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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, Treatment, Part Eight

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of the Ultimate Sickness 

So, some time for contemplation of pointers was provided; now, the discussion can continue. Before continuing, though, please be aware of this: 

Even after it might appear that realization (freedom from ignorance and insanity) has happened, enlightenment and realization are actually procedural; that is, they are processes of an evolutionary nature. For example, last week employees of the water management company made some repairs to a line which is buried beneath the street in front of this house. 

Of course, they allowed contaminants to be siphoned back into that line and - from there - back into the lines leading to many of the homes on the street. After returning home and turning on a faucet, there was considerable sputtering and spitting and spurting as the water tried to blow the air out of the lines and tried to spew pass the dirt and mud and others contaminants which were blocking the smooth flow of the water. It took some time before the water began to flow normally once again. 

The same must happen with those seeking freedom as the contaminants which have been placed in their minds via programming, conditioning, etc. block them from seeking clearly. After those procedures place so many contaminants into every mind, it takes some additional time for the mental pipes to be cleaned out thoroughly. That is not unlike what happened with "Maharaj" and "Floyd" as has been explained in the past on this site: 

In the case of the first 8,000 or so who came to hear "floyd," the fact is this: the universal consciousness - not yet totally blocked - was not able to speak (to the relative misfortune of those who listened). As with "Early Maharaj," some came for what they took to be "a religious message," and they heard one. Others came later for what they took to be "a spiritual message," and they heard that. 

In both cases, those early seekers were often hearing "Maharaj Lite" or "Diet Floyd" when compared to the later offerings. Both drinks were intoxicating for those who came for nothing more than reinforcement of their bogus beliefs and who were actually content to remain thirsty . . . totally dry . . . even parched. Both "Maharaj Lite" and "Diet Floyd" were adulterated (or at least "blocked") and, therefore, unable to quench the thirst for Truth or Understanding or Realization that some were seeking. 

Later, when the unadulterated versions of the drinks were offered, either (a) more popular teachers were sought or (b) seekers left because their false religious or spiritual or philosophical roles were not being reinforced. 

Many who come now claim that they are placing an order for a "Big Gulp of a BS-Free Beverage," but when the order is filled and they receive their first taste, it becomes clear that they really need a big dollop of "Super Sweet Spiritual Cream" dropped on as a topping in order for that "Heavenly Splotch of Sugary Syrupiness" to provide a more palatable taste, a flavor more like what they are accustomed to. 

In the end, though, the "goal" of Maharaj (and in the teachings as presented by this author) were

1. to remove ignorance, including the ignorance that inspires attachment to religious or spiritual or philosophical concepts and exercises and accoutrements and

2. to bring to an end all thoughts and words and deeds which support unnatural / supernatural living, giving way to

3. living in an all-natural fashion as one's Original Nature. 

Based not in what he read (explaining he had no faith even in what was written even in the Vedas), Maharaj modified the version of the Ultimate Medicine which he used from 

a Hindu / non-dual compound 


a spirituality / non-dual compound 


a psychological / non-dual potion of truth (offered once it was understood that the Ultimate Sickness is a mental Sickness). 

The same happened here. What is being shared now is based 

(a) in my own experience when I had the Ultimate Sickness, what seemed to help but did not, and what version of the Medicine finally worked; and is based in 

(b) what has been witnessed post realization in those who still have the Sickness or who were freed of that Sickness when they finally received the proper version of the Ultimate Medicine. 

Now, that said, let's move on. 

FANATICISM (Continued)

The aspect of the Sickness which was being discussed when we left off is fanaticism. Consider more of the far-reaching effects of that aspect. It was a fanaticism with accumulation and conquest which led Europeans to travel the globe, robbing, stealing, destroying, and conquering, as they did in what is now called "The Americas."

Currently in the West, there is a renewed (and, actually, just a continuing) fascination with the European Holocaust (a.k.a., "the Shoah" or "HaShoah," meaning, "the catastrophe"). Of course, on a planet where the duality-based Ultimate Sickness is near-universal, one's man's catastrophe is another man's delight. 


