Sunday, March 30, 2008

Beyond Beingness and Non-Beingness

An Advaita Vedanta realization, enlightenment, nisarga yoga site discussing non-duality (nonduality), your original nature, and dwelling in the natural state as taught by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

FROM A SITE VISITOR: Thursday, you used the terms beyond the beingness and beyond the non-beingness. Can you explain. Thank you.

F.: Consider this first: two modes by which the manifestation can happen include the “phenomenal mode” and the “noumenal mode.” The phenomenal is marked by mis-perceptions based in learned ignorance and dualistic beliefs…the noumenal by reality, free from concepts and marked by an understanding of non-duality.

Perceived abidance as the beingness will guarantee that persons will suffer the slings and arrows of beingness, marked by occasional periods of what might appear to be “happiness” but dealing more often with “relationship” issues, health issues, financial issues, body gratification issues, "love" issues, hate issues, issues generated by the troubled and troublesome “mind,” and an unending series of chaotic, personality-induced “crises.”

Ninety-five percent of the energy used by the non-Realized will be spent in acquiring false roles, supporting false roles, sustaining false images, and engaging in all of the conflicts that inevitably accompanies ego-state assumption and the use of ego-defense mechanisms to try to support that non-reality (which is, of course, impossible). Their entire existence will be lived in the mirror.

By contrast, I abide as THAT which is beyond this beingness that occupies and pre-occupies persons. I am done with the body, done with the “mind,” done with persona-building, done with “issues,” done with belief in any concepts. In that regard, this:

RECEIVED FROM RAJA THIS A.M.: You said truth cannot be stated but known. 1)Are these are concepts/facts/truth/essence? If speaking to a friend has to happen on these concepts, what should i tell him?

Hello, Raja. The “path” from body identification to Full Realization takes seven steps. No one can skip any step on the “path,” so along the way, the teacher will use thorns to remove thorns, will discuss certain Advaitin principles or pointers, in order to free the seeker of the hold his/her concepts are exerting. As with thorns, one can be used to remove another, but in the end, both thorns are tossed. So it is as the consciousness speaks to seekers.

Moreover, I am done with any notions about the non-beingness. Who is speaking about the beingness, and post-manifestation, who would remain to speak of “no longer being”? In a post last December, the pointer was offered that

all concepts about self, Self, and an Infinite Self will be burned away in the light of awareness and you can just…be.

Yet that beingness which is identified with is itself temporary. In consciousness the “I” can claim “I AM,” yet is that not—at its core—also dualistic? Who is this “I” that is witnessing what it is or what it knows about what it is witnessing? This level is one of two levels of witnessing…the subject-object witnessing level. Neither type of witnessing can happen in the Absolute.

Now, this manifestation of consciousness will—no doubt about it—unmanifest at some point. At that point, freedom from all of the phenomenal nonsense that generates much ado about nothing will be transcended.

All of the fluctuations between happiness and unhappiness, and all of the relative pain and suffering that can only happen during the manifestation of consciousness, will—guaranteed—be transcended. Why not transcend now?

In fact, I am beyond this beingness and the non-beingness as well, and so are You. The difference is, most persons will never know that, so they will be preoccupied with extending this manifestation to the maximum possible (the horrid condition of the bodies-cum-consciousness with which they identify notwithstanding):

"Yes, the bones are cracking with the slightest movement, yes the teeth are falling out, yes many of the original organs and joints have metal replacements, yes control of basic bodily functions is being lost, and yes, all mobility has vanished; nevertheless, I want to live one more day...just one more day."

They will also be preoccupied with extending not only the body but the mind and personality for eternity, so they will attend regular meetings or services, they will give away money and assets, and they will follow the most insane dictates of their “leaders” in order to try to assure the continuity of that with which they erroneously identity. Others have been exposed to such warping that the "everlasting body" is given higher value than the "temporary body":

"Blow yourself up while killing people with different religious beliefs and you'll have a bevy of beauties awaiting to satisfy your body desires forever."

In considering the transcendence mentioned, do not confuse consciousness and awareness. If you look to a burning stick of incense, the stick can represent the body and the smoke can represent the “mind.”

Does the smoke understand the spark behind the smoke? Is that spark (or the “spark-ness”) not beyond both the being and the not being…beyond both the stick (the body) and the hazy smoke (i.e., the “mind”) and all else that is involved with the temporary manifestation of the stick and whatever is temporarily happening in regards to the stick?

Is the stick “as stick” finite? Yes. Are the elements that temporarily came together as “stick” permanent? Yes. Was the smoke ever what it appeared to be? No. Can the smoke possibly be on a permanent basis? No.

Can you understand, as far as the Absolute is concerned, that whatever you speak of as “being” or as “having been” or as “no longer being” is totally irrelevant…all having been based in misconception and ambiguity? Please enter into the silence of contemplation. (To be continued)