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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Sixty-One

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Today's Considerations

[Continued from earlier]

To review: a man wrote to claim that his sister-in-law was “nuts.” Then, he immediately endorsed the belief of said “nut” who reported that worries and anxiety can be “turned over to God,” after which one’s worries and anxiety will end and peace will come. When challenged to reconsider whether or not her claim made any sense at all (and whether or not it made any sense for him to believe what a “nut” told him), he began arguing and sending reasons which supported her claim.

Then a sarcastic inquiry came that amounted to, “Okay, Mr. Smarty Pants. So what do you do when you’re worried or anxious?”

The reply:

As with the woman who moved far enough away from all her troublesome relative stuff in order to develop a new perspective which allowed her to see it as "the much-ado-about-nothing" that it is, the case here is also that - being mindless - I can no longer experience any mindset, much less the troubling mindset which causes you and your sister-in-law and all other “non-Realized” persons to be worried and anxious and apprehensive and upset and vexed.

As one man with some degree of the non-dual understanding said about 1,985 years ago, “A dual-minded person is unstable in all ways.” Moreover, you and your sister-in-law have both normalized being unstable, have normalized your instability which leads to a perpetual cycling of . . . 

being worried and anxious; then supposedly turning your personality-driven fears over to a god; then maybe having some brief respite; and then starting that cycle all over again, day after day after day.

At that rate, if you should both live another 40 years, you’ll both be able to try out her plan around 15,000 times at least. Take about instability; talk about highs and lows; talk about a totally-dualistic, relative existence which will be comparable to living on the wildest roller coaster ride imaginable. And while many might enjoy a 2-minute roller coaster ride, how much fun would it be to ride it for 40 years without stopping?

As for the excitement and thrill of a life of racing around in circles, of being jerked around, of being tossed about, of being flipped upside down and being driven about by forces which prevent you from determining how you go, when you go, where you go, and when you stop, the case here is this:

the supposed thrill of that type of existence ended when the addiction to boredom-inspired chaos ended because there came an end to being driven by the insane effects of insane programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination.

Only if that happens will you have any choice about anything. If you are being driven in a car, there are three places you can be and one place you cannot be. You can be in the passenger seat, in the back seat, or in the trunk (the boot). Where can you not be if you are being "driven"? In the driver’s seat. Behind the steering wheel. If driven, you have no ability to determine how you go, when you go, where you go, and when you stop.

The case here is also this:

Abiding “in” (actually, “as”) my original nature / my natural state, I am nowhere near those relative things that generate discomfort among you and your sister-in-law and the masses. To be freed from a warped perspective and to be able to witness everything in its proper proportion is to be free of making mountains out of molehills, must less worrying about mirages.

Consider: scientists can determine the presence of planetary bodies which they cannot even see by observing their effect on other observable planetary bodies which are being pulled about or pushed about by the gravitational influence of some unseen force.

So it is with you and your sister-in-law and the masses in general. There are subconscious, unseen forces which are actually the hidden agendas which come with every personality assigned to you or assumed by you (that is, hidden agendas which come with every false roles being played) and which are pulling you about and pushing you about without your even knowing that they are there. You cannot see those personas, (and, actually, they are not even real) but their influence is quite real as far as your relative existence is concerned and as far as what you feel and think and say and do are concerned.

Yet you agree with a sister-in-law (whom you have identified as being “a nut”) that the unseen forces which are causing your worry and anxiety in “this world” can best be addressed by talking to an unseen force from some “other world” and asking that unseen force to take away what is rooted in your delusional, warped-perspective-driven mind?

The stuff in your mind was dreamed up by ignorant people and then passed down to you and stored in your mind (which is actually "their" mind, not "yours" at all). It is all of that ignorant and nutty "stuff" which is the actual cause of your worry and anxiety and fears. Now, your plan, (being a good god-fearing person) is to call on that which you fear to . . . take away your fears?

Maharaj: "First of all you identify something as being good or bad for yourself. Then, in an effort to acquire good or to get rid of the bad, you have invented a God. Then you worship such a God and . . . you pray to that God for something good to happen to you." See? No god made mankind. Mankind made up gods and goddesses and a supposedly "one true god."

So you agree with your “nutty sister-in-law” that invented dreams which cause worry and anxiety and fear can best be addressed by calling on an invented God?

Here’s a different perspective: to be freed from the worry and anxiety and fear which are rooted in the nonsense and the learned ignorance and the imposed insanity which are all now stored in your mind, take the step necessary to be free of the actual cause of the worry and anxiety and fear (which is the nonsense that you believe and the learned ignorance and the imposed insanity which are subconsciously driving you).

If you are miserable as a result of a bacterial infection, and if you are wise and sensible, then you will not try to address that infection by praying to a god to remove it (unless you are involved with Christian Science or Jehovah’s Witnesses who die and / or allow their children to die by refusing medical care and depending on “the healing power of prayer” instead).

And if you are miserable as a result of a bacterial infection, and if you are wise and sensible, you will not try to treat the symptoms only (with aspirin or pain killers, for example).

No, if you are miserable as a result of a bacterial infection, and if you are wise and sensible, you will have a physician write you a prescription for an antibiotic which will address the actual cause of what is making you sick. That alone will address the cause and bring to an end what it is inside you that ails you.

If you are perfectly willing to seek out one with the wisdom necessary to address a life-threatening physical condition, then why not be as willing to seek out one with the wisdom necessary to address a life-threatening mental condition? How strange that there is at least enough wisdom to understand that you cannot pray away certain physical sicknesses but not enough wisdom to understand that you cannot pray away your mental and emotional Sickness.

It is your delusion-filled, warped perspective-driven mind with its distortions and false beliefs which generate your Sickness and leave you worried and anxious and miserable and full of fear.

There are only two choices in your case and your nutty sister-in-law’s case and the case with the billions of fooled persons all around the globe: either (1) keep on praying for relief and keep on experiencing a dualistic, roller-coaster-like, cyclical, relative existence; or, (2) address the real cause of your anxiety and worry and misery and fears and be rid of those and then enjoy the stability which follows.

Only then - after an accurate perceptive replaces your warped perspective and after the blocked consciousness is abandoned and you return to your original state of universal consciousness - can stability come.

And only if stable can peace come and remain.
To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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