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WHY DO SO FEW EVER REALIZE? Part Six, The Conclusion

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Note to Louise in Cape Town: Now You will understand the second portion of today's post.]

FROM A SITE VISITOR: Why do so few ever realize?

F.: Another obstacle to Realization is:

A politician said recently, “It’s like these guys take pride in being ignorant.” (Actually, they are appealing to—and manipulating—the ignorant, which they do in a clever enough fashion to usually get their way.)

Yet there are those who wear their ignorance like a badge of honor, and while Advaitin pointers address both pride and ignorance, the ignorant cannot understand the pointers; thus, most of the planet’s population will remained fixated in their lack of understanding.

Maharaj said that someday science would advance enough to provide technical, fact-based evidence that the pointers offered by Advaitin teachers have indeed always been accurate.

That day has arrived, yet the ignorant take pride in rejecting scientific facts and grandstanding as they offer with a great deal of bluster their often pretentious and histrionic and affected and emotional defenses of myths and superstitions and legends and fairy tales and dogma that they take to be true and that inspire magical thinking.

Whether the non-Realized are proud of their ignorance or are unaware of their ignorance, who among them could understand that there is no need for religion or spirituality; no need for persona-assumption; no need for "salvation"; no need for ignorance; no need for accumulation; no need for desires; no need for "practices"; and no need for any fears?

Who among the ignorant could possibly understand the following?

Consciousness (mislabeled “at rest” prior to manifestation) is a specialized energy that moves throughout the universe; then, if it comes into contact with a form that has a nervous system, it can manifest via that form.

In the cases where the consciousness manifests via the restricted, finite form of a human, the consciousness is conditioned with concepts that deepen the illusion that consciousness can be permanently restricted or confined and that “a form can have consciousness” rather than understanding that consciousness manifests as ItSelf. Can the ignorant understand any of these pointers?

This consciousness, which is simply energy, has come to be falsely identified as separate matter rather than matter as equal to energy or as matter-energy. Consciousness, blocked from pure witnessing, would manifest and know ItSelf only as its pure, free, unconditioned natural state were it not for programming and conditioning that generate beliefs that block the consciousness from witnessing purely.

The natural state is not a state of dreamed-up concepts, ideas, emotions, insane beliefs, demands, expectations and limitations in time-space, all of which are products of the imagination of delusional men and women. Their concepts erroneously instill a sense of restriction on the non-restrictable energy which I AM in Reality.

“Suffering” is the result of believing that “I” (the Conscious-Energy manifested) am the body-mind organism confined in a relativistic state of bondage. The misery is further aggravated by the assumption of personality. Can the ignorant possibly understand these pointers?

A sense of freedom is a prerequisite for any sense of happiness to happen, and no sense of freedom can happens when enmeshed and entangled in the relativistic, co-dependent alliances that are required for the continuation of each illusory self to be considered real.

For seekers further along the “path,” the question is, how could I be unhappy when I AM merely transported light? For those who take themselves to be “spiritual giants,” how could you be “in bliss” if You Are transported light? Can the ignorant possibly understand that?

When I manifested via a form of elemental parts that came together as plant food converted into humans cells, the I AM knew I AM. There was a consciousness of being. Eventually, as lies were heard and believed, I became blocked from seeing the truth and for a time mistook My Self for that form.

In fact, all that had happened regarding the form was that physical body material (actually vegetation material) came together as cells formed and functioned spontaneously. The form was (and is) nothing more than an extension of the plants in which I manifested, in which I continued to manifest, in which I continue to manifest now, in which energy that could not be of use to humans converts into energy that is usable by humans, and which is transferred to the form—to the plant food body—via plant consumption.

I can manifest in anything with a nervous system, so I can manifest as readily via an acorn and become a forest as I can manifest as human cells that can become an entire race. I precede all that is called “life,” so there is no “creation.” I survive all cellular comings together and all elemental comings apart. Thus, speak not of Me as “floyd.” When you speak of Me, speak of me as I AM. Can the ignorant possibly understand that, much less THAT?

In one fashion, the physical body can be spoken of not as Me but as an outgrowth of Me. It is like a tumor on My previously Perfect Nature prior to this chance manifestation. That which is called “death” by the non-Realized will mark the release from the tumor that would hold Me captive, and I will be released into that field from which I came.

Until that happening, I will continue to abide even now as That Which I Am, so no tumor-like body can limit Me or confine Me. I Am free…body-less, mind-less, personality-less. I Am that no-concept, non-dual Reality. So, too, Are You. Who that takes pride in ignorance could even begin to understand that?

It is conditioning and programming that builds a “mind” that lead to the mis-identifications of “I am this” or “I am that.” Had the resulting misery of those mis-identifications not happened, and had the misery-producing mind not later disappeared, I could not speak to You of What You Are or of What I Am. If the mind-part of the brain in the plant food body in which You are currently manifested is not eliminated, then misery will continue and you will not be able to speak of What You Are.

If you complete the seven steps to Realization, You will know What You Are. The consciousness will again become aware of ItSelf. Later, the Light Which I Am and the Light Which You Are will be freed from the plant food body and from all conscious of-ness as well.

If Realization happens, then You can abide again, NOW, as the no-knowingness—as that which is beyond the beingness and the non-beingness. The peace which is comparable to what happens during “deep sleep” can happen NOW and with Full Awareness happening NOW as well. The ignorant will never understand that.

They will continue to focus on self, on “salvation” of self, on “earning” continuity of body and mind and personality. So even as they speak of “service to others,” their sole focus remains selfishly on self. How can Realization possibly happen when self-focus is taken to be so “rewarding” that the search for the Authentic Self will never even begin?

In answer to the question “Why do so few Realize,” the obstructions discussed in this series are but a few of the obstacles that spawn the miasma of “the mind” which blocks the consciousness from knowing ItSelf and which can block You from knowing You. For those who have suffered enough, the seven-step "journey" to Realization awaits. Please enter the silence of contemplation.



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