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The "Necessary Order": Enlightenment, then Realization, then Liberation and Freedom, then Happiness, Part Ten

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If persons or if seekers would truly understand why they have always thought the way they have thought, have talked the way they have talked, have done the things which they have done, have felt the way they have felt, and would change all of that once and for all, then they must first understand the subconscious agendas of the nine basic personality types which all humans share and which drive all of the thoughts and words and actions of the "non-realized" masses. 

So far, while discussing the relative effects of the nine basic personality styles or types, the focus has been on the Personality Type One Perfectionist and the Type Two Rescuer / Helper / Love Seeker and the Type Three Performer / Applause Seeker / Image Make / Image Maintainer and the Personality Type Four The Romantic / Individualist / Rebel / Seekers of Isolation or Seeker of Authenticity and the Personality Type Five Knowledge Seeker / Knower / Analyst / Avoider / Secretive One / Cerebral One / Philosophical One / Isolated One. 

To continue, the focus today will be on the consequences of being highly influenced by the agenda of the Personality Type Six. From the book LIBERATION (Attaining Freedom from Personality via Realization):

The Relative Effects of Personality: Fears, Desires and Interrupted Happiness (continued

Many persons read Enneagram descriptors of personality types and find that they’re unable to “pin down” the one exact category that is their dominant personality. That is understandable. It was pointed out earlier that all personas are driven not only by their own dominant type but also by the two adjacent types / wings and by two other types that they attach to either via integration or via the disintegration that happens when persons become stressed or pious. 

(Research shows that stress or piety lead to the same result: either will trigger disintegration into the worst traits of another type.) 

It should be seen, therefore, that these discussions of personality types are not the pointers, whether the listings are found in the enneagram or on some astrological chart. The pointer is that any person (that is, any persona, any “one” trapped in personality identification) will be impacted by personality, will suffer throughout their relative existence from behaviors and a thought-life that are driven by personality, and will never know the true happiness of AS IF living. 

The pointer is not that you will receive any benefit from understanding which type you are or which types influence you. The pointer is to see that identification with personality is insane, that the “you” which can be influenced by personality is not real, that allowing something as nebulous as "personality" to control every facet of an existence will prevent personas from ever being in touch with reality, and that identification with personality will preclude any opportunity for living out the manifestation in a sane manner that is characterized by reason and logic. 

As with all Advaita teachings, therefore, the point is to see the concepts being discussed as concepts, to use the discussions to free persons of the influence of forces that are unconsciously driving them, to discard all of those influences, and then to be truly free. 

That point having been offered, the next discussion will focus on the basic fear and the basic desire of Personality Type Six—The Loyalist / The Dependent One / The Co-Dependent One / The Seeker of Caretakers / The Fear-Based One / The Anxious One. 

Russ Hudson pointed out the following about Personality Type Sixes: 


The Type Six has a BASIC FEAR of having no support 

The Type Six has a BASIC DESIRE to have support 

Type 4's - those more likely than other types to have a natural affinity for rebelling against the nonsense of the authorities whom the masses are attached to and for possibly seeking authenticity at some point - make up only 1.5% of the planet's population. By contrast 50% of the people on the planet are Type Sixes. 

As a result, 50% of the people on the planet will exhibit Type Six personality traits. That is . . .

Fifty percent of all people will be anxious or in fear or even paranoid, making them susceptible to believing the most nonsensical conspiracy theories imaginable.

[Being fearful and anxious and insecure, many Sixes will be driven to seek employment or lifestyles which will supposedly "empower" them and even give them the right to bear and use arms legally. As a result, many Sixes work for and are loyal to governments, the military, police forces, security companies and other jobs which involve carrying and using weapons and being a part of a team or support group, seeking "safety in numbers." They are especially susceptible to the kind of magical thinking which leads them to believe persons who promise to connect them not only with worldly power but with an extraterrestrial Power or Powers - a god or gods and / or goddesses - in order to have a sense that they are being "protected" and "watched over." They are also more susceptible to "marrying for money" or to being trapped in playing the role of "The Lifestyle Whore," setting aside their own "values" and pandering to someone who is willing to pay their bills. Those willing to prostitute themselves for the sake of income or for a "better lifestyle" - in the workplace, in relationships, etc. - come in both male and female versions; either way, an inordinate number are Type Sixes.]

Fifty percent of all people will seek caretakers, including the institutions above and / or people who are willing to pay their bills as long as they are loyal to their caretaker and do what they're told to do. 

Fifty percent will be driven to seek and develop dependent and co-dependent relationships with those they see as being powerful, rich, famous, and able to provide an above-average lifestyle. Or they will align themselves with employers or politicians who make the most outlandish promises imaginable about what they are going to do for the Sixes. 

(If a politician running for a national office taps into the fears of Sixes - and into their anger which always accompanies fear - and if that politician strikes a chord with Type Sixes by promising to protect them and their jobs and their families and their neighborhoods and their country, then that politician will automatically begin his or her campaign with a 50% voting bloc.) 

Fifty percent will be users to the degree that their view of a "good relationship" is one in which someone else takes care of them and provides food, clothing, and shelter (as the military does, as the wealthy do, etc.), the price in forfeited independence be damned. Being truly independent is of significance to Type 4's but is far down the list of priorities of Type Sixes). 

Fifty percent will be driven by blind faith and will refuse to question the word or teachings of the authority figures around them. 


Because Type Sixes can disintegrate into a Type Three—especially when stressed or pious—they often exhibit many of the traits of an unhealthy Three discussed earlier. Because the Type Six personality generates high-stress situations—and because their type automatically listens to anyone who seems to know what he / she is talking about—they often allow persons to control them. 