In the U.S. currently, much attention is focused by white supremacists on the "benefits" of the European Holocaust, the second largest act of genocide in history which some of the Sickest conceived of and others among the Sickest embraced because it was able to rid the planet of the persons whom those with the Sickness hated, namely, 6,000,000 Jews and 6,000,000 others who were gypsies and homosexuals and physically-deformed people and mentally-handicapped people (none of whom met the Aryans' definition of those among the Master Race or, literally, the meaning of the title "Aryan": "the noble ones"). 

Even as the European Holocaust has gained so much "positive" and "negative" attention in the U.S. and Europe, the citizens of the U.S. give little consider to the American Holocaust during which some 150,000,000 indigenous peoples were slaughtered, starting with the 15,000,000 killed by Christopher Columbus and his raiders. 

(Yes, that is the same man idolized and celebrated with his own national holiday in the U.S. and in many other countries in the Americas and elsewhere, "Columbus Day" marking each year the arrival of him and his men to "The New World" on October 12, 1492).

Wikipedia even joins most citizens in the U.S. in ignoring the American Holocaust, claiming that "the European Holocaust was the deadliest genocide in history." Really? 12,000,000 wiped out there as opposed to the 150,000,000 wiped out here? And how creative they were in wiped out the indigenous peoples in that supposedly "New World":

In the mid 1700's, British Captain Simeon Ecuyer began a trend when he distributed blankets which were infected with smallpox to the Indians. Yet as deadly as that strategy was which was used by whites to infect and kill non-whites, the more significant, longer-term effects which continue to this day result from the fact that the European whites distributed their concepts which were infected with nonsense and stupidity and ignorance and insanity, concepts which, in turn, spread the Ultimate Sickness. 

With their actions, other aspects of the Sickness were introduced and spread all across what is now called "North, Central, and South America." The concepts which they brought - which had long been popular in Europe but were previously alien to the indigenous peoples - included these aspects / beliefs which come with the Ultimate Sickness. 


Before continuing with that, consider this first: Those with the Ultimate Sickness think with a vocabulary of duality; therefore, they must speak with a vocabulary of duality; and because they speak with a vocabulary of duality, their duality-based thoughts and words will generate duality-based actions - actions of judging, actions of imagining and establishing hierarchies and therefore separation, and actions of hating and then fighting and even killing. 

Another aspects of the Ultimate Sickness is an attachment to the sense of separation which results when hierarchies are imposed on the people in communities. That concept was also exported from Europe where people were long ranked from "royalty" down to "peasants." 

Related to that are the concepts of "ownership" and "entitlement" (as in, "ownership" of land though the indigenous peoples always understood that they were merely borrowing the use of the land for a short period and were to be caretakers of the land and then entire environment. In the U.S., that sense of being entitled to own expanded to include not just land but all people, a.k.a., slaves). In that regard, this was shared on the site more than ten years ago: The key pointer is that the concept of “loss” is based in the concept of “ownership.” 

The next pointer is, “WHO is there to own anything?” There is energy which is real and there are assumed personas (ego-states, false identities, images, etc.) that are not real. First, see that energy can own nothing, then see that an image can own nothing. Can a mirage in a desert own the sand or the desert or a stretch of highway or the mountains in the distance? 

Since "personas" and "ownership" and "loss" are merely concepts, and since all concepts are lies, WHO thinks he/she has lost something? Here, the curse of being addicted to accumulation and to a sense of "loss" had been shared since the summer of 2005. Consider these pointers offered over the years: 

1. Then there are the Penans and the Apayao tribes. Neither tribe has words or terms for “separation” or for “thank you.” There is no separation or proprietorship in their worldview, so there’s no need to thank anyone for anything because there are no words for “giving” or for “taking.” All is shared with all others, so there is no personal ownership. One early post on this site discussed the conflict that grows out of the western concepts of possession that are expressed with “my” and “mine.” Those two words do not exist in the languages of the tribes above. 

2. It is understood that, as the Realized poet Lennon wrote, if Realization were to be widespread, then there would be “no heaven above, no hell below, no countries, no religion, no possessions, and no greed”…just specks of consciousness “living for now as one”…as “not two.” 

3. That which You Truly Are is colorless, religion-less, spirituality-less, body-less, mind-less, personality-less, appearance-less, form-less, time-less, shape-less, attribute-less and possession-less. 

