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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Fifty-Eight

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Today's Considerations

For ten years on this site, the consideration has been offered that all of the discord and disharmony and fighting and war and chaos on the planet nowadays can be traced to duality. Duality, in turn, produces dualistic beliefs, and dualistic beliefs – as with all beliefs – are learned. 

And beliefs do not come naturally. They come via the passing down of unnatural and supposedly "supernatural" beliefs which are all false but which are deemed by the masses to be true.

Because beliefs are based in ignorance, then all human "knowledge" (as opposed to actual "understanding") is learned ignorance (per Maharaj); therefore, all human knowledge is learned ignorance. And how is ignorance learned? Parents and leaders and societies take ancient myths and superstitions and bogus beliefs which were based in ignorance and then pass them down as fact to their offspring via ignorant programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination.

The result: persons living all around the globe who are being driven by warped perspectives which lead to preconceptions and misconceptions.

Consider the preconceptions held by Dylann Roof, a young white male who had been taught that whites are superior to blacks. When he entered a church with a predominantly black congregation one night and pulled out a gun and explained that he was going to kill them all, he said, "I have to do it. You rape our women and you're taking over our country. And you have to go." Roof then began his shooting spree, all the while shouting racial epithets and eventually saying, "Y'all want something to pray about? I'll give you something to pray about.”

So who were some of the people among those whom he had preconceived notions about prior to his shooting them? A 5-year-old girl; a 45-year-old woman, a 55-year old woman, a 59-year-old-woman, a 70-year-old woman; and an 87-year-old woman. Rapists? Taking over? Speak of misconceptions and warped perspectives.

Again, how does one reach a point where distortions and delusions and illusions drive their every thought and word and action? Where they are driven by preconceptions and misconceptions? They can only reach that point where the symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness - “ignorance and stupidity and insanity” per Maharaj - have manifested because such persons have learned . . . ignorance. Ignorance is not innate. It must be taught and learned, and it is, all day long, all month long, all year long, year after year after year all over the planet.

Of course, it certainly advances the cause of turning Roof and others into well-honed black killing machines when they are raised in a culture where the killing of blacks has been commonplace for centuries and where bronze statues dot the landscape, those metal idols being of supposedly heroic fighters who were willing to die more than 150 years ago in a war they started in an effort to keep black people enslaved and to sustain the supremacy of the white race.

And what is the most basic of all of the tools used to teach ignorance and to inspire insanity? Words, words which are themselves rooted in humanity’s ignorant and insane and duality-based mind-language which – via duality-based, ignorant and insane programming and conditioning and acculturation and domestication and brainwashing and indoctrination – are used to pass down from one generation to next an unbroken chain of miscomprehensions instead of understanding; unawareness instead of awareness; blocked consciousness instead of the clear, universal consciousness; insanity rather than sanity. And all of that results in 99%+ of the persons on planet now functioning from within a state of unconsciousness rather than being conscious and awake and aware.

Thus, a writer to this site can serve as a typical example of the result of that warping when he concludes that his wife’s sister in law is “a real nut” while he makes far nuttier statements about “feeling relief by turning it over to God” and claiming that people can “simply stop the mind from driving them crazy and from worrying” and then can “always feel relief.”

He has no clue at all that the mind cannot control the mind and that the mind, instead, controls all thoughts and words and actions. How insane is it to believe that the mind – the very center of “ignorance and stupidity and insanity” – can be turned on and off as if by the flick of a switch? 

It is the height of ignorance to believe that the mind, the very root of separation and chaos and war and murder and all relative destructive and self-destructive behaviors, can be disarmed by “simply stopping the mind." That ignores the fact that the mind's primary function involves being ever-in-motion and involves constantly churning out ignorant thoughts which lead to stupid words and warped perspectives and preconceptions and misconceptions and misperceptions and the ever-increasing degrees of insanity which manifest the longer that any given composite unity is manifested.

Ignorance and stupidity and insanity lead to (a) the belief that one can spot others’ ignorance and stupidity and insanity even though one cannot spot his own ignorance and stupidity and insanity and to (b) the notion that the ignorance and stupidity and insanity which are rooted in the subconscious agendas of false identities and which flow constantly in the mind can be consciously “stopped” by simply willing the ever-flowing mind to “simply stop” doing what it always does.

The one who made such clueless statements might as well also believe that he can go to where the southern border of Ontario in Canada meets the northern border of the State of New York and stop the flow of the Niagara River simply by willing it to stop.

Why are the symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness – ignorance and stupidity and insanity - so prevalent? Because once ignorance and stupidity and insanity are manifest and controlling a mind’s every thought, the mind will then unconsciously enter into an auto-pilot mode and thereafter generate even more ignorance and stupidity and insanity and will spread the seeds of blocked consciousness all around the globe where they will grow like the nastiest weeds imaginable in the mental gardens which are blooming all over the planet.
To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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And what are those ideas, notions, concepts, etc. called, collectively? "Their beliefs." The irony? They are not their beliefs at all. They are the beliefs of “others” that were set in place via programming, conditioning, etc. and which persons then think are their own.

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