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The "Necessary Order": Enlightenment, then Realization, then Liberation and Freedom, then Happiness, Part Twelve

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So far, while discussing the relative effects of the nine basic personality styles or types, the focus has been on . . .

the Personality Type One Perfectionist and 

the Type Two Rescuer / Helper / Love Seeker and 

the Type Three Performer / Applause Seeker / Image Make / Image Maintainer and 

the Personality Type Four The Romantic / Individualist / Rebel / Seekers of Isolation or Seeker of Authenticity and 

the Personality Type Five Knowledge Seeker / Knower / Analyst / Avoider / Secretive One / Cerebral One / Philosophical One / Isolated One and 

the Personality Type Six Loyalist / The Dependent One / The Co-Dependent One / The Seeker of Caretakers / The Fear-Based One / The Anxious One and 

the Personality Type Seven Enthusiast / Adventurer / Escapist / Fun Lover / Potential Addict 

To continue, the focus today will be on the consequences of being highly influenced by the agenda of the Personality Type Eight. From the book LIBERATION (Attaining Freedom from Personality via Realization):

The Relative Effects of Personality: Fears, Desires and Interrupted Happiness (continued

This pointer about remote tribes people and their language was offered: 

The personal “I” is avoided by the members of that tribe because they consider its use to be a sign of arrogance. Find a person who is arrogant and you’ll have found a person who is self-absorbed and totally occupied with the “I,” with the “ego” (Latin for “I”). 

By contrast, my Cherokee grandmother as a child did not say, “I want water” but would report instead, “There is thirst.” The focus is on the thirst, not on the wants or desires or needs of a personal "I"—of a persona or a "personality.” 

This section will focus on the basic fear and the basic desire of Personality Type Eight, a.k.a., The Boss / The Bully / The Challenger / The Asserter / The Fighter / The Control Freak / The Aggressor / The Attacker / The Provoker / The Antagonist. 

[As examples, some well-known Type Eights include the following: In the U.S., one of the two major party candidates for president is Hillary Clinton, who is a Type One; her opponent is Donald Trump, who is a Type Eight. Other famous Eights include Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin, Saddam Hussein, John McCain, Clint Eastwood, Russell Crowe, Kim Jong-Il, Kim Jong-un, Roger Ailes, Rush Limbaugh, "Dr. Phil" McGraw, John Gotti, Rupert Murdoch, Bill O'Reilly, Muammar Qaddafi, Joseph Stalin, and Oliver Stone.] 

Typical "non-realized" Type Eights are another of the types who are often driven by arrogance and by the false perception of the wants or desires or needs of a personal "I"—of a persona or a "personality."


Type Eights have a BASIC FEAR of being harmed, violated or controlled by others 

Type Eights have a BASIC DESIRE to protect themselves, to gain control of their lives, and to control all other persons 


The observation that “The Bully is really a very frightened individual” can apply to Type Eights. They often become “The Boss” or “The Assertive One” in order to be in control. In their fear of being harmed or violated or controlled, they work diligently to place themselves in positions of authority. "Non-realized" Type Eights are always abusers, but they were likely abused as children and had parents who modeled abusive behavior.

Once the ego-state of the non-realized Eight becomes fixed, they can become insensitive, aggressive, and self-centered. As a result, they (ironically) harm, violate, or try to control others. Peace is never a goal for these fighters. They will take any steps required to appear to be strong and thereby avoid feeling dependent or weak. They can become blunt, impatient, resentful, demanding, defensive, intolerant, and over-reactive. 


Ultimately, these warrior-types can reach a state of fatigue that is debilitating mentally, emotionally, and physically. To assume the ego-state—the persona—of “Chairman of the Board of the Universe” will lead to behavior which can becomes very tiring, but Eights seldom change their thinking and talking and behavior patterns even then. At least in a boxing match the fighters brawl for three minutes but then sit down and rest for one minute.

Type Eights never take a break from engagement and hostility if they feel they are not in total control of all of the people they must deal with, of all places wherever they are, and of all situations. To be embroiled in identification with the personas of “The Boss” and “The Challenger of All That Seems a Threat” and “The One Who is in Charge of Space and Time” will eventually take a heavy toll (if not on the Eights, then on all of those around them).

