Monday, January 22, 2007


F.: Excessive change in the relative existence results in a sense of chaos among those who take that illusory existence to be real. Persons—always dominated by desires, fears, turmoil, and the resulting chaos of shifting moods—will experience happiness sometimes and unhappiness at other times. If the chaos happens to abate for a brief period and events stabilize for a time in their lives, persons become bored with that state and will soon generate more of the chaos that they become addicted to. A few will reach a point where they ask, “What can be done to interrupt the constant flux and mood shifts and find peace?” Consider:

If the process of “consciousness re-purification” reaches the 4th and 5th steps in the seven-step “journey” to Reality, then witnessing will happen. If witnessing happens, the constant flux and chaos will end and stability without boredom will begin to mark the relative existence. (When the WHO’s disappear, who would generate chaos? Who would hate the quiet that persons find boring or unsettling?) It will be seen that all is merely happening—independent of any illusions of the “mind” and its corrupted, illusory “thoughts,” independent of the body and the desires and fears that are generated by body identification, and independent of the illusions of personality. Realization notwithstanding, nothing can be done to obtain peace. Peace happens after witnessing happens. Why?

One factor involves the body’s fear of its time-bound nature. The “mind” (and the personalities that it generates as identities) desire to be eternal…not time-bound. When witnessing happens, the illusions of time (and therefore being time-bound) dissolve. The Realized know that time is a concept, so belief in time dissolves. When belief in time dissolves, the time-related fears and the time-related desires of body-mind-personality dissolve. Another result of Realization is this: the belief in the illusion of birth disappears, so the illusion of “experiences” that generate the false sense of being happy or being unhappy also disappear. Free of the concept of birth, persons become freed from fears about death and desires about continuity.
It should be seen, therefore, that all unhappiness and all of the cycling into and out of that state, is rooted in not being able to differentiate true from false. Another related result of Realization is this: all personas having dissolved, persons will no longer function under the false belief that there is anything to gain (having realized that if no one was born, there is no one to gain). The Realized also no longer function under the false belief that there is anything to lose, aware that no one was born so there is no one to lose anything. Too, the Realized, knowing that no one was born, no longer function under the false belief that there is anyone who will die.

Why will so few ever understand this and then be freed from their bondage? Because (1) re-purified consciousness is rare, because (2) even if re-purified, the consciousness might not speak but might rest in the silence, and because (3) even if the re-purified consciousness does speaks, the hearing among persons is filtered through the body, the “mind,” and the personality; therefore, even if the speaking is internalized, the essence of the teachings is usually diluted.

When persons (whose consciousness has been conditioned) are addressed by that consciousness which has been freed of the effects of conditioning, persons will still filter the message through their learned ignorance filter, through their programmed filter, through their arrogance filter, through their conditioned filter, through their dream filter, through their multiple personality filter, and through their culture filter. Thus, the message which they think they have received is not at all the message that was offered.

The Original Understanding was and is amazingly simple, but multiple levels of filtration inspire most persons to complicate the message. As a result, they also complicate their relative existence as well. The message being taught in most cultures now is that simplification and de-accumulation are “out” and the complications of accumulation are to be accepted as “the norm.” Thus, the ability to differentiate true from false has been lost among persons, so they are walking about in their dreams while believing that they are awake. They are playing their roles in the "Drama of the Lie" while believing that they are not in a play and that they are not playing roles at all.
How can one who knows no truth about anything understand when the truth about everything is stated? How can one ever know what he does not know? How can one be free of what he thinks he knows as “fact” when that which he thinks he knows is actually fiction? Of course, there is a way. The way is a "path" which requires no practices but which requires seeing the seven steps that separate persons from Reality and that block the ability to differentiate true from false. Practices fixate persons in newly-assumed roles; the steps allow the illusory personas to dissolve and allow the re-purified consciousness to fixate in abidance as the Absolute. Please enter the silence of contemplation. [To be continued]