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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Two

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Today's Considerations

Maharaj said, “I talk to you from the perspective of the universal consciousness.” It was not some “maharaj” with a body and mind who eventually spoke of the mind-based roots of the Ultimate Medicine. It was not some “maharaj” identified with a body and driven by the content of a mind who addressed the universally-blocked consciousness.

Consider “blockage”: last week a visitor came here, a woman who knows that I am left-handed and knew that I had suffered an injury to the left arm which has pretty much left it useless. It is being treated for what one doctor said is "an injury beyond acute tendinitis which might take six months to heal but which can require a full year for total healing." With minimal response to physical therapy at the five-month mark, that timeframe seems a possibility.

So the woman came to lend a hand (or an arm) because she had noticed on previous visits that the windows in the front and back of the house were coated in a heavy film of water stains and grime and dust and knew how much whatever light is available during the fall and winter is much appreciated. To that end, she set up the ladder and gathered up some window-washing materials and – by the time she left – all of the windows were spotlessly clean and clear.

That is what the non-dual teacher that shares the Nisarga Yoga does: she or he clears away all of the blockages that have been set in place by ignorant and insane programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination, and it was those blockages which that speck of pure (unblocked) consciousness called “Maharaj” addressed.

If the readiness was present in a visitor,  then Maharaj set about trying to clean and clear away all of the mental stains and grime and dust stored in each  visitor’s mind, removing the content of the mind which he saw as nothing more than a storehouse of “knowledge” (which he said is a body of concepts which amount to nothing more than "learned ignorance”); thus, he said: “You give reality to concepts, while concepts are distortions of reality,” so he advised seekers to reach a state of zero concepts, believing nothing that has been placed in the mind by one’s programmers, conditioners, etc.

To review, also from yesterday:

He suggested that seekers: “Learn to look without imagination . . . to listen without distortion. That is all.”

He noted in regards to the mind: “Remove its distortions and impurities.”

His invitation to all was to understand that “what is seen or heard, touched or smelt, felt or thought, expected or imagined, is in the mind and not in reality.”

 He called for visitors to develop a “proper perspective,” a very different perspective, a perspective that is accurate by virtue of being free of distortion and misperceiving. That is the intent of the content of a book entitled “A Different Perspective via the Non-Duality Teachings and the Nisarga Yoga”:

Therein, this is offered: The invitation offered in this book is to understand that "the Fully Realized" are no different from anyone who visits this site. That includes “the actually Realized”; “the non-Realized” who are seeking; “the non-Realized” who are not seeking; and “those claiming Realization” who think they have completed the entire "journey" but have not and are, therefore, trying to satisfy their ego-based desire to control or influence others while also trying to reinforce their new, assumed "Superior Identity or Identities."

The only possible difference among all of those is in perspective, so certain perspectives here that might differ from perspectives held by "others" are being shared for consideration and, possibly,  for further enlightenment. That said, Realization - combined with the Nisargan understanding - results in another perspective that differs from a non-dual understanding alone.

There are 278 perspectives identified and / or discussed in this book. They are perspectives that are completely different from those held by “the non-Realized” and they differ from the perspectives held by many claiming to be realized.
For many years, these perspectives have prevented the author from playing again the formerly-assumed roles of "The Truly Religious One," "The Spiritual Giant," "The Non-Duality Expert," "The One at One with Brahman," "The Godly One," or even "God."

These perspectives, to the contrary, have allowed for the abidance to unfold in an all-natural fashion; have allowed for the Reality to be overlaid on the relative; and have allowed for a life to happen as spontaneously and as freely and as independently and as happily and as naturally as the lives led by a deer or a bird or a fish.

Only those who would live that freely might find an interest in the awarenesses and understandings revealed in these 278 most different perspectives.

One of the 278 offered is this: 

Most who come to understand the pointers in this book might reach a state of zero concepts, but many will feel as if they are dying or being robbed of their “true identity.”

Some will feel that their “true identity” is being minimized and not recognized for the glorious post-manifestation "SOMETHING" that it is . . . all “heavenly” and “celestial” and “splendid” . . .  maybe even “saintly” or “godly” or “cherubic” or “spiritual” or “divine” or “holy” or "something" which they believe will be "even above and beyond" all of that.

Here, there is a "no-something-special-at-all" perspective.

Again, Maharaj said: “I talk to you from the perspective of the universal consciousness.” Today, billions of people all around the globe are having their emotions ratcheted up by those who are speaking from the perspective of the body and the mind in order to increase the ratings of their news shows or their ranking in political polls. 

Those in both groups are rocketing the present levels of hysteria into a whole new realm. Their words offered not from the perspective of the universal consciousness but from the perspective of the body and the mind are convincing persons all around the globe that their bodies are in eminent danger of being shot or blown up or beheaded.

If a proper perspective were in place, that message could not be sold to the masses, but 50% of the masses are Personality Type Sixes who live perpetually in a state of fear and anxiety and preoccupation every day of their lives, no matter what is being reported in the news and no matter what is happening – or not happening – in their lives.