Type Eights wear themselves out and wear out people around them as a result of being so forceful, so insensitive, so hyper-vigilant, and so self-absorbed. In the office, their bluntness and “bottom line” approach might generate profits for a time, but their overbearing nature will eventually produce an environment of fear and hatred and passive-aggressive conduct among workers that becomes counter-productive in the end. In traffic, they are overly-aggressive, going into a rage if anyone tries to enter into “their” space (which, in their minds, is all space). 

In “personal relations,” they are dictatorial. Those who marry the boss in order to get free rent will find out at some point that there is no free rent.

Eights' belief that they are in charge and don’t have to “put up with anything” leaves them completely intolerant. At their worst, these megalomaniacs become so hard-hearted that they can become ruthless. They are the emperors and empresses of accumulation and greed, their fear-driven belief being that "there's never enough," including enough wealth, enough stuff, enough power, whatever.

Like the Eights' cohorts (non-realized and psychically unhealthy Type Threes) they can “wish people dead” or actually become murderous if challenged. They are not to be questioned, ever. While Threes can be the kings and queens of narcissism, Eights can be the kings and queens of malignant narcissism. Who could possibility be happy with those personality traits and the behavior they inspire? 

If they reach the lowest level of psychic health, Eights can become full-blown sociopaths and / or psychopaths. 


While realization comes as rarely to unhealthy Type Eights as it comes to unhealthy Type Threes and unhealthy Type Sixes, it can happen. If they live long enough and suffer the consequences of their personality enough, Eights may become tired enough to seek another way. In actuality, the chance is almost non-existent but not impossible.

Should they follow a “path” to "Full Realization," they—just as happens with all personas who abandon personality—can accept the vulnerabilities and limitations of the physical body and stop feeling the constant fear of threat. No longer self-absorbed, they can know the unicity and can care about “the welfare of others” (relatively speaking). 

They can become aware and can live deliberately but spontaneously, yet their spontaneity is of a nature that is diametrically opposite that of their spontaneous raging from days past. As with all who Realize, their conduct during the remainder of the AS IF living can take on the flavor of what dualists call “moral behavior.” Why? 

They had lived with the fear of being harmed, of being violated, or of being controlled by others. By overcoming their false perception that everything is a threat—and by relinquishing identification with the physical body—they can also abandon automatically their false perception that they must fight constantly in order to protect themselves. WHO is there to protect? Their desire to defend (by engaging, controlling, raging, fighting, dominating and overcoming) dissolves if "Full Realization" happens. 

[For you to review and consider if interested: What the nine basic personality types can generate if they are manifesting at a high rate: 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 1 score can indicate perfectionism, rigidity, judgmentalism, excessive criticism, and excessive self-criticism. It can inhibit the development of two of the 7’s positive contributions, namely, a sense of lightness and a joy of living. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 2 can indicate an excessive dependency on relationships in an effort to feel worthy and loved; can result in extreme histrionics at times; can cause a sense of entitlement; can inspire excessive focus on self and can drive persons to seek love excessively. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 3 can indicate a concern with image, with being super “successful,” with seeking applause and affirmation in excessive levels; can cause one to become a status-seeker; and can inspire excessive focus on self. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 4 can indicate one an overly-romanticize view of life; can result in one being less in touch with reality; can drive one to rebel constantly and / or to be angry and / or to fight; and can inspire excessive focus on self. 

 AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 5 can indicate excessive avoidance and can cause excessive concern with being more knowledgeable than others. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 6: Can cause an excessive sense of hypervigilance; can cause a sense; can cause excessive fear; and can cause excessive anxiety or even paranoia.

 AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 7 can indicate the presence of the Addictive Personality Disorder; can cause people to want to escape and to obsess about having too little freedom; can cause people to avoid responsibilities; can lead to chaos. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 8 can indicate anger, aggressiveness; an excessive desire to control; and an attraction to submissive types. 

AN EXCESSIVELY HIGH 9 can indicate passive-aggressive behavior; excessive avoidance; a sense of entitlement; and dissociation.] 

 To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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