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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Sixty-Two

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Today's Considerations

[Continued from yesterday]

Maharaj spoke of three of the key traits of the Ultimate Sickness (which is a mental sickness, not a too-little-dogma sickness or a spiritual malady). Those three symptoms: “learned ignorance” and “stupidity, verging on insanity.”

Rather than trying to ease the symptoms of the Sickness, realization can treat the cause of ignorance and stupidity and insanity, but why does realization actually work to address the causes of ignorance and stupidity and insanity?

Because, Maharaj said, “Realisation is but the opposite of ignorance.”

Therefore, it is not “turning it over to god” which can bring freedom from worry and anxiety and which can bring an end to the ignorance and insanity and chaos which disrupt the peace. Why? Because there is no god to whom anything can be turned over:

Maharaj made that clear when he said, “you have invented a God.”

And he explained why the distorted belief that “turning it over to god or to anyone or anything else” will never address the real issue when he said:

“Man alone can destroy in himself the roots of pain. Others can only help with the pain, but not with its cause, which is the abysmal stupidity of mankind.”

As noted yesterday, it is cause, not symptoms, which must be treated in order to end any sickness, be it a physical sickness or a mental sickness.

So when Maharaj said what is now shared here, namely, that “No one not Realized has the slightest clue about where I live” and that “The non-Realized could never possibly find me,” is it not clear to you why that is a fact? That is the case because of these facts:

As with Maharaj during the later phases of his teachings, it is understood that I am not individuated, so there are no individual problems; furthermore, I tell you that you are not individuated and that you have no individual problems, either. I am not personal, so there are no personal concerns; furthermore, I tell you that you are not personal and that you have no personal problems, either. It is only that storehouse of fiction called your "mind" that convinces you to believe otherwise.

Understand that pointer and you will not be looking for a fictionalized entity to which you can "turn things over." Why would anyone continue to believe that is the answer to their personality-based problems? Because they are not sane. How is that known? By the simple fact that (1) they try to “turn over” what they do not want or think they cannot handle but then (2) they always pick it up again.

Sane persons might pick up a hot iron skillet by mistake once, but they will set it down immediately because they are sane. And they will not wait one second and pick it up again. That would indicate they are ignorant and / or insane. And a person not being driven by ignorance and / or insanity would not wait another second and then pick it up again, and wait another second and pick it up, ad infinitum

And if the skillet's temperature cooled, they would not turn the fire on again and reheat the skillet and then begin once more picking it up over and over and over again. Yet that is what happens if ignorance and insanity are controlling the thoughts and words and actions of one who believes that the way to solve their issues involves turning them over rather than addressing the cause of those issues.

In that regard, study the spouses of someone who has been married 3 or 4 or more times and has ended up miserable in every marriage; find out what each of those spouses was really like and then it might be seen that, at their mental core, they were all exactly alike. I understand the core issues of a man who has entered into multiple marriages and who has left multiple marriages, and I know the history of the multiple spouses involved, and it is clear that he really only married one woman, four times. All four were the same as far as their personality-based desires and fears were concerned. 

(So let’s call him, “Mr. Smith.” Each of Mr. Smith's wives had a different surname when they met him, but they became known as Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Smith; moreover, those same surnames adumbrate the exact same, personality-based hidden agendas which they all shared in common.)

And in those marriages, he was always behaving in his same self-defeating manner as well. So it is when persons are trapped in their repetition compulsions and when they are driven by the hidden agendas of their most influential personalities.

Any such repetitions are rooted in the insane roles which are played because they are thought to be real, and there is no fear or desire which exists that is not rooted in the subconscious, hidden agendas of one or more assumed personalities. That will drive such insane repetitions as described in the hot skillet scenario. That is what drives all such insane repetitions.

Maharaj: “It is desire that causes repetition. There is no recurrence where desire is not.”

Several indicators of being restored to sanity exist for those who need "a test":

1. Endless talking will cease.

2. Talk based in the blocked consciousness rather than in the universal consciousness will end.

3. Being willing to listen to nonsense will stop, too.

4. And agreeing with nonsensical statements and making self-contradictory statements will end, which was the case with the man who described his sister-in-law as a “nut” but then in his next breath endorsed her nutty thoughts and nutty beliefs. Consistency, not instability and inconsistency, is the way of "the realized."