Want to tap into the largest audience possible and move a news station’s rating up from a 9% share of viewers? Generate fear and you’ll capture the attention of 50% of all persons on the planet. Want to raise your ranking in a political poll above a single-digit number? Tap into the fears of Personality Type Sixes, feed their always-present fear and anxiety, and you’ll attract 50% of all voters if you can assuage their fears to even a slight degree by speaking from the perspective of the body and the mind rather than talking from the perspective of the universal consciousness.

Bristle, bluster, harangue, threaten, rant, sermonize, and shout tirades about those who are “different from” and therefore “not as good as” and 50% will all reply, “Amen! There’s a potential leader of our nation who really sees the truth of the danger. There’s someone who can take care of us because he’s the only one who really sees the extent of the threat and because he’s the one who is calling for drastic and radical and extreme and harsh and strong and desperate actions . . . right now!”

The perspective shared with my daughter when she was once in a state of fear: “Consider everything you have ever feared or dreaded. How much of that ever came to be? Almost none of it. Next, consider the things that have happened which, in terms of the relative existence, felt like real blows which generated pain in the body or misery and suffering in the mind for a time. You never saw them coming!

"Consider the facts surrounding your own experiences and see the reality of what happened and what never happen; then, see that (a) whatever you might dread will seldom manifest and see that (b) what actually manifests comes like a meteor and shatters whatever it hits in a matter of seconds without having been anticipated at all. Then, if you see with a proper perspective the Truth of your own experiences, why would you ever allow yourself to be pulled into a state of fear and dread and anxiety around what – historically and in your own experience – is not likely to ever happen?”

Recent events in Paris, via distorted perspective, appear to be the most important happening in the news and seem to be the best indicator of the actions which should be taken in order to guarantee protection of the bodies in other cities all around the globe:

“We need to identify and track all Muslims. We need to close their mosques. We must let only Christians come here. We must clear out all non-Christians and all 'non-American' people and build walls around the nation’s borders. But right now, above all else, we must ban Syrian refugees.” 

(That conclusion is reached although the attackers in Paris were French nationals, and French nationals are free to book passage on any France-to-U.S. flight and enter the U.S. legally . . . right now or later tonight or tomorrow or any day in the future.)

Those who speak from the perspective of a body and mind, and those who listen to persons who speak from the perspective of a body and mind, will become trapped in a series of hysterical reactions and actions of the type which would inspire a farmer to try to lock imaginary predators out of his hen house even as he provides unfettered access to his own hens by those who actually attacked hens in other houses.

Distorted perspectives are the compost heap which fuel the growth of fear and ignorance and insanity and nonsense and self-contradictions and the drawing of erroneous conclusions because the clear seeing of facts is blocked by emotional intoxication and fear and anxiety, all of which can only be experienced by an ego-state.

Maharaj: “What contradicts itself has no being. Or it has only momentary being, which comes to the same. For what has a beginning and an end has no middle. It is hollow. It has only name and shape given to it by the mind, but it has neither substance nor essence.”

Some might recall the way that a cartoon character called “Pogo” revealed the truth about misperceptions which are rooted in duality and which are generated by distorted perspectives about who is "good" and who is "bad" . . . about who is "for us" and who is "against us":

Maharaj: “"Learn to separate yourself from the image and the mirror. Keep on remembering: I am neither the mind nor its ideas.” 

More to the point, I am neither their minds or their ideas, so I need not be driven by their minds and their ideas.

See? The enemy is within . . . within the mind; thus Maharaj said:

"There is no chaos in the world except the chaos which your mind creates."

"Whatever is conceived by the mind must be false.”

" . . . The mind obscures and distorts."

"It is the mind that creates illusion."

"Abandon the wrong ideas, for they are false and obstruct your vision . . . ."

"To know that you are a prisoner of your mind - that you live in an imaginary world of your own creation - is the dawn of wisdom."

Those are suggestions which were offered by one “talking to you from the perspective of the universal consciousness.” Such talk will free you. If you are listening to those who are “talking to you from the perspective of the body and the mind,” then you will be imprisoned by their words. 

There are outer / external resources of influence and inner / internal resources of influence. Which type has been allowed to become your primary nexus of power? Are you being guided by an internal nexus of influence or by an outer nexus of influence? To reject the influence of all external nexuses of influence leaves one free to then address the inner influences which were set in place by external influencers who programmed and conditioned and domesticated and acculturated and indoctrinated and brainwashed you (which means that all in your mind was also put there by external nexuses of influence). 

The invitation is to be free of being influenced by all those external nexuses of power which are speaking from the perspective of a body and a mind; to be free of being influenced by all of the internal nexuses of power which were set in place by programmers, conditioners, etc.; and to then abide naturally without being afraid of things dreamed up by nonsense-filled minds (be they your minds or be they their minds).

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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