Being Trapped in Personality vs. Being Realized and Free

Personality is (1) that which generates personas and (2) that which allows things to be taken personally.

A persona is an assumed social role or a character played by an actor, the term having been derived from the Latin word for “mask” or “character.” Personas are all of the false identities that persons think define “who they are.” In fact, they define everything that one is not.

“Taking anything personally” can only happen when a persona assumes a false identity and then assumes offense at the words or actions of another. When do personas take offense? When an assumed identity assumes that it is being hurt, interfered with, or threatened. What conclusion can be drawn from knowing that?

All instances of feeling hurt, interfered with, threatened, fearful, desirous, miserable or in pain originate from assuming false identities and then wanting to defend or protect false identities. Therefore, to be free of feeling hurt, interfered with, threatened, fearful, desirous, miserable, in pain or defensive requires being free of personas…being free of the entrapment in personality.

Thousands of personas are assumed by persons: husband, lover, homeowner, employee, employer, wife, son, ad infinitum; however, as a result of genetics and environment and other factors, all persons develop one dominate persona while assuming scores of others. Often, that dominant persona is overlaid onto (or combined with) all other assumed roles.

Only nine primary personality types exist, and since persons become most driven by that type and most separated from Self by that type and most absorbed in “self” via that type, then the “journey” to liberation can begin with an effort to be rid of the influence of the dominate personality type. Then the secondary types and personas might be abandoned more easily.

Why Understand Personality Types?

Psychotherapist Marie Lachney explains it this way: “You may as well learn all that you can about your primary personality type as well as the related types that influence you. For most people, it will determine everything they do and everything they feel during their entire lives. Only a small percentage will ever be liberated from the dominance of personality.”

Dictating Behavior

Of course each individual is “unique,” but unless people understand the way that personality type dictates behavior, then they will never fully understand why they do the things they do and why they feel the way they feel. Nor can they understand why others do the things they do and why they feel the way they feel—which can be quite different from person to person—depending on personality type. Nor can they ever break free of unconscious influences.

Personality Formation

Early in life, we learned to feel safe (and to cope with unhealthy family situations and circumstances) by developing a strategy based on natural talents, genetics, and abilities.

Personality’s Power over Behavior and Feelings

People of the same type have the same basic motivations, the same basic liabilities and assets, and the same basic view of the world in some fundamentally similar ways. It’s almost “textbook” the way people demonstrate the exact traits of their type. It is amazing to see how infrequently people choose to do the things they do and how often they are predisposed to certain behavioral patterns. (When you add programming, conditioning, enculturation, and the effects of trauma to the mix, “free will” and “choice” become reduced to the level of theory.)

The Benefits of Knowing and Understanding Your Type

This understanding can provide release, if not comfort, in knowing that millions of people who share your personality type have the same coping strategy as you and have done exactly what you did when faced with the same circumstances. But by understanding personality, millions have also been able to say, “Oh my gosh! So that’s why I do what I do!” and then they have become free of the overwhelming influence of personality which has unconsciously driven them. At some level, “That’s totally insane” can give way to “That’s perfectly understandable, all things considered.” Blame and guilt and anger directed at self can end and a shift toward sanity can begin. 

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