Thursday, September 29, 2005


"I know something is clearer because a feeling of being totally unburdened for the first time in decades has come, and stayed."
From site visitor Douglas: “So, I ordered a copy of From the I to the Absolute and I read it straight through in one sitting. (I know—OCD.) I saw that what I really needed to do was to follow directions and to read a section and then pause and go into the silence to consider each pointer. After some sections, I “got it” after five minutes of consideration. Other points took hours and some took days, but either way, I moved through the book that second time. Now, my request is this: please tell me if this understanding is correct. It is easy to know I Am when everything is—when my family is, when my wife is, when my kids are, when my house is, when my job is, I Am. But the more difficult understanding is in finally knowing without doubt that when nothing is, I still Am. I know something is clearer because a feeling of being totally unburdened for the first time in decades has come, and stayed. Is that understanding correct? Thanks, Douglas from…nowhere!”

Dear Douglas from nowhere,

You may soon have protégés seeking you out for the Teaching! (You will not seek them. In fact, you may want to avoid them, but the teaching might happen anyway.) The reason that you feel “totally unburdened” is because this understanding has come: when all this “objective world stuff” disappears, You still Are. Freedom from the influence of personas has come with the realization that even without family, wife, kids, house or job, You would still be You...and You will remain. That understanding allows for full enjoyment of family, wife, kids, house or job, if they remain. If they remain, all involving them merely happens…spontaneously. If they do not remain, then You would still be. Pretty dang cool, huh? How neat it is when all knowledge is liquidated. Instantaneously, a lack of concern about this or concern about that manifests as well. (Who would be left to care?) Then, with no agenda, the closest that any human will come to True Love can happen. Why? Your relative existence will be freed of the concepts of “good” and “evil” and you’ll not judge and separate. You’ll not feel that desperate attachment to co-dependents that make each ego-state seem real. Instead, the unicity—that unbroken and unbreakable connectedness—will be known. So, is the understanding correct? Indeed it is. Now, go and work, work, work no more. Ha. Thanks for writing. Please enter the silence of contemplation.