Friday, January 05, 2007


From a site visitor: Caio floyd, Here is not the first time I wrote also a long time ago. For December was much travel so now reading your new writes with help of friend who englishes better and tells it in my language. Something other teachers and you say is now the better understand how “parents pleasures becomes my pain.” Now the better seeing is they fool us--I don’t blame--somebody fool them (that is mainly found to the church Cattolico here in Italia). Parents and church Cattolico both fool to me and to my brothers and to my sisters, but am more seeing progreaming and condition you talk about in book I buy. Now the know is--for to be free must be free of at all they taught. If other information serve me I beg you to do me that to know. Grazie infinite, Luca

F.: Caio, Luca. Yes, the content of your earlier letter remains fresh. Thanks for writing again. Possibly when I am in Tuscany this coming summer, a visit might be arranged with you and your friend who englishes better than you. [Just a joke. Your meanings come through clearly enough.]

When you wrote last, the response was sent to you off site since you mentioned that your struggle with Catholicism was “private” at the time and you did not want the issues discussed on the web. (By the way, the influence of Catholicism in Italy can be overwhelming, but religion's impact is worldwide. You could have been exposed to their programming anywhere on the planet.) Now, it seems that you have transcended that stage and may be flirting with the witnessing stage, so the response will be posted on the site. As far as your request for additional information that might now be relevant, the following is offered:

1. Do not lose sight of the fact that (a) yes, what you have believed can—in considerable measure—be attributed to the programming and conditioning you received via your parents and via “organized” religion, but (b) focus on the fact that what You Truly Are has nothing to do with any parent or any beliefs or any concepts espoused by any institution. That Which You Are simply happened to manifest spontaneously (and temporarily). That’s all that happened.

2. Having transitioned your religious and/or spiritual personas—so it seems—the call now is for you to focus on the Child Ignorance stage and then the witnessing stage.

3. Do not attempt to skip the Child Ignorance stage and move directly to the witnessing stage. First, belief in every concept must be abandoned—not just the ones received from parents or from organized religion. You have followed, so far, the “path” as detailed in the book you bought, so stay that course and complete the steps in order. (Regarding your leaving religion behind, even the Advaitan Christ abandoned the inconsistent message of organized religion and the inconsistent practices of its adherents, and it was only by abandoning organized religion that he thereafter found the Advaita teachings and passed those along to those who would listen during the last years of that manifestation.)

4. Freed of concepts, your witnessing will be objective and automatic. Focus on the fact that the witness—that re-purifying consciousness that observes in a subject-object fashion—is different from all things that are supposedly being witnessed and from all the doings that are supposedly being observed. Function as the eagle in the vision, flying above it all and realizing that nothing is really as it appears.

Once the witnessing is seen to be happening automatically and spontanoeusly, write again to the site; then, pointers will be offered on transitioning beyond the objective witness to abiding as the Pure Witness. From that stage, the shift to abiding as the Absolute can happen.

Best regards for now. (The address of the apartment used in Italy will be sent to you before that trip in order that a visit might be arranged.) Peace and Light. Please enter the silence of contemplation.