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An Advaita forum focusing on Realisation, enlightenment, non-duality, Real Love, peace, freedom, Your original nature, abiding naturally, the Oneness, the Noneness, and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Here, there is nothing that is believed, so there is no one here who wants you to believe anything, either. Here, the invitation is to be free of all that you have been programmed, conditioned, acculturated, and domesticated to believe so that you can be free, period.

FROM A SITE VISITOR: Floyd Henderson, have not forgotten to contact you - been spending some time viewing the DVD’s (The Seven Step Journey to Reality) for the second time. It is interesting waking up to the understanding and the direction you’ve pointed me in for the last eighteen months. The block of the belief in a [literal, personal] Higher Power has me in silence, struggling with thirteen years of prayers and beliefs and a [“special book.”] I do want to continue with you. I am looking at the personas that caused the insane behaviors and am understanding “The Helper” - very clear today [that I was] seeking to be loved and to fix the broken. I can see how this has blocked [me from knowing] my True Self. Thanks

FROM ANOTHER SITE VISITOR: thanx for the terms ‘god-trance’ and ‘personality-trance’ – those really resonated – made clear what state I’ve lived in almost all of my life

F.: You’re welcome. The term “Power of the Universe”-trance would be as appropriate. One example offered in the past was the Dalai Lama’s claim that Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans in the U.S. because of the “negative karma of the people of New Orleans.”

The Christian evangelist Pat Robertson has provided another example of people in a trance who assign supernatural cause to natural events. Pastor Robertson said that the recent earthquake in Haiti was God's punishment for a "pact with the devil" that Haitian slaves' made two hundred years ago to win freedom from France.

Later, Robertson tried to brighten his image by claiming that his ministry would send some aid to the people of Haiti. Why is he usurping the will of his God whom Robertson said planned the catastrophe and wants the people to suffer? Illogical persons will always reveal their lack of reason and their self-contradictory but faulty "logic" if one listens carefully.

The problem with being in the "god-trance" or in a personality-trance or in a “cosmic power”-trance or in a “cosmic law”-trance is that—while those in such trances claim to be all about “love” and "compassion"
the actual result is the opposite.

If natural happenings occur that result in massive suffering but are blamed on some supernatural cause, on some personal god or god-force or "the will of the universe," then the blamer is not going to question the actions of whatever “authority” they believe to be behind the suffering; hence, the suffering is justified and more than acceptable, in their "minds."

Lip service notwithstanding, where is the compassion from Pat Robertson for the suffering of the people of Haiti if that suffering is God’s will? The dualistic belief is, “You asked for it. Now start thinking and talking and behaving in the way that God wants and then God can stop heaping such misery and punishment on you.”

When in the hospital after breaking seventeen bones in a motorcycle accident a few years ago, the doctors placed "floyd's" body into a medically-induced trance to alleviate some of the physical pain. If someone had come into the room and said,

“There are children whose bones have been broken by the falling rubble caused by an earthquake and their bones are being reset without benefit of any anesthesia,” what chance would there have been that “floyd” could feel anything for anyone while in a trance state induced by the doctors? I would have been robbed of any chance to feel compassion because the chance to feel anything would have been blocked.

Similarly, what chance could there possibly be for empathy to manifest among persons whose indoctrination has blocked them from caring about the misery of other humans (such as those presently suffering in Haiti) if such blocked persons are resting comfortably in the arrogance-producing trance state that has been induced by their indoctrinators?

The conclusion from those with the distorted belief that natural events are really supernatural events is, “Who am I to question the will of god / the power / the universe / the cosmic force / etc. who wants those people to suffer in order to punish them?"

(And, in this case, the punishment is said to be not for anything done by those presently suffering but for something that other people supposedly did two hundred years ago, so the Christian Robertson has bought into the non-Christian Dalai Lama's karma theory without even knowing it.)

The Ultimate Medicine is available to treat the sickness that results in a lack of compassion and in the lack of awareness of what “Real Love” is. The god-power-universe-cosmic-force-trance reinforces the false sense of separation via a false sense of better-than-ness;

generates judgment and aloofness and coldness; and results in distortion and delusion as naturally-occurring events are warped via magical thinking into “godly” or “force of the universe” events.

If this is the will of Reverend Robertson’s god…

…then why would any sane and rational human feel even the slightest inclination to be closer to Robertson's god, much less worship such an entity? No sane and rational persons would.

And if this is the will of your universe, I am not impressed with your universe. If it is the result of the cosmic laws you adhere to, then I am not impressed with your laws. If the misery and suffering that is revealed in the picture above is believed by you to be the result of something or someone supernatural, then it is most assuredly time to question your beliefs if you would ever be free of religious or spiritual or cultural ignorance.

And while no sane and rational person would be attracted to a force or god or law that works in such a cruel fashion, persons driven by ideology would...and do. Persons indoctrinated would...and do. Persons programmed and conditioned to believe in a personal god who is into punishing would...and do. Freedom from such sick thoughts and concepts and ideas and beliefs can come via the Ultimate Medicine.

The invitation here is to drink of the Ultimate Medicine; taste the nectar of immortality; drink of the remedy for the planet-wide insanity that grips indoctrinated persons; swallow the medicine that can wash away the inability to feel;

digest the medicine via contemplation so that it might remove the ignorance and emotional intoxication that plagues the non-Realized across the globe; and be healed of the dream of the planet (which is also at the root of the sickness of the planet).

Otherwise, you will buy into the widespread ignorance that supports belief in personal gods and personal selves and negative, punishing forces and punitive cosmic laws that are supposedly preoccupied with retribution and that are at work throughout the universe.

Trapped in such indoctrination-inspired ignorance, persons will never be free of their attachment to supernatural-style lies. Freed from the effects of indoctrination, Realization can happen and bring with it an understanding of the Truth that can be known but that cannot be stated. Please enter the silence of contemplation
. (To be continued)

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