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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Eight

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Today's Considerations

This pointer was offered by Maharaj and is often offered on this site as well:

Understand that I am no different from anyone that comes to visit. The only “difference” is in perspective.

Here, since at least 1989, sessions have happened with hundreds of men who have come this way, all sharing in common a mental-emotional state that is a mix of one part resentment, one part anger, and one part sadness because their previously-assumed role of “The Husband” had come to an end when the person playing the required, co-dependent, counterpart role of “The Spouse” walked in one day and said, “I’m leaving.”

Something else they all had in common on the day that they heard the announcement of their spouses’ departure? The absence of a proper perspective which could - had it been present - prevented their being surprised at all had they been able to see clearly the way that their spouses were feeling and capable of viewing with a clear perspective the true state of their marriages.  

Hundreds of men over the years have recalled their comments in reaction to being told by their spouses that they were leaving, including these:

“I was completely shocked” 


"I thought things were going along pretty good"


“I was totally surprised”


“I was caught totally off guard”

as well as



“I can’t believe this!”

Others over the years have explained that they were “astonished,” “astounded,” “flabbergasted,” “stunned,” “shocked,” or “bowled over.” Then, as we began reviewing the specific details of their “relationships” as I asked questions which were intended to expose the actual, long-standing, deteriorated state of their marriages, the eventual consideration offered to them was this:

“From what you have now told me, isn't the actual fact that the only real surprise about her leaving should have been that it didn't happen years earlier?”

Not once did any “husband” report that his reply to being told “I am leaving you” was:

“I’m not surprised. I saw it coming.”

Nor has even one man reported that his reply was:

“I understand”


“This outcome was inevitable”


“Of course you’re leaving””


“This outcome was totally predictable”


“This outcome was absolutely foreseeable”


“This outcome has been long anticipated.”

In every case, it was shown that (a) not only were the men totally devoid of any clear perspective surrounding the state of their marriages or surrounding the way that their wives were really feeling but also that (b) even worse than having an unclear perspective, those men were completely blind to the truth of their own circumstances.

Yet when asked if they might presently be just as blind about other aspects of their relative existence or about themselves, none came up with any clear insights and none could come up with an example of anything else that they might be viewing via a warped perspective.

As noted earlier, a warped perspective cannot be compartmentalized. To see one thing unclearly is to see all things unclearly.

Unlike the human eye which might see things clearly if they are up close but unclearly if they are far away (or vice-versa), a warped perspective regarding the way the mind looks at things dominates in all instances.

A person who thinks magically - such as one who assigns divine, supernatural cause to an event that is merely natural – will apply that same degree of warped perspective to everything that is believed.

The fact that Hurricane Katrina developed off the coast of Africa and moved along the path that it followed until it stuck the southern coast of the U.S. on August 29, 2005 was a path determined solely by natural weather conditions - steered by prevailing global winds in combination with the environmental wind field surrounding the hurricane’s location at any given point. Low pressure systems and high pressures systems along the way also affected and ultimately determined the path that the hurricane followed.

What does not affect the path that hurricanes take is anything magical or supernatural or other worldly; thus, the Dalai Lama showed that he is operating with a totally warped perspective when he concluded that the hurricane especially devastated the city of New Orleans because of the negative karma of the people there.

It was noted yesterday that Ronald Reagan looked back on the invasion of the “New World” and the slaughter of 150,000,000 people living there and - because of his totally warped perspective - concluded that the invasion and mass murder was actually the result of divine intervention and was actually an act of God because in His Overall Divine Plan, God had long before "set aside" the lands of North and Central and South American to be used at some future time by godly Europeans to create Christian nations whereas the people living there at the time were only heathens. 

So what is the difference in that Christian perspective and the perspective of Muslims who are presently being criticized by Christians because those Muslims want to impose their religious beliefs and their religion-based laws on others? There is none.

Whether warped perspectives are used to distort one’s view about the state of a marriage 


are used to spread nonsense about natural weather events 


are used to minimize acts of mass genocide by Europeans


are used to minimize a God's act of mass genocide when he used "The Great Flood" to kill everyone on earth except for the members of one family, the result is the same: persons are believing the unbelievable because of unbelievably ignorant and insane programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and indoctrination and brainwashing.

Persons are coming up with the most astounding and ignorant ideas about every aspects of their lives and about “the world” as a result of unbelievably ignorant and insane programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and indoctrination and brainwashing.

And even as persons watch a news item and conclude “that guy is as crazy as can be,” they fail to see that they too are exhibiting the symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness (identified by Maharaj as being “ignorance and stupidity and insanity”). They do not see that those symptoms are marking and marring their own relative existence just as much as they are marking and marring the existence of “those others” whom they are identifying as the ones who are “as crazy as can be.”

Maharaj: “As long as you are interested in your present way of living, you will not abandon it. Discovery cannot come as long as you cling to the familiar. It is only when you realize fully the immense sorrow of your life and revolt against it that a way out can be found.” 

Maharaj: "What you perceive is distorted and coloured by feelings of like and dislike.”

Maharaj: “To see reality is as simple as to see one's face in a mirror. Only the mirror must be clear and true.”

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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