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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Sixty-Three

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Today's Considerations

When developing a different perspective from the one imposed upon you by adults during your childhood days as well as by your culture, there is among some seekers a tendency to draw a mental line between “the phenomenal” vs. “the Noumenal”; between “this” and “THAT”; between the “AM-ness” and the THAT-ness.” All of those, contrary to claims, suggest “two-ness” in the minds of many.  

Yet the summative statement of non-duality (“I AM THAT; I AM”) - with its supposed two-ness, seeming to some as pointing to “that which is beyond the relative” as opposed to “the relative” – has nothing to do with two.

The message implied by the phrase does not mean this:

And does not mean this:

(although the center section is a closer approximation of the actual case during the manifestation)

but instead means this:

That illustrates the fact that nothing during a manifestation is "solid" and "exact" and "fixed" and "permanently definable" or constant or continuous. It illustrates the simple fact that constantly-coming-and-going, ever-cycling particles of conscious-energy (the manifested form of THAT) and constantly-coming-and-going-ever-cycling particles of plant food elements are engaged in an orchestrated cosmic dance.

It also illustrates the fact that what is taken to be "a human" is really just a composite unity with more empty space than substance within (just like this entire universe) and that the Second Law of Thermodynamics (which states that whatever comes together is guaranteed to eventually come apart) is the actual "maestro" of the dance; and that the arbitrary, cyclical process of energy and elements coming together and coming apart within a given space happens automatically and spontaneously without being guided or controlled or orchestrated by some “other-worldly entity / Entity.”

Moreover, once learned ignorance is accumulated as a result of programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination, then the resultant warped perspective will result in this

either being seen on rare occasions via a glimpse of the singularity but viewed most often as dualities, leading to unstable viewing like this

or in a totally warped fashion like this:

As far as seekers go, their "journey" can be hindered by the conundrum that (A) they should be seeking freedom from the influences of personality but that (B) there must be some element of the Type Four Personality (which is the type that can become interested in authenticity).

[NOTE: Maharaj said that it is enough to know what you are not, so it is authenticity which is to be sought rather than some additional self or Self such as "My Authentic Self." Authenticity, not knowing some "Authentic Self," is what is required to be free of the effects of learned ignorance and externally-imposed insanity.]

Maharaj also said that one can be free of the influence of the hidden agendas of all personalities but that some tiny speck or vestige of the primary type will remain throughout the manifestation; thus, his primary Type Four, which is the type that generates an interest in authenticity, remained manifest right up to point when he took mahasamadhi.

Yet other challenges appear along the way, as illustrated by the lines in the following pictograph which show the other types which can be connected to the Four and which can influence the Four and thereby hinder the search for that which is authentic vs. that which is false or illusory:


Note the yellow lines which show the other types which have the potential to sway or influence the Type Four. The Four can be influenced by the Type One Perfectionist, and it is Type One Perfectionism which is usually accompanied by the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCD), explaining why so many seekers become obsessive and fanatical about their seeking. 

And OCD is not limited to non-dual seekers. It inspires all religious fanaticism and all spiritual fanaticism, so members of self-help groups and support groups also usually become inundated with fanatics who are driven by the obsession of the mind. The Type One is also about judging and reforming, and when a reformer is being driven by OCD, then you’re going to get some beheadings; you’re going to get some “Christian soldiers” using rifles with Bible verses etched into the metal parts in order to shoot at or snip their "Muslim enemies"; that is, you’re going to end up with some totally ignorant and full-blown, insane fanatics.

Note the line which shows that the Type Four can also be influenced by the Type Two Helper / Savior / Caretaker / love seeker. That influence can trigger a desire to become experts (as is also the case with Type Ones and Fives) in order to try to control others and influence them to believe what one believes and to think as one thinks and to behave as one behaves. (The Direct Path Non-Dual Method, combined with the Nisargan Yoga, differs in that the invitation offered via that approach is to un-learn it all rather than to learn so much as even one additional concept).

If the Type Six shows up alongside the Four, another challenges manifests. When those two types both exert a strong influence together, then the Borderline Personality Disorder can manifest, and that will lead to the instability of loving someone one moment and hating them the next.

If there is a high Five adjacent to the Four, then that will inspire an interest in Jnani Yoga in order to become a knowledge-gatherer (and therefore a know-it-all) and to become a supposed expert who has a huge accumulation of information to pass along. If there is a high Type Three adjacent to the Four, then there will be a chance that considerable instability and self-contradiction will manifest because the Four can be about authenticity while the Three is almost always about image, about form over substance, about displaying a phony image in public in an effort to garner admiration. Those types are the ones who wear in public their religious or spiritual personas like badges of honor.

Wow. Is it any wonder that so few ever realize? Out of the 7+ billion persons on the planet, only about ½ of 1% are Type Fours, and Maharaj’s final guesstimate is that only a few thousand of those at any given time will truly “get it” and will truly understand what realization is actually about (namely, being rid of learned ignorance and its effects and being rid of the insanity which is imposed on all persons nowadays).

Because of the fact that a psychically-unhealthy Four (as well as unhealthy Type Sevens) will try to escape; and because psychically-unhealthy Type Fives (and Type Nines) will try to avoid reality; and because Type Threes are concerned with image and are thus as far removed from authenticity and reality as possible; and because Type Ones are so egotistical that they think they are always right and everyone else should be just like them in every way; and because Type Twos are actually so self-centered, giving only in order to get; and because 50% of the 7+ billion persons on the planet are Type Sixes who are fear-based and driven to be dependent and co-dependent in order to be taken care of by other persons or businesses or government; then what are the odds of anyone being totally independent, totally free from being driven by multiple personalities, totally free of learned ignorance, and totally free of the insanity which is imposed on persons all around the globe? 

As Maharaj’s guesstimate showed, almost nil.

It need not be so for those that are willing to question it all, to cast it all aside, and to develop a totally different perspective which is based in clear seeing and in communications which are offered from the perspective of the universal consciousness rather than from the warped perspective of the blocked consciousness.

If seekers become free from their obsessiveness, then they can realize; they can then overlay Reality on reality; and  they can thereafter abide for the remainder of the relative manifestation without being driven by imaginary forces, be those forces supposedly external or actually internal (within the body and mind).

If freed, then witnessing can happen from an expanse somewhat removed from the relative realm where all is misperceived by persons. Witnessing can happen from a distance where a clear perspective of everything can happen. Yet none of that distance requires one to abandon completely the relative AM-ness and mentally move into some castle in the air or to supposedly relocate to Foo-Foo Land.

An eagle soaring along smoothly and peacefully while riding the thermals in order to be lifted high enough to see everything clearly is not detached from the reality of what is happening below in its field of vision. An eagle will actually move some distance away from whatever relative events are happening below in order to have an overview of everything and to see all from that detached perspective. If persons do not function in that way and view all from a distance which can provide a clear perspective, then they will not be able to see the forest for the trees. And not being able to see a forest for the trees would be insane, would it not?

Among the sane and wise that have reached the understanding, there is no belief in any separation, including mentally separating “THAT” from  “this.” It cannot be done, and to believe it can be done or should be done is just more delusion. To try to separate from the AM-ness and to abide as THAT alone is to forfeit any chance to enjoy the happiness or bliss or peace which can come only NOW and only if the chaos and insatiability of dual-mindedness are eliminated by being freed from the effects of learned ignorance and imposed insanity.
To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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