4. Actually, most of the material things that were worked for and paid for during a twenty-year period were taken away by an egomaniac. The money and those possessions are now being shared with another man by that person, so the pointer that you reference was not offered from within a vacuum. 

[NOTE: As angry as some are at strangers who have cost them money, more on the planet have, or will have, their money and possessions taken from them by so-called "loved" ones.] 

5. Maharaj was quoted as having said, "Suppose somebody abuses you and you find out who it is. Is it the body? It is not the body. Then what could it be? Finally you come to the conclusion that it is spontaneously happening out of whatever that body is. You will not attribute it to any individual. When your individuality is dissolved, you will not see individuals anywhere, it is just a functioning in consciousness. If it clicks in you, it is very easy to understand. If it does not, it is most difficult. It is very profound and very simple, if understood right." 

6. The basic elements and the energy will remain, but no “relative combinings” are permanent. That applies to bridges and to marriages, to cars and to courtships, to computers and to possessions. 

7. Realized, peace can manifest whether “in a ‘relationship’” or not. There could be no dualistic sense of “gain” and therefore no sense of “loss.” There could be no expectations, demands, desires, or fears. Resentment fades as “The Offended One” fades away. 

8. There could be no sense of personal ownership, no sense of dependence, no (unnatural) desire to have all of your “needs” met by “someone else” or “others.” 

9. The indigenous peoples had no word for “ownership.” Now, the case made time and again in the past (that no one in the relative owns anything) has been driven home with a crushing relative impact on many people worldwide. 


Also, the aspects of the Sickness infect elections wherever those take place around the globe. This was shared in 2008 during the presidential election in that year, but it applied even more in 2016: 

As for the way the U.S. election for president is happening, pointers have been offered for years regarding the non-Realized who think and speak in duality, referring to those who are “pro” vs. those who are “anti”; disseminating belief in separation by creating an “us” vs. “them” mentality; and suggesting that a nation can be divided evenly along the lines of “the good vs. the bad” and the “right vs. the left” and the “patriotic vs. the liberals.” Now, the campaigning provides daily examples on television of the pointers offered in the past, pointers which addressed the fact that “dual-minded persons are unstable in all ways.” 

Moreover, what is revealed is the way that those suffering from the Ultimate Sickness blame others to avoid responsibility for the problems which they have caused for themselves; use psychological projection to cast their own personality defects onto others rather than admitting to them and addressing them; and use scapegoating, also to avoid accepting responsibility for having generated their own relative problems. 


So what other words which identified European concepts were distributed by those who invaded the Americas? The following, which had no counterpart in the languages of the indigenous peoples: “hate,” “war,” “greed,” “contend,” “competition,” or “rival.” Contrast their language, which has no word for “hate,” with the Aryan language (spoken first in Germany and Austria, then in England and the U.S., but now spreading across the globe) which includes: 

hate, hatred, animosity, loathing, enmity, abhorrence, disaffection, alienation, coolness, disgust, estrangement, and all the related words such as resent, resentment, dislike, repugnance, revenge, despise, venomous, bitterness, detestation, umbrage, and antipathy. To that list you could likely add hundreds of other words with similar meaning or connotation. 

What does the absence of those words reveal about the culture / philosophy of the indigenous peoples, and what does the presence of those words reveal about persons in societies that use the Aryan / Anglo-Saxon / Western languages? 

Also revealing is the fact that among the indigenous peoples, once they were taught some of those words, their translation linked the words “angry” with the word “insane." moreover, the indigenous peoples had no words or terms for “separation" or "personal ownership." 

With no concept of land ownership, and believing that the land offers up the elements and the energy that facilitate the manifestation of consciousness, they treated all land as equally valuable. There is no “apart from,” so when the Europeans introduced the idea that certain parcels of land are “holy,” (a word which by definition means “different from” and thus perpetuates dual-mindedness) the indigenous peoples could not understand that concept. 

One early post on this site discussed the conflict that grows out of the western concepts of possession that are expressed with “my” and “mine.” Those two words do not exist in the languages of the indigenous peoples. Also, indigenous peoples had no words for "duality,” “hello” or “goodbye,” again because they have no concept of separation. 

The words which persons use astonishing-significant throughout their relative existence because, in the end, those dualistic words generate the nonsensical actions of all "non-realized" persons. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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