Sunday, March 23, 2008

Your Real Nature Prior to Manifestation, Part One

An Advaita Vedanta realization, enlightenment, nisarga yoga site discussing non-duality (nonduality), your original nature, and dwelling in the natural state as taught by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

FROM A SITE VISITOR: [Received 22 March 2008] A woman in my office sent me a copy of what you wrote today. When I read the words from the woman who said she’d never been anything but Waynes wife, I froze I felt paralized. I got a chill because I’ve felt the same way since my husband passed. You helped her in a retreat but I can’t get off work to come there. I feel like my life has been on hold since he died and that has been years ago. I go through the motions, but I do not feel like I am even there. I want peace. I had to get a job and I got busy with work and church but here I am years later and nothing has changed. I have read some other things from you but I can’t begin to understnd what youre talking about but if you helped her I figure its worth asking. Can you help me?

F.: Unfortunately (relatively speaking) the answer is, probably not...not now at least.

You come here wanting your pain to be liquidated, the root of which is understood exactly. Here, however, I would liquidate “you,” were you ready. With that liquidation, there would be no “one” left to experience the mental and emotional pain that you speak of. But that would make no sense to you at this point.

The readiness is all. Religion has not given you peace (but then, how could it since before Christ was, I Am and You Are). It is not likely, though, that the philosophy shared on this site can result in peace for you either…not at this point. While your request for help will not be ignored, other avenues at this point might be more appropriate.

Could the Advaita teachings free you of the pain of the relative existence you are describing if you arranged a face-to-face encounter that moves you from the first step on the “journey” to the last. Possibly. But since that is not possible, you might consider this:

If you decide to follow another course of action at this point, e-mail this site and you will be re-directed to a highly competent therapist who knows professionals across the nation who are trained in treating PTSD with a clinical—rather than a religious or spiritual or philosophical—approach.

She can put you into contact with someone in your area who can offer treatment that is level appropriate (meaning, that counselor will meet you “where you are” right now, so to speak. That current state is not one in which you are prepared for the Advaita understanding).

Next, since many among the non-Realized will relate to the situation you have described, and since some of them might be ready, the topic will be addressed. (Even those who are “almost” ready might be moved toward the understanding is the seeds being scattered via this site should take root.)

The seeds being spread here are the seeds of consciousness. If they become planted, and if the weeds of “the mind” are pruned, then pointers taken into consideration might eventually bloom into buds of truth which might spring forth and blossom into a full understanding. Let the sowing begin.

Here, Your Real Nature is discussed. The unnatural state of the non-Realized is one of being conscious but without awareness. Persons talk in their sleep and walk in their sleep and argue in their sleep and drive in the sleep. Some in cars travel for miles without even looking at the road.

Some leave on a journey and hardly remember anything about the trip. Here, the invitation to visitors and seekers is to take the “journey” to Realization and thereafter abide in a state of Eternal Awareness, not as Consciousness but as the Absolute.

Here, the invitation is to abandon the notion of “being this” or “being that” (including “wife,” “former wife,” or “widow”) and merely be in a pure state of consciousness. To know the pure consciousness and to be the pure consciousness is the antidote for the state of “being this or that” which follows the corruption of or blocking of the manifest consciousness.

“Being this or that” involves the assumption of false identities that are assumed or assigned post manifestation of the consciousness. Your Real Nature existed prior to the arising of any consciousness of the Am-ness or Is-ness.

If some mantra or exercise is thought to be required, then stay with the “I Am” only until You become aware of That Which Is prior to the “I am consciousness.” Please enter the silence of contemplation. (To be continued)

Notice: Because of requests from people who want to limit the time away from their job, some weekend retreats will be offered in ’08. You arrive on Thursday PM or Friday AM, depart Sunday PM or Monday AM. All of the content will be presented, just as during the retreats that take place during the week.