universe will eventually come apart, including galaxies, solar systems, earth, “relationships” formed on earth, anything and everything built by humans, ad infinitum).

Similarly, the results of warped perspectives are governed by “The Law of Unintended Consequences.” Yesterday, it was shown that the widespread perspective regarding F.B.I. Director Hoover’s war on organized crime was that it was a “really good thing,” but the unintended consequences of the perspective which sustained his efforts can now be seen to have been far from “a really good thing” but actually led to government corruption and the empowerment of street gangs which have generated far more crime and murder.

“The War on Drugs” in the U.S. was declared in June of 1971 by President Nixon and expanded by presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush. (It was Nixon’s perspective that the youthful rebellion, social upheaval, and political dissent which he despised were being fueled by drug use). Reagan’s endorsement of  “zero tolerance policies" were implemented in the mid-to-late 1980's. The end result? After more than four decades, the actual consequences of that “war” include an expansion of drug wars among gangs; skyrocketing incarceration, especially among members of minority races; a skyrocketing of murders by drug cartels and distributors and street sellers; the creation of a permanent underclass; the removal of opportunities via education; the removal of future opportunities for legal employment; a monetary cost of over $40 billion a year, totaling more than $1.6 trillion so far; and (along with George Bush’s militaristic expansion of the drug war) over 1.8 billion paramilitary-style SWAT raids on Americans.

But it “seemed like such a good idea at the time,” did it not? And that is always the case before the unintended consequences of warped perspectives are eventually seen more clearly. So much for the “intended consequences” of a “drug war” with its roots in the warped perspectives of leaders who had not even the slightest clue about how to address the issues at play behind the increasing use of drugs.

The next example: when gasoline prices were soaring during the early days of the Bush / Cheney reign, they set their sights on the Iraqi oil fields. The “intended consequence” was for the U.S. to gain control of those fields, flood the markets with additional oil, and thereby lower the prices of oil in the U.S. in order to increase the profits of businesses operating here. 

The unintended consequences of their warped perspectives? Thousands killed; trillions of dollars wasted; hundreds of thousands wounded and disabled; the formation of ISIS; and the “Arab Spring” uprisings which led to an increase of upheaval and chaos throughout the Mideast. 

Hindsight reveals that whatever is based in warped perspectives might have “seemed so good at the time” but that plans based in faulty perceptions never play out the way they were planned.

The results of warped perspectives are also governed by “The Law of Maximizing Nonsense” and “The Law of Amplifying Distortion and Delusion.” The result? The dissemination of widespread lies which drive nationalism (see the way that Hitler used a nationalistic message to control the minds of Germans in the 1930’s and 1940’s) and xenophobia (see the way that the British and Spanish and French - and later on, the U.S. - used colonialism and national pride to justify invading lands all around the globe and stealing the resource of other nations for their own gain).

U.S. politicians have long used their warped perspectives to control the minds of the masses by appealing to the xenophobic-based egotism of the population, proclaiming that “America is the greatest country on earth,” even though the land used to found the regions called “Central and South America” as well as the nation called “America” was stolen after killing 150,000,000 of the former inhabitants; even though its wealth was built with the use of slave labor; 

even though the claim made was that “all are equal” while denying women the right to own property or to vote; even though its military has been used to attack countries all around the globe by using trumped up accusations which were based in lies, inspiring worldwide hatred while dismissing that rancor by saying, “They hate us for our freedoms”; and even though the nation’s heroes have almost always been the males who killed the most people in wars with other nations or in civil wars.

So speaking of a different perspective and in light of the way the U.S.A. came into being, consider:

 To speak as Maharaj did from the perspective of the universal consciousness is to speak in ways that awaken a sense of the oneness; a true understanding of atonement (which has nothing to do with dogma or spiritualism but points to an inner sense of “at-one-ment”); and of the actual unity beyond the dreamed up multiplicity.

To think and speak and act from the perspective of the blocked consciousness is to generate unintended consequences, is to amplify distortions, is to spawn delusion, and is to enslave persons in ignorance and insanity.

Clarity and peace and freedom begin only when warped perspectives end. That is, clarity and peace and freedom begin when the mind ends.

To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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