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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Sixty

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Today's Considerations

Of course there has been much criticism received here over the years, when providing examples of humanity’s most prevalent (relative) liabilities which are based in duality, for using the thoughts and words and actions of religious fanatics as illustrations of humankind’s most warped perspectives and delusions and distortions.

Sure, the insane ways that parents behave with their children could be a ready source of such illustrations, like the example this past Tuesday which was provided by a pregnant woman who was overheard to say to several women who were blocking the grocery store aisle with her that “it doesn’t hurt to have margaritas when pregnant if you keep it to just a few a week. I did it with my first child.” On the next aisle over where I crossed paths again with two of the women who had been listening to the margaritas-while-pregnant advocate, one woman was heard to say to the other, “Yeah. She says that but her son is three-and-a-half-years old and is still not able to say a single word.”

Or, examples could be drawn from the 98% of persons living in capitalistic societies who are suffering from financial insanity and therefore have no savings at all and who continue to accumulate huge debts and who do not pay their taxes and are taking out consolidation loans to pay off the $100,000 owed on four credit cards and then immediately begin to load those cards back up to the max.

And of course the thoughts and words and actions of political leaders provide a ready source of the nonsense that comes when dualistic thinking prevails.

Yet none of those groups include over 99% of all persons on the planet. Only persons involved with organized religions (97%) or spiritual groups (2%+) are that pervasive, so of course their thoughts and words and actions will always make up the largest pool with examples of total nonsense.

So it was that yesterday afternoon in another store, my path crossed that of a woman who works in a Christian church and who has a pregnant daughter who had gone in that morning for her first ultrasound to check on the status of her fetus. There had been great anxiety all week, she said, because an ultrasound can reveal problems with position or size, a problem as a result of a too-slow heart rate, or other problems revealed if the ultrasound is used along with other tests to detect birth defects such as Down Syndrome.

The mother was still very emotional when she reported that the ultrasound showed that all was progressing as well as she and her daughter had hoped for. Then she added this comment about her daughter: “She had many prayers going for her in the last 24 hours.”

Note all of the evidence of her (and the the masses') typical levels of ignorance and insanity and arrogance which can be illustrated by that one statement:

As with the woman discussed yesterday who made a public pronouncement about how peaceful and worry-free and anxiety-free she was because she "turned everything over to God," this woman with the pregnant daughter was also putting on public display her supposedly-high level of godliness.

First, she illustrated the two key addictions of all humans which are discussed here: (a) the primary addiction to control and (b) the secondary addiction to power in order to be able to control.

Next, she also illustrated the distortion and delusion that the masses live with as a result of believing that they have a Power available which they can tap into and use to change the course of events on earth.

She typified in that one statement the extent of humanity’s duality-based nonsense and arrogance and desire to control and desire to be able to tap into power / Power – all rooted in (1) programming, conditioning, etc. and in (2) the totally-bogus beliefs which the masses buy into.

Because the faith which she is so proud of has blocked access to the universal consciousness and to sanity and to wisdom, it would have been useless to ask:

“So let me see if I understand what you’re saying. You are saying that your daughter had an ultrasound Thursday morning. But you are also saying that Wednesday morning you had a host of persons begin praying for positive results? And you are saying those prayers went on for 24 hours (so you had people stay up and pull an all-nighter to pray)”? And you are saying that those prayers had a positive impact on the fetus?

So you are saying that it may very well have been the case that on Wednesday morning the heart rate of the fetus was a low 90 bpm but the prayers you arranged for may have been what elevated the heart rate to a healthy 160 bpm by the next day? And you are saying it might have been that the fetus had Down Syndrome 24 hours earlier but that your prayer chain inspired divine intervention and by Thursday morning the Down Syndrome had been cleared up? And while the positioning of the fetus was problematic on Wednesday morning, the prayers led to the fetus being turned and realigned into a beneficial position?

Or, is it possible, that what you are saying is, “I am so hooked up with my God that I can change the course of events on earth and in our state and in our city and inside a womb”? Or are you saying, “I have power via my Power to control the state of a fetus and change it from bad to good in 24 hours”? Or might you be saying that, “Because I have so much faith, my prayers are answered, so I have the ability to ask for or beg for divine intervention, expecting the laws of nature to be suspended just for me, and I can make that happen”?

Or are you saying, “Actually, I am so delusional, and my thinking is so distorted, and I am so out of touch with reality – not to mention out of touch with Reality – that I really should be confined to my house by the local authorities and my family members”? In fact, aren’t you really saying, “I could not be any dumber if I cut my damn head off!”?

No prayers to man-made, conceptualized gods or goddesses or a god can change the course of events, can change the course of hurricanes, can change the course of a river, or can change the course of the development of a fetus. That is why some infants arrive in a fairly normal condition and why some arrive with treatable issues and why some arrive with major defects which cannot be treated and why some arrive stillborn. “The cause of all is all,” Maharaj said, so whatever chain of events leads to a fairly-healthy child and whatever chain of events lead to a child born with serious defects cannot be altered by prayers.

Maharaj made clear that “Realization” is about treating the Ultimate Sickness and that the key traits of the Ultimate Sickness are “ignorance and stupidity and insanity.” So he made clear that Realization is about nothing more than being freed from “ignorance and stupidity and insanity.” And that, in turn, is about nothing more than what humanity needs - relatively speaking - right NOW, not later.

Later, there will be no "human" or "human soul" or "human whatever" which requires anything. There will be nothing which is going to get anything later or which is going to be able to avoid anything later. Once the three elements which make up each “human” – actually, each composite unity – return to their respective universal pools (that is, the universal pool of air, the universal pool of plant food elements, and the universal pool of conscious-energy) then there will be no “one” to be rewarded or punished or to need anything.

The only logical and sane and sound justification for undertaking “the journey to Realization” is to return to being guided by the universal consciousness rather than the blocked consciousness, NOW; to allow warped perspectives to be replaced by reality-and-truth-based perspectives, NOW; to allow humility to replace unchecked, limitless arrogance, NOW; to allow wisdom to replace learned ignorance, NOW; to allow stupidity to be replaced with common sense, NOW; and to allow insanity to end so that sanity might be restored, NOW. 

To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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