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MAHARAJ: “There’s No Such Thing As Peace of Mind” (Especially When a Mind is Packed Full of False Personality Identifications) Part Sixteen

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Today's Considerations

The message offered here is rooted in the understanding of a functioning-of-the-totality-revealing vision which came in the late 1990’s which also showed that “realization” does not involve anything that is lofty and soaring and grand and exalted and noble.

The vision provided an entire series of revelations, all emanating from the inner resource or the inner guru and all sweeping in like a monsoon, which (1) blew away the remaining blockages in the mind and (2) allowed the Pure Witnessing to become conscious of awareness and (3) thus being finally being aware of all involved with the no-beginning / no-end cyclings which have gone on forever and which are going on right now and which will go on forever.

So, for the next few days, some of the realizations which came via that vision will be shared (without any suggestion that these realizations are the only “right and proper non-dual realizations”).

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During the days and weeks following the vision:

Parts of the days and weeks after the vision has come were spent in silent contemplation of the expansive content of the vision, and during those periods of silence, more and more became clear. One morning, "beginninglessness" came into consciousness and was understood immediately because the vision had already brought a reminder of the lesson taught in 4th grade science, namely, that "nothing is created and nothing is destroyed - all merely cycles." It was understood that there is no specific time or event which can accurately be pointed to with the term, “In the beginning, such and such.”

[Then this came at that point: If a person can accept that some “Entity” or “Creator” has always been, then it should be no stretch at all to accept that everything (all energy-matter) can always have been and always shall be. To accept that there is a possibility that something has indeed existed for infinity sets the stage for this invitation: "Yes, there is that which has been for infinity. The invitation now is to understand exactly and precisely what - not "Who" - has actually been for infinity." At that point, it could be a simple matter of understanding exactly what has always been and exactly who has not always been. Thus, that scientific principle which has been grasped by the millions of children who have earned a passing grade in 4th grade science re-emphasized this: if one understands the 4th grade level fact that energy-matter cannot be created nor destroyed, then it should be no stretch to understand that what has always been and what was not created (specifically, “energy-matter” or “all”) preempts any notion that there was ever “some separate Something" which could have preceded what had always been. It is impossible to have "preceded" what has always been. That is an impossible scenario, as impossible as there being any credibility at all to a concept which suggests that there was "a Creator" who could have created what actually already existed or created what actually had always existed.

It was recalled that Maharaj said “ . . . in an effort to acquire good or to get rid of the bad, you have invented a God” and it was also recalled that he said he had been there not only for the formation of this universe but for the formation of all universes. He also said that science would advance some day to the point that it would prove that . . . along with proving all of the non-dual pointers which he offered.

UPDATE: Now, as recently as September of 2015, this statement based in recent scientific findings was published: “It is important to keep in mind that the multiverse (i.e., "the multiple universes") view is not actually a theory. It is rather a consequence of our current understanding of theoretical physics. This distinction is crucial. We have not waved our hands and said: ‘Let there be a multiverse’. Instead the idea that the universe is perhaps one of infinitely many is derived from quantum mechanics and string theory.” Then in October of 2015, the following was set forth: “The curtain at the edge of the universe may be rippling, hinting that there’s more backstage. Data from the European Space Agency’s Planck telescope could be giving us our first glimpse of another universe, with different physics, bumping up against our own.”]

Back to the days following the coming of the vision:

Then this came: Whether the particles involved with the formation of "this universe" had "escaped from" or "moved beyond" the confines of an existing universe and triggered the formation of what is called "our universe" is not relevant. 

What became clear was the relevancy of the huge levels of ignorance (A) at the root of centuries of religion-based theories about "creation" and "this world" and dogmatic arguments about who is supposed to "have dominion over it" (still on-going even today) and (B) at the root of their arguments about whether or not everything revolves around the earth which was believed to be at the center of everything (a belief which was also based in xenophobic arrogance). 

It became clear that if all cycles - which all does - then (1) so must universes cycle and (2) so may particles “escape” or "be released from" one universe and thus facilitate the formation of another separate universe.

Then the words of Maharaj were recalled: 

"Entire universes are imploding and exploding every moment”


"universes come and go." 

It was also recalled that he said that which he (Maharaj) truly is had always been and had, therefore, been present for the imploding and exploding of all universes. 

Yet it was clear that none of that need be understood in order to Realize, but it did make clear that one point must be understood if one is to move beyond the third step where the false identities of religious and spiritual roles are played: Since no creation ever occurred, no "Creator" exists; therefore, in this case, "a negative" can be proved, scientifically. 

What cannot be proved is that which was dreamed up by humans - and that which continues to be dreamed up by humans - who can present no facts but offer only "their faith" instead as evidence of their claim that what they have conceptualized into their imaginings-based dogma is true. 

At the ages of 6 and 7, I was questioning the lessons being taught about God and Jesus and Heaven and Hell and creation and Adam and Eve and mass-murder-by-way-of-a-great-flood and all of the other tales being set forth by Miss Myrtle (the Sunday School teacher who was passing along to my friends and me the dogma adopted by the Southern Baptist church where my parents took me several days per week until the age of fourteen). 

Finally, with the vision, scientific proof came that the doubts of a 6 and 7-year-old had been based in fact, a fact which was confirmed at the age of 10 by what was heard in a science class: all is energy-matter, and neither energy nor matter can be created or destroyed. That made clear, then, that nothing has ever been created; therefore, there is no way that there could have been "a Creator." End of story. 

That also brought an end to trying to reconcile the concepts that

(A) there is a Creator who is said to love all humans unconditionally 

with the irreconcilable stories that 

(B) the same Creator who is said to love humans unconditionally but supposedly killed thousands of humans by opening holes in the ground and allowing them to be suffocated; who is said to love humans unconditionally but supposedly killed thousands of humans by letting walls fall in on them or by allowing one "chosen" group of humans to kill hundreds of thousands of other humans in religious wars which spanned thousands of years; or who is said to love humans unconditionally but supposedly committed the greatest act of human genocide ever by killing everyone on planet earth except for the members of one family who built a boat to survive "The Great Flood" that He engineered.

And seeing the insanity of believing in such a grand contradiction also marked a complete end to any debate about whether or not the dogma and the accumulated body of myth-and-superstition-based nonsense which had been dreamed up by humans and which had been passed on by the followers among hundreds and thousands of sky cults over the millennia could have even the slightest hint of truth to it.

Therefore there was a complete and total rejection of belief in the dogma and the accumulated body of myth-and-superstition-based nonsense which had been dreamed up by humans, and that rejection came in spite of the fact that nowadays there are billions of humans involved with sky cults which are still quite active around the globe even today and in spite of the fact that those cults are thriving because 97% of the earth's population still erroneously believe that all of their cults' dreamed-up fiction is fact.

[Remember the woman in Missouri who replied to that pointer: “Floyd, millions of people cannot be wrong”? 

Based in what had come to be understood via the vision, this counter consideration was offered: “I agree with you completely. The fact is that it has been billions and trillions of people who have been wrong.”]

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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