Moreover, when persons employ the vocabulary of mind-language to utter nonsense by the use of mind-speak, the sane will move away from such ignorant and insane talk and will most assuredly not endorse it. The sane do not sit in congregations or around tables for years on end, listening to the spiel of those who claim to be sane or even wise but are not.

What else is different here from the man who accepted and repeated his sister-in-law’s nonsensical, arrogance-based talk when she was showing off how religious and godly she was . . . being spiritual, being devout, being faithful?

Here, the case is that I am without form and am beyond beingness and non-beingness, so any Is-ness issues are irrelevant; furthermore, I tell you that you are beyond beingness and non-beingness and that minor but exaggerated Is-ness issues can also become irrelevant to you, if you look at all by way of a non-warped perspective and see beyond the misperceptions that seem to be seen by the faulty mind’s eye that you are currently using.

I have no mind, (that is, no stored beliefs) so I deal not with the “head-centered problems” that "the non-Realized" experience, including the chatter of a thousand monkeys in their heads and including the nonsensical beliefs that drive nonsensical talk and nonsensical behavior. If you have not discarded the content of the “mind,” the same cannot be said of you.

If you are proud of what you have accumulated in your mind, and proud of those who taught you all of your accumulated, learned ignorance, then you have bought a lifetime pass on what will be a roller-coaster-like-ride of a relative existence.

It is said that neurotics build castles in the air, that psychotics move into them, and that psychologists and psychiatrists collect the rent on them. The e-mail from the visitor’s sister-in-law reveals that she—as an active member of one of the major sky cults—is far from being “firmly planted on the ground.” Her belief that the way to address the symptoms of a sickness is to turn the symptoms over to Someone living in the sky rather than to address the cause of the symptoms is the stuff of castles in the air. No placebo have ever cured an illness.

In contrast, some non-dual students taste what living in a natural fashion is like not by moving into a castle in the air but by understanding and abiding as the original state while simultaneously abiding wisely and sanely throughout the relative existence as well. Later, the “Fully Realized” abide as that while overlaying on the relative existence their newly-regained sanity via realization, and such abidance is far different from believing that one has moved into a castle in the air in order to isolate or escape or romanticize or avoid all things relative.

Finally, if there were an all-knowing, all-powerful male god who (A) could eliminate all pain; and misery; and suffering; and miscarriages; and birth defects; and rape; and war; and female genital mutilation by insecure males; and the abuse of trusting children by parents and by step-parents and by the priests who present themselves as “God’s representative on earth” but who (B) did not do so, then that god would have to be not only inept but also as hard-hearted and callous as can be. Only a sociopathic psychopath would stand by and watch all that without being inspired to intervene. 

(As for "That happens because He loves us enough to give us free will," the response is, "If that is love, then stop loving me." A caring parent does not give a child free will and allow it to play in the traffic just because that's what the child wants to do. If the way a human parent cares for a child makes more sense than the way god deals with "His children on earth," that does not say much for that god's ability to guide and protect. Not impressed.)

So it is only the sane who recognize the ineptness and detachment of such a god who can then understand this: no one asked for the learned ignorance which is being taught, and no one asked for the nonsense and the insanity which parents and cultures imposed upon children. Only if seeing the truth about the effects of their domestication ("the stuff" taught in their homes) and acculturation ("the stuff" taught in their cultures) can persons understand that Maharaj was spot on when he recommended that they stop trying to turn things over to an "invented god" and, instead, take responsibility for being rid of the causes of their ignorance and insanity. Again, that is why he said:

“Man[kind] alone can destroy the roots of pain. Others can only help with the pain, but not with its cause, which is the abysmal stupidity of mankind.”

Pretty direct, huh? but pretty clear as well, huh? The cause of pain and misery and suffering is . . . stupidity.

Realization is freedom from ignorance and from stupidity and from insanity and from blind-faith-based beliefs in nonsense; thus, the invitation is to take the steps required to be free, and “turning it over” is not a means by which one can end ignorance or insanity or worry or anxiety or fear. In fact, the notion that one can "turn it all over to Someone else" is just another ignorant and insane belief which, in turn, is guaranteed to sustain ignorance and stupidity and insanity and worry and anxiety and fear and a lack of peace.
To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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