They are frequently stressed and frequently pious, so they frequently exhibit the worst traits of Type Threes who have adopted religious or spiritual personas as their identity. Non-Realized Sixes have no ability to discriminate, so they listen to anyone in a position of authority. That leaves them especially vulnerable to the effects of programming, conditioning, acculturation, etc.; thus, they are very susceptible to influence from those who would control them. 

That susceptibility to accepting blindly the influence of persons (specifically, the influence of egotistical persons who assume positions of authority) also leaves Sixes especially prone to accepting as truth the false, non-duality teachings of the authority figures in their cultures. The persons that Sixes often listen to unquestioningly can include preachers, priests, politicians, military officers, police, speakers in spiritual movements, other so-called “religious leaders,” etc. 

Their openness to influence and loyalty to “leaders” or “experts” also deprives them of that skill that is required for even beginning the “journey” toward realization, namely, the willingness to question authority or to suspect the validity of superstitions or beliefs or dogma or myths. The fact that some estimates suggest that 50% of the persons on the planet are Type Sixes makes clear why so few persons will ever realize and why so many persons can be compared to sheep, walking willingly off to the slaughter and cheerfully behaving in the most nonsensical manner in order to please their “shepherds.” 

These are the types who become cannon fodder for their political and military leaders, the ones who shout, “I will follow any order that is given to me,” as was the case in Germany in the ‘30’s and as is still the case in the U.S. and many other nations today. These are the ones who proudly proclaim that they are “willing to die for god, for country, for their beliefs, for their concepts, for their leader” or for any one of a thousand other “causes” that are dreamed up as a result of the egomania of the controlling personas who influence Sixes. 


Their personality can leave Sixes in a constant state of hyper-vigilance. They can become bad-tempered, paranoid, controlling, rigid, defensive, disparaging, and volatile. Identified with body and personality, they can become obsessed with obtaining a sense of security (but trusting in leaders or leaving it to the authorities to protect them rather than being independent, rather than meeting their relative existence needs themselves, and instead of finding truth themselves as opposed to taking the word of leaders who would control them). 

Often, these types are self-contradictory. Typically the types who are most often loyal to religious leaders, to political leaders, and to a god, they ironically claim on one hand that they “are turning it all over to god” while occasionally admitting on the other hand that “god will not do for you what you can do for yourself.” 

They will give blind loyalty to their politicians but can become stressed and bitter when (a) their politicians fail them but when (b) they still feel driven to continue to support them or their ruinous policies. Because of their obsession with security, their basic, constant desire is to seek out support and guidance from others, mostly those they see as authorities. Being so dependent gives controlling persons the ability to manipulate Sixes quite easily. Losing all confidence in their own abilities, they can reach a point where they can do nothing without getting advice or approval from the figures they respect as “experts” or “authorities.” 

They can become burdened by doubt and will question their own judgment while refusing to question the judgment of the authorities they remain loyal to and dependent upon. How blind can “Loyalists” actually be? Being drawn as they are to religion, they can see no contradiction in such teachings as “God loves you unconditionally but He will also subject you to eternal torture in the flames of hell.” 

Thus they become studies in contradiction, sometimes following rules but at other times breaking rules and then trying to hide that conduct. They can be fearful at times and at other times can confront their fears, but only with assistance from their advisors. (Is it becoming clear why so many are prone to accept dualities as truth?) 

They seldom have an ability to “make up their minds about anything” and are constantly under the pressure of being pushed in one direction while being pulled in another. They often worry and are always on guard—watching out for danger and fearing that persons are out to take advantage of them. That leaves them susceptible to such lies as “I will take care of you for all your life” or “I can show you the way to save your soul and to have eternal life.” 

Sixes are especially drawn to those who make the illogical claim that they know how to provide continuity for the body-mind-personality triad. Who could possibility be happy with those personality traits and the behavior they inspire? 


"Realized," the Type Six will no longer be obsessed with a search for support and guidance. The desire for support will dissolve as independence manifests. The search for external guidance ends as contact with the inner resource manifests. Being in touch with reality restores sanity, and being restored to sanity frees Type Sixes—and all other personas as well—of their tendency to accept the nonsensical as sensible. 

Natural, innate awareness will replace dependency on outer authority figures and external “power sources” that have been dreamed up by men over the ages. Magical, supernatural thinking will end and then the (former) Sixes will live naturally instead. True independence, the prerequisite for true happiness to happen, will manifest. 

[For you to review and consider if interested: 

What the nine basic personality types can generate if they are manifesting at a high rate: 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 1 score can indicate perfectionism, rigidity, judgmentalism, excessive criticism, and excessive self-criticism. It can inhibit the development of two of the 7’s positive contributions, namely, a sense of lightness and a joy of living. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 2 can indicate an excessive dependency on relationships in an effort to feel worthy and loved; can result in extreme histrionics at times; can cause a sense of entitlement; can inspire excessive focus on self and can drive persons to seek love excessively. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 3 can indicate a concern with image, with being super “successful,” with seeking applause and affirmation in excessive levels; can cause one to become a status-seeker; and can inspire excessive focus on self. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 4 can indicate one an overly-romanticize view of life; can result in one being less in touch with reality; can drive one to rebel constantly and / or to be angry and / or to fight; and can inspire excessive focus on self. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 5 can indicate excessive avoidance and can cause excessive concern with being more knowledgeable than others. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 6: Can cause an excessive sense of hypervigilance; can cause a sense; can cause excessive fear; and can cause excessive anxiety or even paranoia. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 7 can indicate the presence of the Addictive Personality Disorder; can cause people to want to escape and to obsess about having too little freedom; can cause people to avoid responsibilities; can lead to chaos. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 8 can indicate anger, aggressiveness; an excessive desire to control; and an attraction to submissive types. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 9 can indicate passive-aggressive behavior; excessive avoidance; a sense of entitlement; and dissociation.] 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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