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Today's Considerations

Yesterday, in a discussion of the way that needless work just complicates one’s life and diminishes the opportunities to relax and take it easy, these invitations were offered: 

You might try giving up all the unnecessary work, too. You just might abandon see what would happen if you were to abandon your religious and spiritual and Noumenal workaholism. Or not, of course. There is never anything offered here except suggestions and invitations.

However, it is understood here that such will never happen among more than a few. Why? Why it is understood here that giving up unnecessary work involving religious and spiritual and Noumenal workaholism will not happen? 

And why did Maharaj – after dealing with religion and spirituality and SELF-Inquiry - offer a totally Nisargan invitation to seekers to . . .

“Just give up spirituality”


“abide naturally” instead?

To understand humankind and the personality-based motives that drive persons to become addicted to their religious and spiritual and SELF-focused workaholism and to understand the Ultimate Sickness and how it also drives humanity via what Maharaj identified as “ignorance and stupidity and insanity” is to understand specifically what humans are in the grip of and why they will never – en masse– be free of the influence of the motivating factors which are driving their self-interests in regards to their religious and / or spiritual and / or SELF-centered work.

One regular visitor to the site said in an email this morning that the religion and spirituality and SELF-Inquiry being discussed in this series are really all about humanity’s efforts “to explain the Ultimate.” That erroneous conjecture overlooks the excessive collection of the other motivators which are at play among humans, it being those factors which have hooked trillions of persons over the millennia into playing their religious, spiritual, and Supreme Self games. Moreover, there is no "Ultimate" to understand. (If there is "the highest," then there must also be "the lowest." Total dualistic nonsense.)

So what are the motivators at play which will assure that persons for the most part will never abandon their religious and / or spiritual and / or SELF-Inquiry workaholism? 


Recall that the two most prevalent addictions among humans are (1) an addiction to control and (2) an addiction to power (and Power) in order to be able to control.


Maharaj: "First of all you identify something as being good or bad for yourself. [DUALITY]. Then, in an effort to acquire [GET] good or to get rid of the bad, you have invented a God. Then you worship such a God and . . . you pray to that God for something [WANTING] good to happen to you."

The desire for getting drives the three forms of needless workaholism as humans try to get rewards now and rewards later. 

Then, FEAR

The beliefs of the ancients regarding the existence of multiple gods and goddesses have been passed down right up to this day to billions who now also believe that there are three types of gods – the Creator Gods, the Sustainer Gods, and the Destroyer Gods. After Abraham, trillions have been convinced to believe in “One True God.” Yet that supposed god would have to be totally schizophrenic and co-dependent and trapped in duality because "He" is supposedly performing the three tasks which were supposedly being performed by many different specialized gods. Thus, there are now billions who believe that one god creates and sustains but is also willing to destroy as well. Thus, he’s happy at times and sad at times and - per their belief - it’s humans who are determining, co-dependently, how "HE" feels and what his mood is at any given moment; he can supposedly love unconditionally but will simultaneously send most people off to the fires and torment and torture of an eternal hell; and he is capable of being loving or being enraged. Talk about unstable. The concept of eternal punishment can generate inordinate levels of fear and anxiety, but it will also generate inordinate levels of really nonsensical beliefs.


Humans - trapped as most are in ego-states, in the accompanying use of egotism, and in massively-high levels of narcissism - love to be preoccupied with all things deemed to be “Ultimate” (except for the Ultimate Sickness.) They are fascinated, for example, by their love of things referenced in “The Guinness Book of World Records.” Humans love “#1’s.” They hate losing and being less than #1. They love hearing that they “live in the greatest country on earth,” wallowing in the arrogance of that belief rather than asking, “In terms of ‘what,’ exactly? By what standards or by what criteria, exactly?”

Religious going and doing and zooming can supposedly make one “The Best Person Possible”; spiritual workaholism can make one “The Closest To God and The Purest of The Pure”; SELF-Inquiry work can lead one to a new and superlative identity, such as “The Ultimate Self” or “The Supreme Self” or even to “Being God.”


Thus, humans love all things superlatives: The Grandest, The Largest, The Loveliest or The Prettiest or The Thinnest, The Most Famous, The Smartest or The Most Knowledgeable, The Longest, The Quickest, The Richest, The Most Powerful, The Most Influential, The Master, The Holder of the Highest Office, The Ultimate, The Supreme, whatever. 


Sane people would not agree to work an eight-hour shift for monetary pay and then pull a second shift even though being told that they will be paid for their second job with “Monopoly” game money. There is always a perceived “payoff” for anything humans say or do, and at the root of religious / spiritual / SELF workaholism is some perceived gain, some really huge payoff. 


Humans love to do whatever they want – even if it is totally contrary to their religious or spiritual beliefs – and then be restored to a “clean slate” state:

“I stole money, used, abused, killed, whatever. Now, God, please forgive me. Ah, perfect. Pure again. Clean again. And I can keep up this cycle until the day I die. Use and abuse, get what I desire, ask for forgiveness, and – bingo! – right back to being qualified for more rewards now and for eternal rewards later . . . altered upon request from being sinful to being virtuous in the time it takes to snap a finger."

So see, humans are not really trying to “explain” anything in their talk about “The Ultimate,” “The Supreme,” etc. 

Instead, they desire control and are driven to seek power (and Power) to be able to do so; they are trapped in the hidden agendas of their dualistic agendas and their propensity to accumulate; they are driven by their personality-based desires and fears; they are driven by their assigned or assumed ego-states and by egotism (which works to support the illusion that those false identities are real); 

they are driven by levels of narcissism and image-building and image-maintenance that manifest in the most extreme ways; and they are driven by humanity’s love of superlatives, by humanity’s greed, and by their delusional and distorted thoughts and belief systems.

All of that will most assuredly get you some religious and spiritual and SELF-focused workaholism. workaholism of a type which is always accompanied by an inability to even consider that it might all be for naught, that it might all involve totally needless work. 

Tomorrow: The role that personality disorders play in driving humankind’s workaholism and in assuring the continuation of humanity's entrapment in the agendas of all of the factors discussed today which are driving persons' thoughts and words and actions.
To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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And what are those ideas, notions, concepts, etc. called, collectively? "Their beliefs." The irony? They are not their beliefs at all. They are the beliefs of “others” that were set in place via programming, conditioning, etc. and which persons then think are their own.

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